Turn Your Houses into Masjids!

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Turn Your Houses into Masjids!

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Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who want to know when to stop when our rules will be law him in Cerulean fusina women say Dr. Medina, Maria de la hufa Mughal Allahumma yoga who follow the ALA Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shadi gala, or shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi as rain on Lodi. Lufthansa Aziz was an akula rule of law him in a shape on the museum. You have Latina, Taka la Hakata hace una Illa and Thomas the moon. Call a u haul Latina tala Hakuna nucleolin sadita yo la calm lagoon biophilic unova Come on man UTI la hora, sola, hufa 1000, our Lima and my bad. In surah Yunus Allah, Allah tells us the story of Musa alayhis salam, but a

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very specific instance of the story, right as musala salaam and Bani Israel are about to be saved from the federal law smart law says in IR number 84.

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We'll call our Messiah comin quantum Armando Milla he for either hit our Kullu in quantum muslimeen Oh by people, if you believe in Allah, then trust him. If

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If you truly are submitting to him, if you truly believe that he will save you, trust Him, He will save you from this from this tyrant that is oppressing you. So call Allah Allah, Allah. Allah in said, we trust in our Lord ogbonna we trust in Allah Robin Allah Allah Allah fitna. tullahoma volley mean, when that Gina be rahmati camino, Amil Catherine, they said Our Lord, don't make us the subject of persecution

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for a wrongdoing people and save us by your mercy from the disobedient. Those who are bent on denying the truth save us from these people. This by the way, is the daughter of Bernice Liu. And here the haoran records the daughter of aneesa. In favorable terms, this is a beautiful thing, the Quran, the Quranic narrative, if you study the Quran from cover to cover, you will find Allah Subhana Allah will criticize when someone makes a mistake, and he will point this out in very clear and ambiguous terms. But when someone does something good, Allah, Allah will praise them for that and here but he is He who have their share of criticism in the Quran. You notice here Allah subhanaw

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taala is praising them by recording the DA that they meet from vanilla, Tatiana fitna. Little, little, little comas volley mean when a Gina erotica minakami Catherine, this is the surah number 10 is at 85 and 86. That's a very interesting very subtle point goes against the Islamophobic narrative or the the narrative of the orientalist that the Quran is spewing hate the Koran is preaching anti semitism in fact does not have any rational objective observer of the horombo will arrive at that conclusion and here is an example of that, for those interested in that, but I want to share it with you as the next one is number 87. In which Allah Partha says, well, oh hyena Isla Moosa, he and

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turbo were early tomiko, ma de Mistura, boo, boo boo otaku, Tibetan waka masala was sharing meaning we revealed to Moses and his brother saying, set aside for your people, some houses in the city and turn them into places of worship, and be constant in prayer, establish the prayer and give the good news to the believers. The good news that Allah is help isn't there. The good news that after difficulty Allah will bring about ease, remind the believers of this goodness in the times of hardship this is the thing that were taught by the Quran for innama. mostly

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about we should not forget about the goodness that Allah has given us when times are tough, we should always remember the good things. In fact, even we look at the Surah Al couser couser according to mofa serien were revealed after the Prophet son lost his second son, and last Martha reminds him in that surah in our clinical Cofer, we have given you a high level Cathy lots of goodness. The idea here brothers and sisters is wish she didn't move meaning in difficult times. We forget. We forget our blessings, we forget all the nice things that we have. So the reminder is important. The reminder that Allah is help is near is important. And that is what Allah told musala

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salam to remind his people, it's a Allah's help, isn't there, don't you worry. But the thing to consider here is the command in the ayah that Allah mentions.

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And turbowash early pomi Kumar be miserable. You gotta take your houses or take make some places of worship from your houses, allocates your houses, as well.

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places of worship and establish the prayer they're in. If you look at the Tafseer of this, you have for example,

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above are we saying about the homie Kuma de Mistura? Wooten, I it

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you know, take them as a, you know, take them as take your houses, as places of worship, turn them into places of worship, and they say we'll call the actual room of a Syrian calaboose right he lives on Luna lfv Can I see him? Be I him? What cannot go here for Lama Ursula Ursula Moosa.

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I'm an author Obi

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Wan Manny. I him in a sadati for omero A tequila Masada v booty him, well Salafi hopefulness around the corner, Ibrahim, I carry my bus, okay. The, the thing that's very beautiful here that the Mufasa didn't say is that money is I used to pray publicly in their synagogues. And then when Allah Allah sent Moosa This was while they were enslaved by the town, they will still pray publicly in their in their synagogues, and whatnot, but when Allah spotless and Mousavi salam, Musa alayhis salam, you know, confronted for our own demanded the release of his people, and as a punishment that our own destroyed the synagogues of the Israelites, or not just destroyed them, he would if anybody was

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caught praying he would execute them and punish them. This is what Alan was doing. So Allah subhanaw taala told them commanded them to pray in their homes, instead of praying in their in their synagogues, okay. And told them to a chemo Salah established a prayer there in the reason why I wanted to share this particular

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this particular idea with you all is because right now we're in the situation where our massages are closed, we don't have access to our massages, not that hamdulillah they're destroyed by or anything, they're here Alhamdulillah but our massages are inaccessible to us in a second Ramadan, taking them along a row. Unfortunately, we are in this situation again. And then when we have this situation, it's easy to forget the that others were in this situation before us. Other people were in similar situations before us. And this is an example of that Bernie is ill they were barred from praying from in their, in their synagogues. Along with musala salaam when Musa was sent to rescue them.

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They were barred. And when a lot when they were barred Allah Martha told them, You establish prayer in your homes, make your homes a Janu Qibla make your homes into a Qibla a place of prayer a direction of prayer.

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Ignacio says at the bow, McCann Macaca the auto mechanic in his school, he says it a double word the word is to take a place or to adopt a place as someplace where you will live. And he says its original meaning and etymology is a double what means to return. Okay, for example, we find this in the US like a war will be then be returned to you Allah with my sins, so forgive me, right. So

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the idea of the bow being used in this ayah is

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muskan, you can leave one of sahoo arogya in mahali. Second he write, ie, this person, this, this word is implying that the person is bound to return to this place as their home, they're bound to it. It's like pulling him back. And that's where his home is. That's what the means to take a house or, you know, move into a residence where you're just compelled to go back to it and find peace and comfort there. That's what Allah uses as the word to talk about the Salah, establishing their homes as a Masjid enter bow early komikko Maybe Mr. Buddha, don't feel like you're missing out. Don't feel like you're going to miss out because your synagogues are barred. No take your homes, the homes that

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you live in, make them your places of worship, as if this is the place you return to and find peace and tranquility in that's the word that Allah uses here to drive home the point that when we are barred from our access for form our massage it for whatever reason that might be we instead turn towards whatever we can. And in this case, we turn to our homes and return our homes into places of worship. And we find the tranquility and the peace that we find the Muslim in our homes and we established a prayer whether it's in the masjid or at our homes we have clean masala and that's the key key element there. This is

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A beautiful instruction for us during lockdown, we are again, missing out on our master, we're missing out on the Gema. We're missing out on seeing each other. This is a difficult trial trial. But this is a trial from Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will did my assawoman, we'll see. But then in the evening law, whatever trial comes, whatever difficulty afflicts an individual or community it is by the permission of Allah only by the permission of Allah, Allah allowed it to happen, and thus it's happening for us from a human Billa here

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at the strike of calamity, the requirement from us is not to question why this happened, or question or become agitated. The requirement is let's try to make the best of it my human biLlahi and the Kaaba, whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart, believe in Allah, he represents trust that Allah, Allah will take us through this trust that he will bring us through this difficulty that he brought to us. so in this situation, that we find ourselves, we trust Allah, that he will bring us through it, we take our precautions, our safety measures to remain safe in these difficult times. When people are suffering when the isssues are overflowing, when the borders are closed, things are,

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you know, very, very difficult. And this is has gone on for an orphan year now. So it's becoming unbearable for for people. But this is a reality that we have to come as a community deal with, and fight through. And we fight through it. Firstly, by understanding a lot is the one who put us in this situation. And if you put us in it, he will bring us through it number one, for in number three userra we believe in that this is not just some, you know, nice slogan, this is our email. This is what our faith dictates. And number two, as we are as we move, lose access to our muscles, we turn our homes into massage. What do I do boo tocom Qibla. And that is something that our focus now

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should be on in Ramadan. How do I turn my house into a Masjid? How do I establish the prayer in it? What steps do I need to take if you live alone, then you have to, you know, perhaps you pray by yourself, if you live with your family, if you live with your family, this is an opportunity to get the family to come together and pray together. This is to be seen as an opportunity to establish the prayer and turn our homes in the masjid a cooling water smart Runa was stopped for the local for suffered Oh who in the whole of

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was having one of my bad as the Milan is about a third of it is done. About a third of it has passed us. We ask Allah, Allah for acceptance, we ask Allah He blesses us to complete Ramadan, and he accepts it from us. And that he makes it a Ramadan full of blessing and forgiveness. I mean, as Ramadan is, as is

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heading towards its second Mashallah the second 10 days of Ramadan. This is an opportunity for us to

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take some stock, we're now used to fasting we're in a routine of fasting. So what is now routine, if thought is routine in the first few days, we're still adjusting to it. Now we're in a routine of Ramadan. Let's not get too comfortable. Where we just it becomes like autopilot it becomes something that we go through the motions about, let's take the opportunity to take stock of ourselves. Where do we stand? The opportunity of praying at home might expose us to ourselves. Maybe praying in the mud covers up our flaws, because you know, we are riding the tide. The tide of the the Gemma raises us you know the rising tide lifts all boats. That's what the message is like, but now we are at home

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and there is no tide. And perhaps we see ourselves exposed spiritually. There's nothing to be there's nothing to be ashamed of. That's maybe something that we're that's the situation that we in. What's important is we take stock of that and we try our best to address it as much as we can. Right starting with a solid establishing the prayer in our homes. then adding to it remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala on a private level, remembering Allah privately, making sure that we connect to Allah and remember him through his words, through the words that are our Prophet, some taught us this is a way for us to revive our hearts. This is an opportunity for us to seclude and make dua privately we

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love the DA of the Gema when we will pray with it and we're making Dora and everybody is feeling the emotion and the blessing. But there's also an aspect of private dwelling

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Hola, como si de la, make dua to Allah in humility and in privacy in seclusion.

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in seclusion, this is an opportunity for us to make that dua in seclusion. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us some of the best doors, perhaps we can learn those and make them if you don't know them, no problem make dua in whatever language you can make. But ask from your heart in the law. So G will die with a call when learning often because a lot is on respond to the door of a person who is distracted, who doesn't know what they're saying, Who doesn't know what they're saying, that is a kind of door that is unanswered, because when the person is making it, they're not even present. We are, let's be present, mentally, physically and spiritually when we make the door and ask Allah

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tala, he will not let us down. Maybe we feel that we don't ask him because we have a fear that he may let us down. He may not answer our da and then might shake us but Allah will never let us down.

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That's what he says in the Quran. Allah

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Karim Wuji Buddha die either done, I am close. And I answered the door of the one who makes Dr. Let us not hold back. Let us take this opportunity of seclusion to make dua in this private way and open our hearts up to our Lord and then we feel the blessings of Ramadan. The blessings of Ramadan open up upon us even more we ask a lot smarter give us a topic to understand the Quran and Sunnah to implement in our lives in the lahoma eco husana you're Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Cosima la sala Allah Mohammed infant Avellino an athlete, or suddenly Allah Muhammad in film Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Swati here I'm it now I'm in love the passion of Islam that he was killed I mean,

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how the hell out of but I mean, it musataha was a Kia antihistamines and wy Mola robina it Natalia Hassan. Hassan Aki nada not just a quick announcement for our followers online and it's a few of us for in person. We have purchased at the Messer has purchased a property lmm Woods just across the street here. This is a property that we purchased to expand our educational services to expand our school Alhamdulillah and we have we need $1 million to close the purchase of this property, please support this sadaqa jariya invest in your akhira right now and put you know whatever you can as an offering for the sake of Allah spawn tada and for your akhira in this project, all the generations

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that will come here after you will go to that school will go to that center and grow up in Islam. So please support that please go to together 2020 one.ca to get it together. 2020 one.ca to support this beautiful cause is alcohol or heroin or famous