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Salam aleikum when I handle labor cattle

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are you ready for the daily check in we've got about eight minutes before we start so I thought we would, you know, just wait for people to tune in by if you come in later on, you can fast forward about eight minutes.

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But I thought we would hang out and

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and give some shout out to some kids. So if you have kids at home who are watching this with you, and you would like me to call out their names and they'll get all excited and Glee and Glee with joy, then let's do that inshallah. Tada.

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The first shout out is for imeni and Eman, children of Sumaiya. Welcome, Imani and Eman.

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They gonna sit on us now hope you're doing well. We've got Selma, Selma, everybody has asked me where I am. And for security reasons I don't tell anybody where I'm at.

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Fadi welcomes Fadi, we've got for tune in Nairobi. Malik Messina. We've got Haiti and in Denmark, I believe Yeah. Sabina, Alec, Madame.

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Lisa hash lemma Sadam. Madea in the Quran

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all right, there we go. Shout out for my daughter Rania, and another one my son lathe Aasif. This is a shout out for lathe and his daughter Rania and his son lathe How you guys doing? Be kind to your father and mother during this time. They're working hard.

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For Lisa hash, we got Musa in Phoenix, Arizona. Asahikawa Musa, how are you doing? I hope you're doing well. Teacher mom good.

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I think it was Sam Cara Montreal Maryam in Switzerland with the kids.

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And as Matt says, shout out salam for Ilya Fatima. How you doing Ilya Fatima? Your mom tells everybody that she's the number one fan of visionair

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Hi Elia Fatima sound like

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Nadia Abbas Nana, I was thinking I'm like, where's that? Where's that listening to people? Why are they not tuning in?

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We've got NAD the AV was Nina the use of in Xena How are you doing use of in Xena a sound like

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red, red cherry says

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this Hawk in France. All right, we got this. How can France How are you doing this hub? I would try doing a French accent but I'm really bad at French accents.

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Karima in Germany, are they gonna Sam Karima? We've got on zash Sumaiya Hafsa and zayde all right on zash salary calm. They'd and Hafsa and sue my hope you're doing well. Should your parents good?

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We've got some hot in Sri Lanka like Mr. Ram.

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Further you Alec Mr. Ram.

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Her nota salami. Abubakar says shout out to Eman honey via XID and Watson oligos. Rob Hey Eman. Hi nev and Watson hope you're doing well.

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Isha in Kenya. We've got Marissa Bal. Shout out to ISA and Husna ASI Can you send us now how are you doing?

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And boss Sierra This is a cool one. Call out my husband's named Dr. Nadeem Aslam Dr. Nadeem as everybody's like okay okay get started with

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for John is saying where are you share how are you in Canada? This look like Canada? No. But for security reasons I do not share with people my location in case there's a stalker that shows up behind me while I'm doing this and then just odd does a Jason move on me? And it's captured live on camera.

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Heidi says shout out to Muhammad the crazy one here with me. I think everybody has some crazy kids in their house these days. Hey Muhammad, how you doing? How are you doing? Mohammed? Daughter I mean son of Heidi.

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They call Muhammad

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stay safe in sha Allah

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Alia ala

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Mohamad. How are you doing?

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Been a long time for sure. Where are you these days?

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been too long with like, what like?

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How many years? Eight years 10 years. A lot of other

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Zaynab living in Doha was an answer to dream golf four years ago. hamdulillah

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Madea says busy with our kids times have changed.

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So my year in Austin, Texas, sou L Yes, we're gonna get started

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in one minute

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from UAE

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May Allah protect you from stalkers. I mean,

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I once read a book on cybercrime.

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And because of that, you know, telling people your location or when you're traveling, this is one of the things if you're traveling, nobody's traveling these days. But if somebody was traveling, and they posting Hey, I'm on I'm in such and such a place, then stalkers could be like, Oh, so you're not home. So let's go rob your house.

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Stuff like that.

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Selma Nasha and Pennsylvania, Atacama Sudan a snot welcome tuning in sokola Hidin

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for getting started in one minute,

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one minute

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there's a guy who normally parks near my parks his car near this place, and he sits in his car, and he leaves the car on, I guess for the air conditioning or something. And, and he's been doing it the past few days. And I made that $1,200 that he would go away park somewhere else. So hamdulillah he's not here tonight than I thought what if he's homeless? What if I'm doing this late at night? And he doesn't have anywhere to go so then I thought, yeah, I want him to go somewhere else. I still want that. But maybe I should give him some money to help them out. Help older brother.

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Alright, let's get started.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah. Allah Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Good Morning, Vietnam.

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I want to see how loud I can say it without attracting any attention. Okay, so far nobody's looking at. Okay.

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So today

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I want to take you to Medina. So Hamdulillah I have a good a good friend that I've known him before he went to Medina. I knew him you know when he got accepted to Medina hamdulillah and now recently he's actually completed his PhD from Medina University and Masha Allah to Bartok Allah, He does, or he, he's in charge. He's not he's not Saudi, but he's in charge of

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managing the translation of the hookah administered in Neverland is in charge of managing the translation of the foot bus and Mr. Napoli. So

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as you know, being in October, I was there in Mecca and Medina. And, and on Friday, he's like, Look, I can't hang out with you guys, Muhammad and some other brothers, because I have to, you know, do the translation for the foot but tomorrow, and I'm like, whatever. Forget it. I didn't know what mustard he was talking about. I thought it's just some local Masjid. Like, come hang out with us. And then I and then I found out No, he's doing the translation for the hotbar of mustard and nebulae. So Masha, Allah Tabata kala Latifah. So when he was when he was doing that, when we were going for the gym, mahatva I messaged him and I said, bro, we need some box seats. We need you to

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hook us up with some box seats. And Mr. Neverwet, like the places where you could look, you know, you're in a balcony up somewhere high, and you can see everybody praying, because whoever's doing the translation has to be in a really cool place. Well, we didn't hear from him. And the hudco was over and we were kind of joking. But then he said after the gym, haha, he said that. You know, if you had told me earlier, I would have I would have hooked you up with that. And we're like, Dang, this guy's got hookups for box seats for the gym, a hookah admission Napoli. So today he sent me he sent me a video, the video of the hookah and Masjid Nabawi in Medina, and you may have seen it, and

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it's incredibly emotional because the entire Masjid is empty, and the surrounding courtyard is empty. And only the the Imam

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the Imam and a few of the other Imams actually are the only ones in attendance you're talking about, you know, maybe there's 40 people I think in total, something like that. They were that were there and Miss nebo we miss nubbly that can have hundreds of 1000s of people come to pray in the masjid

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There's only 40 people there, you may have heard the event, the oven was crying in the event, the salon was crying. And it was a very emotional moment. And normally I want to do these check ins and be you know, upbeat and tell you guys, you know, hey, it's alright. But today, there are ups and downs. And today's Well, I'm not saying it's a down, but I just, I'd like to share some of the thoughts that I that I have.

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Human be and the Hotbot was about the situation that we're in, obviously.

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And Inshallah, after this, you can actually go on my page, there's about two minutes from the hotbar that are extremely emotional, where the Imam talks about the power of Allah subhanaw taala. And what this virus has been able to do making the strong person weak making the, the,

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you know, the arrogant person that like this has, you know, close things, it's incredibly, you know, the viruses are incredibly powerful.

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So, there's a question somebody posted on on on Facebook a few days ago, and I was kind of offended by it. And they posted this thing that basically said,

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the virus is a punishment of Allah, ask yourself, What have you done? And you know, you're the one who's responsible for this, what did you not speak up on? What did you not comment? What's what social project were and I was very offended by this. And I'll tell you, why am I was offended by this. Because number one, nobody knows Allah subhanaw taala has intentions. So nobody can say that. Allah did this because of that. Or, oh, Allah was intended to do that. And people say this online with as if you have like, oh, Allah told me, this was his intention. And I'm going around and telling everybody like I'm a prophet going around telling people what Allah sanitize intentions,

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nobody knows Allah's intentions. And following that train of thought, is not going to get you to good places. Because if you don't know Allah subhanaw taala has intentions, then you cannot go around, you can find that out. It's not like, hey, if I search it up a little bit, then I'll know Allah subhanaw taala is intended for these situations. Number two, and that is that that kind of attitude where somebody says,

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that kind of attitude or somebody says,

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you know, everybody's responsible, everybody's horrible, the world is being punished, that kind of stuff. The prophets of Allah, they said, I'm responded to people with that kind of attitude, saying, men makalah, Harlequin NAS, for Allah calm, the private satellites, and I'm said, Whoever says that all the people are destroyed, he is the most destroyed of all those people. And so it's not that everybody is like, all human beings are bad. That kind of attitude is very bad to have, that attitude of everybody is horrible. And many times in my life, I've come across people with that kind of attitude. And I just don't like to be around people with that kind of attitude or that kind of

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negative energy. And you will see Subhanallah even the angels when when Allah said he was going to create human beings and vice Jaren Khalifa fill Earth, the angel said, attach a hello fee ham and you've seen a fee where speaker demand, they are you going to place they're in a creation

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that's going to cause mischief and shed blood.

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And Allah so the angels are basically saying to Allah, all the creations are going to be like this. They're all going to be bad. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah in the Alamo mela at Alamo, I know what you don't know. And so again, I go back to somebody can say this is what Allah has intentions, or not. Or this is a political situation. And and this is a lesson because you don't know nobody can say things like that. The third thing is, when you look at Hadith, it's speak about plague. Yes. When the when it speaks about plague. The plague actually is. In the Hadith, it says that the plague is a mercy for the believers. The plague is a mercy for the believers. So even if that was the case,

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so even if somebody said, Oh, it's a punishment,

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then if somebody were fell, Ill it would be a mercy for the believers in such a situation. Okay.

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And on and on, you have to realize as well, that the plagues that happened before many of they happen at the time of the Sahaba, or the alarm, these are the best people that walk into the province of the licence hub. They happen at the time of the sahaba. And many of many of the Sahaba died in the plague.

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And they were the best people. And so again, this idea that it's just a punishment, everybody's being punished and so on. It's not true. It's not

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not true you can't just say that you can just say everybody's destroyed color in the Alamo. May Allah Tala Moon

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The Having said all that. Now having said all that

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it doesn't mean that we approach this like oh wash your hands and everything's done like oh we we washed her hands and hollows like oh the situation is resolved because if the calamity befalls a person and this is definitely one of the biggest calamities to happen in our in our generation.

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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that when that don't they see that they're that a fitna comes upon them. philon Margaret and Omar retain that a fitna happens every year if he couldn't arm and model it's an old model attain. So Allah says that a test comes on a big test comes on the people every year, once or twice. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, Through malaria to bone Allah whom you advocate on. And even though those tests come, they don't repent to Allah and they don't remember, they don't turn back to Allah. They don't repent to Allah and they don't remember. So we're not talking about punishment or not punishment. That's not the issue. The issue is if we're going through a test, we always need to come

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back to Allah Spano data, regardless of what's the meaning and Man's Search for Meaning and trying to understand intentions. That's not the journey that we're taking. But we're always going to go back, and I'll say, and this is what I, the topic of today's session is, and that is going to need bigger stuff. We're going to need bigger stuff, we're really going to need to buckle down and start doing more Toba to Allah subhanaw taala, we're really going to buckle down and say, Hey, what are the sins that I've got in my life that I need to be repenting from and changing my ways? What are how can I be more merciful with my family members and with other people? How can I contribute and to

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other people and share from the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala has given me we have to keep doing that? That's and when I see that everybody is sharing, how to fight the virus, and they're saying, of course, and we're all following this, the washing the hands and social distancing.

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But what I'm not hearing, and and is that part of that list has to be Toba and is to FOD and to the Toba repenting to Allah subhanaw taala, asking for ALLAH SubhanA data for forgiveness, and is still far I have

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multiple times in my life. And multiple times in my life. I've been in life and death situations, multiple times, not once, not twice, but multiple times. One of the times I very often mentioned it about being in an airplane that was like almost going to crash.

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In the crane situation in Mecca when the crane collapsed at the Kaaba.

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I was about like 300 meters away from that crane when it collapsed. And I was actually at the cabinet telling people to go in the opposite direction from the toe off. Because I heard the sound I didn't know what it was, it sounded like a thunderclap. And I was telling people to go opposite the direction and people were arguing with me, like no to off is this direction. Like there's a sound coming from that a wall might collapse. We don't know what it is. So go away, you know, go into the other direction. So I've been in these life and death situations. And I wanted to tell you guys that in times of life and death situation you may have been in some yourself, you're not thinking about

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some academic discussion like Why did Allah send us this this? Why did Allah send this you're not thinking that what you're thinking is repenting to Allah right here right now. That's what you're thinking about. You're not worried about the meaning of why did this happen? And And who's to blame for this. And such, your focus in those times is going to be on repenting to Allah subhanaw taala and turning back and that's what I wish that we can get in our minds. Just like we're getting the message that we need to be staying home and we're getting the message that we need to be, you know, minimizing interactions with other people. We're getting the message that we need to wash our hands.

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I think we also need to get the message that we need to do bigger Toba to Allah subhanaw taala we need to reconnect with our Salah at a higher level. We need to reconnect our hearts with Allah Subhanallah Donna understand that isolation for the believer is a decaf isolation for the believer is decaf like even Tamia. Rahim Allah said that, you know, what can my enemies do to me that if they isolate me, then it'll be a decaf and we're in I

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isolation and now and so take it as an opportunity to be more merciful with your family members to do Toba to Allah subhanaw taala to read more Quran to pay more attention in Salah you're not going anywhere, take your time and in an embrace it does that Allah Hi Anna and these are the words that I wanted to share with you. I know I was hoping I would come on these sessions and be like upbeat and all of this stuff, but it's a message that is coming from my heart. At the last moment. I wanted to change the topic because I thought it might be a little too heavy for you guys. But hopefully inshallah Tada, you benefited from it. It came from the heart. And

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what are your thoughts? What do you think?

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It should be

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it takes about 30 seconds for you guys to

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to hear that I'm done. So I'll wait like 30 seconds.

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You guys impressed it while it's kind of late for pressing the Share button. Thanks a lot. But I'm glad we had a good crowd today

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he said just like hola Hayden. We needed to hear this idea. That color hair and a great reminder does not come along

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you know, I didn't want to. I didn't want to change the topic, something that wasn't coming from my heart. And just tell you kind of like oh, this is something else I wanted to to be real with you guys.

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As Matt said she shared it as a watch party. Is that Carla Hayden?

00:21:45--> 00:21:57

Laura says You are right. We aren't concerned enough with Towba yep, that's what scares me. Scared me for myself not for other people. But for my own self. You need to be more concerned

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for sure.

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How do you assess how should we increase our Eman? Hadiya we've we've spoken about this in the past um sessions I spoke about doing so far like doing a stuff for Allah 100 times a day I spoke about sugar, sugar, doing you know doing a sugar and being thankful focusing on what you have which don't have you want to we spoke about salah and how to increase your concentration such as you know, understanding what you're saying focusing on calming down and slowing down and praying at the beginning time. So those are ways that you can increase your Eman during these times and for sure, asking Allah subhanaw taala

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for forgiveness.

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So sokola Hi, Ron.

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Thank you, Miriam.

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All right, folks, tomorrow at the same time, we are going to be having our broadcast online for free, our da versus COVID-19 It's a visionary esque type of event where inshallah Tada we'll be connecting ourselves with Da we will be connecting ourselves with community, we will be connecting ourselves with hope. And even I'm looking forward to designing some guys focused on this time that we're in and inshallah Tada late night when I'm going for walks and going for dogs. I would like to reflect on these dogs that we're going to be designing tomorrow, inshallah Tada and be able to, you know, as soon as I wake up soon as you know, go for a walk stuff like that to remember and ask Allah

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subhanaw taala for these things. So check it out. The link is visionair ramadan.com/community visionair ramadaan.com/community. And it's a free event, you just need to register so you can be part of the Facebook group, and it's going to be broadcasted from the Facebook group. It'll be a two hour event Facebook Live. And yeah, and when you register, obviously you'll be getting the reminders and such. All right, cool. Okay, and tell your friends about it. There's only 24 hours before that goes live.

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I sent ammo alaykum warahmatullahi