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wanna stop? For now? Julian kusina Dr. Medina, Mayor de la foto de la

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la la la, la la de boss Habib is running all the local Darlington senior Aziz is gonna bargain

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on the regime.

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The moon

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First of all,

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today is December 25. December 25 is the day that is largely celebrated as the day of the birth of research.

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There's some difference of opinion even in the, in the historical narrative, the the historical precedent of a survey set up about the date specifically when he was born.

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But for us, eSATA Sam is one of the most important people, one of the most important figures in our league. And it's worth our while to talk about him and to reflect on his message and to reflect on his life. We take this as an opportunity to remind ourselves of him and his setup, and what we can be inspired by his amazing life. And his amazing example, I want to share with you four main points about Lisa and Lisa, I want to share with you a little bit of an introduction of who he was his miraculous birth number two, his message, what did he bring to this world number three, and number four is his ending and return. We don't say his death, because we don't believe he died.

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He is going to be back but he left the world as we will discuss four main points. And these are all things that are you know, textual things that are in our scripture from our homeland, from our book, The Quran and from the Sunnah of the prophet is also

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an introduction to him. Number one, he is called in the Quran, a few things he is categorized as well as being

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one of the five mighty prophets, these five are hundreds of them, Ibrahim, no Musa and Raisa these are the five mighty prophets, that a lot popular refers to them, mighty in the sense of their as their strength, strength of character, their determination, mighty in the sense of the message that they brought, and mighty in the sense of the legacy they left restart. This is one of those who dies me when

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he is known in the movies termed in the Quran, as ultimacy

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translated as the Messiah, and mercy as mentioned by the scholars of the seal like Eman Cassia? He says, There is what what why was he given this name,

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feel alien cannot be the Messiah, Messiah hadn't been the way olara had body or body as us maybe in

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total memoriam he says, he was called lmsc, the one who would touch from the word master how to tag something very likely must is, you know, when you wipe your head, you touching your hair, like the that light touch, he was called the one who touches lightly because when someone would be afflicted with diseases, his light touch would miraculously heal them. That's all it was needed. This was one of the miracles that he was given. And thus he was termed a little messy. And this is a beautiful description of who he was, and how amazing his personality was, and how amazing His miracles were, that it wasn't even a hard or stiff touch that required the healing. It was just a gentle touch. And

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that was all that was required for a person to be healed of leprosy for a person to be healed of the blindness. That was by the permission of Allah. Allah is calling upon. Maria, repeatedly, Lisa, the son of Mary, Jesus, the son of Mary repeatedly, he's called that a very beautiful blinding expression. I mentioned this before, if the plan repeats something, there's a point. The Quran does not call Ibrahim, if you ask them again and again, listen, that's the name of his father. But I mentioned it in one place, but repeatedly he's not called that is not called repeatedly is only mentioned once and that's it. repeating these

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rissalah sometimes called Lisa, the son of Maria, Jesus, the son of Mary, and this is to drive home the point that he was

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this one to me, he had to learn

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to drive home the point that he had no father.

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And that's why he's associated to his mother, that his birth was a miracle. This is the point that Allah wants to speak very clearly, this is a human being, unlike any other since other mammals, that he had no father, and the only one after another Muslim who had no father.

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And he or his daughter Sarah is repeatedly called as such, why is he called as such because the, our brethren from the Christian faith believe that he's the son of God, but he is the Son of God. And the Quran repeatedly calls him the son of Mary, to make this point, that he's not the Son of God. He's not God in flesh. He is one of the greatest prophets. His birth was a miracle. Most of his life was a miracle. But he's not the Son of God. He's the son of Mary. The Quran, calls him what he had to do well as he calls it, is an illness honored in this world, a miraculous sign for all people. These are amazing characteristics that that the Parana firms have recently set up. And these are the

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ones that we affirm that we hold on to as well. His miraculous birth number two, his miraculous birth, if we believe that he was brought into this world as a miracle, without a father, his mother was a chaste woman who did not have any relation. She was a virgin, and she conceived him by the miracle last month, Allah gave birth to him as a miracle. And once he was born as a baby. He spoke from the cradle, as a newborn. Also a miracle governor sparkler gave him and these are all affirmations. We affirm all of these firms, and we are honored that he is our Prophet. We are honored by it. We feel proud of it. We need our children money and Isa, because we want them to

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aspire to be like money. I'm an ISA. He was the process about money when Islam is politan Polonica to Yahweh in law how you wish to he began he met him it was

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Maria, but she had

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been married, you're more gives you good use of a word from him, can can imitate Minwoo in this ayah? Or can you borrow from a law a word from a law? This is the meaning of this is that a law spotless had good

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faith, and he was his creation, his conception in the womb of Mary was not in natural conception, like the rest of us are conceived in the wombs of our parents are assuming the wounds of our mothers were conceived naturally.

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But Lisa, Sam's conception was through the word of Allah.

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And that is how he was conceived in the womb of Maria. And then the rest of the birth was in natural birth, like any other human being within conception, was by the word of a lot and does a lot Paulson, he word from him, a word from him.

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His message number three, his message what was the message that he brought,

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he was the last messenger of bunnies that

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he was the last of them, starting from his house, many, many centuries ago, ending with the resurgence of the last of the Israelites, the last cent. And when he came, he said to them, what a stolen Lebanese are in a potential to be the middle of a coup. He says, I have come to you with the miraculous sign from your Lord. What is the miraculous sign? The birth was a miracle, of course, but then it didn't accept that him speaking for the cradle was a miracle. But then he also had other miracles to prove that he is the the Prophet of Allah subhanaw taala, the chosen one at that point, what was the miracles and the

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clean cahaya template for

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the beginning, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, I will make the shape of a bird out of clay for you. And then breathe into it. And by the permission of God, it will become a real life bird.

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That was a miracle.

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And he would do that. We're opening a kimono without bourassa I, by God's leave, I will heal the blind and the leper command is actually someone who was born with blindness, not someone who lost their eyesight or became part of sight. This is somebody who was born without them.

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ability to see. So he says, I cure, or I feel the blind that the leper by the permission of God.

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That's a miracle. And that was done by that light touch and mercy, light touch. And that was how a miracle was that what used to be isn't in love Bismillah and I give are I bring the dead to life, a person passed away at Exodus, and bring them back to life by the permission of a love of course. These were all real miracles that Allah gave to Risa to show two bunnies irrefutably that he is a prophet of Allah irrefutably he is the prophet of a law.

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He was that presented after showing them all of these amazing miracles. He presented to them the message that he brought

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I will tell you what you eat. And once you store up in your homes in Nevada at the end of

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the year and Tamati, when he

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this was the contentious point for them, I have come to verify it wasn't the top of the top row. I've come to verify and attest the law of Moses, but also to make things halaal that were previously around what do you borrow, liberally. And this contentious point was something that bunnies did not accept, they did not want to accept from Risa that he is going to come and choose the law of loser. Even though he said, I am here to verify his message, and also to make changes to it. And I am doing this not because of me, I'm doing this because of a one. And here is my proof. Miracle 12345.

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all the evidences he presented. And yet despite that, he was not accepted. He says,

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is my Lord and your Lord. So worship him. That's the straight path. But then he was betrayed.

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He was betrayed. He was betrayed by the Israelites. He was betrayed by his own disciples. For that

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he felt disbelief imminent. He looked for supporters. And even within his supporters. The support wasn't very strong. So here is one of the greatest prophets of Allah,

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showing miracle after miracle after miracle to his people, and yet his people, his very own people did not accept his message, did not accept his message. And then his message become this became the story.

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It became the student particularly because of his ending a lot smarter says

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it all along. The water was the governor of heruka, Elijah buco, he'll come in and

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when I was at Risa, I will take you to me and raise you up to me, and so clear, you have the cleans of the disbelievers. And you're pleased those who follow you above those who deny you that deny the truth, until the day of judgment. Last putana

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took the silence from this world. He was not, he did not die.

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He will not die on the cross. We don't accept that. He was not he not rise from the dead. We don't accept that.

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He was taken by a loss problem in this world.

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He was wrong. I'm gonna raise you to be lifted off from the world while he was still alive. But then he will be back. Why wouldn't Assad defer that

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he is going to be a sign of the day of judgment when he comes back. That is one of the major signs that the Day of Judgment is imminent. It's close.

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So this ending of his is what became the point of contention. The Christian brethren of our Christian brethren tend to take that incident and say that crucifixion is because he died for our sins. And that resurrection afterwards shows he is the Son of God. And that's their belief. What we say is, nobody dies for our boom, our sense. Nobody dies for ourselves. Nobody pays for my sins. Nobody pays for your sins. What does he do was

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no person will carry another person's burdens.

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All of us are individually held accountable in the sight of the last panel. That's what we believe.

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That's why our salvation is

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purely in the hands of a loss pagana

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if he wants to forgive us, RMS mercy, he forgives, if he wants to be just, he will be just with his punishment. No one. No human being has that authority only Allah, Allah has the authority. No human being can die for my sins or your sins. We don't accept that.

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At this point of contention is where the Christians separated or branched off from the Jews and became the fate that they are today I

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spill out Henry loves AutoSum

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he was having what

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he saw, as, as we have discussed his, his rank, his stature in our Deen

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is off the top profits, the top five. His titles the one gives him are the most honored titles. He's called an ayah a miraculous sight. Because his life his birth was an iron and miraculous incident. him speaking from the cradle as a baby was an iron, his message the way he preached, it was an iron, the way he preached it was an iron. What he preached was an iron. And how he left this world is ending was an iron as well. And of course, his return is going to be an eyesore. He's truly a miraculous sign from Allah. His example should inspire us, it should position inspire in us, the conviction that even if even if people don't follow, or don't listen, or people don't value, what

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we're doing. A loss particle is the one who only matters, not the people. This is one of the greatest prophets of all time, a truly miraculous sign from Allah. Yet his followers were very few when he was a lot. And when he passes away, his message is changed. And there's debate and contention about what he when he preached and how it happened the way it happened. These are points of contention, even today, among the scholars of the Bible, and the history of the of the historical person of Jesus. These are still debates and books are still written about it.

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His message was lost. His followers were a few, but yet he remains one of the greatest. And he remains an ayah when he comes back. So this is something for us to take home and think about. And it's not about the quantity, it's actually about the quality. Also for us, it's something to think about from the life of research. This is the excellence that every prophet demonstrates, but particularly rissalah. Experts he demonstrated in the way he treated his his adversaries is a baby when he proclaimed he's a prophet is a little boy growing up after having received revelation. Constantly. Can you imagine how he would have been treated in a condescending manner, by the

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renumber, the status quo of the time, constantly derided constantly called names that are unbecoming because of his virgin birth,

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yet at all times, and alters he would have handled himself gracefully. That's why in the Quran, the Quran says that the Christians who follow the message of research even if they have, you know, some problems in the way that they understand divinity. What, despite that problem, these still have been beaten them into this cc novel burn and one, realize that, despite all the flaws, the character of a PSA of not having arrogance, or being gentle in kind, is still observed among those who are the true practitioners of this feat. And it's something to think about that how amazing man his character must have been, how humble and how amazing he must have been just take all of this criticism, all of

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this abuse, and not once retaliate, not once for telling you to handle all this betrayal and not feel as if he wants to give up on his people.

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And to this day, you see remnants of that in the character of those who want to be inspired by him. And that's something for us more than anybody else. before anybody else, insurance pyre of us to have that kind of character, to have the kind of a flock in our dealings with those who we agree and with those who we don't agree as a toughy to understand

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In the love of life

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to somebody

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from a different city

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in America with the love

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that he

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was it was a gap and when you

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open it

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