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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters, this is another verse from the Quranic reflections series. And it is

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also from Surah Al Baqarah in Alladhina Cafaro, so on I lay him and delta home. I'm Lambton Veera, whom lie you may know whether you warn those who disbelieve of the need to believe,

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or you don't want them, they won't believe.

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The first point of reflection in this verse is in order for the believers not to be disheartened by those who reject Faith, in spite of their clear evidences being brought to them, Allah opens our eyes to a reality, which we must accept.

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As Allah said, You cannot guide those whom you love. In the color daddy, man begged for Allah guides whomever he wishes.

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Allah is the guide. Ultimately, this is a reminder to us.

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So we don't

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become weakened

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in our efforts to guide others, to show them the way to Islam,

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to correct their understandings. And after having expended all of our energies, trying to get them on the right path.

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They reject it.

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If we think of it as our failure, we have just failed.

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And this happens once, twice, thrice.

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We're going to give up, it's natural, we're going to feel we're useless. We can't do it.

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But this is not the way to understand the situation our job.

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As Allah said, well, Malaika lol Bella,

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what's on us is simply to convey the message. We cannot make people believe

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Allah is the One who provides the necessary consciousness, or reminders or pointers or

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thoughts for obviously, reasons which are just Allah is not just randomly choosing people and giving people you know, guidance or the tools for guidance and randomly avoiding others. No, no, there are factors in each and every one of us, which Allah knows about. And he gives to those who it is appropriate. And he doesn't give to those which is not appropriate. So we have to accept that Allah guides whomsoever He wishes.

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The second point of reflection

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is that this verse is relevant to those who have fulfilled all the requirements for effective Dawa.

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The requirements which are on the day, the color,

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the Dawa, which is the call itself

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and the mother Oh La,

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the one who is called

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there are requirements, each and every one of those elements of Dawa, which is calling people to Islam, inviting them to Islam, clarifying Islam to them, on the part of the one who is calling people there are conditions there are principles which govern his or her

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way of calling.

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For example,

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we should do so in a gentle way.

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In a kind way, not in a rough, harsh, you know, pushing kind of a way because Allah already said, Lo Quinta fonden Ali that can't be done for boom in Holic

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regarding the Prophet Muhammad Salim himself

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Allah said that if you were harsh and roughened, that people would have fled from around you. So

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we should be like Moses and Aaron,

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who were sent to a man claiming that he was God hon como, Allah, Pharaoh.

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And a lot tell them to speak to him gently.

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So who are we,

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we don't have the right to speak

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to people in a harsh way expecting to guide them.

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The call itself we should also be clear about, we should be clear about the call.

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What is it that we're calling people to,

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to us, to our group, or organization,

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our country, our culture, or?

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No, we should be clear that the call is to Allah.

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It's a call to Allah, for them to come and accept the law in their lives.

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And finally, the person who is being called,

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there are a number of issues that we should be conscious of

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whether it is calling them at the appropriate time, as if they're busy, or they're in

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situations which are not appropriate. You know, we don't go into bars to call people, we have to find the appropriate timing,

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you know, the appropriate circumstances in general

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Dawa to individuals is usually more effective than Dawa in groups, large numbers, you know, because people have are affected by peer pressure, etc.

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So, try to get people by themselves, you know, in an informal kind of setting, and talk to them

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in the most friendly manner. So, we have to be conscious of the variety of elements which make the Dawa effective, the call to Islam, the invitation most likely to be accepted, we should be aware of all of these with regards to ourselves, as well as regards to the people that we're inviting.

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The third point of reflection, is that we have to be clear

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on whether our responsibility

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and what it is that we're trying to do is that of conversion or reversion of people to Islam immediately,

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is that what's in our mind that people have to believe immediately, we've told them so much information, we expect them to accept Islam, immediately on the spot, they declare their faith? Is that what our thinking is? Now if that's the case, it's wrong.

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Because in most cases, people don't convert or revert to Islam, instantaneously.

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It's usually a process

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that takes place. Over time, they heard something, they met someone, they read something, and all of these things accumulate and brings them to the point. And we might meet them when they're at the last stage, and we only have to say a few words and they accept Islam.

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But in the first stage, it may take time. So we have to be patient, a very, very important characteristic. For Dawa, we have to be patient,

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especially when the desired results that we're seeking doesn't take place.

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It took me personally 21 years for my parents to accept Islam.

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For other friends of mine, it took them days, weeks, or months for me 21 years.

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So behind Allah, Allahu Akbar.

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He is the one who guides we have a responsibility

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to convey the message in the Malaika Bella while anal his app was a lot of toilets. Our job is just to convey the message

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Each law will hold the people to account.

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Baraka logical, set out why they come rahmatullahi wa barakato