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Are all the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was early he was heavy he mala Frobisher, he said that he was in the Emory Hello looked at a melissani of coho coli robina attina for dunya Hassan our Villa ferati Hassan Okinawa na Santa Monica Matata la he wabarakatuhu Welcome to adjust the day. Where we are going to be covering today. SOT Ali Imran so Ali Imran starts in the third Jews and concludes in the fourth Jews. So we're going to talk about sort of lm Ron spanning these two insha Allah to Allah and we will pick up we had introduced surah Allah Emraan yesterday, me the light Allah today I'm going to

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jump right into this beautiful passage of the Quran where we will pick up our discussion that call in kuntum to a boon Allah for Toby Rooney, you will qumola vuelta de la come to novacom Allah who are food or Rahim, this is number 31 of the Jews. In which Allah subhana wa Taala says, say, if indeed, if indeed will in quantum to him, boon Allah.

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If you love God, then follow me. And God will love you and forgive you your sins. God is most forgiving, Most Merciful, say, obey God and the messenger called up to your law. How are Rasool and if they turn away, then God does not love those who deny the truth for interloper in the law. Hello, Bill Cassidy. Very important, this introduction to the family of Iran to the blessed family of Emraan. Allah Sparta before he talks about that he talks about the importance of following the profit loss of love. And that is something that is binding upon everybody who wants to be a believer. And if a person chooses to say, you know what, I believe in everything except the prophets

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of Salaam. We don't consider that person to be a believer, someone who is

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who is going to attain salvation. This is important belief in the prophets also accepting him as the last messenger is part and parcel of salvation. And if that is not present, then salvation is not going to be granted. So this is the introduction before Alo goes on to talk about Adam. As I said, I'm in the last demo know how Allah Ibrahima Allah I maronna Allah Allah Allah mean God chose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham and the family of Emraan above all his creatures that return Babu Hummingbird their offspring of one another an Allah God hears all and sees all excuse because here here's all and knows all. Adam lesson of course is the the father of humanity from his progeny is no

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halus alum from his progeny is Ibrahim, and from the progeny of Ibrahim from the kids of Ibrahim, we have a moron, okay, from Ibrahim Ali Salaam had two mains on his heart is my island is Huck, from his house descendants comes Iran. And from Iran, we get the family of Avalon who is Emraan you may ask? Well, let's look at the fam who is Enron. Enron is

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this is the person here in the in the in this chart. He is the his his wife is Hannah, her name was Hannah.

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And they had Miriam. their child was Miriam. Now

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the sister of Hannah was married to Zachary, in the Bible Zachariah, okay. And they had a son by the name of yahia, who is in the biblical tradition, john the baptist.

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Both of these are miraculous children in the sense that yahia Allah Saddam was born as a complete surprise is a career and his wife had made the offer a child for many, many years and they did not get a child. But then last month at the very end of their lives, bless them with the idea with Maria Maria Salaam, of course the birth of Miriam was in natural birth, but then she became the mother of Isa who was also a miracle bird of Allah grant from Allah subhanaw taala a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala a miraculous bird. This is what's called a family of Emraan. Okay, even though, you know, yeah, here is the son of the Korea and Zachary and Iran are not blood relatives, but they're

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married into the same family, and they're intertwined. Their story is intertwined. And this is what the Quran references as the family

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We have Emraan Okay, what is this family have in mind? What is the story? The story is that the wife of a moron call that Robbie in Minato Tula Murphy botany when she was pregnant, she said, My Lord, I have dedicated what is in my womb entirely to your service. So except this for me, she wanted her child to become a monk, somebody who will live and worship Allah in seclusion. But then monks were not men. Excuse me, monks were only men, not women. But when she gave birth, she realized Robbie nivola to her own, I have given birth to a girl. And she still wanted to keep her pledge of making her child into a monk. But alas, Martha says will love Allah who will be my wildlife. God knew very

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well what she had given birth to she'd given birth to the best woman of all time. This is what the possum said about Medina malayalam that she is, you know, of the four women that he mentions as the top four among the females. Number one is Miriam. Number two is Khadija or the Rwanda. Number three is Fatima, her daughter and number four is asiyah. The wife of the pharaoh the mother, the stepmother, of Masai Salaam, or the adopted Mother, you can see a moose eyelids, and these are the top four women and I'm number one on that list is My name is Allah. So Allah Allah says, Allah knows exactly who this is, who has been born here, okay. And he also says later that Gurukul onza, a male

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is not like a female, this is an important thing. meriam is not going to be like any other male, okay, so she is going to become a monk. That's the short term analysis of this of this passage. And also, Miriam is not like any other male any random male. This is a very special girl who has been born and also Elisa dockercon, Anja, there are differences between a man and a woman, there are clear differences in the psychology in the physiology of a man or a woman, this is these lines are not being blurred for us. And we're told, hey, this is a identity you choose to be who you want. But the Koran is quite explicit on this is a, you know, explicit text, the, you know, the two genders

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are quite different. And I think this is something that's quite obvious, but it's become somewhat of a controversy. Regardless, we're not trying to hate on a, you know, a group of people or whatnot. We're trying to establish our morality from our source of morality, which is foreign, and our morality dictates what they said the Gurukul

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gender is not identified. Gender is biology, it's determined by your biology. Okay. Miriam, is what she was named. It needs some way to harmonium in the Bible, married, okay.

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This is what, how she was born. And this is how she came into the world. And then she became a lady who was a monk, a unprecedented move. And as he was a monk, Walker fella has a career she was given in or interested in the care of Zechariah because a monk is not going to go and work and get food and whatnot. Someone has to take care of her who is that person? Zachariah Zakaria is a Korea is her uncle. Right? He is married to her holla Okay, you know, in order would say he's Hallo. Okay. And then every time that Korea would visit her chamber, he would find some risk with her wotja in the hottest car, and he will be surprised. He would say, hey, Mary, how did you get this? Where'd this

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come from? And she replied, this is from God, he provides to whoever he wants, whenever he wants, without any measure, without any account. This was a lady who was as Maria Maria Salam was worshipping Allah as a by herself in seclusion. She was receiving miracles in the form of the food she would get the food of or the fruit of the summer in winter, and the fruit of the winter in the summer. This was the amazing, amazing miracles that Allah had given her to let the people know that this is something that this is going to be someone that's coming up to be a very special lady, of course, Zachary Ali Salaam who had been making Dora for many, many years for a child realize he can

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you shouldn't lose hope he made the right to Allah. And the last part law says, you are going to have a child, right? You are going to have a child who is going to be a word from from Allah. Let's see the eye here. Sorry. He is going to be a child and Allah how you wish to go to God gives you the good news of john, who shall confirm the word from God will not come because he met him in Allah. And he will be from the outstanding among the men and be utterly chaste and the Prophet among the righteous. Now zecharia was surprised. He said, How can I have a child when I'm so old and my wife is barren, but last month he says Gary kill Catholic Allahu if I lose

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Maya shot, okay. Now when this is one part right the family of, of Iran here is the birth of a miracle. Also a family from this family was another miraculous birth, which is of course Jesus is our lady Salaam, the son of Mary is called in Malacca when the angel said Mary, God has selected you and purified you and selected you or all women of of your time. She is actually in the sideline, I mean, is actually a woman of all time. And she said it was said to Marian, hey Miriam, you should be devout to your Lord, prostrate yourself will bow down with those who bow down. Now she is told

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or marry your Lord is giving you the good news of a word from him be Kelly mighty Minho, a word from him. Not a this is not the word of God, okay? He is a word from among the words of God, that is who are isatis and I'm as he is a word from among the many words of God. What does this mean? That means he is of course not God himself that goes beyond without saying, neither does it mean that he is a representation of a manifestation of a lost part of a speech. That's not true, either. He is a speech or a part of Allah speech, from all the other things that Allah, Allah has said, All right, what about this? He says Allah, what? Why is he called?

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A word from him. He's called a word from him a word from Allah because it is through the word of Allah that He was conceived. This was a miraculous conception, Allah spata said Kuhn, and he was conceived in the womb of of Miriam, without her being intimate with a man. This is why he is called as such the a word from God. It was a miraculous conception. And he is called lmsc, resub memoriam, he is ultimacy, the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, honored in this world, and in the next and one of those granted near near Mr. God, at all times in this world and the next, he is called a mercy. Why is he calling mercy? The Messiah, he is called l mercy, l Messiah, in the sense that he would be

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the one when he would touch a person when he would, when he would touch a person, he would cure them, okay? He would bring a cure by the mere virtue of touching a person. And that was such an amazing thing that was one of the miracles of Isa Salaam, and thus he was named I will mercy from the word master have translated roughly as the Messiah. Okay. His birth was miraculous. His message was miraculous. What was his message?

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Actually, before that, sorry, the Quran says, Well, he would speak to people in his cradle and as a grown man, and shall be of the righteous. This is a unique miracle of aerosol is. Maria Melissa ROM is confused. She says, How can I have a child when no man has touched me? And last Martha says this is the creation of God galaxy level, yakusoku Masha, when he says we're either Koba Imran, for in Maya Pula, who Kuhn fire Kuhn and that's the idea on the on the wall behind me if I'm wrong, when he wills I think he need only say be an idiot is okay. So this is how this is the word of God Kuhn that bought into existence of conceived Isa a Salaam. That was his miraculous word, more details are

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coming in surah 19 surah Maryam because Surah Maryam talks about focuses on mudumalai salaam, the person and her feelings and what she was experiencing. This is speaking about the family of Iran and most prominently, as Al Islam, the most prominent member of their family, get his message, what is his message, look at his message, he's going to teach the book wisdom, the Torah and, and the gospel. Okay, all revelation of a loss partner, we believe it to be wisdom, all of it, the revelation given to Allah subhanaw taala given by Allah to the prophets Salaam, or any revelation, previously, we consider all of it to be wisdom, and all of it to be good. It is only when it is

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corrupted by the people that it loses its wisdom and its goodness. He is sent as a messenger to the children of Israel, what a Solon 11 he said, he, and he's going to come and say, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. He's going to come with many, many miracles, not just a miracle, not just his birth being a miracle, not that that he spoke as a child as a miracle, but many other miracles to show people truly he is the chosen prophet of Allah.

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pantalla What are these miracles? I have come to you with a sign from my Lord. I shall make the shape of a bird out of clay for you and then breathe into it and then by God's permission it will become in living bird will obey the ACMA while abrasca will

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be Isabella and I will heal the blind and the leper and bring the dead back to life. What una bucum de matar Kowloon and I will tell you a what you eat, and what you store in your homes. Surely, in this, there is a sign for you, if you are true believers, and I have come to fulfill the prediction of the top of the Torah, which preceded me and to make lawful for you someone was forbidden to you. And I come to you with a sign from your Lord. So fear God and obey me. This is what he says Salaam presented him. What's very interesting, let me make one small commentary is about the the precision of the Qurans language, I think we have spoken about this a few times, right. But I'm gonna keep

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pointing out and keep highlighting how precise the korins word choice is. Right? And truly, it's miraculous. The word in Arabic for blind is arama. And someone who has lost their eyesight, but he said, Islam says, well, Aubrey will come Haha, well, a bourassa. He says, I am going to give, I am going to

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heal the blind. But a coma is actually the word use for someone who was not who didn't lose their eyesight. It's somebody who was born blind. And they say this is somebody who's born blind. And there's other eyes, eyelids had to be shut, because they were fearing maybe that he will get infected or something. Okay, so easily salami saying, I'm going to give a site by the permission of Allah to this kind of person to show you truly that I'm not just a doctor, this is truly a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala. And not just some advancement in medicine, this was what he was doing. And look how precisely the Quran, you know, excuse me speaks about this. Of course, a Salah Salaam

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was coming with the new rule, the new law, he was overriding the law of Moses, and that for the many Israelites, that's for the Jews was a very, very big deal. And that was a no go for them. So they absolutely did not stand for that. And they rejected him. And he saw this alum recognize that they are not going to accept him, despite all his miracles, despite everything he showed them, despite the fact that he's telling them what's in their book, what's in the Torah, without having actually learned the Torah from their schools. Remember, like the Torah would be taught in their schools and their mothers and their mother says, Yes, he didn't go to any of that. And he's a child, he knows

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all of it. Okay. So he clearly is demonstrating that he is, you know, a prophet of Allah yet of course these people are not going to stand for that. So as far as I'm perceived, has Salah has a sermon who will go for Parliament I'm sorry, Allah, he when he recognized that they are going to do this believe in Him and do something worse, that is to plot to kill him. He said who will be my help helpers in God's cause? All however Yun that decide this hypo said, We are God's helpers, we believe in God and obey Allah bear witness wash had we anomalously moon, bear witness that we have surrendered ourselves to you is a lesson I'm of course, you know, was his, his end was also a

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miracle. His life was a miracle. His birth was a miracle. But his end was also a miracle. In fact, we believe he did not die. We believe that he was raised up by Allah as this ayah says, When God said Oh, Jesus, I shall take you to me. And we'll raise you up to me in name with our fee go off your rocker either. Yeah. And shall clear you will motoharu kameena Lavina cafaro Claire, you are what? You know, things that the disbelievers say about you, and show plays those who follow you above those who deny the truth until the day of judgment, then to me shall all shall all return. And I will judge between you regarding your disputes. This is the ayah that tells us is our lesson um,

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you know, whatever figure, you know, you could say, you know, it could mean die, it could mean being raised up, but then the IR after that, or the word after that makes it absolutely an equivocal whereas if you look at Elijah, I want to raise you so here last month, I was not seeing that he saw that Sam died, like a normal person would die. He was lifted out of this world with our FECA we're all here, okay, because the two words are here, all both together, explaining each other or the second explaining the intent of the first leaving no doubt. So you know, anybody who says

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Raisa, died. And here is some phoolan who is now

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the Messiah. So that's a joke, right? That's somebody who's just, you know, completely misguided. Clearly the Quran is making it very clear for us that he said Hassan was raised up and then next, later on we'll find the Quran says, he said, we'll come back right he will come back and he will rule the world and he will live not as a prophet but as a follower of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam as a normal human being okay. And then he will pass away in that natural death, then, but at this time, he said the Salam did not die and more of this is coming later into tomorrow or day after tomorrow in sha Allah tala. Okay, so this is the story of Isa salam, Allah what that says that the

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reason why we're telling this story gallica laliga Lu, Allah communal it was Vic will Hakeem. This is the wise reminder in Revelation that we recite to you the example of recert Jesus in the sight of God is like Adam, he was key created him from dust and said to him Be and he was both of them are the same. Adam Augustine did not have parents, he had no father or mother and he was brought into existence by Allah padala himself in Jannah, as a miracle, okay, not as like a natural birth conceived. And then, you know, the next person is conceived and whatnot is was a miraculous creation, Risa was in miraculous creation as well, because he didn't have a father, and he was

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conceived in the womb of his mother. So there is some, you know, that she wasn't created agenda and sent down to the earth. But he was still like Adam, in the sense that they were brought into existence against the law of nature against the the the normal rules of how people are brought into the world, which is through conception and birth. These two were different colloca human to rob them. nacala, who Kuhn via Cooney said to him be, and he was, and that's the truth from your Lord. So don't be among those who are doubting, okay, now the Quran proceeds. As I remember, if I, as you might remember, I told you so that sort of Haarlem Ron addresses the Christians, addresses the

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Christian community, a group of Christians came to the Prophet for them, and they wanted to dialogue with him. And the Quran, the surah Ali Imran was revealed, to explain to them the Islamic view of Raisa the right view of your Isa as a lab. And after this was explained, the challenge was put up a very interesting challenge. The challenge was said, Hey, if you are going to deny that this is the truth, Come, let us all gather all of our kids, our wives, our families, and then we pray for navetta Hill, the man up the hill manager, Atlanta to luchador Academy, let us pray, earnestly invoke the curse of God upon the liars, the process of the made this proclamation to these people,

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he said, you want to do this, if you don't accept this is the truth, and you what you believe about it, he says the truth, let's do this, that let's pray for the curse of Allah to fall upon those who are liars. And those people backed away, because they knew that was going to be a challenge that they were going to fail. And that's a very interesting, you know, that's very interesting thing. The Quran is saying this historical narratives are our narratives. You can't

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definitively disprove or prove one, okay? But the way you can disprove or prove the sincerity of the one who's following it and the truthfulness of the underlying message is something like this, though man, never tell MOBA MOBA, which is

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to come and say, do you want to proclaim this and make sure to say that Oh Allah, if this is the truth, and if we are lying about it, the lead or the curse of Allah be upon us. It shows, again, the truthfulness and the commitment to it. And the problem was willing to put, you know, himself on the line for that, but the Christian community that came to him was not willing to showing the power of the truthfulness of his message and his conviction and the conviction of the believers. Okay. And this is what the law says, This is the true account in the huddle of what

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gave my mom in ilaha illa Allah only Allah is worthy of worship and he is the mighty and wise and, you know, if they turn away, then Allah knows the evildoers. Our job is not to force people to change their minds. Our job is to convey the message with as much force as we can conveyed. And after that, if they turn away, Allah, Allah is the ultimate judge. That's his responsibility. not ours. Okay. Also a very beautiful thing here after this more Stern, forceful Dawa. There's a softer Dawa as well that is followed which is this coleopteran

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Get out 64 all people have the book, the original guitar with a very beautiful title or People of the Scripture. You were you had been given the Scripture, Allah chose you and blessed you with the Scripture. Okay? That's your your special because you were given this. Diallo Isla Katie Martin Salah in vain and our benaco let us come to a common word something, a word that is common to us. What is that common word? olana Buddha in the law we should not worship anybody but Allah. Well I know sugar because sugar and not associate any partner with Allah, Allah.

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Allah Baba mundo de la, and we are not going to take others as Lord besides Allah. Allah is only our Lord. And if you leave, if you turn away, then you should know a foolish Adobe anomalously moon, that is who we are. That's what the word Muslim actually means. The one who submits literally the one who finds peace through submission, but also this statement, right? You worship Allah alone, no shake with anybody and no one has the attributes of God, only Allah has those attributes. That is what Muslim moon means. And that is what we're calling everybody to beat and the common word, right, the common word is not just a statement, the common word is actually the personality of Ibrahim are

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they set up to allow either Kadima in our environment, our benaco, what is also common between us and you all? Will keytab is Ibrahim

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Ibrahim alayhi salam. So, let us look at who he was, let us look at what he believed. Let us look at all what he espoused, because we all believe in him, right? We all accept Him as our Father, you know, either biologically or spiritually. So why not? Why not go back to his wit. And this is a very beautiful Quranic instruction of how we bring the dour back to a place where, you know, people's manipulations cannot stand. They have no leg to stand on. And if they still want to do it, at least it's clear who's who. Right. And this is what Allah pata brings this whole thing back to to Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, I am when I was whenever I have the opportunity to give Dawa to people and invite

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them to, to Islam in a in a you know, in an multifaith or interfaith gathering. I always mentioned the Ibrahim Ali Salaam and I always try to frame everything around Ibrahim Ali Salaam, because Ibrahim Ali Salam is the man that, you know, undoubtably we aspire to be like him. We are a revival of his legacy. And there is very little like wiggle room. It was sort of say, amongst the Christian and the Jews about him, right? They will have to jump through a few hoops to deny his message, which is what they end up doing quite a few times. Okay. But what's interesting is, he is the man that we consider to be

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the common word, the common word between us and the Christians. If you look at Ayah number 68, here in the olan CB Ibrahim, the people who are the closest to Abraham, are the are are those who followed Him and His Prophet Muhammad salah and those who believe in Him, and God is the guardian of the believers. Now, this is something this will continue. Right. This theme will continue of Ibrahim alayhis salam if I go to IRA number 97. Here you will see he continues to mention but w Roman letter Ibrahima haleiwa. And number 95. Guys skipped a few pages to get to this point. It is This is the fourth Joe's now okay. say God speaks the truth. So follow the faith of Abraham. He was an upright

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upright man he was not of the policies and he is the one who raised the foundations of the Kaaba and that is the Tabler and that is where we are to go to make Hajj Ayah number 97. Anyone who enters, it enters it will see the place that Abraham stood via to begin at Muhammad Ibrahim clear signs the place where Abraham stood. Anyone who enters it will be secure.

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And pilgrimage to the house is a duty to God for anyone who's able to undertake it. Vanilla holiness, it's a duty upon mankind meaning mankind should be aspiring to follow the way of Ibrahim and the way of Ibrahim is to submit to Allah become Muslim and come for Hajj to the house that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam has built to see how Ibrahim alayhis salam is presented as the way

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To come together, and this is part of the Dharma, how we try to bring people together. And it's not just only focusing on the differences. One other thing I'd like to point out I'm going to jump back into the previous sue the previous Jews, okay?

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And what I'm going to talk about is the Quran is very precise about

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not stereotyping people because people are people, people are going to do messed up things and people will do good things. And as part of interfaith dialogue, we should not become people who start to stereotype the other and project our biases on them. And you know, put them in a certain box this is important and you look at how the Quran speaks about this as he's taught as the Quran is deep speaking about Isa and inviting the Christians and Ibrahim Ali Salaam, there's a tangent in the middle, okay, and I'm gonna there's a few tangents I we don't have time to cover all of them, but I'll pick on one of those tangents. This is iron number 75. Okay, a lot smarter says among the

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People of the Book, I mean 100 kitabi. Men into man who beaten body you d like among the People of the Book, there are some who if you entrust them with a heap of gold, they will return it to you people of integrity, people of upright character, remain human in that man who we reenact Allah you are de la llamada de Colima. But there are others of them who if you entrust them with a single Dina single coin will not return it to you unless you keep demanding it from them. Islamism Tada. He called Emma Valley Gabby and Nahum callooh. That is because they say lace arlena Philomena Seville we are under no obligation towards the Gentiles. myoko lunula hikkaduwa omiana Moon, they

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deliberately tell lies about God and they know it's a lie. Very interesting. The Quran is not saying don't stereotype all Al Khattab okay. And as you will see at the very end of Surah Al Emraan, you will find something very, very similar. In fact, this is this idea of not stereotyping appears in a few places. If you look at for example, this is right here, Lady Su Sava and a number 113. They are not all alike. All of the people in the book are not the same of them and I will get Abby Martin Kadima doing at Luna I Atilla he Anna alele wahoo. Mr. Dewan. This is a constant theme. The Quran is not going to paint everybody with the same brush. Okay? There are those who believe in Allah and the

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Last Day, and they are good people. These are righteous men. And a lot of them would end up eventually or inevitably accepting some, if you look at the very end of the Surah At the very end, I have number 199. When I'm in Tamil Nadu biLlahi, my own Zilla la komamura him hace renal Illa healers, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allahu Allahu Mindoro be him in Allah has a sub same idea, some of the people of the book, believe in, believe in God, and in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed to them, they humble themselves before God, they do not sell God's revelations for a trifling price, they shall be rewarded by the Lord and God is swift in reckoning, the point brothers

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and sisters is that Allah Subhana Allah is as he is speaking about different different faith groups. I want you to make a note that the Quran makes it very clear that there are people there are good people and bad people and the Quran does not try to paint everybody for under one brush. Okay. Now, at the end of this hour, it concludes, as I mentioned, let's go to the forgers. Again. This is i a number i a number of let's pick up again from number 97. Okay, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and the house that Ibrahim has built a last month turns his attention and one, you know on one, one final time cut invites the people of the book or people of the book, why do you reject God's revelation? When God

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is a witness to all that you do? Or people the book? Why do you turn the believers away from the path of God seeking to make it look crooked? While you yourselves are witnesses they're off. God is not unaware of what you do. These are like more, you know, these are more, you can say heartfelt, you know, questions? You know, a lot of those trying to, you know, ask them insincerity. Why are you doing this? Why are you disbelieving in the message that you know, comes from the same fountain, you know, the same source where you can recognize it? Why are you insisting on labeling it as something that is something different okay?

00:35:01--> 00:35:42

all believers. Now a lot turns to the believers, all believers, if you yield to some of those who have been given the Scripture, they will cause you to renounce the truth after you have believed, or do Kumbaya that he manickam caffeine, and, you know, you know, there's an element of engaging in interfaith dialogue. But in reality, if you go to a point where you, you know, if you end up following them, you will end up exiting your faith, and you know, giving up, you know, what's, what's important to you? And how can you do that? How can you deny the truth Okay, for the following, while don't apply, like Maya to low E, or fukumura sudo? How can you deny the truth and

00:35:42--> 00:36:34

God's revelations are being conveyed to you and his own messenger is amongst your mates. And whoever holds fast to God is indeed guided the straight path. Yeah, you are Latina, an otaku? La Hakata Watashi wa La Tomatina Illa unto Muslim moon, this is an idea you might hear in the hotbar quite a lot. Yes, believers fear God as is his do, and men that comes be in a state of complete submission to him, you know, fear God as is his to help God to call it as it is, right? Okay. Now, we cannot fulfill Allah, his rights fully, because we are flawed beings, but you try your utmost best. That should be your life goal. And you keep doing this until you pass away. That's what this is, say,

00:36:34--> 00:37:18

keep doing this until you pass away and hold on to that the rope of God and let nothing divide, you will not have a Roku because that's where the problems occur. You know, you can have differences of opinion, no problemo differences of opinion, are healthy diversity of opinion is important. In fact, it's a sign of a flourishing community that you have diverse opinions, the Sahaba had diversity of opinions, the Sahaba students had diversity of opinion. The problem is not having diverse opinions. The problem is this unity. Problem is a person says you know what you believe you have hold this opinion, I have nothing to do with you. That's the problem. are becoming divided for other reasons,

00:37:18--> 00:37:53

more nefarious, like materialistic reasons. A law says remember his blessings, the blessings he has bestowed upon you, you were enemies, and then by he united your hearts, and by His grace, you became brothers. This is a statement of fact about the Sahaba for Medina, the unsolved the house and the hazards the two groups of the two tribes in in Medina, they were sworn enemies, but then lost popular united their hearts, and they became brothers in faith. And this is the case, that was the case, then, and this is the case.

00:37:54--> 00:38:39

So frequently, you find that the people who were, you know, extremely had extreme animosity towards each other, are become, they become united and joined together by their faith, and you were on the brink of an abyss of fire, that he rescued you from it. This is such a beautiful Vokoun, tamala shefa oferty millenary burncoat minha This is something for all of us to think about. You know, we were in that too, all of us could picture ourselves in that situation, that if it was not for the guidance of Allah, if it was not for his grace and His mercy and His kindness towards us, we would be tumbling towards the fire of hell following our whims and desires. But last month, I rescued us

00:38:39--> 00:38:59

from that and gave us guidance. So that should be a sobering reality, and something that should, you know, make us more inclined to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and to be more focused on doing good work the common Kumu madonia de Luna lol Hi,

00:39:01--> 00:39:42

Monica, that there'll be a group among you, who shall call others to good and enjoy what is right and forbid what is wrong. And those who do this will be successful. Don't be like stand out to be carriers of good that's your role. Right? That's your role in life. Worship Allah. submit yourself to Allah be together and be grateful for the guidance you've received and then go and help people serve the people want like a home one muffler home. Don't be like those who became divided and split into factions and different after by the merger.

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

After things were clear, don't be like them. People who are petty game what would I tell him either one of him this is a very scary ion. What we'll do, we'll do What does what do we do on the day when some faces are bright and some faces are dark? It was

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Be said to those with darkened faces. Did you reject faith after accepting it? A cover to bother Imani.

00:40:08--> 00:40:54

You had been graced with a man, you were given the gift of man. And now, at the end of this all on the Day of Judgment you show up with gofer. For Luca, Davi ma quantum tech phone, then taste this punishment for having denied the truth. And as for those whose faces will be shining, a marina belt that would go home, for fear of Mattila day shall be in God's grace, and they shall be in it forever. So panela very powerful, very powerful idea to show us what we are meant to be and who we are, who should be Who should we aspire to be like you are indeed the best community that was ever brought fought fought for the good of mankind quantum higher on Madden organism than us.

00:40:55--> 00:41:35

This is in the past tense quantum you were, but it intends to be not just a statement about the past. But it's it's a statement about the present as well. If you were to live up to these ideals, you will be the best group of people brought forth for humanity. Of course, it's a harbor word. Of course, the prophets are some words, but you can be to the Marina Del Mar Ravi wattana Mancha because you enjoy what is good forbid what is evil. And you believe in God, what took me no Nabila. And if the people of the book had also believed it would have been better for them, they would actually be the recipients of this goodness, and this height. And again, notice minimal movement,

00:41:35--> 00:41:55

hoonah, affetto, homosassa. Kuhn, some of them are true believers, but most of them are this obedient. Again, the Quran makes it clear that it's not, it's not generalizing the group entirely, but it also is stating the facts and the reality, okay.

00:41:56--> 00:41:58

Now, after all of this

00:42:00--> 00:42:55

The next thing that Imran covers is from the life of the prophet SAW Salem, which is the Battle of offered the Battle of offered was the second major battle that the prophets Allah Han Islam fought, okay. And it was a very difficult battle for the prophets of Salaam for a number of reasons. Okay. And we are going to actually jump to that i i a number 121. Okay, I 121 that is where the Battle of offered is described, there is a beautiful connection to what we were discussing before, right, you are brought for the goodness of mankind, right? You are worshipping Allah and trying to do good to people, okay, inviting them to good standing up for what's right, standing against evil, and

00:42:55--> 00:43:52

worshiping Allah, meaning you are not selfish, you are selfless, you are able to sacrifice your own, you know, pleasures for the greater good of society, you're able to inconvenience yourself for the greater good of people. That was the key factor that the surah highlighted in the beginning, right or before this now. And so as we talk about offered, you will see the reason why the believers ended up losing primarily was selfishness. They were too selfish, a group of them were too selfish. They wanted good material gains right here right now. Even if they ended up disobeying the commands the direct, clear, unambiguous commands, the profits are low, even if it meant that they were going to

00:43:52--> 00:44:40

get their material gains. And this is how the surah ties are heard to the concept of what the believer was supposed to be like look at what Allah says. Why the adult I mean Arnica to well we will move me Nina McArdle, Italia Allahu semirara, Aleem when you set out at dawn from your home to assign battle positions to the believers, and God hears all and knows all this was the Battle of the prophecy. He did not want to go out of the city of Medina. But the Sahaba said let's go so he said, Okay, let's go and then he assigned battle positions. But then what is her motto? If at any time a private animal come? And shala Allahu Allah, you Huma there was a group two groups among you who are

00:44:40--> 00:44:58

about to lose heart, but God was your protector and in God that the faithful put their trust Hmm, this was one on Salama haritha two groups, two large clans that were you know, they were they were they were

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

getting into

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

influenced by the hypocrite Abdullah bin obey even saloon who said that, hey, we don't think there's going to be any fighting. So we're going to go back

00:45:12--> 00:45:50

and not going to stick around to fight and they were being influenced by this but Allah subhanaw taala prevented them from being influenced by the wrong people. Okay? Allah Allah mentions here, before he goes into a herd again and describes what happened or herd, he takes a detour to talks about brother and talks about how but there was a great victory. There was a victory when you were weak, and you were really helpless. Against all odds, Allah subhanaw taala helped you Okay, and gave you victory, meaning this is something to look and do as long as you trust in Him and whatnot.

00:45:52--> 00:46:00

But then, what happens is a loss pantalla returns to the to describe offer. I'm going to come back to

00:46:01--> 00:46:07

the passage in the middle here for us in a sec, but it comes back to talk about overt

00:46:08--> 00:46:44

and he says about this battle. I remember 152 God had made good his promise to you. Well, I called Sakuma Lovell Wada, who is the host tsunami is he when you were by his leave, you were destroying your foes, you were about to destroy your photos, you were routing that. But at that either for sheltam. But then your courage failed you. But then I was at home and you disagreed among yourselves. Remember that idea in the before? What data for Roku don't become this united, you became this united.

00:46:45--> 00:47:30

The Prophet had said don't leave, don't leave the mountain, the little mount where you're supposed to stand or archers don't leave it. Even if you see vultures eating our dead flesh don't leave this place. The Prophet was very clear, because the archers were providing support. They were protecting the back of the fighting army, even though they were much smaller in number. The the province Islam had very very specifically instructed this group to not do that, but they did not well aside from this debate, the profits come in what I mean by edema or Akuma to a bone after he had brought you within sight of what you had wished for.

00:47:31--> 00:47:58

What was that mean Kuma you read the dunya some of you desired the goods of this world. I'm in coma you redo after and some of you desire to hear after so panela the desire for the the greed for material gains caused the Sahaba to disobey the prophets Allah, which caused early malita ambush them and assassinate them, which caused the most believing army to get ambushed from behind, which caused the defeat as

00:47:59--> 00:48:49

you see, it started with that idea of selfishness. And then disagreeing and dis uniting. You see that? Exactly the opposite of what the ions in the beginning of the surah were saying that stay together be united and don't become this united. So panela even if you were to go back, right even if you were to go back in the middle of the passage of Ohio illustrata says Oh, people don't consume usury. you consume interest that Kunal Riba I 130. Why is that, because River at its core is your fourth year you're focusing on your personal gains, you don't worry about what happens to the person who you gave a loan to. Right? Whatever happens, I get my return, I get my fixed return from you, I

00:48:49--> 00:49:36

don't care that, again is at the core of that selfishness. So selfishness, is what caused this disobeying the Prophet, and wanting the good things of this life and prioritizing that over the, the salvation of the next life and the commands of the problem. That was that was what led to the defeat. And you look at the Quran here, the Quran is criticizing the Sahaba these were Sahaba Who did this? These were not people who read tribal Hadith The Prophet said or read the Quran from a Muslim. They heard it from the prophets mouth, yes. Yet they made mistakes and the Quran criticizes them very clearly some of you desired the goods of this world. Right? This is the Quran way when

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

someone does something good. The Quran praises that good. When someone does something bad. The Quran criticizes that bad and that's the Justice and the fairness and the Quran is full of Okay. Now, this continued the progress on them was, you know, was retreating and the believers were starting the process was not retrieved the process was trying to find

00:50:00--> 00:50:10

route to the two are hard to climb up. The people were running away the Sahaba were retreating away, leaving him alone. What? What is this? I don't know

00:50:11--> 00:51:00

what Rasulullah lucam the messenger was calling you, calling to you from behind, telling you to come join him and you were running away fleeing for your life. What a sad, tragic situation. And that caused more sorrow, that kind of attitude, that selfish beaver doesn't bring any good It brings even worse, more sorrow of Abu Mohammed, he paid you back with one sorrow after another. What was this the battle? After it was initially a bit a victorious endeavor It was a route of for the believers turned into a massacre where Jaime really came and ambush the army. Many were killed. And then the rumors spread to the profit zone was killed. And at that moment, many Sahaba just gave up hope. They

00:51:00--> 00:51:34

said you know what, what's the point of anything? We are just going to give up for local mom mommy Mom, this is the lesson that alas pronta wanted to teach the Sahaba that you are you know, this this kind of attitude will not bring any good so don't have it. But of course Allah Allah says I'm a member of the for the Monza Alico member Deliver me I'm gonna do is I am shocked or if I'm incompetent after sorrow, he sent down upon your peace, right? He sent on upon you, peace. And you know, this, this is the

00:51:36--> 00:52:21

this is the point the last part that is not only going to leave the believers in a situation where they are downtrodden, he is going to bring after difficulty ease. So the idea or the love will bother the rosary your Salah He will make after difficulty, a situation of ease a lot of others as those of you who turned away on the day, I am 35 those who turned away in the living at our lowincome yamantaka germani in musters Allah Hama, shavon ob Baldy, maka Sabu. Those who fled those who disobeyed those who didn't show their best selves that they, they were made to slip by Satan, on account of some of their deeds, there was a problem with the person, maybe there was a bad attitude,

00:52:21--> 00:53:11

maybe there was a lack of conviction, maybe there was a desire for the world, and shavon use that to make them slip. Well after that I follow one home but Allah has pardon them. Allah Subhana Allah has part of them, because he is before on haleem he is forgiving, and forbearing Allah smart, Allah is always there to forgive us. He's always there to accept our repentance. You look at this idea that that Satan made them slip on account of some of their deeds. This is an interesting concept when a person right is, is in a situation where they slip, and shavon has made them slip. shavon uses something in them that already they have. That's like a character flaw, a desire for something, a

00:53:11--> 00:53:54

longing for something being lustful. And shaytaan uses that and entraps the person using that. And that's something for us to consider the Sahaba fell victim to this and that's important was the harbor where humans and they learn from their mistakes, and Allah forgive them. And they became better after this. And we need to learn from this and we need to be introspective when we slip and fall. It can't only be about blaming this or blaming that or blaming shavon or blaming society or blaming the community or blaming this or that there has to be some introspection something was also wrong with me that allowed a Fanta maybe prey on me. Yeah. So this is an important concept that this

00:53:54--> 00:54:36

surah is telling us you know, be introspective upon failure don't just point the finger at others. The prophets of Salaam had all the reason to be upset at the people the prophets of Salaam had not wanted to leave Medina to go fight. The boss of them had told everybody stay in your ranks, stay in your places. As he was doing that a third of his army gets up and leave the munafo get up and leave. He is left with two thirds of his army already outnumbered another even more outnumbered and demoralized. You know that the moment of the battle yet he still continues? And he says no. We are going to fight and fight bravely and they fought bravely and they were defeating and routing a more

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

powerful army. Yet, after all of that everything that he did writes on solemn somebody ended ended wrong. The archers have their place. They got ambushed the Sahaba who were supposed to stay together, they gave up hope or they ran away and they got hurt. And in the midst of all this the problem himself got hurt. His tooth was broken and he was bleeding profusely

00:55:00--> 00:55:48

His uncle Hamza is one of his closest people in to him was mass was was martyred in this battle. They've also suffered so many losses most are women are made of the Prophet Sessoms protege. He was martyred. And the list continues the problem at all the reason to be upset at the people because he did everything right. And some people did everything wrong. And that was what caused all this grief and all these problems. Yet Allah says what I am I'm 59 Bobby ma rahmati minella healing talam it is by God's grace that you were gentle with them a lot of work, but it was by Allah's mercy. It was the mercy of a law that allowed you all profit to be gentle. If a person is gentle, that is Allah's

00:55:48--> 00:56:39

mercy upon them. If a person is not gentle, they are, you know, angry and yelling and screaming and shouting, that is a person who is in a way deprived of Allah's mercy as a stark reality to consider. If you were Willow couldn't have forgiven all evil. For if you had been harsh and hard hearted, then felt looming how like they would have surely deserted you, the companions would have left you or profit if you were harsh and hard hearted. What about the rest of us? Right? If you are, this is how we are in life, then people will desert us, you know, people will just leave us to our own our own devices. This is how the person was in this exemplary role model, the one that we aspire to be like

00:56:39--> 00:57:30

the one who we love the one who we love more than anything else in the face of such tragedy and so many blunders from others he was still gentle and kind for for home so so forgive them five one homes that you forgive them was still phila home and asked a lot for forgiveness for them or SHA homefield um and and ask them for what for their advice. Just because they made a mistake before should not mean that you never asked for advice ever again No, ask them for advice. This is important keep you know that don't let them stakes characterize them. So panela What a beautiful advice What a beautiful instruction to the porcelain. This is one of my favorite I add in the Quran.

00:57:30--> 00:58:16

This one is such a beautiful idea, such a difficult IRA to implement, but such a goal such life goals, this I further identify takala law and when you have decided upon a course of action, then place your trust in Allah. Then once you have made up your mind, you have done your due diligence, don't dilly dally, go ahead and do what it is that you have decided upon doing because in the law you're able to have given Allah Sparta loves those who are put their trust in him Okay. So, this is sort of a Emraan describing the, the the the the difficulties of the Battle of offered describing also the profits or sometimes reaction to all of this describing

00:58:17--> 00:59:01

you know, how what caused the defeat? also talking about the reality of misfortune, I number 165, when Miss misfortune befalls you, after you yourself had inflicted twice as heavy losses, you see how come this has come about hold'em and Ahava, right? This is life, right? You had you won one day, and they will win one day. And this is how life is don't just become a startled when you get a loss or when things don't go right your way. This is something that's part of an old woman in the infancy and part of it is your own fault. Perhaps there's something that you are overlooking about yourself. Again, that introspection, introspection is very, very important. Look at this one masaba kamiyama

00:59:01--> 00:59:47

Takayama Annie Furby even Illa the misfortune which befell you on the day, and the two armies met happened by God's permission so that he may mark out the true believers. The true believers are shown when tragedy strikes. That's when true believers shine. Remember yesterday we talked about what you know people who deal with adversity, they say in Allah he were in 1900 urine. They don't say anything inappropriate. They live in Nadella, he went to Nigeria. That's when you show you're truly guided. So this adversity also showed the true believers the you know, the ones who really have the strength of character also to show clearly the people who are acting hypocritically like

00:59:47--> 00:59:59

the ones who were not 15 they said the ones who left the army lonavala Makita. Nirvana come if you knew that they will be fighting, we will surely follow you. Look at how severe

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

This was a man, maybe a few groups of people, a few people who were truly hypocrites, influencing Sahaba to give up their battle positions and retreat from the army, home lillico, free aka, yo man, aka woman, woman, a man, they were that day nearer to unbeliev than to believe the words they utter bear no relation to what is in their hearts, God knows well, what they conceal those who say to there, those who stayed behind set of their brothers had they listened to us, they will not have been killed, say to them word of death from yourselves, then if you were, if you were, if you are truthful, what's interesting running sisters here is to consider this point that the Sahaba, right,

01:00:49--> 01:01:15

the Sahaba, who are, you know, the best of the people were influenced by these hypocrites who are living amongst them, right, they had a, you know, like, they were not immune to what people were seeing. This is how human beings are, we get influenced by what we hear around us, because our words have consequences. And so panela

01:01:16--> 01:02:03

does harbor we're no different. And here we are, you know, this thing occurs with people afterwards as well, we have to be very careful, very cautious of who we surround ourselves with. Because if we are influenced by people who are surrounded by people who are this who are negative, who are pessimistic, who have these bad, hypocritical qualities of cowardice, you know what's going to happen, we will actually start to have those values as well. So be very careful of who you listen to who's around you, what kind of people are in your circle, okay, that is a very critical lesson here. And that I is evidence of that surah Allah Emraan concludes with a very beautiful, very beautiful

01:02:03--> 01:02:41

passage if you give me a couple of minutes we can finish this inshallah because then there will be a nice finish in the in the if you have to somehow it will have the workday laughing lately when the hurry that I attended above, there are signs in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and day for people of understanding. So Pamela Emraan began if you look if you remember, if you remember, there's a beautiful symmetry between the beginning of surah Allah Miranda we spoke about yesterday and the end of sola surah Allah Ron which we're talking about today, and the very beginning I number seven Allah Allah mentions what Rossi for nephila, even those

01:02:41--> 01:03:29

who are firmly grounded in knowledge, they say we believe in it, it is all from our Lord. Right? It starts its talks about firmly grounded in knowledge, but this knowledge is speaking specifically, excuse me, specifically about the book the verses its interpretation. Now look at these people. Who are these people who are in El Bab? Right, my crew in la luna Alba, the same word only the wise Take heed old album, the people are wisdom, the people of intelligence Iowa 90 same only al BB, the people understanding and intelligence look is the crux of something. The person of love is the one who is smart, is able to cut out the noise and the riffraff and go to the crux of the matter. That's

01:03:29--> 01:03:31

what intelligence is, isn't it?

01:03:32--> 01:04:20

Who are these people? I Levine is kurunegala half PMO guru don't want to be him who remember God while standing, sitting and lying on their sides, where the * Karuna at will. And he and they ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth. SubhanAllah they remember a lot. Their hearts are connected to Allah, their spirituality. Their minds are connected to Allah's creation. They're pondering, and that's using their brain and the two together give them the realization robina mahalo after heard about Allah saying, Lord, you have not created all of this without purpose so of Hanukkah glory with you, and save us from the torment of the Fire. Our Lord, if those you condemned

01:04:20--> 01:04:59

to enter the fire, you have surely brought to disgrace and the wrongdoers will have no supporters. Our Lord we have heard a caller calling to the true faith saying Believe in your Lord and He believed Lord, forgive us our sins and remove from us our bad deeds and make us die with the virtuous. Our Lord grant us what you have promised us through your property through your messengers, and do not humiliate us on the Day of Resurrection. Surely you will never fail to fulfill your promise in Nikola Tesla from May 1 to Jabba hombre boom the Lord accepted the player and Neela oh there Oh Rama Amalie min come mean that Karina olsa I will do

01:05:00--> 01:05:07

No man or woman among you the reward of their labors. Here, the man and the woman is the same.

01:05:08--> 01:05:54

We began this work talking about well, I said Dr. okaloosa. Physically, men and women are different. In our physiology, our physiology is different. Our biology is different, but our reward our spirituality, it's the same in the eyes of Allah. Our efforts are judged by our the merits of the efforts, our intentions, its difficulty, and Neela. All the Ramadan many men come in the current winter, you remembers one another, right? We are part of the same same race are the same species. I will search the forgiveness of those who emigrated and who were expelled from their homes, and who suffered persecution in my cause who fought and were killed. I will certainly admit them to gardens

01:05:54--> 01:06:03

through which rivers flows as a reward from God and with God is the best reward. If this surah spoke a lot about

01:06:04--> 01:06:58

being about being being selfless, not being consumed by material desires and gains. Don't be deceived by the actions of those who deny the truth in the land. I number 196 Metatron pallial. This is only a brief enjoyment, after which hell shall be the report on what an evil resting place the surah concludes with BIA Johann Ladin, Armando spirou, wasabi, wasabi, duck law halala come to the horn believers endure and outdo each other in endurance and stand firm in your faith so that you may succeed a very beautiful surah focusing on the concept of worshiping Allah being selfless beings, to those who are helping Allah is part of helping the creation inviting people to this, this cause. And

01:06:58--> 01:07:30

specifically in the surah we spoke about inviting the Christians is up McClaren, forgive me the extra time to complete the surah. Tomorrow we'll start with the Nyssa in sha Allah as Kamala Harris, so panagia Lomo ambiga Michel de la ilaha illa and stuff will contribute like, I'm going to take a couple of questions if you if you're free to leave if you like to leave the question here. Are there some sex who don't believe in possums last messenger? That would mean they're not believers? Correct? someone believes the Prophet is not the last messenger. They are not Muslims to talk about Christians and Jews, but we come across Hindus and Sikhs in our community to how can we have an

01:07:30--> 01:08:08

interfaith dialogue with them, especially with the Sikhs, who are similar to us? Excellent question. So the Quran speaks primarily to the polytheism, aka, the Jews and the Christians. Those are the three main audiences when it comes to interfaith dialogue. But the principles we learned from this are the same ones we can apply to any other interfaith setting. So for example, with the six if the there are commonalities between us and six, right, so we should start with the things that are common, we should focus on what's common inshallah. And then from there, we move on. Maybe it's not Ibrahima, excellent, Abraham and Sam is not the common thread between us and the six. But there are

01:08:08--> 01:08:41

other things that we can start with. And that is always the way to build on what's common, and to use that as the way to start and always focusing on the worship of Allah alone, the DOE head of Allah and using the ayat around the world to prove that and then the ayat in the book to also make the case for that. So that's the basic idea. I hope that brief answer make sense inshallah, the rest of it we will talk about tomorrow. I'll see you all Same time, same place as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.