We Don’t Deserve It!

Mufti Menk


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My brothers and sisters, what ever you and I have is because of the mercy of Allah, we don't deserve it. We don't deserve it. If I were to tell you Do you know that you are your heart beats 136,000 times a day if you were to pay one grand for every heartbeat, and I'm sure we would, I mean, if we had to people do pay an arm and a leg when the heart goes wrong, when your heartbeat is not right, you'll go to every cardiologist on earth in order to find out what's going on. And that's it, you'll pay 1000s you'll want to borrow or whatever else because your heartbeat is gone wrong. Did you ever praise the one who gave you 136,000 heart beats on average on a daily basis? Imagine 136,000 rounds

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a day. You can't do that. Even if he gave you 50% discount even if he told you 90% discount you and I cannot afford that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us