Aarij Anwer – Coherence in the Qur’an #1

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Islam and how it relates to the creation of humans. They explain that the creation and resurrection are tied together, and that the sun and the moon are the two most important elements of the creation process. The speaker also mentions the legal aspect of Islam and how it ties back to the creation and resurrection.
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One of the things that we believe in as Muslims is that when Allah subhanaw taala wants to do something, all he says is B. And that thing is done in nama ambu, either or other shaman and your coolala who can

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for your code B.

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And it becomes, whether it's creating something, whether that is getting something done decreeing any command, any affair. All he says is B, and it's done. This is the glory, this is the might. This is how exalted our lives

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in these verses from Surah Lockman. So verse number 2728 29. We let's look at take a look at one particular thing here. It says mahalo cuckoo, your creation. What are Sukhum and your resurrection?

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Illa can assume wahida will not be but as that of a single soul in the loss, immune Basia, absolutely no doubt about it that Allah is hearing and seeing.

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What's interesting to note here is that the creation comes from the command of a law, which comes from his word, con to the creation is from the word.

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Good. That's the word of Allah, correct. And likewise,

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the resurrection.

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Also whenever he wills to resurrect on the Day of Judgment, when everybody will be brought back from that, it will also be a command that will come from his word, coin. So both the resurrection and the creation, come from the word of Allah, come from the word of Allah. So they are nuts can assume wahida

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they're the same thing for some for Allah subhanaw taala, to create out of nothingness, and to resurrect after dead, rather to resurrect after death, for him is the same thing because all it takes to create and all it takes to resurrect, is the word of Allah. God. That's the level of glory and might and that's how exalted on lies.

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Now, if you look at the words before this, get this is where it gets really interesting. He says that if whatever trees upon the earth were pets, all the trees in the earth were turned into pets, and the sea was ink, the oceans imagine them being put together, and there's a huge pot of ink replenished thereafter by seven more seats that are constantly refilled. As they keep running out. They're constantly refilled this huge pot of ink. If all of that was used to write the words of Allah monophysite Kadima to law, the words of Allah will not be exhausted.

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And this is because Allah Subhana Allah

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creates farmers word corn,

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and resurrects from his word, corn. So, you look at how many things are created. You know how many babies are born, how many

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trees shed leaves, and then they're replaced. The animals just absolutely uncountable. So the creation of a lot happens with him his word, and he creates an he creates and he creates manaphy that came out of all the words of the last month love and not be exhausted. And likewise the resurrection will also happen in the words of Allah. So this is how it's tied together. These two ayat are tied together Kadima to law,

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the creation and the resurrection come from the words of from the word of Allah. So they are tied together in this context. So panela what's interesting after this is that the worst after verse number 29 gets a little bit more interesting.

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The last one that wants to show us one particular aspect of his creation,

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the sun and the moon, chumps, and cop, okay. And he says, lm Tara do Don't you see? He actually asked a question. Do you not see how Allah subhanaw taala has created the sun in the mood for you? In fact, rather have you not do not see how all those possible causes the day rather than night to end to the day and the day to enter the night

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and more Sahara Shams are calmer and he has put the sun and the moon at your service.

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He points out to particularly the sun and the moon. Then he says cool Luigi de la gente masama each running its course Illa j Lim Muslim.

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So the

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the sun and the moon

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There are the creation, the creation of Allah, correct part of the creation of Allah.

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And then he mentions very interesting, legal, new yejide Allah as a Muslim, even though these are great creations, they are not going to last forever. They're gonna last only after a certain day, and that is going to be the day when everybody is resurrected. ajilon masama. So he brings it back to the concept of creation and resurrection, even the next ayah when he talks about some of his signs, he brings it back first, the creation. And then the resurrection, ties it back to this ayah this ayah he says the creation and the resurrection is this like the same thing to Allah, because they're both from the word of Allah ties it back to the ayah before the words of Allah will never be

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Coherence in the Qur’an – Creation and Resurrection

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