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The segment discusses the remorse of the previous day's event, including the woman named Heather who was killed by a man named Jana. The importance of the return of Islam to one's life is emphasized, along with the need to remember Allah's teachings and find a person who is a good fit for his teachings. The importance of finding a person who is a good fit for his teachings is also emphasized. The segment touches on the conflict between the Herson community and the Herson-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And

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Shadowclan ina in

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how do I

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as Heather one mo Hamadan was

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as Hanuman Nemo hammer

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mother masu

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Hi Jana

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How y'all saw

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are you out in Fela

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here at Aldi, Mercy fatty semi Subotica BT Schatten Jalil Khedira fear is the crematorium de jure legal berghahn For Himal IsaMill consider me we're still in Mecca theological fron. Jamila Sana agency Allah Azza Meucci dua son, surreal estabished delay Pavi Aleem la Adobe Aziz assault on when I shall do Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula Shetty color Philokalia will Amber wanna shadow Anna Mohamed Abu rasuluh I'll move Earth illustrative Allah and Mineiro to be shadow so the water for ethic was sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy Alladhina hyung colossal Tula Arabela Raja will cable holla at Buddle MVR. I'm about to forget Johan NASWA Allah for

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inner to Hydra SOTA RT, what's up Allah phenotype Allah Milla Koolhaas an ad where they can be sunnah for in the sunnah to daddy Lolita Manasa da Allahu wa rasool Allah who forgot the Russia what what year come will be the thing they'll be the it daddy Elon Marcia? Well May Allah Silla ha ha rasool Allah Who *a Davao la vaca wa Wa alaykum Bill son for in Allah who have been Marcin with the roofer in whom would you but Darlene was sofiero who used to come be unwilling woodburning or with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim? Yeah, you have nothing in common with Kuru Allah the Quran cathedra was somebody who who book Ratangarh sila, who will letting you Solly aleikum wa Iike to who

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Leo Freejack Amina guru Mattila, Nora, what can I believe me Nina Rahima.

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as we have been able to live through and experience and benefit from the month of Ramadan, one of the very tangible practical things that we can carry on with us is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The vicar of Allah.

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Oftentimes when we talk about the thicket and the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala it sometimes seems like just a very standard, almost cliche kind of topic. But the way Allah subhanaw taala speaks about it in the Quran is very, very powerful. Allah subhanaw taala calls on us in the Quran Yeah, you have Latina Amanu Oh you who believe Oh you who profess faith and have claimed to have accepted Iman? Let's go to Allah. Remember Allah the Quran, in a vet with quality? Remember Allah subhanaw taala with devotion. Remember Allah subhanaw taala with focus with concentration cathedra and then once you have developed that concentration, that focus, that quality of the remembrance of

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Allah, now increase the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala within your life, and then Allah teaches us exactly what to do in terms of remembrance. What does that mean to remember Allah was somebody who who, that glorify Allah, speak about the glory of Allah subhanaw taala which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam further instructs us in in the final Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tells us he teaches us killing Mahtani Kofi photonic analysen that there are two phrases that are very light on the tongue. They're not very difficult to say they're not difficult to learn. They're not very long, you know? Poetic kind of, you know, paragraphs

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But two phrases that are very easy to say from the tongue, tequila attorney Phil, Misa, that they are very, very heavy in the scale of deeds heavy returning Iran and they are extremely beloved to the most merciful to Allah and which is very powerful because it's connecting here Allah tells us what kind of be me Nina Rahima one of the primary ways to attract the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives day to day, how can we have more mercy of Allah in our lives? The Quran is telling us and the prophets Allah, these hymns instructing us that the more that we have the praise and the glorification of aligning our lives, when we are walking, when we are sitting when we are driving,

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when we start to have the praise the glory, the remembrance of Allah in our tongues, then that draws the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala to us, because it's extremely beloved to Allah, when the servants of Allah are praising and glorifying Him. Have you ever done the law man and those two phrases are Subhanallah he will be handy he Subhanallah he loudly that those two phrases right there that are so heavy in our skill of deeds, and so beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala that they draw the mercy of Allah to us. And Allah tells us that if we develop this habit book, Ratangarh sila, morning and evening that we develop a habit of having this vicar of Allah, this praise and glorification of

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Allah on our tongues morning and evening, who led us Sunday aleikum wa rahmatullah Iike to who Allah will send His blessings upon you. Allah will shower His mercy and His blessings upon you? Well my life he got to who the angel who will be making the offer you that the Allah tells us in the Quran that these angels, they will seek forgiveness on our behalf, that there are narrations of the prophets, Allah the psalm that tell us that when there are certain phrases of the remembrance of Allah, when a believer says them in the morning when a believer says them in the evening, those Allah appoints angels, beyond our comprehension. Allah appoints 1000s 10s of 1000s of millions of

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angels to then seek forgiveness on that person's behalf from morning till evening, from evening until the following morning. And if we can develop this habit around the clock non stop, we have angels making dua for us before Allah subhanaw taala up jackal Mina Zulu Mattila nude, and that's the key to bringing people out from the darkness and into the light. That the prophets alabi said I'm tells us that a person whose heart is devoid of the remembrance of Allah, this person doesn't remember Allah, they don't think about Allah. They're not connected to Allah. Because Baitul Hadoop, that person's heart is like an abandoned home, an abandoned house. Think about the concept that we

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kind of have of a of a haunted house. Right? That it's an abandoned house. It's dark, it's gloomy. It's scary.

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And that's where a lot of our different kinds of ailments come from. When we're just nervous about everything. We're constantly fearful of everything. Where we always have this fear of, you know, bad things just constantly may be happening to us. We like hope. We like positivity. We like any kind of optimism, because we're not connected to the hope in the Mercy of Allah. Messiah Lula de escuela who will lead de la escuela who can mursaleen how you will make it in a hadith of Timothy, the prophets Allah He Salam was telling us once again, that the example of the one who remembers Allah and the one who does not remember Allah is like the example of the living in the dead.

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So this is what the Quran is telling us that Allah will bring us from the layers of darkness that we might be living under, and will bring us into the light what kind of meaning or Hema and Allah subhanaw taala is indeed very merciful with the believers. Allah tells us and so forth. Allah has up with that Gideon Allah cathedral what ducky rocks. The Laguna who McPhee Halima, that the people, the men and the women who remember Allah subhanaw taala abundantly and frequently that reserved exclusively for them is the absolution from Allah, the absolute forgiveness from Allah and a great profound reward is reserved for them. That the Hadith woodsy narrated Bible hooded are the Allahu

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Taala on who tells us that Allah subhanaw taala has proclaimed that we're an ummah, who either the Karani I am with my servant, so long as my servant is mindful of me. Allah is saying that Allah will be with us, as long as we are mindful in remembering Allah subhanaw taala for in the Quran, if enough see the character goofy enough see that if

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This servant Allah is saying is connected to Allah in their heart that Allah subhanaw taala is saying that I am showering that person with my special mercy. And then Allah says we're in Decorah NiFi Mala in that and then when the person grows in their conviction, and they have felt and they know the benefit of the remembrance of Allah, where they are no longer shy or embarrassed or ashamed to be engaging in the remembrance of Allah, even in public even in a gathering, then Allah says the cutter to who feed the cutter to houfy Mala in hieromonk that then I will remember that person I will mention that person in the gathering better than that person's gathering, and that is a

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gathering of the angels. In another Hadith Luzzi, Allah subhanaw taala proclaims an Imam Abu de either whoever Currently I am with my servants, so long as my servant is engaged in my remembrance, what to Harakat V shafa Taku. And as long as that servants tongue his mouth is moving with the remembrance of Allah, Allah says that I am with my servant. And that was one of the distinguishing characteristics of our prophets, a lot of them, right the prophets, Allah the salam, you are so captivating, he was such a beacon of spiritual strength. He was this force of light, that people were captivated by him and gravitated towards him. And a large part of that is what is mentioned

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about him in the hadith of sahih. Muslim our mother I shattered the Allahu Taala on her says, Canon A visa Luddism Yes, but Allah Allah

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that Allah says the prophets Allah He said him was engaged in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala at all times. There's a beautiful Hadith that talks about myxedema Leia Corrado Pohlmann Yes, Quran Allah azza wa jal ILAHA, Tamil Mala, Erica, that whenever people they gather for the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, much like what we are doing here right now talking about Allah listening about listening to the remembrance of Allah and a reminder about Allah being in a place of worship and remembrance of Allah, that whenever people gather together like this, the angels they surround them, well, gosh, you had two more Rama, they are covered in the Mercy of Allah. One is or

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the other one was Sakina. And tranquillity descends upon them. And that's what the people of the past the scholars of the early generations would talk about light being in people's faces, and serenity, just emanating from them that even when you would sit with them, you would glean that calmness, that serenity, that tranquility, just by being in their company. And a large part of that was their constant engagement with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala with ACARA, whom Allah Who human are into, and Allah subhanaw taala remembers Allah subhanaw taala rather mentions those people in the gathering of the angels around Allah subhanaw taala. So I wanted to practically now

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just for a couple of minutes, talk about

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what does that look like to remember Allah obviously we mentioned there are some of these phrases of the remembrance of Allah. There's also the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu salam from the journey of Illustra with a mirage, that when the Prophet sallallaahu Salam reached the seventh level and stage of the heavens, where he met none other than Ibrahim Helene, Allah alayhi salam, that Ibrahim alayhi salam gave him a message to bring back to us and he said that tell your ummah Ginetta Theon, that paradise is an open field. It's a vast open field will play you will toolbar and it's also very fertile soil. Like anything you put there will grow.

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But in spite of that right now, it's a vast open field. What I love the rasa, and the way that you can populate paradise and have the trees growing in paradise trees of of the kind that Allah that the prophets Allah exam tells us in the hadith of Sahiba hottie though you see the rock people feed literally having to I'm Allah ye fatawa that if a person was to ride a horse for 100 years, the horse could not leave the shade of the tree. The hadith of Timothy tells us that if a camel was born, a baby camel was born, and it started walking. It would continue walking until he grew up and grew old and died. And it would not make one round around the trunk of the tree.

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These huge trees of paradise that the believers will enjoy in China they'll be sitting under the shade of they'll be eating from the fruits of that what plants those trees in Paradise is when they say subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar. So now practically, what is kind of an understanding or a regimen of the remembrance of Allah that we can have in our lives? The greatest

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form of the remembrance of Allah. As Allah tells us in the Quran we're in the hula the crew laka Willie Olmec that is the Quran. The Quran is the greatest form of the remembrance of Allah. And in the month of Ramadan we built a relationship with the Quran we became more comfortable with the Quran, we have to find some way to keep the Quran in our daily lives. It is 10th Kira, it is the ultimate remembrance of Allah. So having some form of the Quran in our lives, even if it be something practically like when we're driving back and forth, dropping our kids off to school or going to work or getting groceries or whatever the case may be, that we start to listen to the Quran

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even in our cars.

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And never underestimate the prophets a lot. He said that they don't I mean Allah roofie che sometimes we come out of the month of Ramadan where we've stood behind a half of the Quran, who's reciting the whole Quran from memory, and then I'm sitting in my car and listening to, you know, just recordings of the Quran and I started to undermine what I'm doing this not real Purana no really reciting the Quran. This is not how it's really done. I shouldn't be sitting and reading and memorizing Absolutely, it'd be great to get there. But the prophets a lot he said Never underestimate a good deed. Something is always better than nothing. So have some kind of Quran in

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your life on a daily basis. Number two, we're ugly Miss Salah telepathically, it becomes somewhat tedious to constantly hear somebody from up here talking about salah, Salah, Salah, prayer, prayer prayer, but remember that Allah subhanaw taala constantly is telling us in the Quran, a theme of Salah

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because it's that important. Salah is one of the most powerful forms of the remembrance of Allah that brings together the Quran in the vicar ended the spear and to me the all of it brings it all together in a beautiful practice, where even we have physical remembrance of Allah where we go and record and sujood so being more regular about our Salah number three having these daily regimens where we have the thicket of Allah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Akbar, the prophets Allah the Psalm tells us we're in Nila Sofia, Allah Galego min me at Amara, that I seek the forgiveness of Allah 100 times a day. So developing a regimen of having these kinds of standard

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of car. These phrases have remembrance in our lives on a daily basis. And if we're able to do this, as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us in the Quran, that the Promise of Allah is the forgiveness of Allah, the reward of Allah, the Mercy of Allah and the blessings showering within our lives. Baraka hula hula conflict aniline when a thought whenever anyone here can be like at you with equal hacking software Allah Holly welcome Melissa. Mercy mean for sofiero in a who who will offer

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him hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salatu salam ala CD mursaleen wa aalihi wa Sahbihi woman's fer homebaked son Ilagan Medina, follow Allahu Allah azza wa jal by the Altavilla Humana shaytaan Rajin in Allahu wa Mala Equateur who you saw Luna Allah NaVi Johanna Deena Amanu Sallu Allah He was selling with us Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad in Habitica Rasool it was slowly I mean in a minute while you see me now when you see much while Radhika ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala as Raja he went through to get to Allah who marries in Islam when we see me Allah who wants to really someone who see me Allah Medina

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suburban lemony Tada Allahu Allah they can recover should recover Herson everybody along Massena Optiva 10 are feeling moody kuliah wodgina Min

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Allahumma fictionality mucha Hibou Dada was SallAllahu Taala Allah Nabil Karim call Allahu Allah Allah in Allahu Allah Allah delivered Shaniwar Ito even when her an infection you will montery will burn you are either Kamala Allah can tell the Koran was good Allah who gets could come with the roof who yesterday Villa come well as he could Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah Allah Mamata Saharan Africa masala

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Allahu Akbar Allah.

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Allah Allah, ball shadow mother rasool Allah Hi Jana Swan it Hi Alan fella farmers asana.com It's a sauna. Oh,

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Long forgotten long after about la isla in la ma

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Sol Sol Sol Fusaro straighten the lines fill in the gaps

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hola Honduras additionally now you're on Benard I mean a rock man you're walking Maddie key Dean. Yeah Can I do the work? Yeah Can I staring easy no sweat off and we're stopping so it all Valentina and Ollie lading mo do Viale he bought me

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hell attacca Hadith on lavosh

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Would you help me oh my eating ha she I am Isla Jun Sliva they'll slide out on how

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to spa me now I need money ladies shallow bar I'm on in

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body law you smell Hawala you will need to

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do or would you do my eating?

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Me sorry ha all the Fijian net in the lattice Maui. Hi.

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Fi hiring you know Giardia she has

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flu were acquired um I will do one of my diploma school fine was at all bu my birth to

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Fela guna Elan EB li ke

00:22:25--> 00:22:38

y en us Sumayya he gave a little Fiat why enegy bad he gave loosely but what he learned all the gave us will be hurts a lot

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Semi long and even Hamidah

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Oh law

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a law

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Alhamdulillah you know been around I mean, Raj Mallya Rahi Miley Kiyomi Dean, yak and I will do a yak and ensnaring evening I set off on my stuffing. So it all bollettino under him. Right in my boobie I lay him one up on me

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for that kid in

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that kid, let's start early him b Mousai

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illa ma.

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find you on people who love who live

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in Lena, above whom food in LA nightly Saba, whom?

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Subhan Allah Honeyman. Hamidah

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oh love

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Hola Hola

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sell on a go to law center

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made it

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tangible for you

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here's the

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In order

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to get

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just wanted to express

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HIV can

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you see more of the absolutely I see why you tend to

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at such a great

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community it

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so soil water

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to recommend yes

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questions are

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still unanswered

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take a bigger team

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I got some stuff

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was telling

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is right now

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about the second

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seven total

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I mean it happens again when I was I didn't know you didn't really make

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me grow up

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I just had too much

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Hi I'm

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Chris ag Do you need a

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such as like email

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looks like

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we will do the trick and

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if you

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by somewhere

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let's see

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well it's outside because of the kids and then after I went to their championship on my parents

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we're coming back to the national Monday okay anyone those days for air for classroom

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right in the front and then

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I'm gonna make sure

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that it's you know God you're gonna have a small footnote they really

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miss what he says

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are you

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trying to figure out

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