Abdul Nasir Jangda – How was the Quran Composed?

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of accessing the truths of the prophets and the importance of faith in one's ability to retain them. They also mention a study on aluminum Quran, which is used as an educational resource for students to learn and engage with the faith. The speaker invites everyone to join them for a faith intensive session on Deen and Mr. Lee.
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So the Quran was revealed over a period of over a span of 23 years, in bits and pieces, a few out here, a few verses there. But at the end all of it completely flawlessly perfectly fits together.

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Now, how does that exactly work, and it doesn't fit in the same exact sequence that it was revealed in. So parts of the second sudo were revealed at the end of the life of the prophets, a lot of reason and parts and some of the, you know, sutras in the 19th. And in the hundreds, like towards the end of the compilation revealed in the early days of prophethood. So how does it all work? And how does it all fit together? How does that any of that makes sense? So, when we study and we research and we learn, what we find is that

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every single time divine revelation came down to the prophets a lot. He said, not only were the verses the God that were revealed to him given to him, but the sutra that they belong to and where do they belong in that particular suit, I was also given to him.

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And not only that, but it was preserved within his heart as Allah says enough on that to how to be Heelys Anika Lita jollibee, in Allina Jima who are Parana, who for either Khurana who Fatima Parana, who Suma in Alina, Brianna, who, that Allah subhanaw taala say, we will preserve this for you. So after it would be revealed, it would be preserved that not only were these verses revealed, but what pseudo they belong to and where they belong in that particular sutra.

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So now, the prophets a lot, he said them after the revelation would come, he would dictate that to the scribes of divine revelation, the kuttabul, Ye catchable ye. And when you would dictate the ayat the verses him, you would also dictate to them, what surah they belong to them where they belonged in that particular sutra.

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And as a consequence of that,

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everything fit into its perfect place.

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this particular question that I shared, this is something that troubles and perplexes a lot of Muslims, a lot of our people, but the answer is right there, as I just shared with you. And the answer lies for this particular question area and a study in a discipline, a science that we refer to as aluminum Quran, the sciences of the Quran, the study of the Quranic text, and the history of our of our sacred text. But it's a matter of accessing that knowledge and studying it and packaging it into a very, you know, palatable, easy to understand and engage with form and shape.

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Many, as I said, before, many people are struggling with these questions. But the answers are there, we just have to access those answers. So alums solution to the lack of confidence in one's faith that many of our folks are struggling with today is called the faith intensive. This will be an immersive experience in sha Allah, where students will spend an entire week

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in an environment that hopefully will nourish the mind, the body, the heart, the soul, where students will not only learn, you know, very rigorously and intensively, but they will also engage in very interactive and lively discussions, and will have the opportunity to present thoughts and discuss and debate different issues. And all of this will be done within that environment, that immersive environment that is created that also will allow for the purification of the hearts and the development of a community and brotherhood and sisterhood in sha Allah. So startup drama and Murphy in sha Allah. This July, we'll be conducting and teaching the faith intensive. And this is

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something that we've been looking forward to for a very long time. So I wanted to personally extend this invite to every single one of y'all out there in sha Allah, that has these types of questions that has always wanted these questions answered. They want to understand and really engage with their Deen at an intellectual level that please come and join us for the faith intensive. I look forward to seeing everyone here which is Aqua malachite on was said Mr. Lee Kumara de la he will barakato

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