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The segment discusses the importance of the Prophet sallavi's teachings and the importance of protecting children and finding a balance between reality and possibility when performing open heart surgery. The segment also discusses the loss of the Prophet sallama Alayshi wa' and the importance of the Prophet's teachings in bringing people to know and understand him. The segment also touches on the benefits of learning from the Prophet's teachings and the importance of providing support to others.

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smilla will allow salatu salam ala rasulillah. While and he was so happy he is married.

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So inshallah we're continuing with the series on the prophetic biography the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In last week's session, we're basically covering the part of the prophets a lot he sort of where we're at the point at this point in time in our series, we're covering the childhood of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we're actually talking about a portion or a part in some experiences of his childhood, which are very well known, which are popularly addressed or spoken about. And that is his time, the time that he spent in the care and receiving upbringing from Khadija excuse me Halima Nadia La Mancha and I refer to as reading a lot

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more now because later on, we'll read into Sierra much, much further down the road in sha Allah, that after fetch her maka, about a month after Fatima can some actually say it was in the aftermath of the Battle of her name. Halima ends up accepting Islam, she and her family accepts Islam at that point in time. Nevertheless, at this point in time, of course, we're talking about the childhood of the prophets a lot. He said them

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so Halima Saudia, she comes to Makkah, she takes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam back to her home to the new side, to raise him and to look after him and care for him. And of course, there's some financial incentive and motive for her in that as well. And we talked about some of the very interesting experiences Halima blessing, and that how when she takes the profits, a lot of these baby, this child, this newborn child, Mohammed, Abdullah, she takes him home, immediately, even on the journey back home, she starts to experience so many blessings, she starts to receive so many better cotton blessings. And it seems like a turn of fortune for her and for her family.

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When she arrives back at home, all these blessings, basically, they continue. And they continue to receive blessing, so much so that even the other people, and by no side begin to note and they say there's something special about this child that you've brought home, there's some type of blessing that you recently come into. That was not there before. And I I mentioned some of the some of those blessings and some of those things. The story that I ended on last time was was very beautiful, and it's a good, it's very symbolic and representative of that blessing overall, that followed the prophets allottee some around even as a child wherever he went wherever he was, and that was that

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whole story about where Halima sees the prophets a lot essentially had told the older sister shaimaa, the older foster sister of the Prophet talathi, some of the milk sister of the process of shaimaa. She had told her that watch out for Mohammed, he's small, he's young, I need you to look out for him, I need you to watch out for him, especially because she realized her and her husband realized there's something special about this child.

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She sees the profits a lot. So I'm sitting out there at noontime out directly under the sun in the middle of the desert, when even the animals look for a shade and the animals begin to nap at that time as well because they can't even tolerate the heat. And she sees the process of just sitting out there wide out in the middle of the open. And she sees the older sister sitting there next to him. So now she's not just worried but she's furious. She's angry. And Halima storms out there yelling at shame at her older daughter that What are you doing? I told you to look out for him. And that's when shame I basically tells her mother, she says that I've been watching younger brother, I watched

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Muhammad. And wherever he goes, he walks around in the sun and it doesn't even bother him. And it always puzzled me How does he walk around and he's not bothered by the sun until I noticed there's always a shade over him. And I looked on top and there's a cloud over him that follows him wherever he goes, always casting a shade over him. And so he walks around, and that's why I'm sitting so close next to him so I can get some of the shade as well. And it's just it is what it is. I mean, that's it's something special about little brother. And so this is very symbolic of those blessings that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was receiving even from childhood.

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Now, he was taken by Halima to for his proper upbringing and to be taken care of shortly after he was born. I mentioned last time that there's nothing very inauthentic narrations there's nothing that gives us a precise,

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you know, duration of time that the prophets a lot of them spent in the care of Halima, but it's, it's estimated to be about four, four and a half years that he lived with Halima a Saudia what are the long line, huh. And he was brought back in between to visit his to be with his mother. We I mentioned that last time that the age of two as was tradition, she brings him back and typically two years was the average amount of time that our child would spend out there with a wet nurse out in the desert away from the city. But Helene

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I was very motivated to take him back obviously for the continuation of these blessings. And it also coincided with the fact that there was a an onslaught of a disease and an epidemic in Makkah at that time. And so of course, the mother of the prophets, a lot of him was also inclined to send her only child away from any type of disease so that he could grow up, not just in the safety, but also in the healthy environment out there in the villages out there in the desert away from the city and its pollution.

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during this next the second phase of the profits, a lot of a sudden living in the care of Halima. There is a major incident that occurs at this point in time, the exact age of the prophets, a lot of them again, is estimated, but it's somewhere in between the age of two and four. And so anywhere between the age of two and four, but based on the prophets polysomes own behavior at that time, and the fact that the prophets, a lot of them had full recollection and memory of this fact, the scholars leaned towards the fact that this was probably closer to the age of four, that this incident occurred towards closer to the age of four especially because, as a consequence of this

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incident, or this event, Halima decided to take the profits a lot SLM back to his mother back to McCain back to the care of his mother. And so this probably happened when the profits allottee son was about four, four and a half years of age. And this is a continuation of that same narration that I was mentioning before about

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Halima the narration that she herself narrates where she's talking about her taking this child and all the blessings that she experienced. She goes on to say

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Gianna, who Danica should do for Kala Danica he also Rashi Khadija Hurrah Juliana Lima Thiago can be done for up Jiahui for Shaka batana hufa karatsu Anna buena Sedona. So she goes on to say that basically, his brother, so Halima herself, had our own biological son by the name of Abdullah. And she says that Abdullah, the brother of Mohammed, the foster brother, Mohammed, my son, Abdullah, comes running to me comes running to me and his father.

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And he says that over there, and he basically would refer to the prophets Allah the same as a Aleppo Rashi my Qureshi brother, because the prophets have some biologically he ethnically, he didn't really belong to the new side, but he was a brother through through nursing and through breastfeeding. So he says, a heel for Russia, he says, over there over there, my brother over there, my brother because he himself is a four year old child. He's not really even speaking properly. He just is over there over there, my brother, so he comes panting and breathing hard and you look scared, and he says, my brother, my brother, so

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Halima says myself and his father rush over there in the direction where our son Abdullah is pointing to us. We run out in that direction. And another more acceleration actually mentioned that Abdullah and Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the two childs the two for four and a half year olds, were running around where some of our goals and our sheep were behind some tents that we had on our property. So on our farm, we had some tents and behind the tents was where a lot of the goats and the sheep would graze. And Mohammed Abdullah were running around playing over there where the goats and the sheep were grazing. And they also had some responsibility to kind of play around there

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and keep an eye on the goats and the sheep and make sure they didn't stray too far away. So they're over there running when Abdullah comes running to us and says my brother, my brother, and he looks scared he looks terrified. So we run out in that direction and she says that in wonder ation, it actually mentions that Abdullah while they're running in that direction, Abdullah basically tells him what's happening or what's what's frightened him. And he mentioned Jehovah Romulan, two men came, and they were wearing white clothes. And they came in they took Muhammad my brother, and they laid him down. And then they began to split him open, they basically began to cut his chest open his

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into they basically begin to cut him open. And that's when I ran away and I came to you guys. And one other narration says that the prophets a lot of them himself, gives them a more full account. Afterwards, he explains to his parents exactly what transpired and what happened and get a third another narration and all three of these are all authentic and basically they all

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they all fit in very well with each other. But the third narration is actually later on during the lifetime of the prophets a lot he said them when the Sahaba are a lot more on whom asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about his childhood experiences and wonder ation which I'll actually bring up later and has been Malika de la one who actually says that when the process have told me this story, and he actually pulled his shirt up to show me that they cut me from here and he mentioned the hollow of his neck, all the way down to his navel.

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So they cut me down all the way from the hollow of the neck all the way down to my navel. And and so the Allahu anhu says I was looking at the prophet SAW some, and I could actually see the line and I could actually see the scar along where they had cut him. And so all three of these narrations basically coincide, and they corroborate and support each other. But nevertheless, Halima and her husband say that they go running to the prophets a lot, he said them, and they find him standing there. And it actually mentions about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that monta unloader who Moontak the unknown of Buddha, basically his color, he had lost all the color in his face what

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we would say he looked very pale, he looked frightened, he looked pale. And something else we know about this ohana law, that even when somebody go undergo some type of medical procedure, that also that person would have that type of a pale look. So the profits a lot of them had that pale look, that any child would if they were frightened, or they were scared, and especially because he'd undergone justice procedure right now. And the Father, the foster father of the prophet SAW some Halima his husband, actually acid process from the abalone, my dear son, Masha Luca, what happened to you? And now the prophets Allah Islam actually describes what happened. He says Jonnie La Jolla,

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La Masia boubyan for ajar for jianhua Shaka botany for massage amin Hussain and Fatah raha Tamara De Luca maka for a Jana de Marana. So then he actually the process of tells his foster father and honeymoons husband, two men came to me. And they were wearing white clothes. They laid me down for Johnny and the word is job. If the job actually meant means to lay down on one's back, so they laid me down on my back was Chicago botany and then they basically split me open. And then they took something out from inside of me for how who and then they threw it away, somewhere or down Comicon and then they returned everything back to the way it was. So they repaired me again, they put me

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back as I was before. And before I mentioned what happens as an aftermath to this. I'd like to mention what some of the more extended narrations make mention of some of the more extended narrations actually in the later life of the prophets a lot even when you retold the story. He mentioned some other details. He says in one narration

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that for us from massage Appleby, they basically took my heart out for Chicago, and then they split my heart open for us Raja who mean who Allah cotton soda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda. And then they took some type of a blood clot like some black blood clot, like some black little thing, if you will, right, just something that was black, they pulled it out of my heart. They they, they extracted it from inside of my heart, and they threw it away. Thelma vasana Appleby, Baba, Tony B Danica selenge. And then it actually mentioned in one of the narrations that when the two men came, and they laid the profits, a lot of them down, one of them told them where is the dish, and they basically had a,

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a dish that was made out of gold. And in that demand, tells him He goes, where is the ice? One narration the prophets, a lot of them actually mentioned it was zum zum, in another nation that actually mentioned that it wasn't just some some but it was ice, there was ice in the zone, and he gives it to him, and then the profits a lot. So I mentioned that he took my heart out, they split it open, they extracted some black entity out of the heart, some black element out of the heart, and then they washed my heart in that water in that ice Zamzam water they washed my heart and they washed my inside with that water and they returned to my heart back and then they basically sewed me

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up and they returned me back to my original condition.

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So this is the extent of the entire procedure that the prophets a lot ism describes, which took place with him on that day. It actually mentions another narration another another narration mentioned some more detail. When the prophets a lot of them actually describes these two men coming. He actually in one narrations mentioned the fact that they basically came down from the sky, it's as if they were flying down by Iran. Yachty Ronnie, he actually mentions his fact that they were flying so they were wearing white and they flew down so they were like angels in that sense, because we know from the other narration and body by the way, these these narrations are mentioned in many

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different books of Sierra and all the books of Sierra Ebony's Hawk mentioned these narrations along with all the other mufa soon Of course, I'm taking it here from lb die when I am a mom even Cathy's collection on the seat of the prophets a lot of them but these are Hadith are also found in the different various books of Hadith as well. The most famous of them as found in the Sahara vema. Muslim and other books of narration the most detailed narration is also mentioned in the Muslim Ummah Muhammad. So these are all authentically

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traditions in narrations about this entire incidents. So he actually mentioned that they came flying down and they perform this entire procedure on the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam it. In another narration, he actually mentioned that after they performed this procedure, then a conversation takes place between these angels. And this is also mentioned by the prophets a lot he sent him where he says Carla, I do Melissa heavy, Xin, who be I shot him in Omaha, that he actually says that weigh him against 10 people from his own mouth,

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weigh him against 10 people out of Azuma

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four was into him. I was four wasn't an eBay shop info was sent to him, he weighed me against 10 people of my oma and I outweighed them through metallocene, who beat me at him and he then weigh him against 100 people of Azuma for wasn't any be me at Infowars until they weighed me against 100. And I weighed them from a politician who be unfamiliar Amati for wasn't an EB elfen for was sent to him. He weighed me against 1000 people of my own, and I outweighed all of them. Then he said, Tao who Anca for that wasn't to be on Mattila was in a home. And then he said that leave him now because if I was to weigh him against all of his own work combined together, he would outweigh them. And what

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that basically means what that references in the process I'm in another narration, he explains that basically, they were weighing the profits a lot asylums, whether it'd be his emaan it'd be his spirituality and even his endurance, and what the prophets a lot even was capable of enduring what he was capable of tolerating that the profits of lessons endurance, his ability, his stamina, his emotional fortitude, and strength, and His emaan His spiritual conviction outweighed all of the aroma put together. And this is further corroborated of many other times where the prophets a lot of them in a hadith that is what sacani the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says,

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in the, in the Hindu philosophy, Madam, you have a hardware any UI to fill it Malamute that I had, I have been threatened more than anybody else. And I've been tortured, or I've been hurt more than anybody else. And another narration towards the end of the life of the prophets, a lot of stuff when he was experiencing sucker rots when he was experiencing the pangs of death, the nearness of death. The prophets, a lot of them was experiencing this and he actually asks, Do you breathe Elisa Lam who is there to comfort the profits a lot? He said, he asked him that. Is this something everyone experiences? Juanita Elisa Lam said yes, what messenger of Allah, this is something that everyone

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experiences. This is not a punishment of a sword. But when the soul is getting ready to depart the body, a certain amount of pain is something that everyone will experience because they're transitioning from this life into the afterlife. At that time, the prophets, a lot of them actually made an offer. He made a draw, he made a supplication that are a lot. I will take the pain, the suffering of all of my oma of the sucker out and the pain of death. Give it to me inflicted upon me. But please don't put my anybody for my oma through this experience that I'm going through right now. So we see from these different narrations throughout the life of the prophets, a lot of a sudden

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that the prophets, a lot of them was able to endure a lot more than anybody else and all of the humor put together. And this was basically what was being stated at that time. I'll talk about some of the lessons and some of the things that we can learn from this in just a bit. What I'd like to do before that is, I'd like to go ahead and talk about complete the actual narration and talk about what exactly transpired afterwards. So now that Halima comes Halima and her husband, they come and they find the prophets a lot he summoned, as I mentioned before, that the color from his face was completely flushed. And the child obviously looked like he had been through an experience. And he

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basically described to them exactly what had happened. Halima and her husband, they take him home, when narration actually mentioned that Halima has has been the foster father of the prophets a lot he set up, he actually immediately hugged the prophets a lot in Salem, and he carries him back to the house. And they they lay him down and they allow interest in they immediately talk, they speak with each other, what should we do? And they're very worried they have no idea what has exactly happened and what their son and what the prophets a lot is describing to him to them is, you know, it's very, not only is it difficult to believe for them, but even if they do believe because they

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obviously realize there's something special about the child but then they're obviously worried. You know, I wonder what's happened and what could be the after effects of what's transpired with this child. So what should we do? Halima husband basically says we have no choice but to take him back to Makkah, we immediately have to take him back to Mecca. And, and then one other thing that the narration actually mentions is Halima has, husband says that we need to take him back and give him back to his mother before anything else happens to him before anything

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Anything else happens to him? Because we don't know what else could transpire. Maybe somebody after him, maybe this is some supernatural force that is at work. Either way, whatever is happening, we have no idea. It's beyond our control. It's something we can handle. We need to take him back to his mother before anything else happens. And one other thing that they at least talk about amongst themselves is we should not tell the prophets Allison's Mother, what has happened to him? Because in these, they weren't bad people like they're trying to slip one by, they say, you know, what's already happened happened? And as long as we get him back home away from here, then he should be

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safe. And what's the what's the benefit in worrying his mother any further, so let's just take him back to his mother, he already doesn't have a father, what is a single mother going to do? She's already probably nervous about raising this child on our own. What's the benefit in worrying her any further, take him home, give them to the mother and then let's just come back home safe and sound. Make sure Mohammed is safe and sound with his family where he belongs.

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They don't wait a second. And they take him right back to Makkah, they rush back to Makkah, they go to Amina the mother of the Prophet ceylonese. And they hand the child over to the prophets a lot he sent me the mother says How come you guys are back already? How come you're returning them back and they say, you know, we fulfill the original agreement, the original contract, which was two years and so we thought it was a good time to bring him back. And she I had mentioned before that Amina was very intelligent. When talking about the mother of the process. She was an extremely intelligent woman. So she says that none of there's something that's going on. Something's out because you look

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frightened. stills Halima, you look very, very scared. And the way you negotiated the way you begged and pleaded with me last time when you brought him to take him back home. I was worried if you would ever even bring him back home ever again. I thought I would have to come get him. And the fact that you rush him and you're ready to just drop them off right away and take off right away. Something's up. Tell me what's going on. This is my child. I want you to tell me exactly what's happened.

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And so she says for them, da da da

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da da Ha ha ha. She didn't leave us B until we finally told her exactly everything that had happened.

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As a response to this the mother Amina the mother of the prophets a lot he said um, she says Akashi toma de shavon Are you worried that shape or some other evil force got ahold of him or some spirits or demons or something have done something bad to him?

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Blue macabre. Do you want me to tell you something about him? She says kalaba law he managed a family he Sabine she says Absolutely not. You don't need to worry. Nothing bad has happened to him. Whatever has happened. It's nothing bad because she says shavon can't even lay a finger on him. shavon can do anything to him. While logging in the hula car in the evening haha Shatner. He says this son of mine, he's going to be somebody very, very special. There's something very huge that that that's waiting for him in his future. There's he's a big deal and there's something very important and he's something very important is going to happen with him. A lot of beautiful macabre

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who you want me to really tell you about him. She put in a barrage he said of course call it humbled to be he she says when I was carrying him she says it wasn't like I was even carrying anything. I could never feel any weight any burden any difficulty when I was pregnant with him and I was carrying him

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for what do you do for gnome Hannah Hamel to be Higa Anna who has a mini noodle Nevada who purusha she says when I was pregnant with him I would see dreams that our light was coming out of my womb a light was coming out of my belly out of my stomach. That was that was filling the palaces of a sham the palaces of a sham in Syria with with nude and with light. It was illuminating the entire world through my Walker, summer Walker Hina whether to who and Maya Tao, who Elmo lewd. And when I gave birth to him when he came out for me. He came after me in a way that normal children do not. He was not crying more to me than Elijah, he actually leaned forward on his own hands that off. Yeah. So

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who else Mr. He raised his head up to the sky as a newborn child after I gave birth to him. And we obviously in this series, we've talked about it that the entire house became filled with nude, the women who were there, the mother exam, the mother of their hand, many of the women that were there assisting the Prophet salani sent him in giving the mother of the prophecies and giving birth. They talked about how they were literally blinded for a few seconds, they couldn't see anything. And so she tells him about all of the blessings that have transpired since she became pregnant with him the dreams that she saw the angels that would come and speak to her who informed her of the name that

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the child should be given. And she tells them about the miraculous things that were transpiring given the day that the prophets Allah Islam was born. So she says, for Dr. Juan Kumar, she says that, don't worry about anything. Nothing bad has happened to him and nothing bad can happen to this child.

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And so, it basically mentioned that they leave the profits allottee son with his mother, they leave him in there in the care of his mother and they returned back home.

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Now, there are many other narrations which basically corroborate this and which provide different types of details.

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In terms of the same incident, in one of the narrations, it mentions autowatch of new Zubaydah the Allahu anhu mentions from a Buddha a fatty radi Allahu Allah Rasul. Allah gave alimta and maccabean Hina alimta, Danica was the hunter and that cannot be and he says that, how did you know that you were a prophet? Like when did you first realize and truly believe that there was something unique that was going to happen with you? like of course you Only you got the full context of the understanding and you received the divine revelation, you know, economists mirabela, the HELOC at the age of 40 in the cave of Hadar. But when did you first begin to realize there was something

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unique something different about you? And the profits of Madison says yeah, about that attorney Malecon we're gonna be buddy but hi Emeka. ferrata huduma Alan Ottawa, Canada had been a Semite. You will have sakala Humala sahibi Hua Hua

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Hua Hua tala physician who be Rosalyn for wuzzy, falls into be Rajamouli in for Raja to who was a karate mama Hadith was Akasha Casa de Vaca Tati viata, who were Jalan hajima Bina cache akitoshi fatahna for ma Hua Illa. And now while they are on the Forgotten Mr.

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Chen, so the prophets Allah DCM says our boo that I knew that there was something unique or special about me when two angels came to me when I was in the valley, or I was in the nearby valleys of Mecca. So he's basically talking about the time when he was in the care of Halima Saudia.

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He says one of them came and landed onto the ground next to me, the other one was between the earth and the sky was still up in the air. And he says to the one who had landed a hula, hula, are you sure that this is him? This is that child footballer who are who he says Yes, he's the one. He's the one that we've been sent to that we've been looking for. And then the prophets, Allah says that he told him to weigh me against a person. And they weighed me and I was heavier than that person. And then he mentioned the rest of the Hadeeth. He mentions the fact that his test was split, he mentioned that it was sewed back up. And it also mentioned that that is when that I had mentioned

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that there was a birthmark the profits, a lot of them had, I'd mentioned this into the session during the series, where we talked about the birth of the process, and that he had a birthmark on the on his back between the shoulder blades, which was like a cluster of moles. And it actually mentioned that this is when that started becoming more apparent. And when narration actually meant mentioned that the angels actually looked at that, that birthmark on the back of the prophets a lot, which will later on be remote, be referred to as the hottie. minobu, or the huntsmen Ebola. That was one of the signs of the profits, a lot of them and that was one of the signs that he was the CEO of

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prophethood. And so this also this narration also he mentions is, and then one very interesting thing that it mentions is that they did all of this with me and their profits a lot. He said them says, I was watching all of this happening. I was watching all of this happening and in the profits allottee some actually mentioned that I can remember that incident, as if it's happening before my very eyes. So this is mentioned by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And then, one of the and then some other narrations now that we covered this entire incident that this transpired this happened with the prophets, a lot of him when he was a child, and that his test was split open. It was all washed, it was returned back and then his foster parents decided to return him back to Makkah back to his home back to his mother. Now, did this ever happen with the prophets a lot he sent them again. So there are other narrations which talk about the fact that this happened again with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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On the night on which he was taken in the journey of an Islamic Mirage during the journey over the summer will Mirage who is prepared for the journey over this role in mirage. And this happened with him again, that he was in the process of actually mentioned. He was about 50 years old of age. At that time he was in he went to the GABA to the beta law, you know, because the journey over this I wouldn't manage was the process was first instructed to go from his home to Bay to LA and there he prayed in the Hatim the Hatim is that portion of the karma debate to law which was not included in the construction of the Kaaba, and if you ever visitor or even if you even if you haven't been there

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yourself, I recommend that you go online and try to take a look but it's the

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half circle area that is technically part of the beta law itself, but was not included in the final construction of the beta law. And so praying in that inside of there, that little half circle is as if you're praying inside of a to law. And the process of used to it was a regular habit of is used to love to go and pray inside of that area. So the process of went inside of there and prayed to God and after he prayed those pseudo gods, he was basically again laid down. And when narration actually mentioned that he was leaned against the beta Lord, the Kaaba. And at that time, the angels performed the same procedure upon the prophets a lot, he said, um, and the same thing happened with

00:30:38--> 00:30:38

him again.

00:30:40--> 00:30:55

So it happened a minimum of two times in the opinion of the majority of the scholars of the Sierra. But there is a third incident, which is a weaker narration. But nevertheless, it mentions that he was when he was about 10 or 12 years of age, so as if to prepare him for adulthood.

00:30:56--> 00:31:26

When he reached the age of about 10, or 12, and he was about to enter into adulthood, he was about to hit puberty, adolescence, that at that time, it happened for the second time. So technically, it happened a full three times with the prophets a lot. He's into preparing for adulthood. But again, as I mentioned, that narration which mentions it happened at the age of 10, or 12, is weaker in strength, but at a very minimum, it happened. It happened with the prophets a lot. He said, I'm two times that this incident occurred. Now talking about

00:31:27--> 00:31:44

what can we exactly take home from this? What can we derive from this? And what do we learn from this? So the very first thing I should mention here is why did this even happen with the profits allottee setup? So there's many different

00:31:45--> 00:31:50

thoughts and ideas on this. Generally, what the scholars mentioned is that

00:31:52--> 00:32:02

the very first thing that scholars talk about is that there's a there's there's a little bit of, there's a little bit of coming to terms with the fact that this even happened with the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:32:03--> 00:32:14

You know, in more recent times, or more modern times, particularly within the last three to four centuries, with the onslaught of certain Academic

00:32:15--> 00:32:23

Presentations of the Quran or even of this era, the life of the prophets alliance in which we basically refer or allude to as Orientalism.

00:32:25--> 00:33:01

There's a lot of discussion as to the validity of such a narration or the validity of such an incident. Did something like this even happen? What is the validity of something like this happening? To what extent should we believe in something like this actually transpiring with the Prophet talathi, some orientalist have basically dismiss these narrations as a fairy tale, or as the imagination of you know, certain storytellers of the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they basically refer to these narration as being completely preposterous. You know, how could you believe in something like this? How could a medical procedure be happening like this 1400 years ago? How

00:33:01--> 00:33:07

could he survive like this, who are these people doing it is just completely preposterous is just the imagination of Muslims.

00:33:08--> 00:33:29

What we basically understand is that these come to us through authentic sources. And the second thing is believing in something out of the ordinary, believing in something out of the ordinary extraordinary about the prophets, Allah ism, is not something that we have trouble with. It's the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's actually a test of our eemaan.

00:33:31--> 00:33:37

That if something extends beyond, you know, what we grasp as reality or possibility.

00:33:38--> 00:34:19

That doesn't mean that it's not true. So much of the Quran could fall under that context. And we actually see those same people will only be willing to come to terms or accept something from the Quran, when it can be made to fit their grasp of reality can be catered to their rational rationale, or write their intelligence, their grasp of things, then and only then will they only accept. But we understand that, of course, not, for us, primarily accepting and believing is something that is it has a very minor faith and its own its fortitude. And so it does not, it's not far fetched for us to believe in something like this. So we completely grasp it, we have no problems with believing in it.

00:34:20--> 00:34:49

But now, why did something like this happen? Because on the at the same time, we have to have a sense of balance, are we literally medically going to read so much into it that we're going to say, Ah, so the evil and the shutter of every human being is actually like some black little element inside of somebody's heart biologically. So now let's start performing open heart surgery in the Muslim community, taking that black thing out of it, boom, I don't have to worry about ever committing a sinner again.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

You've been cured, right? So is that what we're talking about? Is that what we're dealing with? And of course not. Obviously not. These are the hustles

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Yeah, these are the this is the sauce. This is something that is unique and special to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:35:08--> 00:35:42

So there needs to be balanced when we talk about this, we don't take it. So literally where we start now performing these procedures on people to remove the evil from people's heart, and then they never have to worry again about anything. And at the same time, we don't completely dismiss it because it doesn't fall within our grasp of reality. I can't make sense of it medically, scientifically, so it must be bogus. Of course, now, there's a balance. We believe that happened. But it's something that happened by the Divine Decree of a law by the instruction of Allah by the guidance of Allah through the command of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it was specific to Rasulullah

00:35:42--> 00:36:19

sallallahu alayhi wasallam. All right. And so what why now? What exactly was it done to the promises? And what are some of the benefits? Or what are some of the wisdoms in this? Number one? Of course it was to remove in the process of elude citizen certain narrations in a conversation with each other. I'll do a lot more I know when he asks, or one time, did you become jealous? were you feeling jealous? When she was acting out one time in the process of master or were you jealous? He said, she said, Yeah, of course. I was jealous. Of course, I was jealous. And then the profits a lot. He said, he said, well, then the shavon shavon was, had gotten a hold of you, your shavon got

00:36:19--> 00:36:54

the best of you. And that's why you felt jealous. So then I Chateau de la Juana asks the prophets a lot. He said, Oh, does everyone ever shave? And he said, Yes, everyone's got a shape on attached to them, who tries to take them in the wrong direction, who tries to make them make bad decisions. Then he asked, then she asked the process and we even use messenger Allah, the prophet system said, Yeah, even a shape on attach himself to me. But for us lemma, but that shaytan became Muslim. All right, that shaytan became Muslim. In another narration, the prophets a lot of success, but my shaytan does not have control over me, I have control over him, meaning I beat him, he doesn't beat me, he

00:36:54--> 00:37:14

doesn't get the best of me, I got the best of him. So some scholars mentioned that one of the benefits of this, this was cleansing the heart of the prophets, a lot of them, freeing him from those influences, which are the evil influences, the knifes, the carnal desires, the influence of shape on that was what was extracted for feral hogs. They took it out and they threw it away.

00:37:16--> 00:37:42

The second benefit of this was, and this is why this is what makes sense of that fact that this happened not once, but two, possibly three times with the profits a lot isn't that the washing of the heart, and the cleansing of the heart without water of Zamzam by the hands of the angels in a golden dish that came from Jenna from from heaven itself, was basically fortifying it was strengthening the heart of the profits

00:37:44--> 00:38:27

are in the leaves are in waiting to receive divine revelation divine inspiration, and to be able to bear the Quran to be able to carry that on to receive the Koran, because we know in Nationale de olika polen Sakina Allah subhanaw taala to the process, and that is divine revelation discord that is sent down. It's very heavy. And we actually know narrations that mentions Sharia law. And I mentioned that one time when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was laying down and he had his head in my lap on my leg, he was resting his head on my thigh, and he was laying down in home and divine revelation began began to come down upon him that she says his head became so heavy, I was afraid

00:38:27--> 00:38:57

that he was going to crush my leg, like I was crying, and I was screaming because I could not carry the weight of his head on my leg, when you would receive divine revelation. It mentions out sometimes on the profits, a lot of these would be on his camel, or he'd be on the animal on transportation and divine revelation would come many times the animal would sit down and begin to moan under the weight of the divine revelation, it mentioned that when the processing would receive divine revelation, he would become completely red. And he would sweat profusely to the point where sometimes you'd become soaking wet.

00:38:59--> 00:39:36

And many times it was like he would blackout literally like he couldn't see clearly because of the pressure that was coming down on him when he would receive divine revelation. So we see from all of this, that it was very heavy. So this was the heart of the profits a lump sum that was being treated, and was being prepared to eventually receive divine revelation. Allahu taala. And then, secondly, then the scholars say, then why would it happen in this type of a physical manner? Why would there be a physical procedure like this? Why wouldn't it happen more in spiritual terms? I wouldn't happen like literally like surgery. Right? Why would it happen like a physical medical

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

procedure like this? This was Lily Allen. This was basically to make it a publicly known thing, that something unique had happened with this child so that the child himself would realize the people close to the child like Halima, like her husband like his foster brother and sisters like his biological mother Amina, just so that the people immediately around them would also realize something is happening with this child.

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

Something is continuing to transpire with this child. And this child is on his way to achieving great things. And it was almost like a public announcement. And that's why in the narration of nsmen Malik radi Allahu anhu. He actually mentioned that I saw the scar I saw the line down the chest of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:40:24--> 00:41:05

So, these are just a few details and a few the narrations which make mention of this major incident from the life of the Prophet salani. Some, so with the with the occurrence of this event, the state of the prophets, a lot of them in the care of Halima in amongst the people have been husa, I've came to a close, she brings him back to Makkah, he is about four, four and a half years old at this particular time. And she hands him back over to his mother Amina, at which time the prophets a lot, he spends about three years, or rather about two, two and a half years, with his mother Amina at this point in time. And at that point, and then we'll talk a little bit more about the Prophet

00:41:05--> 00:41:43

sallallahu alayhi Salaam stay with his mother, what happened during those two years that he stayed in Mecca, amongst, amongst everyone who Hashim with under the supervision and his care of not just his mother, but also the continued care of his grandfather. And basically, we will also then talk about the passing of the mother of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, after about two years of spending, being in the care of his mother, and then we'll continue on from there. In the next session in sha Allah, you know, I always like to end on some type of a note of, you know, something that we can learn and that we can take from the Sierra, we actually learn a lot here we learn a lot about the

00:41:43--> 00:42:17

Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi. Salam, and that in and of itself, is something that we accomplish, because you can't love somebody and I mentioned this to begin with, you can't love someone until you truly know them and you understand them. And so for in our journey in loving the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, we first have to get to know about him. And we have to understand exactly what happened with him. So this is of benefit in and of itself, but just something to take home. And something to think about. That I don't think I made specific mention of I really, I don't think I really drove this point home. And I'd like to take this opportunity to do

00:42:17--> 00:42:34

so. And that is, we know, obviously, because in talking about Halima, or the Allahu anhu, taking the profits, a lot of them into our care, the process one was to get a team he was an orphan, meaning his father had passed away. And as we're going to learn in the coming weeks, even his mother passes away when he's only at the age of six.

00:42:36--> 00:43:12

And so the profits a lot of the time is an orphan, not just in the technical sense that he was when he was born, his father had already passed away, but he's even an orphan in the modern context, you know, how we understand it. And that is that he's lost both of his parents at the age of six when he's only still a child. And it really, really reminds us of something. You know, everything that happened with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, none of it. Everything that happened with him, was by Divine Decree. Everything that happens is with Divine Decree. But everything that happens with the Prophet system is part of the divine plan. It's very specifically happening and allows kind of

00:43:12--> 00:43:40

within a fixed into the life experience of the prophets a lot so that it would be a lesson for the generations to come. From millennia to come, people would continue to read it, know it and learn from it. And the fact that the prophets, a lot of them was an orphan, is again no coincidence. The fact that he lost his parents is no coincidence. And we'll talk about some of the specific benefits. inshallah, in the weeks of combo one of the things I'd like to mention here

00:43:41--> 00:44:21

is that Allah subhanaw taala. And I talked to you about this last week how two of the women who nurse the prophets, Allah is one of them, we would very endearingly for the rest of his life, referred to as Yom Yom or mother or mother. All right, she was a she was somebody very important to a mother figure to him for the rest of his life. She I mentioned the fact that she was African. She was Ethiopian, she was East African. She was black, in an Arab society, all right, which prided itself on family and lineage and ethnicity, ethnicity and race. It was no coincidence. One of the odds of the profitsystem his father's older sister was albino. I had mentioned this before she was

00:44:21--> 00:44:45

albino to once again that what might be perceived as some type of a you know, a disability or some physical disfigurement, something that is very wrong with somebody the entrepreneur, ism was albino. So to show you that these things didn't don't make a difference. These were still the family of the process. And these were people who shaped and people who influencing people that he loved very dearly.

00:44:46--> 00:44:55

And at the same time, the prophets his son was an orphan, to remove any type of aid or are any type of you know,

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

negative association with being an orphan.

00:45:00--> 00:45:21

That, you know, sometimes when we mentioned the virtue of things, the process of was the very first half of the of the Quran. And that's why being a half is such a great thing amongst the other virtues. The first prophet ism was the first one to pray. The Prophet son was the first one to do this, the first one to do that. Well, the prophets a lot, he said, was also the first orphan of this oma.

00:45:22--> 00:45:43

He was the first orphan from the oma of the process on was the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, and so removes any type of indignity, any type of negative association with being an orphan, and actually gives great virtue and this is a emotional constellation, this is a constellation to anyone who might end up in the difficulty in the adversity of being an orphan,

00:45:44--> 00:46:19

that that person should not feel like the like something is against them, that person should not feel downtrodden, that person does not should not feel like they are any less of a human being. Because the Messenger of Allah Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam was an orphan. And we as a society and as a community need to also look at them and reflect that them similarly, when we look at an orphan letters reminded remind us of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and if I had the opportunity, what type of care consideration love and affection when I shower upon the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, that similar type of love affection and consideration needs to be

00:46:19--> 00:46:45

offered to any orphan that I come across. And so just a little bit of a reflection a reminder and something to go home with inshallah, from the life of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, May Allah give us the reality and the understanding of the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam May Allah grant us the true love of his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhana Allah He will be humble he subhanak along the hammock, the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mr Furukawa to redic