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AbdelRahman Murphy
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month of Guinea" is discussed, as it is a time when everyone is engaged in backdoor activities. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hiding one's good deeds and the need for everyone to show their true deeds. The focus is on giving charity and helping others during this time, as it helps to reset one's identity and feel better. The speaker also mentions the importance of having a positive mindset and not wanting to be in control of everything.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah De Anza Allah Allah Adil Kitab wala major Allah who will hamdulillah Allah de la Emilia Dwolla, mula Dwolla Mia con La Jolla, California I had all hamdulillah Knack medical minister in Hoonah still for OSSD when there was a bit lacking and surely unforeseen are women say Dr. Medina mean you had the level further medulla one minute a little fella had yellow eyeshadow and La ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika Rocheleau Anna Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on early I read Allah Allah Allah Who to either fill kita hubbies Mubin about the other bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime or in Nicola Allah Hello Can Alim about

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the month of Ramadan May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to reap the most from it is a momentous occasion. It is a time that is unlike any other time during the year. Something very special happens during this month. The Prophet SAW Selim he describes this month in many different narrations and he highlights the unique elements of what makes this time so different than the rest of the year. And a narration the Prophet SAW Selim says that when the month of Ramadan occurs or when it comes, he says filthy hearts Abu Abu Sumit will hold liquid a wearable Johanna was associate of shale shale team. He says that three things happen that are absolutely out of the norm for everyday life. The first is

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that the doors of the heavens are held open. And this is something that we know as believers is like a major opportunity, something that gives hope and optimism to the heart of every person. Right. One of the great fears that we have is that we arrive on the day of judgment and the doors of gender have our

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Have you been closed, and it's something that we feel like maybe we wasted our time. We didn't do our efforts appropriately, we didn't have the right thought or intention. And we fear that Allah Tada may enter everyone into paradise and we will be too late. So the Prophet SAW sudden I'm here he tells us that during the month of Ramadan, something remarkable happens. And that is that your fear and your anxiety about not being somebody who can be witnessing the doors of gender being opened for you, is completely removed. And the second thing he says, which is another fear that we have as believers is that the doors of Jahannam will be open waiting for us and the Prophet SAW Selim says

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that in the month of Ramadan, this is not the case. They are locked up, they are chained. And the last he says ISIL to Saddam, is that the shayateen are totally and completely chained, which we know that these creatures, the shayateen, they have an immense impact on our thoughts, and our intentions, and even our actions. And so the Prophet SAW said, I'm here introduces this month of Ramadan by telling us that it is unlike any other month. It's like if a friend told you that this restaurant is unlike any other place you've eaten before, instantly without even knowing fully the exact details, you would be so intrigued and so wonder and have so much wonder about how you could

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benefit from such a month. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said and I'm also said in a hadith that I take, assume olika assume that it is a absolute necessity that you must fast. Why he says in the hula hoop, that there is nothing for a person like fasting. So there's something very unique the Prophet SAW Selim is introducing here, something that's hidden like a mystery of Ramadan. What is it about this month, that gives us a unique opportunity and unique change? And then the prophets all sudden, he quotes another Hadith to add to this mystery, where he says that Allah subhanaw taala says

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when he mentions the believers, and he mentions the reward of fasting, Allah specifically says, Yes, ruku Tirana, who was shot robber who was Shehata who, that during this month, the believers display something that is so unreal, and is so abnormal for the everyday life. Number one is that they give up and they abandon all their food, they give up and they abandon all of their drink. And on top of that, they give up and they abandon all of their or the desires that contradict what the month of Ramadan stands for. And so Allah subhanaw taala, he says, Min Edgerly and this is the secret word. This is the operative phrase, when you're looking for the purpose or the reason that something is

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special. There's always something that will indicate to you the reason why Allah Spano Tata in this hadith in this hadith, pudsey, is telling us why this month of Ramadan is so remarkable. And he says that the believers all gathered together and they do something in a time that is unlike any other. But what makes that time truly miraculous is that the believers are able to live and exist for one month, for the sake of Allah Spartans, Otto. Like that is the entire focus of the month. So then he says scmo Lee, what? GCB, Allah Tada finishes the narration, the narration of the Hadith kotse. He says, This fasting is clearly for me. And as a result of that, I will reward it accordingly. And

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this is like when somebody tells you don't worry about it, I'll take care of you. Right, they don't describe their accommodations, they don't describe how they're going to take care of you. They tell you that the last thing you need to think about is how you're going to be taken care of. So we learn that in this month of Ramadan, fasting, giving up depriving oneself is the introductory to this incredible opportunity to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. But there is a caveat. And there's a little bit of a turn. And that is that the Prophet saw some he describes that the fasting, and the prayer that we do, can actually be something as much as it is built in to allow us to benefit. It

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can be something that can actually have no benefit for us whatsoever. The Prophet SAW Saddam says and narration or Bissau Iman Lai Salah hoomans yami. He told you that there might be a person who fasts and this person will gain absolutely nothing from their fast except for hunger. And then he says the Robocop human lace and a woman preemie he Elissa that. There might be a person who stands and prays. They pray all day they pray fetcher. They pray out all we prayer, and they don't gain anything from their prayer, except being awake, except not sleeping, not resting. So we learn here that as much as fasting is important, there is something that is required to make this fasting.

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Really unlock the secret of this month. There is something that is necessary. And what we learned from the Prophet Muhammad said

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SLM is something that was mentioned last week in the football. When the Prophet SAW Selim entered into Medina, he announced he proclaimed four things. Right, actual Salam, what our Mo term was, or harm was a little bit lately when NASA Ania he mentioned four things to the people in his first public address in Medina. He said, spread peace, the shahada, Nasser won over this last week, spread peace, water, animal, feed people food was or harm, keep the family ties, but then he finished with one that always intrigues me. Well salute the lady when NASA Ania pray in the night and then additionally, while people are sleeping. So we learn here that the Prophet SAW Salam is telling us

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about a certain kind of environment, that when a person does a deed, it is absolutely without a doubt accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. And it gives that person a unique transformation and unique experience. And what is that deed? What is that environment, it is the environment of privacy, when a deed is done in secret, and when it is hidden from the eyes, and the ears and the minds of people, that deed unlock something within the heart of the believer that if it were done publicly, would not have that same effect. And this is why Ramadan is so fascinating. This is why it's so incredible. Because Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah has constructed and built and strategized this month for every

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believing person, to force us to have an experience of what sincerity feels like. Think about it. Everyone in this room right now is under the assumption that everyone else in this room is fasting. There could be some people with exceptions, concessions, medical whatnot, travel there, it's possible. But everybody here is under the assumption that everybody else is fasting. Why? Because this is something that we know to be the case that we are following as well. We know that even though we don't have to announce it, even though we don't have to say it, we all know that we are in the month of Ramadan, and we are Muslims. So we are acting on this deed completely and totally in

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secret without talking about it without discussing it without engaging in it. And it's something that nobody broadcasts, it's completely and totally for the sake of Allah. It's not like when a person donates a large amount of money, or prays all night or finishes reading the Quran or whatnot. And they go and they tell somebody about it. They spoil the sincerity of their deed by informing others, the deed of fasting is so particular and that it allows a person to feel what it feels like to hide their good deeds. And this is something that if you think about the other 11 months of the year, we really don't have an opportunity where this is forced upon us. You know, the Prophet SAW

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Selim tells us in a narration, one that is very overwhelming and very intimidating. But it tells us the importance of being able to hide your good deeds. He says I sort of Sadam that on the Day of Judgment, a person will come, and they will have a massive amount of good deeds before them. And they'll become excited, over overjoyed. And then at a moment's notice, all the deeds will disappear.

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And they'll become frightened and overwhelmed. And they'll ask what happened to all my good deeds. And they'll be told, by Allah by the angels by the court, that these deeds disappeared. Because you did things in private, and you did something completely different in public, or you did things in private, and you announced these deeds in public, you didn't hide these things, you didn't keep them between you and Allah subhanaw taala. And just like every good relationship, when you have close family members, close friends, best friends, there are secrets between you that you do not divulge to anybody else. There are things that you share moments or phrases or whatnot, inside jokes even

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that no one else knows about things that when you look at each other, you remember and you recall just the two of you. And so this is the status that Ramadan allows us to develop with Allah subhanaw taala. Think about the moments during support. When you're waking up very late. If you're like me, you give yourself 90 seconds, and you rushed to the kitchen. And you've already know that you missed the hook. You missed the event for friends that have already come in that moment in your house, nobody's awake, nobody's there. Maybe you live by yourself, maybe your roommates or your family is still sleeping, or they went to bed or whatnot or they're upstairs, you can easily grab a glass of

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water and just drink it. You can easily have a meal and just have it and no one else would know. It's not something that you would broadcast or post or telling you about it. But you don't you withhold yourself when you deprive yourself and later on that night as you're breaking your fast and having a thought you tell your friends like man I missed the hood this morning. Alright, so it's like a badge of honor. Like a like a purple heart in the war. Right? I miss

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heard this morning. And you say this. And part of the beauty in that statement is that you know, you missed it and you did not violate the sight of Allah supplements are watching you, as you knew in your heart that it was no longer time for you to eat. And what changes that time. It's not like an arbitrary decision, it's not something that you and I can decide. It's something that Allah has told us at the beginning of the fajr prayer, food and drink is no longer permissible, even though the rest of the year you can eat and drink as much as you want. But for this month, for this time, you have to show that with Allah, you can be sincere. And then on the other side of the equation, you're

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waiting for a thought, and you're super hungry, you're super thirsty. It actually happened to me yesterday, subhanAllah I was sending out food for Iftar Be very careful sending out food. I was sending out food for thought and just something autonomous like inside of me. It didn't process my my thought, you know, flow. And I was sending things out. And I said, I wonder how this tastes. And it was still a few minutes left for thought maybe three or four minutes and looked at it the sun I saw that it was going down and the signs for melted were coming in easily could have had a nice loophole for myself, and told myself, you know what, let me eat and enjoy this. But what held me

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back not something not some sort of particular piety. This is something that every Muslim in this month experiences, the ability to hold oneself back for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Then beyond that, the food and drink because he has it, he says you know, not doing the Haram things. And Ramadan is easier because it's haram. But there are other aspects of our character that we change completely. We become more focused on doing the right thing. We try to stop ourselves from engaging in gossip. And this is what the Prophet SAW said, I'm said that there could be a person lace Allah human see me in the juror, that while they're fasting, they're hungry. They're not eating, they're

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not drinking, but they're talking about people nonstop. And they're engaging in backbiting, or they're looking at things that they know are inappropriate, or they're listening to stuff that's just pure garbage. There's no benefit whatsoever to what they're listening to. And for this person, the fast while it's being done physically, is not being engaged with them spiritually. And so this is a chance for people as they're driving, when normally they're listening to their playlist or whatever they have. They decide, You know what, I'm going to listen to Quran, or I'm going to listen to this lecture, this podcast or whatnot. And that choice, again, is being made. And this is the

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special moment in an empty car with nobody else there. Right. Or if a person is watching something on TV, and they want to, you know, keep watching, but they know that it's time for Tada, we have prayer. They decide internally, I'm going to get up and go to the masjid and pray. It's not about turning off the TV that's important. It's about being the only person in the room when you make that decision. These are the moments that Ramadan avails us with. These are the chances and brothers and sisters, if you're like me, you get very excited at this month because you know that the rest of the year, it's not that easy. It's just simply not that available. The opportunity for sincerity with

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Allah is something that is not always on a silver platter right in front of your face. But for the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a training ground. And he tells us that if you follow this month, and if you do it right, then here is what it feels like to be close to me. This is what it feels like. Many of us wonder what must have been like to be as a hobby with the Prophet. So suddenly, well, if you describe their day to day, it sounds very similar to our day to day in Ramadan. Right? They engaged in fasting, they were generous with their charity, and they prayed at the masjid. And they thought about how to better themselves every single day. This month is an

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opportunity to engage in historically what must have been an incredible lifestyle. And Allah's parents. Allah allows us 30 days because it gives us enough time to harvest from these deeds. So it just doesn't become a vacation from the mundane. It doesn't become a time away. It doesn't become 11 months of who I am and one month of who I can be no, it becomes 11 months of who I struggle with one month showing me what I'm capable of, and then resetting the next 11 months with a little bit more of who I know I can become. We asked the last person inside out to give us the ability to have a successful Ramadan. We asked respondents to give us sincerity this month and to allow us to taste

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sincerity and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to benefit from all of our prayers and fasting Akula cola was stuffed with a lolly welcome widely cited Muslim in the Muslim manifesto flew in hula hula.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was

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I'm gonna shuffle MBA will mostly and say no Mohamed Salah low Salam, or early he was harbor huge marine

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there are four or five things that fasting during the day teaches us about what it means to be a sincere person because as the Prophet SAW Selim taught us that there are signs of hypocrisy. I had one athlete that if or he said that there are three or four signs of hypocrites, so as we learn that there are also signs of people who are sincere, right, and some of the signs of sincerity, they become manifest in a person's character in the month of Ramadan because of all of the hard work that we're doing. Okay. So one of the things the first thing that you think about in the month of Ramadan, that changes in your character completely, and is a fruit of your sincerity is a

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characteristic that is known as has never been, you start to have the benefit of the doubt, good suspicions for people that you see, during the month of Ramadan. If you walked into the masjid today, and you saw somebody eating, okay, you see somebody over there just enjoying a delicious, I don't want to describe it, but a delicious meal with a cold drink, what would your first thought be, you would walk in and because you knew Islam, hold on, you looked at them, and they looked like an adult Muslim person, you would instantly think about the most acceptable scenario that they have in their life. And this is something that is completely different than normal. Right? What we battle

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with with our neffs is outside the month of Ramadan, we see something like that something as questionable. It goes against the grain of what should be happening. We instantly think of the multiple unacceptable scenarios. But Ramadan trains us, and it fixes our heart, right by all the iPads that we're doing. So you walk in and you say to yourself, This person must not be fasting for some medical concession. Or maybe this person is traveling, or maybe this person is and you start to develop a not just one, not just two, but a list of reasons as to why this person is not fasting. And you think to yourself, subhanAllah What is it about this month that allows me to be the

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optimistic, positive, spiritually welcoming person, that I wish I could be the rest of the year? Well, it's the fruit of all the worship that we're doing. When you fast and you pray and you read the Quran. Those things clean your heart, they cleanse the heart and the clean heart automatically assumes the good of people just like the Prophet SAW Saddam did. The Prophet SAW Saddam he met people who engaged in stealing.

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And when they were when they were complained about when people complain the out of Silla, there's a man who prays in the day, and he steals at night. We see him at the masjid in the day. And then after Isha prayer, he goes and he commits robbery, he steals.

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Or he does this or he does that. The Prophet SAW sent him said, does he pray? Is he still praying? They said, Yes. They said, let him be for a while, he said, because one of them will leave. This is a characteristic of personal lung that is almost foreign to us. It's alien. You have a person who was caught drinking publicly a companion, and he was receiving a punishment in the salt in this society at the time. And out of frustration and anger, one of the companions yells, may Allah be upset, you know, may Allah anger be upon you to the person who's being you know, given lashes for drinking publicly. And the Prophet SAW sudden, he looks at the companion that cursed the one who's

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being punished for drinking. And he says, Take that back right now because he loves Allah and His messenger. This is a form of personal event that is almost borderline miraculous. The ability to walk into a situation, that is nothing but lemons, and all you see is the lemonade. Whereas normally, our knifes sees lemonade, and all we see is the bitterness of the lemons. So this month gives us a chance number one, to have 100 of them with people. When you see somebody engaging in something this month, I mean, you might be showing up for Isha prayer. And as you're walking into the restroom, what do you see somebody walking out?

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And it's interesting, because other times of the year you're like, What a hypocrite What am I laughing? I never thought I would meet when a real life Subhanallah

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but during this month, you think to yourself, oh Subhanallah maybe they have a night shift. Or maybe their kids are calling or maybe someone's sick. Your mind just changes your heart is purified in a way that is so unique, that you start to think best of people. That's number one, you start to have hosted done. Number two is that in a world where you try to perform every deed for the pleasure of people, but almost on trains you to enjoy doing things in private, more so than any other month. This month. There is such a focus on I want to donate this but don't tell anybody please. Please I want to sponsor this

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If thought about keep it what anonymous, or people sending meals to each other to break fast, but they don't want to publicize it. And this is again, a stark departure from what is normal the rest of the year. Why is this the case because of this month. And the third thing that I'll share before we conclude, is that normally the other 11 months of the year, we have our set goals and our regimen, whether it's financial, professional, physical, and somehow during this month, subhanAllah all of that stuff takes a backseat. Every single bit. I've never, I've never and that's one of the miracles of Ramadan. I've never seen a person that did not want to give charity because they were

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saving up for a house.

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In the month of Ramadan. I've never seen that. I've never seen a person that didn't want to fast because they had to keep working out.

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They wanted to gain muscle. Even someone who was like professionally in the sport. That's it. Look at Hakeem Olajuwon look at my hand up the roof. Look at these Muslim athletes that engaged look at her saying Abdullah and Hamza Abdullah, what did they do? They literally, they literally changed their entire life. So that Ramadan was the focus. And I don't mean to highlight the extreme examples. Every one of us is doing this now. Every one of us nobody wants to wake up at 530 and have breakfast.

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People here probably missed their coffee dearly. Nobody wants to, you know, stay up late and change their kids bedtime schedules, have a five year old going to sleep at 11pm still waking up at seven, it's chaos. But it's not chaos. Because when you do something for the sake of Allah, and you put a lot in focus, everything else kind of figures itself out. So Ramadan teaches us the element of trust. Until it could, that you think you need to be in complete control of everything in the dunya you think you need to manage every single thing. And sometimes because of that, you let your prayer slip. You let your charity go, you let who you are, your character is diminished. But Subhanallah

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you will see that in those scenarios, you're going to lose both your deen and you're doing it.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:38

But if you focus on what matters with Allah, and you focus on giving to Allah, everything you got, and not worrying about all the dunya we things then you realize that Allah has power to Allah will reward you for the things you've done right for him. And he will also get your back for the things that you gave up for him.

00:27:39 --> 00:28:10

And that is something you can only learn during this month. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the benefit of this month. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us all the reward of this month. We asked Allah Tala to give us the reward of fasting, not just hunger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a reward of prayer, not just tiredness, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that if anyone is ill that he gives them she fat, ask Allah spirals out of that if anyone has passed away, that he gives them immense Rama and mercy and He gives them companionship with the Prophets awesome and Jana, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to accept all of our fasting and our prayer and our Shabbat in the Lahoma

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netiquette so he will saloon Allah Nebby Yeah, you will live in Amman also Lu Allah He was a limitless Nima Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed comesa. Later Allah Ebrahim or other early Ibrahim Al Amin, in Naka Hamedan Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed came out about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Al Al Al Ibrahim for Al Amin in the academy, the Majeed in the La Jolla it would have been it would have been what you say that quote about why enhanced fascia would have been clearly well above it. You're either going to look into the Quran, Aki masala

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