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The hula hula Why should we know Mohammed Ananda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? He was having us right kololo Darla de la ciudad and we learn him initiate one regime. Yeah, you will Latina de la haka. 242 Muslim moon. Kalia you hola Nina Mundo De La Hoya Bulu covenant sadita

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la como Villa de novo. Amanita la vida Sula, hufa festivals on alima I'm about

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I want to share too today with you all the story of very important very,

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very amazing story of an important Sahabi The one who the prophets awesome said about him that he is from us mineral base he is from the family of the prophets. Some even though he wasn't ethnically or biologically related to the prophet SAW them, and then his son man and Farsi rhodiola. One who hit the Prophet honored him with that title by saying that he is like for my family, that's how much the awesome cared and love for him, and that's how much he appreciated the sacrifices The Sandman or the Alon who made perhaps you know the story, but there's always a good reminder for all of us in the stories of the righteous and particularly the stories of the Sahaba are at home. This is the

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narration that we find in the Muslim of Imam amateur him who love

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that is narrated by Abdullah Ibn Abbas. Lila one Huma

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Abbas narrates this he asked, sell man his stories of Sandman told the story of his conversion and his journey to the truth to Abdullah Abbas of Ilan. Omar, the context is sir man used to be living in what's modern day Iran, okay, and ended up in Medina in through a very long journey. And he was the like he as a Muslim at the time of the Prophet Solomon, he stood out because he was ethnically not from the hijab, he was not from any Arabian tribe, and thus His story is extremely fascinating. Now

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Rama says her destiny salmaan on Farsi, you are the one who call the country Raja gunfire Seon mean, on the other hand, he said I was a Persian man, from the people of his forehand, his forehand is a voluntary town in Iran. And people who live to that time in those places were Persian, and their religion was the religion of Alma Jews, they were Jews, the worshipers of the fire.

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So he says go to court and I was the person who would keep the fire lit, no pun intended.

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The one who keywords so that the people who come and worship that fire, that was the word of Sandman and fallacy, no one who has a boy, and because of that he wasn't allowed to go out of his hole. So he would stay in this home the whole time, and just keep the fire a breeze. But one day his father wanted some stuff done, and he couldn't do it himself. So he sent someone to to that test. So Somaliland who says that, for my role to be Kenny certain men cannot listen nosara for Sameera to a swatter whom, for whom,

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for whom you saloon, said I passed by a church. And I heard the sounds of the people who were praying in it. And someone being the inquisitive young man that he was, he decided to enter and see what's up. So he enters for that model a to whom, Giovanni savato. Home to family him. I saw their prayer and I liked it.

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And I liked what they were doing.

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And then he says, to have our lucky haven Minna de la de la noir Lee La Hoya. He says this religion is better than our religion.

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He recognizes this is the fifth or the fifth Allah that Allah created us all with the innate disposition to find our Lord and to worship our Lord. This is the body yearns for food when it's hungry, the soul yearns for its creature and Sandman soul at any person's soul, as long as it is unaffected by the, by the things that would corrupt that soul as long as it's not neglected, or as long as sorry, not distracted by the luxuries of life, would keep yearning to find this created, keep yearning to find his purpose in life. And when someone saw something that connected with the fitara immediately he, you know, gravitated towards it, or the loved one who

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he says I stayed with them until it was sunset, and then I returned home. Also and before I returned home, excuse me, I asked the people of the church, a non us who had

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Dean, where is this religion from? Because he knew this is not native to the Persians. They said, all rubbish. This is a sham. And here a sham is the Levant area, ruled at that time by the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire was the eastern flank of the Roman Empire. And that's why the Quran calls them our room, the room, but they're actually Romans in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, known historically as the Byzantines, and they that is what this this church was associated to. And a sham here is the Levant like a shaman can be not just Syria, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, the whole area.

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So the man went back home, his dad is worried. He said, Where were you? He said, I went to the church, and I was listening to what they were doing.

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Excuse me, the father said, I bought a laser with alika Dini, he said, This filter is no good, my son. Don't worry about them. Sandman replies to his father

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called our mahina. Who does in the hula? heydo mendini. Now? He says no, I swear by God is actually better than our religion. For half it fudger Allah seriously, Caden mahabis Annie, Phoebe cavani casaya. Soon as the man says, My dad got worried about me, right is like my son is gravitating towards another faith. So he decided to have a conversation with him, talk to him about what's going on No, change him. Law of Demeter house.

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That's what happens with week of faith that is supposed to be weak faith that doesn't have an awesome, a faith that doesn't have enough that doesn't have texts that are revealed from God. That's how the people that faith will naturally Act. The people of Islam are not supposed to act like that, by the way, we are supposed to talk about what something we don't want to send about our religion.

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And with enough sincere conversation, and research, you will find the answer.

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But unfortunately, this is also our attitude today, when someone has some doubts about Islam, we cannot just try to imprison them, or put them away or keep them isolated, not actually have a dialogue about what is going on, and what they're concerned about.

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So he put me in my feet server, these these chains, and the Mahabharata nifi ytg. And he kept me in prison, but that man was a man who wanted the truth. So he sent a message to the church saying, hey, people, if there's somebody who came comes from Sham, a group of people a caravan that comes from Sham, let me know so i can travel with them. So I can learn this religion. So man is planning to flee, leave his house, everything,

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just to go find the truth. So as it happens, a caravan came from a sham sideman managed to trick his way out of this house, went with that caravan, and ended up in Sham, close to where modern day the mesh is, or excuse me on the outside outskirts of where modern day Damascus is. And he goes to this place and he asked Where is, you know,

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man of the land. He had a team who's the best practitioner of this feat. Meaning who's the most knowledgeable person, the bishop, the church father that should go learn from? They said, for example, this and Cusco, Phil conyza, the bishop in the church. So the man goes to him and he says, I would like to learn from you. And I want to adapt this faith, and I want to pray with you. So this, you know, Bishop accepted him in the church, but there's a twist. There's a twist to the tale

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for Ghana radula Sue, in Yamato, whom is Sadako

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bahuvida Fila, Gemma Willa Eamon Hagen atanas amorino. See, while I'm Europa he, Alma sakin this was an evil man and man says this was an evil person, this church father, this Bishop was an evil man. He would tell people give sadaqa and then he will take the money and put it in his pocket. He will not give it to the to the poor. survival. First he saw that he didn't think immediately that this religion is corrupt.

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He didn't think that he stayed with that church father, he continued to learn from him knowing that this man still has evil morals.

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He goes afterwards that the man passes away and the people came to bury him. Sir man told them this. This church father was a corrupt person does that what's your evidence? Like here is that all the gold that he was storing for himself?

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for solar booth in Morocco, Billy Java. The people were so powerful

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said that they crucified this man's dead body and pelted his dead body with stones. That's how angry the congregation was. and rightfully so. When the congregation when the head of the congregation, the spiritual leader betrays the people, that is supposed to lead, people are going to feel betrayed, they're gonna feel angry.

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And look at how they express their anger. They they crucified the dead body and pelted in the sores, because that's how angry they were. Now the next Bishop came, or the next church father came and said, man says this was the best man that I've seen, in terms of is allowed in this practice of the faith in every way, in his desire, no desire for the dunya. So now a real practitioner of the faith has arrived, as a man stays with him, learns with him until he is about to die. So man asked him, What we'll do I go next.

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And he says, Ma, Allah, we are Buddha. Yeah. Billahi min Illa Rajan and we'll Mosul for it. He says, Oh, my son, I don't know anybody who can teach you except someone in Mosul. This is in the in northern Iraq. Okay. Now, why would he say go all the way to northern Iraq, because this was a Unitarian Church. They were not trinitarians. The theology of the Christians has evolved over time. And at this point, in seventh century CE, seventh century Common Era, the majority of the churches were Trinitarian, churches, some variation of the Trinity, okay.

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And then the dying breed of the church was the Unitarian Church that believes that God is One, the God of the Torah is one the same God and Jesus is not the Son of God. He's the prophet of God. Okay, like what we believe, that's our belief, too, but they were dying out. And in that area of Damascus, while there were many, many churches, that was the last left from that Unitarian variety, so he says it all the water Muslim, same thing happens. Great Bishop, church father takes care of him, so now learns from him. He's about to pass away. He says, I don't know anybody in the city, you will have to go all the way to the sea beam, which is the CBS in northern Syria or border of northern Syria,

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Iraq, Turkey, then same thing happens, good man learns from him, stays with him until he dies. He says, I don't know anybody, my son, go to our movie of the room, go to this place called a Maria, which is a morion important modern day tricky, deep into the heart of the visiting Empire and go find the man there. He goes to them men also good father, also someone who teaches him and when he passes away or about to pass away, he says to sell man a B'nai will learn the MA level.

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Nada Muslim acuna, Allah He Gurukul and Tatiana says my son, I don't know anybody else in the world that's worshiping alone. Like we are worshiping alone.

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This is it the end of the Unitarian Church.

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But he says but got a de la casa Marina Bian, there is a profit that's coming the time of a profit is near and this profit he is going to be you brothel mean and Hara he is going to be sent to an era of the sacred area and then he will muhajir on he will then leave a harem and go to an era out of the Bangla harbor attain

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that Tina is a to a place that is between two mountain volcanic mountain tracks that like the the mud the ash of the mountains, excuse me, the the dirt of the Earth is mixed with volcanic ash. We know historically, the color of it is as such, and it has palm trees is an oasis. Okay? So go there and that is where you will find the prophet who has a llama and we're in the fee Allah Martin Latifah clear signs three number one, he has between his shoulder blades, the seal of the Prophet hood. Number two, he does not accept charity. Number three, he accepts gifts.

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salmonella Farsi now all the way from Turkey, modern day Turkey. You know, the middle of the Byzantine Empire wants to make it to Madina munawwara and this the man didn't specify which city he just said that's what it looks like. So long story short, gets captured as a slave, you know, and justly sold into slavery. But as it would have it the man who bought him as a slave was so Medina. His master who purchase a man was from

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Dena and he took Sandman all the way from where he was and ends up in Medina. And when he ends up in Medina as a man says, Cardinal Medina for lucky Ma, who was in London burrito how far off to Napa, he says, The moment I saw it, I knew it said, that's that's where I'm supposed to be the palm trees, the mountains, the color of the soil. I knew this is a city where the Prophet would come that my church father had told me now the Prophet says Allah is in Makkah while this is happening. So imagine if I was the only one who is slaving away in Medina, but eventually the province arrives and then he arrives, he arrives and Koba spends 19 days there and as he's sitting in Koba the Jews of

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Medina are getting agitated by the thought of the Prophet some entering Medina and becoming the leader. Okay, any you know, foreign influence was particularly troubling but here is someone who's bringing some foreign influence with the new source IE with the with the claim of profit so there's a man's owner his cousin comes and says your father

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in law he will and if you wish me upon Allah Raja gentlemen maka Jazeera Muna una v.

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He says, may Allah destroy bunnies paella, this is was the slur that was used for the Arabs at that time. They are at right now all gathered in Cuba around a man who came from monka they think he's a prophet

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said man heard that he was he says I was up plucking dates from the palm tree. And when I heard that, I almost fell out of excitement. He comes down the tree and he asks the man What happened? What What is this? Mahabharat What is this news? Sundance owner slaps him says go back to work. It's none of your business. But Sandman FRC now knows. The possum is here. He goes to the postal midnight sneaks out of his house, takes some dates, gives it to the officer says all those who are overseas. He says belani and occasional fall. I have heard you're a good man. And you guys are not from this area. So I bought some dates as charity.

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The prophets some took it and he gave it to his companions and they all ate from it. The prophecy did not touch it. That man says check. First Sight. Then he comes the next night he brings the profit some some more dates. And he says I saw you didn't eat last night when I bought you charity. Here is a gift. Here's a gift. The officer took it, he ate it and the companions ate with him. So the man says check. After a few days when the Prophet arrives in Medina, Sandman manages to join the precession of a janazah. Okay, and as he's, you know, following the janazah he's trying to get behind the profits on them and try to like sneak a peek under the profits of some shirt to look for

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what the heart of the bow of the sign the seal of profit and the profit some recognizes, realize this and man is doing this. So he drops his cloak. You know like you can drop your we can drop our shirt, you have to take it off, but he dropped his cloak to expose his shoulder blade salon saw the profit sometimes hard to maneuver between his it's a it's a lump of flesh between his two shoulder blades. And it says when I saw that, in the narration, he says I felt his feet kissing it.

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And I was crying.

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He found awesome. It was awesome for all these years.

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Because the pastor picks them up and asked him Tell me your story. He gathers the companions around. He tells a story exactly like he's told us our numbers many, many years leaders and the pulse of them was very happy to hear it and the Sahaba were happy. But the problem is Sandman was still a slave. He kept slaving away. The Prophet had the Battle of bundler Battle of the Prophet says to Sandman, Sandman ktbs, advance and earn your freedom. The man who is older now thinks that tries to exploit somebody even more. The ransom is a king's ransom. It's like a mansion 300 palm trees planted

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and fully all kinds of gold, roughly the size of a large egg solid gold. This is unheard of. But that's what the price is the profit some says you know a hawk will help your brother. The Companions bring whatever deep bonds that they have that they could spear. They bring whatever goals that they have this that they can spare, and they all bring it one by one one by one until there's 300 of them. And until there's 40 Rukia of gold. The promises Salma to plant obtain palm trees because the palm trees are tough to grow. Very rarely do they grow in the fruit. He says I will plant that don't plant them. The Prophet comes takes his those deep palm trees puts them in the ground with his

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blessing hands or sundown and the

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Miracle dimorphism is that every one of those 300 you know, caught root and gave fruit.

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One of the miracles of the problem. And when that happened, said man or the Lord had earned his freedom. And then he joined and he says, Then I joined the prophets of Salaam for outside to whom hakuho what we'll do, I gave them what I had needed to earn my freedom and I was free for Shaheed tomorrow. So

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I was a free man, and I was there for the Battle of hundreds and then through millennia, furutani Mara, who Mashhad and I didn't miss anything afterwards, every single thing that happened, every battle, every important event, I was right there. And of course, 100 Peters has mentioned that narration but the credit of the victory goes to some mad because he was the one who told the Prophet, let's build 100 Let's dig 100

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john on some lessons, we'll talk one on one This one was

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spent on Haman hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was early he was having

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a couple of quick lessons. I don't want to go over time today, but I'll share some quick things here with you. Number one, Sandman and Pharisees unquenchable thirst for the truth. unquenchable. He went all the way from Persia, to Syria, to northern Iraq to deep into Turkey, and then sold as a sleeve all the way into the Arabian Peninsula, the heart of the Arabian Peninsula ends up there. But he's doing this because he was searching for the truth. Brothers and sisters, we are born with it.

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What's that man spent his life searching for we are born with it.

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This is something not to be taken for granted. This is religion of ours is not just you know a list of do's and don'ts. It is the truth.

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And we must value it by practicing it by studying it by being convinced of it. And the story of Sandman should serve as inspiration for us. Number two, Sandman was able to differentiate between the truth and an evil person who claims to be a partitioned practitioner of the truth. He didn't look at this evil church father and say, This is why all the religions are bad. This is why all men are bad. This is why all religions are evil know. He knew this is the truth. But this man is an evil man. And a nuanced understanding is required for us to come to terms with reality. Because the deen of Allah is pure, the practitioners may not be and we have to be able to differentiate between that

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the people who were Unitarians existed before the prophet SAW them and they knew that the Prophet is imminent. They knew what they had signs. It was in their book, The Quran says and Medina, Athena will Kitab uno kamarajar.

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Those who are who have been given the Scripture, they know the prophet like they know their children. That's how clear the signs were. And lastly, you look at the prophets on them. It says the man except Islam, why would you care about it? No, no, no, for the Prophet, this man was important. He was part of the community, the prophet said to the Sahaba help your brother, free him. And they did a fundraiser, to raise money to free that one individual. And then on top of that, they just take the money in September, here you go. Off you go. He himself came and planted 300 D palm trees with his own hand, putting his own time his own effort into making sure that this man's freedom is

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earned so he can be part of our community. And when he became part of the community, the profit didn't just put him to the side. He said no, sir man, tell us what do you think we should do in the war? boson man when I hadn't been tease from us, he's from the for my family. The kids the compassion the professor took to take care of cinnamon advisory on the lotto. That's why the Sahaba were molded into what they were that's why resumes today. That's why we don't have to go on the search that said man who went on to find the truth. That's why we were born with it. The care and compassion of the prophet SAW the loved one himself as one that he was trying to understand the

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foreign sooner to implement in our lives and allow them to serve one another. You will

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see mala masala Mohammed in front of it as the masala Mohammedan for the Medina within Latina Latina Latina tabanero