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because sometimes you said

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wake up

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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah where Allah Allah He was Sufi marine salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Inshallah continuing with our series titled illuminated, where we are looking at many of the verses in the Quran that talk about the concept of new light in illumination.

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Today, we're going to be looking at surah number 71. So let's know, the surah that talks about the Dawa. The mission, the efforts the call the experiences of the great prophet of God, Noah, Noah Alehissalaam.

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This surah we've looked at a couple of places the most of the places where we've observed the word nude, it is actually used metaphorically and figuratively, and allegorically. It refers to the Quran, it refers to the example of the prophets allottee. Some it refers to Allah being the Light of the heavens and the earth. It refers to the guidance from Allah. It refers to the faith and the Iman

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that we have within our hearts. So we've seen a lot of the figurative and allegorical use, we have looked at one or two places where it's used more literally, where it's used to talk about a physical light. Today, we're going to be looking at another place like that. However, the conversation of the Prophet new Alayhis Salam, and the presentation that the Prophet new Holly his Salah makes to his people, that word node is embedded inside of that presentation. And it's a very powerful presentation. That is very insightful.

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And secondly, the message, the take home message of that presentation, is something that is very beneficial even to us. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala mentions it. It's the timelessness of the Quran, the timelessness of the message from Allah, the timelessness of the preaching and the call in the mission of the prophets and the messengers of Allah alayhi wa Salatu was Salam. So

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in the sutra, from the very beginning of the sutra, the prophet knew highly his salah. He said, Allah says about him in our salah, no honey lithography, and the coma come in cobbly. And yeah, to whom

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that we sent no as a messenger to his people. And we said, go and warn your people, before a very painful punishment comes to them.

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Bonnie Jacobi in the Anaconda zero movie. He said, all my people, I am specifically for you. Someone who is here to deliver a very clear warning. And the amygdala, What the Who Who are they own? And I'm here to tell you that you must worship God and that you should be mindful and fearful of Allah and that follow me. Follow my example. Listen to me.

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Your Fila coming through become where you are here come.

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If you do that, he will forgive your sins, and He will allow you to live a fruitful, beneficial, peaceful, fulfilling life until the time does not come for you to depart from this world, in Nigella law, EDA Allah you but don't dilly dally, don't wait, don't delay, because when someone's time comes, that cannot be delayed.

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when your time comes to leave this world, it cannot be delayed. Low quantum Kalamoon. If only you were to understand this, if only you could get

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his father of the niederau to Bowie Leyland 100 Now he, he basically shares his frustration with Allah, the frustration with the people, he shares it with Allah, meaning he, you know kind of seeks comfort with Allah. What does he say? He says, My Lord, I call my people night and day for let me use it whom do I eat left era, the more I called them, the more they run away from me. We're in Nicola Maduro, to whom the dogs here Allahu Jah Lu Asami I hope he had on him was so shows the ABA who was someone who was stuck for him stick bearer, the more I call them, so that you can forgive them. I only called them so that they may be forgiven. What did they do? They plug their ears, they

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stick their fingers in their ears to not listen to me. They cover their faces and turn away from me pretend like they can't see me.

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They are stubborn. And then they behave arrogantly. So my any doubt to whom

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I call them in public. I address them in public like this summer in the island to La whom was run to LA who is rara. I go to them in private. I speak to them one on one privately that may be then they'll listen for cool too. Now this is the part what is his message? He's talking about what he's doing.

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He talks about why he's doing what he's doing so that they can be forgiven.

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But what is he actually saying? What is the content? What is the message itself? This is his message for call to what have I stated whatever I shared with them whatever I said to them is stuff you wrote a backhoe seek the forgiveness of your Lord in the who kind of her Farah he is super forgiving

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he is extremely forgiving

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doors wide open

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it's available

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it's a free for all take

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you to see this summer or Lincoln with Aurora What are you worried about? Oh you're worried about that okay guy you're saying hereafter you'll be forgiven very nice good this I gotta I gotta survive here brother.

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Right I gotta live here. I gotta survive here brother. So Will Allah Allah do for you, you will see this summer or naked meter Allah, Allah will make it rain.

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very, like plentiful rain.

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He will send to you

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where you need a combi and one

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he will actually give you abundance and wealth. He'll make you comfortable.

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Right in the seat of the Prophet has the message of the Syrah we should we should remember it. There is sacrifice there is hardship. But you know what we also forget. We also forget is that there was sacrifice or was hardship 13 years in Makkah, the first six, seven years in Medina.

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Then the Battle of Haber. Haber occurred.

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Haber grew so much food

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that it could feed the entire Arabian Peninsula.

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And Allah made that area fall into the lap of the Muslims. You know when they were leaving hybrid you know what the prophet Tesam said to the Sahaba

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he said we will not starve anymore

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we will not starve anymore

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right so that's also a part of the history of our religion. That's also a part of the life of the process Allah so Allah is saying Allah will make you comfortable what by name.

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You have children you'll see your children grow up. Be safe and sound be happy be healthy. We get your hola come Jana satin with Allah calm and Heron and he will give you gardens and he will give you streams.

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Mine a comb. Latter June Allah he will Cara

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so how this gets me every time Milacron what's wrong with your new says to them? What's wrong with your

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letter Juna Lila? Hirakata Why do you not respect Allah?

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Why are you not mindful of Allah? Why do you not fear Allah wakad Why do not respect Allah?

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Respect. Like, if you're not going to comply, if you're not going to be obedient, that's bad.

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But this kind of insolence, this kind of disrespect this belief, really, that necessary.

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So knew something was wrong with your work at the Halacha He created you stage by stage by stage right? That you were in the womb

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love your mother.

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Then you were this helpless, innocent, beautiful baby.

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Then you were this toddler running around, and then a child

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and then a teenager

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and then an adult.

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And now you're seeing that whole lifecycle play out in front of you with your children. Look at the stages that Allah put you through. I love that okay for halacha Allah Who Saba Azza wa, de Baca

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Can you not appreciate how Allah created the seven heavens? in perfect harmony?

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Can you not appreciate that? Can you not see that? And then here comes a nice 16 Allah says wotja Allah Rafi hinda. Nura? And do you not see that when you look up at the sky and appreciate the beauty, the magnificence the harmony

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of the of the heavens of the sky that you're looking up at? And then you see the moon glowing like a light?

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Right like a giant nightlight. It's got this glow. It's very comfortable. very appealing, very attractive glow. No. That's what nude is literally. No reason like a flashlight in your face.

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Nude isn't kind of like a, you know, like a floodlight?

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You know, nude isn't like staring into the headlights.

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Notice his glow,

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like this warm, soft lamp. This is glowing and you're just comfortable. It's like sitting right next to you.

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And it brings you just comfort.

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And if it suits you, it helps you do what you need to do. It's ideal.

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Right? So that's what node is. And Allah uses hear the word node very literally. But it makes us think of now, if walking out

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in a very nice, you know, perfect temperature night. It's like 70 degrees outside.

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And you walk outside and there's a little bit of a breeze. And it's the middle of the month, and the full moon is out.

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And there's no clouds.

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And you're looking at the moon.

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And you're kind of like basking in the moonlight. Right here like wow, this is beautiful.

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That comfort, that beauty, that warmth, that enjoyment, that pleasure.

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That is why Allah uses the word node to talk about our faith.

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That when you have emotion in your heart, that's how you feel all the time.

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When you have emotion in your heart, Alladhina amanu Wautoma INNOPOLIS boom, basically lahaie Allah basically like he talks about

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when you have emotion in your heart, then that's how you feel all the time.

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Because you see the name of Allah, and your heart is just full.

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And the more you say the name of Allah, the more full your heart becomes.

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Right and so that's what Elisa was your Allah Shem says Raja, and Allah has made place the sun as a lamp, right as a big light in the sky. Well, Allahu Akbar to come in early in Alberta. And Allah made all this vegetation and food grow forth for you. Right, that Allah made you come spring forward from the earth, and He makes everything for you grow from the earth, somewhere you need to configure but then you have to go back into the earth where your critical Raja and in the life of the hereafter on the day of judgment, He will pull you back out from the earth. Well Allah who John hola como risotto. Allah has spread out this earth beneath your feet, liters, leuco minha sabula bulan

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fija so that you can walk around very comfortably you can travel around in this earth very easily. And there's a wisdom there in where Allah subhanaw taala tells us that if you are somewhere and you feel like you're not getting what you need.

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Physically, we all understand that. I don't, I don't have work. I'll travel for a job.

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My business isn't working here. I'll travel go somewhere else for business. Right? There's nobody no human beings here. I'll travel to go live somewhere where there's, you know, a town or a village, a society to plug into, but spiritually, remember, that's our biggest need. That Allah is telling us that it gave you the ability to move around the Earth. So when you are somewhere and you feel like you're not getting what you what you need.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says,

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This is why I opened up the earth for you go, go find what you need.

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Right. And I alluded to this earlier. So one of the fallacies of the Allahu Taala and who

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he is

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Born in Persia,

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but he feels like he doesn't have what he needs. He knows he doesn't have what he needs. worshiping a fire cannot be why he exists. So he leaves and he travels the ancient world, Mesopotamia. Babylon, travels through all these parts of the ancient world, looking for the truth until he arrives in Medina and ultimately finds the prophet to love him first and Kuba. And then in Medina

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says I've been looking for you my whole life. And that's why the Prophet SAW Selim says that if this truth Islam was even found on a different planet, forget about somewhere on the earth, even if it was found on a different planet, he would find a way to get there.

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Right so that's what Allah subhanaw taala tells us is go and find what you need, what your heart needs. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything we've said and heard Subhanallah he will be humble he Subhanak hola como Byham national Allah ilaha illa and the South Africa want to be like, Inshallah, quick reminder that tomorrow we will be having the completion of the Quran and Salah to taraweeh so inshallah we invite you, but we also ask you to invite others as well in sha Allah and spread the word and ask people to come and join us in sha Allah, Allah Baraka Luffy Consoli Curatola.