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Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The title on the Quran is Surah number 33, which refers to the "order of the day." The "right time" is the beginning of the day, and the "right time" is the end of the world. Surances are not related to a specific time period, but rather a series of surances that occur throughout the day. The concept is linked to a series of surances, including a woman named Hope, a man named Subhan, and a woman named Hope's daughter.
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Although below him in a shape on regimes we'll learn from him. Welcome to the presentation on the coherence in the Quran. This example is taken from Dr. Fallon Saleh, a samurai scholar of the language from his TV show the Messiah by Ania.

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This example gives us a glimpse of how the Quran number one has a lot of coherence and cohesion and number two how the Quran me and you human beings we cannot produce anything that can match it

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because it's at a different level. So this is take this example and see what we can learn from it. And

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is from Surah Surah number 33 it says what sub B who who exalt Him, book rotten morning, we'll see them and afternoon

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zahlt exalt Him book rotten to his morning.

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What a seal and a Ceylon would be

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Correct. Okay.

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The second is as for Subhana, Allah He says this little room ceramah 34 Subhan Allah he enter too soon. So Exalted is Allah Hina too soon when you reach the evening, where he needs to be home and when you reach the morning.

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So So pan Allah, Exalted is Allah also another way of saying this is, praise Allah glorified, could also be understood as a command. Praise Allah glorify Allah proclaim His greatness in a tomb soon.

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When you reach the evening,

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we're here to speak

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on when you reach the morning.

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So you'll notice that in the first ayah, it says sub bihu book rotten, which is morning for us seelen, which is afternoon, and then for some Hanalei in atom Suna in the evening joaquina to see hoonah in the morning, notice that in the first irss morning and evening,

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right morning, and afternoon, or evening, and then you have the second one, it says evening and morning, the order is reversed.

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Now the first is the order makes sense. Morning and an afternoon or morning and evening. The order makes sense because that's the natural order of the day, the morning comes first and then afternoon and evening comes after.

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But in the second, it doesn't seem to make sense. Because evening, and then morning. It seems to be counterintuitive.

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That to understand why the

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evening is mentioned before the morning, let's just take a look at the IRS. The IRS came before this particular item. So here we are looking at Sura room the page before

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if you notice it says I want to mute the Fokker roofie unfussy him.

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Pick this up here. Yes, says avellaneda Kuru few unfussy him.

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Mahalo cola who Sam avati will Obama Bay in Houma. Illa will help what a journey masama

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do the narc contemplate within themselves that Allah has not created the heavens and the earth? And what is between the heavens and the earth? Except in truth meaning he's created that and that's the truth and it's there's a purpose to that creation

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what a journey Muslim This is an important point and for a specified term meaning there's an end to this world

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Okay, then he says continues on he says

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when is the end gonna be?

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It says Thumma lie total john I apologize for the jumping in browser but that's okay. from either he total john would notice total Gerald. Then you will be Richard then to Him you will be returned.

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When is that gonna happen?

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Well matakohe masa,

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when the Day of Judgment begins, appears comes about. Jubilee soon was removed. The criminals will be in despair.

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And then he again continues speaking about it he says we omata homosassa

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the day the day of judgment comes

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to more easier to follow up on that day they will become separate making

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meaning no one's gonna care about anybody else. And the good people be separated from the bad people

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under the new army to sorry hurt for home feel guilty you Barun as for those who had believed and done righteous deeds, they will be in the garden of Paradise delighted.

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Amanda the NACA for workers, the buba Tina, are the oil irati for Ola ecofin Hi, Debbie, Mohan Babu. And as for those who disbelieved and belied are miraculous signs and the meeting of their after notice, that's an important point for oli ecofin rule. So they will be put in the fire for put in this terrible punishment, they will be brought to it and they will be there forever.

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And then he says, For Subhan, Allah he you know them sooner he noticed. So say, Hello, when you enter the evening, when you enter the morning,

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the context of this worse tells you that the conversation before this worse was largely about the Day of Judgment, right?

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Now, here's an interesting observation.

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The evening, it comes at the end of the day, particularly in the art of culture, the ancient Arab culture, and in the Sharia, in Islam as well.

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The evening is not

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near the end of the day is the evening, it's not midnight. So the sunset signifies the end of the day. So the evening, it comes at the end of the day,

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right when the sun is setting,

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and the Day of Judgment, it comes at the end of the world. And if the entire world was a day, the entire life of the world was a day, the day of judgment will come when

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and the evening, right when the day ends in the evening, the day of judgment will come at that time. So to correspond

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the these two concepts bring together a last one that says In this ayah for suparna, la Hina dome soon exalt is Allah when you reach the evening. And when you reach the morning, because all the proceeding is over here, right? The views looked at, they were talking predominantly about the day of judgment and what's going to happen. So number one, he connects the meaning.

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We're saying if you want to be saved, on that day, from the punishment, and if you want to be with the believers who are delighted in the parent in this garden paradise for Subhana Allah one of them so now you notice before then exalt Allah glorified, praise Allah, believe in Him, become a better person.

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And then he connects them, this is the kind of queries that all of us have in our speech, more or less, but then he goes an extra step. And then he connects the concept of the deal judgment,

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which is at the end of the world, the end of the day of the law, which signifies the life of the world and he corresponds this with the evening

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by mentioning the evening before the morning, in this particular suit, but in all the other suris when he mentions this, it comes morning and evening, morning and evening, morning and evening always, but only in this particular case, you find evening and morning. Why? So that the arrangement of the two words, evening and morning corresponds to the overall concept that's been talked about the Day of Judgment, and that is the end of the world, the evening of the world, so correspond with the actual mention of the evening before the morning. This is incredible. This is why that and this these subtleties and this kind of arrangement. This is not it's not like a fluke it's does doesn't

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happen once or boys happens consistently throughout the Quran.

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And these, all of this put together is what makes it so difficult, in fact impossible for us to reproduce anything like it. I've read was part of that this was this presentation was of benefit to you. And you hope I hope that gives you a glimpse of what the Quran contains. Salaam, Allah Subhana Allah

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