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The speaker discusses the importance of mercy in Islam, as it is essential for everyone to show compassion and graciousness towards others. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to show mercy in their daily life, especially when they are near others. The speaker encourages viewers to donate generously and partner with Calum to secure their soda.

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Today's topic is mercy. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the planet the Prophet Mohammed sauce Island is mercy when he says what my eldest son laka Illa Ramadan Allah mean that Allah says to His messenger, we did not send you except that you are mercy for everybody. Every single person that exists in this world can experience the mercy of the Prophet camisoles I learned by knowing his character, knowing how he was by receiving the beautiful lessons of his example in his life to sit down. But one of the things that I always found so interesting was how Allah subhanaw taala instructed the prophets of Allah guided him and train the Messenger of Allah ISIS of Sudan, to be

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merciful, but never as an afterthought. See, sometimes we think that mercy, good character, being nice to people good manners, that they're just extra credit, like fluff on top, you know, that the real stuff the real religious practice, is to worship and to be devoted and to have a very bad day. And of course, that's all there. But what we find is that Allah subhanaw taala will always join together concepts of worship with the Messenger of Allah Salah Salem, and will always mention nearby somewhere the idea of how his relationship with people matters just as much because if we can't display mercy to each other, then how are we going to be motivated to worship Allah spawn Tada we

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find this a lot. One of the examples is as soon as the shot off Allah spawn Tada instructs, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim. And he says to him, that remind people and tell people not to worship anything else besides Allah, that your goal in life is to establish a true belief in one God, that nothing else deserves your devotion besides Allah spawn Tada. And then he says, to the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him shortly after, with Phil Jenna hecka, Lehman tobacco I mean, meaning to and the literal translation is to lower the wing of Mercy lower your wing of mercy to those who follow you from the believers. Now, lowering the wing is an interesting image, right? When you imagine the

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lowering of a wing, you're picturing like

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a mother or a father bird, covering up their young, right, masking them perfect protecting them, shielding them from the harsh elements. Part of mercy is to make sure that people that you are around are not the recipient of your harshness, but they are the recipient of your protection of your love your compassion, have your forgiveness, right to not hold grudges against people, to not make people feel ashamed when they're around you. But that when people are near you, those especially who are closest to you, your family and friends, that they feel the Mercy emanating from your speech and from your behavior. So the prophets also here is being taught that your job as a

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messenger is not just to teach people about believing in Allah praying five times a day fasting Ramadan givings a cat making Hajj, those five pillars are essential, they are the foundation of faith. But in those bricks, there is a mortar of good character. And if you have bricks with no mortar, the wall is weak. But bricks being held together by mortar makes the wall strong and stable and firm. The mortar of HELOC of good etiquette is as important to the wall as the bricks are. And so the Prophet SAW Selim is constantly reminded to make sure that you display mercy to people. Make sure that you show people that compassion and graciousness. Think about the relationships in your

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own life. There have been many times that you and I have said something to somebody. And what we were saying was correct. We were selling we were telling them something that was truthful. But the way in which we said it was so empty from Mercy, so void of mercy, that the words that we uttered with our lips and our tongue fell on deaf ears, they could not they could not listen to what we were saying because of how we were saying it. So this reminder of mercy is a incredibly, incredibly full of wisdom, a reminder from Allah, that if the prophet Muhammad SAW Selim is to achieve his job as a messenger to all people, that part of that methodology of delivering the message is to make sure

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that he never forgets that mercy is necessary. We are all human beings, we all have hearts, and we all need mercy. We ask Allah Tada to make us bringers of mercy and recipients of mercy.

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