Our Beliefs Should Move us to Action

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Ramadan Reflections


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The transcript discusses the importance of a surah in the title of the book "reflections on integration" and how it is used to encourage people to take action and stand for what is right. The surah is a big thing and is a big question to ask themselves, as it is the only thing they need in their life. The title also references a man named Mr. Huck who claims to have faith and is encouraged to speak up for what is right.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to Ramadan reflections on integration TV. There's a surah in Quran that Imam Shafi, the great scholar said, that allowed the dove Baron nasaka tome, that if people were to think about the surah, and to really ponder and reflect, and then implement what the surah is talking about, then that is really all they need. Like there's nothing else you need in life, this is the only thing that you need in your life, for everything to be okay. And this surah that he's referring to is well as three in the incentive of

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Surah Surah Surah.

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One of the shortest sources of Quran, Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath in this surah. And what does an oath mean? That's a large topic and discussion. But for the sake of our, for our discussion here to this reminder, an oath is to give something a little bit extra importance, an oath is to take something and present that as evidence. So our last panel is presenting Alaska as evidence. What is the last Alaska is time, you can say and also, like even our buses is, as a man, it is all of human history. So our last populace presenting all of human history and saying, here's the proof. In the lesson Luffy hosts, every single human being is a loser, except those in the levina amanu,

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who truly believe why mila solly had and their Eman. their belief leads them to action, right? their belief is not just something that they internalize, or something that is in their hearts, their belief, forces them compels them to do something.

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While I'm in a solid, hot water well, so we'll help in particular, their belief forces them to stand up for what's right. There are so will hack. And what's beautiful is a towel. So like this word, LLC, is to show that you are doing it, and you're encouraging others to do it. And you're doing it with love. You're not forcing this upon people. And you know that this is going to be a process. So these people who are standing up for what's right, they do it in an encouraging manner. They involve people with them, and they know it's gonna be a long process. So if there's no results right away, they don't just quit, but also bill Huck, what a while, so be sober. And they demonstrate patience.

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And they encourage others to be patient, and they encourage others to stick the course and stay for the long haul. This is all of it originates because of their email in London, Armando. Romulus Ali had good deeds standing up for what's right, and standing up and being patient and encouraging patients. Allah spotlights presenting literally all of human history and saying, only people who have ever been successful are people who have these traits. People who have demonstrated these traits are the only ones who are successful, everybody else has been a failure. So the question we have to ask ourselves is, how many of these traits do we embody? They we are claiming to have faith?

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But what does that claim really mean? Right, our actions Express priority, right? What is it that we do? Are we able to get up for budget? Are we able to control our emotions? Are we able to see something that's wrong? And then say, you know what, that is wrong, I'm going to do something about it. Right? And even if that small thing is like a retreat or something, but you do something about it, like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, that if you see something that's wrong, then change it for you. It will be sad. And if you can change it, then speak out against it. Don't just sit there silently. And if you can even speak out because you're afraid of losing your life for

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something then at least know in your heart that thing is wrong with alpha alpha Lima. So that is the lowest level of human so we have to ask ourselves, what is our fate me? Thank you so much. salaam aleikum wa Taala