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And this is something that we should be proud of as Muslims, brothers and sisters, because I don't want to talk to you about this, and then you feel nice for one day. And then you go home. And it seems story. I don't want you to suffer from spiritual diabetes.

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And this is not a spiritual incident for you.

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Okay, I want you to really take this on board. So you could be encouraged to do your own studies. So you could be encouraged to open your mouth not to hide anymore. Because Muslims we can't afford to hide anymore. People are waiting for you to speak. The whole world is waiting for Islam to raise his voice, the true voice of Islam, the voice of peace, the voice of Rama, the voice of justice, the voice of distribution of wealth, the voice of harmony, the voice of tolerance. This is what the world needs. You can't be hiding anymore. Brothers and sisters. You can't have people coming every year to the same conferences and listening to the same things. And of course, it's time to arise in

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one conference. Allah says a rising one you have all of the resources at your disposal Mashallah you're strong Mashallah you're powerful Mashallah, you have money as well. Mashallah, you have good food. Right? You have you have an intellectual tradition. You have everything at your disposal. Now's the time for you to particularly a positive compassionate case for Islam. Don't forget, we are rigidly nurse. Allah tells us we are here for the people, leanness, the Arabic Lee net leanness, not millionaires, we're not from them. We're for them. Now, this is not supposed to create arrogance and kiger. No, it's supposed to humble us to make us realize that we're here for people if we adopt the

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values of the Quran and the prophetic traditions, to take care of humanity. This is what Muslims are about. Allah says we are Shahada and a nurse, we're here we're witnesses over mankind, to take care of people

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to facilitate their affairs. Why is it brothers and sisters, that 8 million people die of starvation every year in the world, according to UNICEF, and the majority of those people are children under the age of five. Why have you and me allowed such a situation? This is the route terrorism.

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If you want to play a numbers game, this is the route terrorism allowing 8 million people to die because of starvation because of no food. When we know there is enough food on this planet. Look how fast some of the Americans has become. Look how fast some of the Saudis have become. Look how fat some of the countries have become.

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No offense, but we become obese, we got so much food, we don't know what to do with it. And we waste and we waste and we waste. The issue is not about we don't have enough food. The issue is about distribution of wealth.

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Why have we allowed such a situation to happen?

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as Muslims, this should not happen at all.

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And if it does happen, we need to warn people and show them the right way forward to teach them about the distribution of wealth to teach them about the Islamic violence of economics.

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Because we're going to be accountable on the day of judgment to Allah subhana wa Taala. And I want you to take this as a sense of responsibility that every single one of you have a voice.

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And this is why I don't want these sessions, these conferences just to make you feel nice for a few minutes. And then you go back home, you go back to sleep. And it's the same old routine, the same old routine, I want you to be revived. I want this to be like seeds that are planted in your heart and your mind. So they could grow into the fruits of transformation.

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This is what we want.

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Because to be honest, brothers and sisters, if you look at the politics around the world and what's happening, I think all eyes on Turkey at the moment,

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relatively economically stable, social stability, taking some kind of leadership in the world at the moment.

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Creating good dynamic relationship with other leaders has an Islamic ethos is harmonious.

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It's reviving his tradition of making sure that all the minorities live harmoniously, the Turks, the Kurds, the Armenians

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And everybody else, right?

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And there's a slow, interesting progression towards these Islamic values, which is creating a lot of harmony. So I think eyes on Turkey at the moment,

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eyes on Turkey eyes on you. So the question is, what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna sit in conferences and just say oh Alhamdulillah, a Greek brother, he became Muslim. He said a few things in Turkish, I feel so happy. And he said a few things about the Ottomans. I feel so great. Ha ha, ha ha, ha. You're not children. You're not children, you're I know, you're leaders. You have to see yourself as a leader, every Muslim is a leader. Every Muslim is a leader, this.

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Everyone is a shepherd. We all shepherds, and we all have something to manage our flock.

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And you need to lead your families lead yourselves and lead your society.

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Because think about it, brothers and sisters, you know, the Quran not only changed the world by supposed to change you.

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It's supposed to change you.

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Or you will just be born.

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Educate yourself, get a good job, get money, get married, have kids and then die. Is that your life? Is that your life? born? Marriage, kids death? Is that your life?

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Whoa, whoa, we need to think about this. Because if that is your life, then you're no different from a cow or a sheep. And a donkey. Honestly, and I say this about myself. Because all of these things that is based on instinct, survival, reproduction. That's what a cow does. When it's eating grass. It's surviving. And then it mates with its friend and it reproduces, right?

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We do the same. I don't care if you have a PhD. I don't care if you got a great job. It still is based on instinct, survival, reproduction. I don't care if you wrote your wife poetry. Makes no difference. It's still based on instinct. I don't care if you went to this amazing island for your honeymoon. It's still based on instinct procreation. Many of the things that we do in our lives is based on these cool animal instincts. Even the big houses that we buy, and the because that we have, this is all the shiny stuff, but it reduces itself to the cool animal instinct of survival. Is your life just going to be about survival reproduction? Is that it? Or even do something about your life?

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Unless isn't the Quran? Yeah, you know, stage Ebola, he will accompany my Yukiko all you who have believed, talking to you know, talking to your next door neighbor, talking to you. The Book of Allah is one big love letter to you. Because it's from his, that he wrote this book. And I like saying to you, all you, as believed, respond to the call of Allah and His messenger to that which gives you life.

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mm Buhari. May Allah have mentioned him, he said, the response here is the response to all that is good.

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And all that is good, is Islam.

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So Allah is telling us what's going to give us real life. Because the owner, the scholars say about this ayah that if you don't respond to the call of a lion is messenger, then you're dead, Muslim walking, your heart is dead. Your spiritual heart is dead. And you're just like an animal just obeying your instincts born

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marriage, kids death, and in between lots of yemek.

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We need to elevate ourselves, brothers and sisters. We need to elevate ourselves and understand that the root change of the Quran wasn't just about changing Ottoman life. It wasn't about just changing Spanish life in Islamic Spain. It wasn't about just about just economics. Why did these things happen? That's the question I want you to ask. Why did they happen near right? Why did they happen? They happened not because of the values themselves because because people carry the values, the Sahaba the Muslims, they carry the values of the Quran and Sunnah not only just in their minds, but it was in the heart

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So really when the Quran changed the world is because it changed people. Think about this brothers and sisters 80 years after the death of our beloved Prophet, and according to the LMR, the death of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was the greatest calamity for the ummah. It was the greatest calamity for the oma.

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But 80 years after his death, we were in Pakistan in moved on, and we're in Spain.

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And it was 82 years after his death, that the Muslims decided to fix the mustard of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was still dripping of water.

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It goes to show that people at the time they knew what created change was a change of mind, and a change of heart, a spiritual intellectual transformation, not just building buildings. Yes, we have amazing mosques in Ottoman history. I love them the beautiful, the best architecture ever. But to be honest, a mosque doesn't change society, at building doesn't change society segment doesn't change society. rooks do not change society. pestle and mortar doesn't change society. Bricks don't change society, even money doesn't change society. One changes society, his values, his thoughts, his ideas, his your spiritual disposition. And this is why the early Muslims The reason, just in 80

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years after the death of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We were in Pakistan in Spain, implementing the justice in harmony and peace of Islam.

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Because it was about people of substance, the Quran changed and transformed the hearts of man.

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So that's the real change. We could talk about Ottoman history in Islamic Spain and medieval bug died. In two we get fed up. But the real question today is, how is the Quran gonna change your heart? How is the book of Allah gonna change your heart? And I want us to focus on this because it's very important for the future. We shouldn't have a historical complex. Don't be like the Greeks, just because there was Aristotle and Plato, the Greeks think there's something but they don't know anything. Cuz why they know they're just slaves of Germany.

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Well, that's a different economic problem. But the point is, we need to realize don't have a historical complex, because when we look into Ottoman history, we should see it as a motivation to look into the future. And this is why when we say the Quran changed the world means it changed people's hearts in order for them to change the world. So how do we know change our hearts, there's so many things we need to do from a spiritual social level.