Be a Ramadan Superstar – The Discipline of Tarawih

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The speaker discusses the importance of recognizing the importance of the recitation in the daily routine of the five daily prayers in the AD. They encourage individuals to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the daily routine and encourage them to focus on the core of the daily routine. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of listening to the core and not just trying to fix problems with the phone.

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So Mr. Lee Kumara to law who bought a cat two brothers and sisters and welcome back to us Muslim it's part five for being a Ramadan superstar. Today in sha Allah hotel I want to talk to you a little bit about total we, if you look behind me, you can probably see the Sakina community center logo. I'm actually standing right in front of the masjid here.

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Every single night, we're preparing ourselves, we get in the car and we head down to total we, what exactly is taught all we taught our brothers and sisters, the first thing for you to start to appreciate it and become consistent in it again, is to really appreciate what taught all we is. There is one kind of prayer after the five daily prayers that we love, that we would all love to have it a part of our life. It was actually something watch it for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah told him call me Laila Illa Allah stand up in the middle of the night, even if it's just for a portion. This is tahajjud total we is 200 200 is tarawih. They're just two different

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terms, describing different things about the taco itself. So when you're coming to the masjid, you're actually coming for a kind of tahajjud. And that's why when you're sitting here and you're praying the total we it's so difficult, it's so hard, it's late at night, there's so much recitation so much oral care at all of this is part of the HD head or the hardship of total, we're so part of you becoming a Ramadan superstar, is you really have to push yourself to come out as much as you can each and every single night. Even if it means you come out for Torah we and you pray just to look at well lucky brothers and sisters those toolkits are better than the world and everything in it, go

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for at least those two records if that's as much as you can squeeze in, you'll find it when you're at the total we it's crowded, the recitation is long, you might be praying in a place where there's no AC so it's extremely hot, and it's just difficult all around. This is all part of the discipline that you sacrifice your time and your effort and yourself. You've given yourself up to Allah azza wa jal, what this is telling you is that you recognize in the law, you were in a euro jerilyn we belong to Allah azza wa jal, and to him it is our eventual return. So you acknowledge and you recognize that you yourself are owned by Allah. Tada, we teaches you that and when you know this, what it's

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teaching you is that it puts everything into perspective, you can focus on the most important things in your life, and things just become more and more clear. The second point that I want to mention to all of you in sha Allah about the total we you only have one month of the year to really do it. This kind of Gemma either we get together and we come together and there's a special recitation and so on. This just happens once a year. So really just go out there and enjoy it. If you're making do our Oh Allah give me the strength to go down for the total, we the way to have that answer is just get up and go and do it. You're not just gonna wake up one day and feel like you know, I just want to go

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and have thought all week now I just feel that it's, it's I'm ready. You just have to literally go out there and just do it yourself in sha Allah. last and final point. Remember the reward for total, we the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once told us that whoever stands up in Ramadan with Amen, and is optimistic of reward, all of their sins are forgiven. Imagine when you're praying behind the Imam and you leave when the Imam leaves, all of your sins are forgiven. Imagine you're doing this every single night. So just make sure that insha Allah you take advantage of it. I know I said that was the last point guide guys. But just one more thing I want to mention. And that is one etiquette

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in the total week that I really, really truly think we should just we should just stay away from it. It's distracting in and of itself. And that is holding a core and during the recitation. Try not to do this. Total wheat is not a time for you to study. It's not a time for you to try and to correct the man he's already got people behind him to help him do that. It's an opportunity for you to pour your heart out, cry your tears out, take advantage and focus and just listen to the core and remember listening to it itself isn't a bad take advantage of the Imagine if you're holding your your iPhone or if you're holding your cell phone and you're you're following along with a core an

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app. I've even seen this myself that some people when they're listening to when they're following the email, the app freezes and you're sitting there trying to restart your phone during the total with itself. If you're there and you're not fluid and poor and you're flipping the pages trying to figure out what is the Imam doing none of this. You need it in total. We just focus enjoy the recitation and enjoy it while you can just come along highlights that I'm alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato