These Jewish Rabbi EXPOSE what Israeli SOLDIERS do to them

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So we've got two rabbis and a Muslim imam here with us salami cool how you guys doing? Should

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you have a very please introduce so we know Rabbi Weiss we want the world to know that we have presenting our religion

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that Palestine must be free, that Palestine has the right to be free, and that is acceptable to us you pipe our spine to Zionism came about Jews flourished as distinctly religious Jewish communities, and they weren't massacred. On the contrary, they went to these Arab Muslim lands to escape persecution. From the Crusades, from the Inquisition and from many other trials and tribulations and the end even World War Two, the Arab and Muslim lands, opened their hearts open the lands and provided a safe haven and a gracious hospitality for the Jewish people. Clearly they we have different religion, and yet we were we were accepted. In these Muslim and our beliefs. We believe in

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one God and we were accepted, we have different ways of serving God, but yet, as they were respected, and even the Muslim religion requires of that of the the Muslim people to to provide protection and hospitality and they did carry that out. Let's clear, nobody could refute this fact the legend Rabbi Weiss here Dr. Sheikh, the tamale. And your name is Rabbi AMRAAM, Lieberman Emraan, lemon, a surah. In the Quran, those surah chapter for uncle.

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So you had a story you wanted to share with us, please go ahead.

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I tried to best

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help of God with the mic his mic closer. My father had lived in, in Palestine. But he didn't want to stay there. Because to live on the designers regime is very hard. And it's he didn't want to recognize the State of Israel. So every day it was very horrible, to go out protest and not recognize the state.

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So he left.

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I don't know exactly which year it wasn't, wasn't some of the Terry's

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I'm sorry.

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It was, it must have been in the news X

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in the

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70s, in the 70s.

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So So you come here in the US. It was a story with whatsoever thermal wise, told what he's, he wants to say he doesn't speak English that well. So they wanted me to tell the story. It was Trump. It's like I saw his father's family, as many 1000s of others and 10s of 1000s. I didn't want to be under the occupation, as he said, and this state of Israel, so he left and came to America and I was friendly with his father of West memory. He was a

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scholar, and a very activist against design. And you also got to meet my father. Yeah. Asking me long, yes, I met many, many special people, distinguished people. So his father of West memory, went on a demonstration. As he went to many we went often he demonstrated against the State of Israel. And once he, he got a growth on his neck, but a big growth and and it had to be operated on they couldn't get it had to be operated. So but before they scheduled the they scheduled the operation for maybe next day, two days later. And in the meantime, there was a demonstration. So he went out to the demonstration. Now the Zionists, what they do is they always using tricks and different

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things they do to beat the Jews, but they don't want it to be obvious what they're doing to them. So they have rubber,

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truncheons or whatever they called. And it has led inside so they break the bones inside. But you from the outside, it doesn't you don't see the markings. So so he was demonstrating one of these design is from the army or police gave him a bang on the neck. His father's on his father's neck. Yeah. Correct. Open that, that that tumor, whatever it was that was growing that and, and he didn't need an operation afterwards.

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So that's why we really did the

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special review that Allah said, a colleague, a few of them, honest, sincere. And you know, they know the truth. There's many, many such truths. I can tell you but the world doesn't see and doesn't hear. I mean, yeah. Compared to compared to compared to what

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she's saying. Yeah. So we have we're making history here. We have a vase in a Palestinian and not one but two rabbis here, who are making it clear that Zionism does not represent Judaism, to Palestinians. These are two pallets of Palestinian

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Yeah, yeah. So we, we just feel it finished. He wants to go in. A lot of times we don't go for demonstrations. A lot of people of our community are saying me, I can go out but to speak him out and our name. He say God, people are afraid to go up as they say, we can't go out but you speak in my name. They tell them you speak for me. They're scared to come out. But they they're saying speak in our names. Yes. And what did they say this doesn't what represent st the same, same thing. I'm saying that's a weird pose, what they're doing you know, it's it's everything that the existence and everything that emanates from this state is evil, it's against God. And so we can't stop talking

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right now the second about Gaza. It's just you know, thank you guys. Thank you so much. And for those who want to watch the full episode of what we just did, click right here. Thank you guys. Peace. The stomach