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What if menstruation begins before the fast ends?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Who deceptiveness agenda from Calum Institute. Coming to you once again with a special session of the column Hangout. 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan? So a question that we received, again a number of times, it's a very practical question. And that is if a Muslim woman if a woman is fasting, in the month of Ramadan, and her menstruation begins while she is fasting, What should she do in that situation? So first and foremost, obviously, it goes without saying that if a woman is experiencing her menstruation, then she is not too fast during that time. Rather, she will make up that number of days afterwards. But what about the

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situation where

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a woman is already fasting? She started fasting in the morning, 5am 6am, whatever the time is. And she fasted. Let's just go ahead and say most of the day, and her menstruation begins in the afternoon, I'll even go as far as as far as saying her menstruation begins in the evening.

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You know, shortly before the sun sets, like a decent amount of time before the sun sets. But shortly before, an hour, before the sun sets, her menstruation begins after the officer prayer, what about that situation, in such a situation circumstance, her fast will become invalid. Because the requirement of fasting according to Islamic Sharia is that no eating and drinking, and no engaging in physical intimacy, sexual intercourse with one spouse. And on top of that, not entering in to the condition of habe, which is a menstruation all the way from the time to break them down till the sunsets. And if any of those conditions are invalidated, then the fast similarly will be invalidated

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the festival, my count, so that fast for that sister will not be valid, she will have to make up for that day, after the month of Ramadan is over. Some folks might say well, that's not fair. That's not right, we just have to understand it is what it is, and shot a lot. This doesn't mean that the sister doesn't get new reward. In fact, she, we hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala she was she gets the reward of fasting that day. And she will also get the reward for fasting another day as a makeup day for Ramadan. But the technical requirements of that fast were not met. And she will have to make up for that day.

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So that answers that question. There is a side question that is related to this, that if the menstruation begins, and the sister is no longer fasting, then what about eating and drinking? So the issue about eating and drinking is that obviously she's no longer fasting, that will be something that's okay for her, valid for her if she eats or drink something. It's not like she's committing a sin, or anything like that. It's completely valid. But obviously, common sense needs to be taken into consideration, that she probably wants to keep that to herself and not do that publicly. So not to expose her situation to everyone. And also, because unfortunately, some folks

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might not give the benefit of the doubt. And they might misunderstand, or whatever the case may be. So obviously, you want to keep it private, you want to keep it to yourself. But nevertheless, if a sister now in this situation, eats or drinks something, there is no sin on her for violating Ramadan some way somehow, absolutely not. She's not fasting in this situation. And there'd be nothing wrong with her eating, or drinking. Generally speaking, all people are recommended to try to observe at least publicly, you know, the behavior of fasting and to stay with the community in the spirit of Ramadan. So you want to be careful and cautious about that. So this was another session of the

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column Hangout. 30 days 30 questions. We're right here at the very end. If you have any questions inshallah, that you'd like answered, please send them them to us. You can send them in to us via Twitter, Facebook, you can leave them in the comments of this video, or you can email them to us questions at Pelham institute.org. Just remember to title or tag your questions with hashtag column hangout was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh