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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Brothers and Sisters in Islam and everyone who's watching Welcome back to episode number two Halal intimacy discussing the amazing work of stealth Abdul Latif Abdullahi, which by the way, we got in touch Al Hamdulillah. Very recently and we are planning to come on this very channel for an interview a lengthy interview to discuss about this amazing book and Charlotta Allah but today, I'll be focusing on the foreword of the book which was written by Chef Dr. Abu Amina Bilal Philips.

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Dr. Bilal started his foreword by quoting this most often repeated ad during weddings and Nikka when an imam or someone officiating a wedding, Allah subhanaw taala stated or mean TD kala kala comb in fusi comm as well generally that's going oh, Eli. Well, John Ebina calm our that

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Rafa in Nephi then he can

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call me at Africa.

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That amongst his signs amongst Allah subhanaw taala has miracles and signs that he created for you, mates partners from amongst yourselves from yourselves so that you might live together in tranquility. So this one of the objectives of marriage is to find tranquility, peace and calmness and he has created between yourselves love and mercy. These are the two pillars of any successful marriage love, compassion, those beautiful feelings and emotions for one another and mercy when we earn when we do wrong when things don't go our way we show mercy and kindness to one another. And then Allah subhanaw taala ended this error by asking us to reflect over this fact over this miracle

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that he called it a sign Allah subhanaw taala in this area is drawing our attention to something very important that marriage, this constitution, this relationship between spouses is actually a miracle. One of the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala How is that possible? Because through it comes children, new creations, new souls that Allah subhanaw taala will create through this beautiful impure relationship. So Allah subhanaw taala asking us to reflect over this fact and it all started with one pair Adam and however Allahi wa sallam Adam and Eve through this couple Allah subhanaw taala calls the creation to flourish and to come to existence. Allah subhanho wa Taala stated, yeah,

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Johan So, Rob Bercow lady Hello, welcome in Neff Su, Haida. wahala coming

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home Ernie.

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Cathy wrong one is

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Subhan Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that through this amazing and blessed couple multitude of creations of men and women were created through this blessing relationship of marriage so marriage was ordained by Allah subhanaw taala and declared as the only permissible relationship between man and woman because through it you can produce children and fulfill those desires in a halal manner. Now let's talk about the Arabic word kneecap, which was also introduced by Dr. Bilal Philips in his foreword, which literally means in the Arabic language, intercourse Nica means intercourse, but it was introduced to the marriage contract because the only way as we mentioned

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earlier the only way that this relationship intercourse sexual intimacy would be permissible is through the marriage contract. As a result, the word Nika has commonly known for weddings or for marriages in general, please bear in mind marriage is not only about sexual desires is one aspect of it. It is a very, very serious covenant. As Dr. Bilal Philips called it, it is all about your roles as a man as a woman. What are your roles within this constitution within this relationship, it is about your responsibilities and it's also about fulfilling each other's rights. Remember those three R's, roles, responsibilities and rights, it is not only about producing children, but rather

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bringing up those children upon La ilaha illallah upon the proper teaching of the hate this is your responsibility as parents as as couples is to ensure that your children are growing up upon the proper RP that the proper understanding of who Allah subhanaw taala is that's why marriage in Islam is concern

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have to be big part of our religion not only big part but 50% of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that when a person marries he completes half of his Deen. So let him fear Allah subhanaw taala and the remaining half. Why is that so because through this relationship, you can excel as a husband, you can excel as a father, you can excel as a die by calling your family members to that which is good. It's an opportunity for goodness it's an opportunity that leads to Jannah. And that's why the prophets Allah Allah Salam encouraged young people to get married, if you're able to yamasa Shadab, the prophets Allah Allah as Sam said, all young people, whosoever

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amongst you is capable is able to get married, let him do so let him get married. And capabilities here or abilities could be the financial part because the financial part is on the shoulder of the husband of the man, the physical, emotional state, your understanding of your roles and responsibilities and so on. So if you're able from all these directions, that's why parents have got a big role to play to educate the children from a young age about this amazing relationship instead of leaving them to TV series and sitcoms that are actually polluting their minds with ideologies that are now creeping into the lifestyles May Allah subhanaw taala protect the soul but the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam encouraged young people to get married as early as possible. Why is that? So? He gave the reason because it helps them lower the gaze. Why would they look to strangers if they have already their own lawful Halal partners and it curbs the sexual desire it protect their private parts so that if they are triggered by any sexual imagery outside their household, they can turn back to the halal lawful spouses, Dr. Bilal Philips also draw attention here in the section about the number of Muslims who are unmarried at a very old age today, it's very scary statistics. In fact, I talk to young people a lot and many of them even the refuse the whole idea of marriage, they

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ask questions like can we remain single for the rest of our lives? But if you remain single for the rest of your life, how will you cater for your sexual needs? This is something like food and water, you will definitely feel them, you will definitely feel the urges to fulfill them. So how how are you expecting to live as a single person for the rest of your life without falling into any of those sinful errors? What is below May Allah protect us all even there were people during the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who didn't want to get married to focus on the bad they didn't want to do anything haram they wanted to focus on the bad. And the famous story of those three

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people who visited our Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu Allah, the answer about the Prophet SAW Selim his manners. She said that he prays a lot he fasts a lot and he served his family so one of them said by Allah I will pray without sleeping I will stand up all night praying the other person said I will fast without breaking my fast and the third person apparently said and I will not get married so I can focus on a bad so I can beat up these two guys. So Pamela and all the money the Prophet SAW Selim got to know this story, this incident indirectly he addressed it in a heartbeat on the pulpit, he said Mirabello acquire Minya tenza Hoonah annual polio follow what is the matter who is such and

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such those people who are deviating or avoiding the actions that I fulfill that I practice for by Allah I am the best of those who fear Allah subhanaw taala and the process and I'm was in boasting, he was just narrating the reality yet the Prophet SAW Selim concluded yet I pray and I sleep too. I rest I fast and I break my fast and I do get married. This is part of my sunnah feminine rubberbands so Nettie Felice I mean you whosoever try to deviate from my sunnah from my path from my tradition that I brought from high because the prophets Allah Allah Allah Sanlam Merlion DeQuan Hill however, he does not speak or alter anything out of his own desires or whims, so whosoever deviated or stayed

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away or avoided my sunnah is not belong to me all I had Ebola May Allah protect us all. So it is through this relationship only that an individual can fulfill these desires in an acceptable and halal manner. Only marriage, the prophets Allah Allah is Allah mentioned commending good actions is an act of charity, forbidding evil actions is an act of charity. Look at that these are acts of riba that when you command people to do right, when you forbid them from doing the wrong, these are acts of either the Allah the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim call the charity and then the process continues and having intercourse with your wife is a charity Subhanallah Ravi, even the companions were

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surprised they say will we be rewarded for having intercourse with our wives? Is that something rewardable By Allah subhanaw taala to the prophets Allah Allah Allah says Allah mentioned how do you fulfill those desires in a haram man would you have not been punished by Allah? subhanaw taala indeed the answer

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was yes therefore likewise if you fulfill these desires in a halal manner, Allah subhanaw taala will reward you for it. Can you now sense the blessings of marriage? It's it's something that you should my brothers and sisters you should plan it you should think about it you should discuss it with your parents you should discuss it with your imams in your locality something very important because Zina is spreading like wildfire and Zina was classified by Imam Dhabi as the 10th most major sin in Islam Subhan Allah Allah Zina in fact the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said is commit Zina al I noticed he was he was in another the Zener of the eyes is the stare to lustful imagery what is the

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Billa like pornography and the like? May Allah protect the soul? So this is a form or an introduction to the actual act of Zina. So marriage is that protective method from slipping into xenon? It will So may Allah subhanaw taala protect the soul and may Allah subhanaw taala grant our children's safety from all these vices. I mean, I mean, I mean, the Zachman la Highland, Dr. Bilal Philips and Gustavo Abdul Latif abdulai. I can't wait to meet you in sha Allah via zoom very soon and discuss even more topics related to Halal intimacy. Until then we'll see you next episode in sha Allah Allah does not come low Hi, Ron, as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh