Reviving ramadan #26 – Pay Zakatul Fitr Before Eid – Here’S Why

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the use of kettle culture as a way to encourage Muslims to pay for their needs, including giving food to those in need. The speakers explain that kettle culture is a way to encourage people to give money to those who need it, and that it is not impossible to give food to a poor person in need. They also mention that kettle culture is a way to encourage people to give money to a poor person in need.
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What do I need to know about the kettle feta? Zack, Katherine Fitz is a type of charity as a car that is given at the end of the month of Ramadan by every Muslim young or old male or female, and so on. What is the wisdom behind it? This was explained by the companion Abdullah Hypno Abbas when he said Thara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zechariah 10 feet three to harati only saw me in a lab we were referred what was attending Misaki the messengers of Allah Allah He was

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obligated, circa two fitter to serve as a purification for the fast from any vain speech, or indecent behavior, and also to serve as food for the poor. So that's the purpose of Zeca to feta is a purification of the deficiencies that took place in the month of Ramadan. And that's why we're here I know Jarrod, he said that there's a capital filter in relation to Ramadan is what the frustration or forgetfulness is in relation to Salah it patches up the deficiencies SubhanAllah.

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According to the majority of scholars paying it is an obligation.

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Some have said it is actually a consensus. And each one of us is to pay it on behalf of ourselves and on those who are dependent upon us, whether young or old, provided that these dependents are not able to give this occur on their own behalf. If they are able to pay it, then it's better that they give it on their own behalf because of the generality of the address that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to the Muslims to give psychiatric feta. And when we say dependent, that's in reference to a person on whom it is a duty upon another to provide for. So if a woman is the head of the household, because the husband is not present, then she must pay on her own behalf. And for her

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dependents. We have defined what we mean by the word the dependents.

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It is also permissible for a person to give his and his dependent Zeca to federal to one person just as it's permissible to distributed amongst a number of poor people, bearing in mind that the recipients of Zakat and feta are the same categories as they occur to man. There's a cat which is one of your five pillars of Islam the same category. They are included, which includes the poor and the needy and the rest of the nine categories mentioned in surah to tell what should be given as a cattle feta. Xia cattle fettle in principle should be given as staple food of the country in which the poor person lives. So that will be rice in some countries flour in some countries, wheat and

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other countries. It's also possible to give it as a modern day food item provided that the food can be stored such as pasta.

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How much should be given the Hadith mentions a unit of measurement called SAR, which is in the region of around three kilograms worth of food can it be given in the form of money to the needy instead of food? The majority of scholars they say that this is not permissible. The Hanafis they say it is how should one gives a cattle filter in the UK and other similar countries where it's not so easy to track down a recipient of Zika. If you find someone who does qualify, then you must give them a source of food if you do not find anyone, and you can give an equivalent amount of money,

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which of course is equivalent to the cost of food in those poor countries to an Islamic organization that can distribute the food on your behalf to those in need. And your intention should be that you're giving this money to a representative who can act on your behalf to buy the food. The scholars have allowed this transferal especially in demanding situations. And it can be argued that our current state of affairs where it's quite hard to find the poor and needy, along with the dire need that exists in other lands, presents a compelling case for the allowance of food to be distributed in other countries. When Should this Zika be paid?

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Ideally one or two days before April 5. But it mustn't be left until after the eighth prayer. In the case where one giving this car does so via money via Islamic organization which acts as a representative on your behalf to convert this money to food that there's no problem in giving it a number of days before eat. Because in that case, you're not actually giving those at the time you hand over the money