Mohammed Mana – Jumuah Khutbah December 21st, 2018

Mohammed Mana
AI: Summary © The Prophet's teachings of forgiveness, protection, and love are important in the Bible. The importance of avoiding bad things and not giving rewards for actions is also emphasized. The importance of continuity of good deeds is also emphasized, as it is crucial for sustained success. The importance of forgiveness for small and great deeds is also discussed, and the impact of the Prophet's rule on people's lives is highlighted. The importance of maintaining healthy deeds and staying true to scripture is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving dreams and goals.
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Madam minister, you know who and I still feel sad

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whenever Billahi min shallowly and fusina women say Dr. Medina, manga de la huhtala Ferragamo de la la

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la la jolla. Merci de

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Chateau La la la la la la sharika Why should you know Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira yeah you hola Xena Amano taco la haka to party. Hirata Mouton. Illa. To Muslim yeah yohanna sutopo como la de la comida. FC wahida ohana caminhada amin humare Janka furong manisa

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with taco la sala de Tessa Adobe, he went on hand in Allah Hakuna de como la Kiva. Yeah, you had Latina I'm an otaku. la hora de de de

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de como de la Koo back home. One minute a la hora sudah, who has frozen our Lima

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we think and praise Allah. He is the most entitled of our praise and our gratitude.

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We ask Allah subhana wa tada for forgiveness. We ask Allah for guidance, we ask Allah for protection.

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We bear witness that no one is worthy to be worshipped except Allah alone and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his last and final prophet and messenger of Allah We beg you to shower our beloved messenger with compliments and salutations, along with his family and his companions and all of those who follow his way his sooner until the end of time.

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As to what follows along subhana wa tada has reminded us in dozens of places in the Quran to have Taqwa of him

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as it is Allah subhana wa tada is right upon us.

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And to make sure that we are in a state of submission and obedience to Allah subhana wa tada fulfilling what he commanded, and abstaining from what he prohibited.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Sahaba after migration to Medina, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Medina, shortly thereafter, the direction of Salah was changed.

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Initially, they used to pray the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the early believers would perform Salah facing the direction of an upside Jerusalem Bay to democritus Allah subhana wa tada read that blessed land of oppression and oppressive people.

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And shortly after the Hegelian the Qibla, was changed to the direction of Mecca, el carrabba. And that was something beloved to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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But one of the concerns that the Sahaba had was what will happen to all of those solaz that we performed facing Jerusalem facing between them after this. And this concern tells you a lot about the Sahaba and what was important to them and what was valuable to them. What is it that they were concerned about? So they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what will happen to those soldiers that we prayed towards the fibula, the old Qibla and Allah subhana wa Taala at that time revealed some verses in salt and about Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited to the community. in Surat Al Baqarah, Allah said, will not occur in a law Julio Leah eema and akun

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Allah said, Allah subhana wa tada will not allow your Salah to the old dibbler to go in vain.

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And the scholars of Tafseer say here that allow us the word Eamon to refer to sada even though a man is more comprehensive, but to show you the importance of sola and what kind of a man is there, if there is no Slava

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but the premise of this is what Allahu subhana wa tada is making very clear is that there will not go any good deeds that were done in the past to the old dibbler that will go without being rewarded. Even though the people are changed. Even though those soldiers were done to Libya, which is no longer valid or accepted. Once the table was changed. You cannot pray facing a different direction it must be facing old karma. But still the agility and the reward of those laws are preserved for those believers will not count Allahu

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Allahu subhana wa tada gives us this premise and other places in the Quran. Because you know, when it comes to our dealings with one another,

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sometimes we notice the good things that we do, and we complement one another. Maybe your employer may notice something good that you have done, above and beyond what is required of you and may get you get extra compensation or a bonus. At the end of the year. People are looking forward to end of the year bonuses, but sometimes they may not notice your employer may not notice that you've done exceptional

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Well this year or this quarter, your parents may not notice that you did something very well and give you extra reward or extra compensation. When it comes to our interactions with each other as humans, sometimes we notice the good that we do and very often we are not aware of it.

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But when it comes to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah gave us a promise in the Quran.

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In the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada said, in learn only your angel Rahman,

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Allah made a promise so women are stuck with me in Allah, Allah, woman domina law here Khadija who is more truthful and speech than Allah, no one, when Allah makes a promise, it must come true. What are the law he

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of the promises Allah made is in

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a gentleman scenario muda

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we will not allow the reward of any good deed to go in vain. No good action will go without being recorded by Allah. No good action will go without being noticed and rewarded and compensated for by Allah subhana wa Tada. We often hear and we should hear regularly because we need reminders, to cleanse ourselves that we must maintain good deeds that are mental.

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And what's important is not just the individual action once because we're not a religion of one and done. This is a lifelong commitment and project that we are all working on. But what is beautiful and what is praised in our religion is the continuity of goodness,

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to continue upon good deeds, consistency and continuity. And that is why small deeds are praised so highly in our religion. Because continuity is more valuable than something that is large in size, but it's just one and done.

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And there are dozens of proofs in our religion to illustrate that.

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The biggest reason why we need to be continuous and our good deeds is because we don't know which one will be accepted, and which one will not.

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People always ask every year after Hajj was my hug accepted. I spent so much money I took so much time away. Is my head accepted? I have to do it only once in my life. What How do I know it's been accepted? after Ramadan? People ask so much effort, so much sacrifice? Is my Ramadan accepted?

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How do I know?

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The short answer is you don't?

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The short answer is you don't know. Know the length? The answer is that the scholars have given some signs and indications and butchulla and glad tidings to indicate that Allah Subhana Allah has accepted the righteousness of a believer, but the short answer for guaranteed you cannot say guaranteed you don't know. And because that is something from any mortal hub, because the guaranteed fact is this accepted or not, is unknown to us. The believer in a human being has an A sense of urgency and a necessity to be continuous upon good deeds, because you don't know exactly which one will remain on your record in which one will rescue you in this dunya or in the era

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of the benefits of our good deeds and the necessity for continuity of good deeds. The greatest benefit of all is the reward that you find in the hereafter. And there are dozens of proofs to illustrate that. I'll give you one beautiful story. The Scarlet dunia

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mentions in his book of law if this book of heart softening narrations

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that it is the power of God and if you stoop to righteous men happened to meet one another in the marketplace in the shopping center in the mall, which are bustling places now you shouldn't go there are no there are manufactured holidays to just increase consumerism. So don't go there. No. But there are people these two men that went to the marketplace they met one another one decided to give a good reminder. He said we are surrounded by people in a state of law heedlessness. Let us step away for a moment and remind one another about Allah and is still a feudal law. Let us repent and ask Allah for forgiveness. Whenever the believers come together there should be mentioned of Allah.

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And so they did so

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the punchline of the narration that you'll be doing your mentions is that many years later, when one of those men had passed away, and the one who remained alive saw his companion in the dream and the dreams of the righteous arch have truth in them. There is truth in the dreams of the righteous. And the scholars talk about the Ottawa of the souls once they depart from the body, that there is a another dimension of existence where they sometimes interact. So he saw his friend that had passed away and asked him what happened to you after you died.

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He said Allah for gave me because of the suit.

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Because of that afternoon we met one another in the marketplace. We reminded each other about Allah and made us to fall. And because of that Allah Subhana Allah forgive me.

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Our religion is full of these narrations that indicate

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that these small deeds can sometimes be rewarded for greatly in the hereafter. These are righteous people. Now how about the prophets little longer it was sent him when he informed us about a woman who lived a life of immorality,

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a very immoral and sinful person who because of a small deed was rewarded with agenda in the hereafter. For the law he was there alone subhanaw taala is the Most Generous and Merciful and have the greatest benefits that we reap from our good deeds, no matter how small is the reward and the forgiveness of Allah in an earthly Allah in the hereafter May Allah make us of those who are forgiven.

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Number two, another example. Not only, not only does Allah subhana wa tada reward the good deeds of the believers, but in other nobuhiro, jalama, SNR, metta, even the actions of disbelievers can be rewarded for in the Hereafter, a coffin a disbeliever. And an example of that is Abu lahab. Abu lahab is one of two people from the oma of Mohammed sort of Lahore, and he was sent them to be mentioned by name in the Koran.

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And he's mentioned in a very negative manner, he has criticized Tibet to be to have been whipped up cursed.

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A Buddha was the biological uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now eventually, when the Messenger of Allah received revelation, a Buddha herb was of the most staunch disbelievers in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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But when the prophets of Allah and he was Ellen was born,

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he was born without a father, his father, Abdullah had passed away before his birth through webvr, who was the servant, indentured servant of Buddha hub. She came to up with a hub on the day when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born. And she gave him the good news.

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The family of your late brother have given birth and there is a child, a boy, Mohammed. And Abu lahab was so happy. So excited to hear of the birth of his nephew that he did something which was common in those days, you gift someone who comes to you with good news, the bearer of good news, and he gave her the best and most valuable gift in that particular culture and civilization. He said, Go you are no longer a servant, you are no longer bound here in labor. You can go and work and be free and roam the earth as you please give her freedom,

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which is a huge and noble deed.

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All because of the happiness that he had at the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Fast forward decades. Fast forward decades later, a Buddha was of the most staunch disbelievers he used to ridicule and humiliate and fight against the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and abuse those of the early believers who follow the pseudo law he sallallahu wasallam but eventually he died and he died upon disbelief and Allahu subhana wa tada revealed the surah in the Quran cursing him and it will be recited until the end of time. But his brother abass, who was of the believers also saw him in a dream after his death after a Buddha hubbs death. He said what has

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become of your brother? And he said I was of those who rejected the truth. And I prevented and blocked the truth from others and allows a panel to either punished me for that. We ask Allah to spare us and save us from his punishment. But he says, of the signs of mercy that I experienced is every Monday I am given a few drops of water. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born on a Monday. And because of that excitement that he had that genuine happiness at the birth of the greatest of creation, Allahu Subhana. Allah ease is the punishment from him every Monday, and that's why the poet said in some beautiful lines of poetry either Ghana has a curfew rune jazza mucho

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tiempo de vida Whoville Joshi mohalla de

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un who Yeoman is naini you have for unholy Surabhi Armada.

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If it is a disbeliever, a cafe who was combating the profits on a llama it was sometimes dry.

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And Allahu subhana wa tada still allows him to experience mercy every Monday because that was the day that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born on and a Buddha was happy on the day of the Messenger of Allah 's birth. That is the mercy of Allah that is for a calf and who is in the punishment of Allah. Then what all believer what obey?

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lever of Allah, what oh follower of Mohammed, what Omar or an Do you expect as the mercy of Allah awaiting you?

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As a reward for small deeds,

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that is the mercy of Allah subhana wa Taala that is the promise of Allah in learn over the years, a German accent

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of the benefits of good deeds, even if they are seemingly small, his wealth and his wealth in this dunya in this dunya the greatest of rewards is in the hereafter. But even in this life, the believer can have an opening of risk and of wealth. It comes in the books of Tafseer the most subtle of mentioned in the story of many insula eatin soda tillbaka So what I'll tell bacara named after a story in that chapter, the cow

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bunny saw him as a community with Moosa experienced the loss of someone's life a man had been murdered, and they did not know who was the perpetrator of the crime.

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And Allahu subhana wa tada revealed to Moosa, command your people to slaughter a cow, take a piece of flesh from that animal strike the body of the dead man, because Anika de la hora Mota, Allah will bring that dead man back to life. He will tell you who exactly it was that killed him and then thereafter he will die a natural death

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and many Islam he told the moose Are you mocking us are you ridiculing?

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And Moosa was angered, no messenger of Allah, no believer would ever make a mockery of the commandments of Allah. They argued with the most out of laziness and stubbornness, refusal to submit refusal to obey. Why must it be a cow they had an unhealthy attachment to a cow. What exactly is this cow what kind of cow is it? He said, It is neither old nor young good is medium and age. What color is this cow so far? It is a yellow bright to solo now bleeding a beautiful cow to look at. The cows are confusing us almost tell us exactly what kind of cow This is. He said it is a cow that was neither trained for irrigation nor for farming and plowing the earth. Now she had definitely had

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there are no blemishes or faults or scars on this gal for the Bahama Kelly do we have for everyone, eventually they slaughtered this cow. And they were barely able to do so in the books of seated, as mentioned to historical narration that as many as I even searched for this cow. They finally found a cow that fit this description. And it was in the property of a young men who lived in abject poverty.

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And they said to him, we need your cow. He said, this is the only thing I have in this world. You can't take my cow. They said we must have it. He said in that case, you must pay its weight in gold.

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And they did so. But what is mentioned in this narration in the description of this random obscure young man who happens to have a cow that many Israel needs, is that he was extremely bold when he was extremely righteous and obedient and good to his mother.

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And I say from that goodness, that one morning he awoke to find the delegation from Venezuela in willing to pay the weight of a cow in gold for his animal.

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And his entire fiscal situation changed overnight. In learn earlier, a German snrm Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala never allows any good righteous deeds to go unrewarded

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of the rewards from Allah subhana wa tada of the positive impacts of our good deeds is not only a tangible reward, but it's also reward in the form of ease from a trial and a difficulty. It's not only about getting something but sometimes it's about removal of a hardship.

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And to prove that is the beautiful, authentic narration of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam along narration in Swahili, Bahati, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us of three men that were travelling and took shelter in a cave, as they are resting a huge boulder moved and close the entrance to that cave, they were trapped. Can you imagine being trapped alive,

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unable to move this boulder too heavy for them to push? Who is going to hear their voice outside of that cave? Who will know that they are there?

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It seems like a far fetched story just a few months ago, weren't we reading on the news of a group of boys in Southeast Asia trapped in a cave.

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The stories of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam are incredibly relevant. And they said to one another, you will not be saved in law and federal law. We are American, except if you make your ad to Allah because of the good deeds that you have done at Westwood in a lobbying,

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intervention by way of righteous deeds.

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And so each one of them mentioned something the first man mentioned. Oh,

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La, as you know, Allah Indonesia Han, I have two elderly parents. And one day I was delayed in the work, and I came home. And his tradition was to always serve the food and the drink and the meal to his parents before anyone else it caught on and honoring his parents. And by that day, by the time he came home, his parents had already gone to sleep, his mother had gone to sleep. And his children are whining and calling at his feet hungry, yet he wanted to maintain his tradition of goodness, continuity. And so he stood there, perhaps my mother may wake up in the middle of the night, the first thing she will find is me standing there, ready to give her her meal.

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And he stood like that the entire night, oh, Allah, if I did that, for your sake, then get us out of this difficulty that we are in.

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And the rock moved, but not enough for them to exit. The second man came and said, I had a woman in my family of my relatives, who was so beautiful and attractive to me. And he wanted to have her in a manner in an intimate manner, not in a manner that is fulfilling of her rights, and is in obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. But she resisted and abstained and stayed away because she was a righteous God fearing woman. Until she became so afflicted with poverty and a calamity, she needed his help and needed his wealth. And he said, under the condition that I get to be intimate and physically enjoy you in a manner that is not lawful. And because of her poverty and her difficulty she gave in,

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes that he was right in front of her feet. And at that last moment, and this is the sign of righteousness, even when it seems that there is no way out, a righteous person remains upon the truth. And she said, Don't break the seal, until it is done in a manner that is lawful, elaborate.

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And at that moment, his heart moved. And he left that sinful act of disobedience,

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and went away. And he said, Oh Allah, if I left and got up at that moment, out of fear and awareness of you and seeking your reward, then move this rock. So we may get out of where we are in, and it moved a little more, but still not enough. And the third man made to Allah with a righteous deed he did, which was that he had so many employees, people working for him. Sometimes people would come and go and not remain long term, one man work two days of work and left without taking his salary.

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And this man thought instead of just saving his salary, perhaps he may come down, come back seeking it. Let me invest it and grow this salary of his. And so he did that. He invested that wealth. Years later, the man came back, asking for that salary that he never collected.

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And the former employer said, everything that you see in this valley, from camels and sheep and goats and whatnot, is all yours. He said, Are you making a mockery of me? He said, No, whatever remainder of your salary I invested it, this is from your salary, all of this belongs to you take it and enjoy it.

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What kind of righteousness and sincerity is that?

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And Allah subhana wa tada moved that rock and they were able to exit of the benefits and of the rewards of good deeds is ease from trials and tribulations and moments of difficulty when you feel trapped in an older gentleman, Arizona armada

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of the benefits of good deeds, is that others benefit from your righteousness as well. You might think that what I do for good is between me and my Lord, and only I benefit from it. Absolutely not.

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Your righteousness and your goodness has a ripple effect, which extends beyond just you and your life. And that's why our individual righteousness is also part of our collective rights upon one another. You being a righteous believer is going to benefit me, me being a righteous believer is gonna benefit you. That's part of the community aspect of our religion. And an example of this is what is mentioned in the end of skeletal calf. When Mussa and it'll hold later we're traveling and their journeys took them to a town is still parama. They asked the people to feed them and host them for about when you leave whom other people in that village were stingy. They didn't give them

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anything, as they are walking through the town hall that sees a wall that is crumbling about to fall over. So he gets to work and repairs it and mends it. And most as perplexed. They weren't going to feed us out of the kindness of their hearts. You could have asked them for compensation for this work we did.

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Later how that informs them of why he did that. And he says that wall that promise

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belonged to orphan boys team at Phil Medina, who can attack the Hawkins hula hula, there was a treasure there under that wall for them out of the mercy of Allah your Lord wanted them to reach their full potential and maturity, and have that inheritance and that wealth might send me and love back as a mercy from your Lord. But how the dimensions and extra detail that when you look at the ayah from a surface view doesn't seem to have any relevance to the story. Hold it it says to orphan boys, what kind of abou Masada and therefore father was father was righteous. In the books of Tafseer. We find the moment to be saying that a boomer here is not their biological father, but it

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is actually their great great great great, great, great, great, great great great grandfather.

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A jet doula sure

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Subhan Allah, why would Allah mention that 10 generations before they happen to have a righteous grandfather, the earlier man say to show that your goodness and your righteousness extends beyond you even beyond your lifetime.

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The goodness and the Basilica and the blessing of your good deeds could go so far that it benefits people that are not even alive at the same time as you in an older gentleman center Mr. Allah promise that no good deeds will go without being rewarded poorly matters no no so futile law How do you still feel Oh, who else will come repent to Allah He is the most forgiving, Most Merciful

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hamdu Lillah

00:26:49 --> 00:26:52

wa salatu wa Salaam right I'm a learner via bear de la masala Salim

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Kareem was he do Abadi Caddesi Dino Habibi, now Mohammed early he also should be here so limited Sleeman. kathira.

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After thanking and praising Allah, we beseech him to shower our messenger with compliments and salutations Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, whatever there was slain in Ludhiana, Nikita Bamiyan Kabila como el camino de la, the universal timeless message of Allah subhana wa tada to all civilizations and communities and nations before us and including us is to have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala of the signs of taqwa is what the poet described when the Zulu boss of the euro However, cambiato Hoffer, who had to

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leave sinful acts, the small ones and the big ones, that is taqwa, Allah subhanahu wa tada said in them has an inner personality with him in a at good righteous deeds do away with and erase the record of bad deeds. The message today was to maintain continuity upon good deeds even if they are small, and we are taught to never belittle anything holy is doable. Saviola, however, can be a little higher for what

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was not a commercial enfocado the shoki Maryana letter Khurana sorry, rotten energy Bella minahasa. That's why the poet said leave sinful acts the small ones and the big ones that is taqwa that is piety, and be like the man who is walking over a plane of thorns, very careful and cautious where to step. Never belittle anything small, good or bad energy bad. I mean our house our mountains are made of pebbles, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us large dylann roof he never belittle any good righteous deed. You never know which good deed will be the one that rescues us in this life or in the hereafter We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who are continuous upon our mo

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sila upon righteous deeds. There is a film that will be shown tonight in the masjid at 630, covering the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the preschool area, and at 8pm we have our weekly ffm program. I'll be with you all inshallah, as we continue our discussion of a Shana in the description of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam next Friday at IOC. The dialogue committee has put on an event titled, I love Jesus because I'm Muslim. Not only will it cover the story and details of a sub nomadic life already,

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but also why that is important to us as followers of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and as muslimeen and I've been told there will also be some good food and dinner provided for the attendees that night, every Wednesday show how much of TRMM here has a class titled a prophetic council that's every Wednesday at 730 What better advice is the advice of the messenger Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Ibrahim in nikka hamidah Majeed robotic Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in nikka homido Majid optimism

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Mohawk but Allahu Akbar, a shadow one liner.

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