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Seerah – Life of the Prophet: Adiy Ibn Hatim becomes Muslim


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Okay, Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Allah He will be here tomorrow. inshallah continuing with our study of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a zero to none Nava, we had the prophetic biography

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due to the changing of the time for Sultan Asia, inshallah, we'll be starting at the new time and so hopefully inshallah folks will become a little bit more accustomed to the new schedule. So picking up from where we left off, we were discussing the ninth year of higit. On the ninth year of the profits, a lot of reasons residents in the city of Medina, and during the ninth year, we talked about how this is known as amaru. Food, the year of the delegations, when all these different delegations and groups were coming to Medina and we're accepting Islam. There were a few more difficult interactions a few contentious situations like with Musa Lamas and individual, you had

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kind of a situation with a couple of leaders from a tribe, that was also problematic that we talked about in the previous session, but for the most part, these are very beautiful positive interactions. One of them that is actually quite

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fascinating. One of the very fascinating interactions that occurred during this time is narrated by Mambo Hari, Rama Allah, Allah in so he, he alludes to it he talks about it as well.

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And similarly, many different scholars of Hadith in the Sierra Imam Ahmed and his Muslim Imam bayhealth, leafy Delilah, and the Buddha and Urbanus Hawk in his seat, ah, they have the more detailed version of the story, remember how to get very short narrations that allude to it, but the more detailed narrations are found in all these other books of Hadith and Sierra? So the particular narrative that I'm going to be following is from the Sierra of Urbanus Hawk, even as Hawk he mentioned, that I'd even heard him, he was considered basically a leader of his people, I'd even heard him a body. This is a son of hottie Mata He, who is a very, very famous, generous men from the

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era of Jackie Lee pre islamically, somewhat so that hachimantai his name itself became synonymous with generosity. So when you wanted to describe someone as being very generous, who would say he's like, how to my body, and so his son Id had basically inherited the leadership of his tribe.

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And he himself narrates his own story, he says, Maharaja loon minella Ravi Khanna shed the karahan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hina semi Abrahim Mini. He says no buddy disliked.

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He says I'm pretty certain that no one disliked hearing about the profits a lot, etc. Once Islam became very dominant, and the song started to spread, nobody was more apprehensive. Nobody disliked the profits a lot more than I did. He says, I'm an African to him. ronchetti, Sharif, and he says that I was the leader of my people will come to us Rania, and he says that at that time, I was Christian, I had adopted the Christian religion, in spite of being Arab. But many of the Arabs of the north of that time, at that time they had adopted the Christian religion. So he said, I was Christian will come to a CDFI only building nearby.

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This is the only thing that is kind of a little bit interesting.

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And it doesn't necessarily say that he was a bad person per se, but it moreso talks about the corrupt structures that existed at that time. And this is going to be very relatable for us, because unfortunately, that's kind of the standard of leadership in our you know, in Muslim majority countries and even all parts of the world today. He said that he says that I used to demand a tax be paid from the people to me

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anytime they made money anytime they came into some wealth, there was a percentage of their wealth there was a percentage of their sales that I would tax they personally had to pay me.

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And he says that we're going to finish see Aladdin.

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I thought I was doing what was right, because that's how everyone ruled over there people will come to Mulligan to me. So the mechanic is now being used Normally he said and I basically had become a king of my people because of how they treated me how they listened to me how they will do whatever I told him to do. So he says for them asimina to Rasul Allah, because Allah is a lot it's a mockery to. So when I heard about the prophets a lot, I naturally was very apprehensive. Because I had become so comfortable in this position of leadership and getting my way in being able to demand money from people and so on and so forth. All of a sudden, accepting an authority over me was not a

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very welcoming idea. So I just abhorred the idea of having to listen to someone else, even if it'd be the profits a lot. Hmm.

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So he says that I told a servant to work from difficulty level, I mean, cannoli Arabi. He was an he was an Arab but he was a servant to work for me, Canada and the Emily's to graze my camels law about not about NACA, he says I basically cursed him because I was so mad and angry. When I heard Islam was spreading and Muslims were going everywhere, and everyone's entering into the fold of Islam. And all these tribes are flocking from far and wide to Medina and becoming Muslim. I was mad so I cursed my servant, La Banda. Right. I basically said you have no father cursing him. And I said, I did leave in a village Milan Villa LAN semana factor bizhawk arriba mini furama semiotic Vj shenley

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Mohammed Pato God, what I had to heal Beloved, for the me. So he's I told him, I said, find the best of my camels that could endure long journey, have them ready and prepared and bring them in from the pastures and keep them tied up close to my house. And the moment you hear that Muslims are approaching this direction, I need you to let me know for foreigner, so he did that. So one day he says he came to me and he said, Yeah, the makuta Sania is either a Touka EDA sciatica Halo Mohammed infamous now

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he said, Oh, God, he came to me one day this servant to work for me said Id, what would you do if you heard that Muhammad's army was approaching? Because whatever it is that you would do, I need you to do it now. Now's the time.

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So for me later, I got I saw some flags in the distance. I asked someone and they said, it's maybe Mohammed's army. So I told him, I said, Okay, bring me the camels. I gathered together my wife and my kids. And then I left. And I said, I'm going to travel to be allowed to Shang the region of the Levant, Philistine, Syria, these regions, I'm going to go out there and join up with the Christian community there. I will seek asylum as an Arab Christian and I go there, and I'm just going to live there. So he says that I went, I had to sneak out. I basically had to sneak out.

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And he says, When I snuck out, I had to leave some people behind. And one of the people he says I left behind the different narrations

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of human Muhammad Dyneema very happy. They mentioned that it was a family member when narration mentions it was as odd. Even as hawks meant narration says that it was actually one of his sisters. For her left to Vinton Lee had him in Florida.

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I left my sister behind. Some other narrations mentioned maybe it was a cousin, maybe it was an aunt, either way, one of the women who is related to him, but she wasn't immediately there. She didn't live with him. So he said I was not able to take her with me. So he says that I went and I traveled off to Shanghai. Eventually some of the Muslim forces came to that area. And when they came there, they you know, rounded up a lot of the people and they took them to Medina. When they took them to Medina, they were being they were being kept. In some were being kept in the masjid, some were being kept right outside the masjid radius hypersurfaces. They, and as you know, the Sahaba so

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many, so many people who are formerly captives and then later on became Muslim and they narrate these the fetus, well keep us safe. So they were holding all the people there are some in the masjid somewhere.

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Right outside the masjid, and while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking by one time into the masjid. He says that this sister of mine and this generation, this female relative of mine, whatever she was on her sister, whatever. He says that Garnet, then Jasmine. She was a very very brash woman. She was a very strong woman.

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For for college, Yara Salalah. Haleakala wanted Wahhabi laffitte from Nana Allah from La Liga men alcoholic. She said, Look, my father has passed, my other family has abandoned me

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and be good to me. And God will be good to you.

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The profits are lovely. Some said Manoir fuuka, who is this family of yours that abandoned you? And she said I'd even hurt him. So the profits a lot in some sense of farming lie velocity.

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The same guy who ran away from a line is messenger, somebody said that guy.

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And she says that I had no response. The profits, a lot of them went into the masjid. The rest of the day passed. The next day, as he was passing by. I said the same thing to him. And he presented the same question to me.

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The third day, she said I said the same thing to him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that day he said,

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Fine, go, you're free. But he said, sister, may I give you some advice falletta g Li b hujan. Hi Tata. je de Minami. Kimani akula, Cathy cotton Hata yoga Luca, you value buki illa milotic, Suma Vini, he said, may I give you some advice, sister, if you want to go you can leave now no one's gonna hold you here. You may go now. But as a woman traveling by herself,

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through the middle of the desert passing by all these random tribes, all this stuff, you might be putting yourself in dangerous way. So my advice is do not rush to go somewhere until you're able to find someone from your people who can grant you some level of protection and allow you deliver you to your family.

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So for someone to Anurag Julie Lady ashara, Elijah and kidney me for keila li algebra Vitaly. So then she says that someone had pointed out to me a young man walking with the prophets a lot is something you should talk to him he'll be able to help you. So I asked Who is that? And they said, it's Alina Vitaly. So she says I went to earlier the Allahu taala and who and I asked him Could you help me reach my family? And he said absolutely. And he provided some transportation. He gave me provisions and ride he got you know, attained a guide and some protection for me. And I was able to travel to Sham and I reached my brother there. Focus on your family harmony we're on enough a

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pattern for Karachi Maha Maha Taka into sham. I reached my family. I reached my brother. So Id he says now for lucky Neela garden feed. Actually, I was sitting with my home there with my family in Sham in order to allow the aina to soluble Illa Illa Amina, I saw a woman approaching from the distance. So I stood up and I looked into distance that woman walking towards us and I said, even though to Hatem is that my sister and someone said for either here or here, that is her

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so when she finally got to us, it says for them, aka fat Alia in Salat. She started to tear into me.

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You left me? She said, I'll Katia a volume.

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She said you said her family relations. You leave me behind you are a volume

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and LTV and likability Katara led our attack.

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You took your own wife and kids and you forgot the rest of your family. What would your father say? What would our father say? You just left me.

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So he said a year he said I pleaded with her not Taku de la hiren. For lucky Malema in northern leopard Serato McCarthy, I apologize to her and I said don't you know, belittle me, I have no excuse. I did what you say I did and I'm sorry. Nevertheless, she stayed with me. And he says what kind of Tim rotten halsema she was not only just like he said before, she was a very strong woman outspoken woman, but she's also very smart one. She was really really smart. I really trusted her advice. So he said one day

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After she settled in, I asked her mother tarini family, Heather Raja, what do you have to say about Mohamed Salah? She said are our lucky. And Dan Huckabee. He said, she said you want my advice? He said Yeah. She said, I think you should go and join them.

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I think you should go and join this community.

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He said really Why? She said for ioka, Rajan and Avi and filosofia

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he is either a prophet of God and if he's a prophet of God, the sooner you go, the better it is for you. The more virtuous it is, when you can Mulliken fall into the love here is a yearning or enter into.

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She said, and even if he's not a prophet, he's still a ruler. He's a king, his people are spreading his kingdom is spreading. Then you'll be aligning yourself with someone very strong and you will again find yourself in a good position of power. So you can't lose. It's a win win. You need to go.

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So he says, I said to myself, Well, lucky in the Hazara array, he said this is the correct approach. She has the correct thinking. So he said, I finally swallowed my pride. I took a chance. I packed my bags, and I set out towards Medina. For the Hunter Valley you have in my city when I got to Medina, the prophets, a lot of Islam was in the masjid.

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I walked in to the mercy of the prophets a lot. He said, Oh, I greeted him. And the prophets. Allah said moneta, Roger. Introduce yourself, sir, who are you?

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I said I'd even hotter.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up.

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He stood up, he greeted me. He took me by the hand and he took me to his home.

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And for lucky in the hula army de la he is in Ronda Kabira stoecker photo.

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And he said, while we were going, he took me by the hand and he said, Let me take you to my home. I need to show you hospitality. You are the son of a very respectable person.

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And he said, while we were going this very, very elderly, like the way he describes her Mo, Eva kabita.

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Not just old, but also frail. Like a very elderly woman. So perfecto she stopped him

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a good dancer.

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Some old frail person to stop them, hey, I need to talk to you

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for work of Anahata Whelan, and he stood there for a long time. And you know, maybe she just kind of kept going and going and talking and talking. And he kept listening and listen to continue goofy hydrati. And she said, I have this problem. And I have that problem. And I have this problem. And he talked to her and he addressed all of her questions and concerns and everything. And he said it said I was standing there watching. He said if you don't mind me take care of her. And I stood there and watched his philosophy enough. See, I said to myself, we're lucky Mojave Malik. He is not a king. Because this is not our kings act.

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Through mamma Dhabi Rasul Allah subhanaw taala beta who, then he took me into his home and we sat down to now whether we saw the 10 min admin, Masha wetton lifan. He grabbed the pillow. The pillow wasn't like some luxurious silk covered, you know, pillow. It was like a sack made out of leather. And it was stuffed with leaves.

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is the only pillow. There was one pillow in his home. It was a leather kind of sack and it was stuffed with leaves. You know, it's like rough. It's rough.

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For Elijah, he sat down and he grabbed the pillow and he kind of tossed it to me. And he said it's less Allah He said on this because it was the ground it's uncomfortable. So he gave it to me to sit on this for a while and

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he said, You know, I had a good father. I knew manners. I knew etiquette. I said no, sir. Use it on this. And he said balentien I use it on it. And when your host insists you do a lamb roof open.

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So you do what your host asked you to do. For jealous to what jealous Rasul Allah do something. And then the process of sat down on the ground, the hard ground he just had down there for all to Venus, he will lie he marhaba BMG Malik, no king would ever act this way.

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similar color he yardie

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alum sakurako Sega. He said, Oh my god, you adopted the Christian religion, right? And I said, Yes.

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And then he said, our counter zero fee amico bill minibar, but at the same time, did you not use to tax your people and take a percentage of their wealth? And I said, Yes, I did.

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He said for in Nevada, Colombia Cooney, la casa de nica that is not okay in the Christian religion that you tax people personally, a protection tax, that's not a part of Christianity.

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And I said, well, we're lucky, I said, You are true.

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And when he had that exchange with me, he says, are off to a no hoonah. Beagle, most alone. yalom my huge Hello. So hon Allah. He said, when he had that conversation with me when he made that point to me, I said, at that time, I recognized that he is indeed a prophet in the messenger. He knows that which he should not know. He knows that which there's no way for him to know, how would he know what's in the Christian religion and what's not even Makkah? He's a kurachi. He's an Arab. So how does he know what's in my religion or not? And I knew that he was a prophet of God at that time.

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And he said, and then he said to me, in another narration, this was very beautiful. He said, What Why did you run?

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Why did you run?

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a farm aka Africa? COVID. The thing that made you run, was that Allah

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Allahu Naka, ilaha illa Allah? Is there any other God other than Allah? All I'm asking you to say lightline the law? Is there another god other than Allah? No. Then why'd you run?

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He said to him, he says, Why do you run?

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He says that, because Federica and you call Allahu Akbar. Did you run because of Allahu Akbar? We say Allah.

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For Allah. Akbar, Minerva. Is there anything greater than God?

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God is greater. Allah is the Greatest. That's why you ran. Is there anything greater than Allah? No. Then why do you run? worrying? What reasons did you have to run? And then He further said to me, he said, Yeah, Id in La La Casa de la. I am now coming to hooli via the dean Mata Rahman Hagerty.

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Maybe the thing that kind of scared you from accepting the dean, was that you saw that the Muslims that people that follow me, they're poor.

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Well, for a lucky lady she couldn't imagine in your feed of hautala you did mengaku. One day so much wealth will pour amongst the Muslims. You won't find somebody to take the money home.

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He said, Well, I'm lucky enough I am now coming to Hulu v. mataranka. ferrata de McCullough, God him, maybe you felt that the Muslims are very few and their enemies are many. For login, a user cannot.

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And thus my bill marotti tahajjud minella ardisia allegoria Hata zero has a beta half. One day there will be so much peace and tranquility in the Muslim land that a woman will leave by this year. And she will travel all the way to Makkah to perform the Hajj by herself, and no one will harass her. There'll be that much safety

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now coming to Hulu V and Nikita and Al mulk. Our supernovae radium. Maybe you see these great kingdoms Rome, Persia is one of these few bunch of veterans running around you see kingdoms and he says for what a malarkey I swear by God, oh God, they you she cannot, you shall very soon find. And this will be the mean or the Bible or the future hetalia

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the great palaces of the Romans will fall at their feet.

00:23:56--> 00:23:59

Part of Islam two, it says I became Muslim.

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Forget it all. It used to say when he would narrate the story he used to say Mother is nanny Wolbachia Tada. I have seen two of the three things are promises and promised, he says one lucky letter coonan and the third one I have no doubt will happen. He says I saw the empire of Rome fall at the feet of the Muslims. I saw that day

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when a woman to travel from Addis Ababa to Makkah by herself and no one would bother.

00:24:35--> 00:24:45

And the third thing is that so much money would pour in that you would not find anyone to take the money home with them. He says that I have not seen yet but I have no doubt that it will come true.

00:24:46--> 00:24:52

The last part of the narration destroy that I wanted to share was after he became Muslim.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

He basically was able to talk to his people and many pretty much his entire

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tribe, all the rest of his people became Muslim. The prophets a lot of them, gave them some nuts. He has some advice. And some of the advice that he gave him that he gave them parts excerpts from that advice are narrated into Sahih Bukhari non Muslim, and they're very famous narrations. So some of the most beautiful advice of the process. I mean, we've all heard it at some point or another, actually comes from this story. So here's some of the advice that he gave him. Particularly like we know Id he was the son of a very wealthy, generous man, his people overall we're known for being more affluent, more wealthy people. So listen to the advice of prophets, a lot of them gives them

00:25:38--> 00:25:43

for Hamidullah Ethnology the process that I'm praised and glorified God what color

00:25:44--> 00:25:45

fella come

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

to Rhoda who mentally

00:25:48--> 00:25:59

ill Cameroon bizarre in Viva bizarre and we hope that in the body forgotten what are called bottom rotten obesity Tambora,

00:26:00--> 00:26:59

the profits a lot of them said attain virtue give in charity and attain virtue by giving a saw a saw his two hands full or half a song or give one handful or half a handful or by even giving one date or even half of a date. And he said we're in Nevada con la jolla, la la la la que la he *a Ilan, one of you whenever whenever any one of you leaves this world you will go and you will face Allah and Allah will say to you what I am saying to you now, Allah Allah kiss me and basura did not give you faculties and intellect. Allah Allah Kemal and voila, did I not give you wealth and family for mother cadenza? What did you do with it? For younger Albania de human healthy, he won Yemeni, he won

00:26:59--> 00:27:43

Chemin de familia de Lucia. But unfortunately, some people they will look in front of them and look behind them and look to the right and look to the left, and they will have no deeds to show for they did nothing with what God gave them from I get nothing nada Illa be watchi and then the fire will come in front of that person's face and the prophets allottee Some said and this is that famous narration Fatah coonara Willow Bishop Itamar save yourself from the fire even if it's by giving half of a date for any lambda to do for beaconing machine login. And if you don't even have half a day to give, then say a good word. In Nila Asha on a common factor. The process I'm sorry I am not afraid

00:27:44--> 00:28:03

that you will suffer from drought or famine or starvation. I am not afraid that you will suffer from starvation by spending money by giving sadaqa you will not starve to death. They unseren nakoma Allahu Allah will help you whether you are tn nakoma Allah will give to you. Oh lefthand Allah.

00:28:04--> 00:28:13

Allah will open the dunya upon you had that the sido Dinah, Benin heat are we afraid of extra Madhava Sarika Allah

00:28:16--> 00:28:26

that a person will be able to travel all the way from Hadar to Medina and they will not worry about the safety of their property and their wealth. In mounted myth he narrates his narration.

00:28:27--> 00:29:12

And as I mentioned, the very famous narration in Amman Bahati, he mentioned this from Adam inhotim he narrates that the prophets a lot ism taught me these words, it's a narrow window, be sure kitamura save yourself from the fire of hell, even if by giving half of a date in the hadith of Sahih Muslim and even hot him. He says that the prophets a lot he taught me, Melissa I mean, come and study Romina Nan Willow Bishop kitamura Jin, fun, yes. Any one of you who can protect yourself from the fire of hell, even if it be with half of a date, then please do so. And this is the generation of I've even had him how he became Muslim. How the profits alabi some showed him this

00:29:12--> 00:29:23

generosity, and then the advice or processing gave him as we always do at the conclusion or the end of the session. I always like to try to extract some type of practical lesson that we can take from this.

00:29:24--> 00:29:47

There are so many again, every one of these interactions of the processor has so many layers to it. First of all, when that woman asks the prophets a lot he said, Show me kindness and generosity. The processor says go, but he shows her true kindness. He didn't say fine, go. he advises her. Don't go by yourself. You'll put yourself in harm's way.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

When she seeks help and assistance from a companion of the processor from a family member of the processor, one of the closest people to the processor, alumina, Vitaly Oliver the Allahu taala no houses

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

Woman. And notice in eration mentions she did not become Muslim at that time, she was not a Muslim, when she was asking me for help, and Ali helped her

00:30:12--> 00:30:16

give her clothes and provisions and food and transportation.

00:30:17--> 00:30:24

Right. So think about that. Right? That was the that is the ethos of the prophetic community.

00:30:25--> 00:30:39

That is the Medina that is the community, the process and created Where are we? Where are they suddenly think about, we would have trouble showing that kind of kindness to a family member. And they show it to anonymous some random woman stranger.

00:30:40--> 00:30:42

Right. So think about it.

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In the non Muslim during times of conflict. The third thing is that when it comes to the prophets a lot a sin and the process of said far minnewanka Aracely. He ran away from the processor, he said, I hated the processor lobbies

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and look at the process and treats him Oh, your ID, son of

00:31:06--> 00:31:14

a tie the profits a lot. He some guitar, greets him, hold his hand says come to my home, be my guest.

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Once again, look at the etiquette. See, we have to understand one thing, what was the goal? was the goal to put him in his place was to go to let him know Look, I need you to know you didn't like me. But I when you lose, understand. I have the upper hand is that no The goal was how can this person become connected to his creator? How can he recognize Allah subhanaw taala. So if I have to show a little bit of kindness, if I have to be a little generous, if I have to humble myself, if I have to show some hospitality, some graciousness, then so be it. It's worth the investment. And so that's exactly what happened. He becomes Muslim.

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And then the last thing that I wanted to mention in that is the advice there's you know, the prophets a lot of a sudden said Kelly manassa hydrocone speak to people accordingly. There's a very famous proverb as well. It's more authentically an author of the Sahaba the tag behind some said it was a Hadith, but it's not really authenticated as a Hadith, and zilean NASA Manasa.

00:32:23--> 00:32:57

Talk to people according to level we'd referenced it earlier, when the process alum said to Chateau de la creme de la, la la de da de o mckibbon. Islam the idea to have had your people not been so new to sama would have changed the foundations of the Kaaba. So always understand where people are coming from. And, you know, there's a there's an old Persian proverb, they used to say, Medusa Nassim Aakash minasi, which means understand who you're talking to and where and when you're speaking. Know your audience know your context.

00:32:58--> 00:33:06

Know your audience know your context. And the prophets a lot even look at the advice out of all the good deeds that there are. When the Ashanti you

00:33:08--> 00:33:49

the people from Yemen, Abu Salah, Sharia these people, when they became Muslim, and they came they were poor, refugees destitute, but they were people who are very vocally and poetically gifted the thing the process and emphasize to them, learn the Quran, recite the Quran, read the Quran, and the process MC Nila for a swatter if katella Charlene. When I walk around at night, I can recognize which homes they live in from the beauty beautiful voices of the recitation of the Quran. But these people aren't even hardly Maathai. And his people, they were people of business. They were people of affluence. They were wealthy people. And the process and what does he emphasize to them pray? No,

00:33:49--> 00:34:27

often fried everyone has to do but in terms of extra deeds, he said, Pray No, often No. He said give charity. He emphasized charity to them. So that also shows you the therapy of the process. And he advised people according to where what their strengths were, and what was most relevant to them. And that's a very important lesson of how to BIA and talim and teaching and learning that we can learn from this particular story as well. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to practice everything that was said and heard. So how to live from the heat. So Hannah Colombia Hambrick Nationale de la ilaha illa Anta a sakana to be like,