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Episode Notes

Remainder of 3rd Juz – What is True Faith?

A truly faithful Family – the Family of Imran
– Good and bad are from Allah
– Jesus the son of Mary
– Miraculous how detailed the Qur’an is about Jewish theology
– Interfaith dialogue: similar word = Ibrahim

Don’t stereotype other members of other faiths
True faith is not turning your back

4th Juz – Selflessness

Selflessness is a key quality of a successful individual and community
– The house built by Ibrahim is a symbol of selflessness
– Holding on to the rope of Allah

Battle of Uhud a. 121
– Banu Salamah and Banu Harithah
– First Badr
– One of the root causes of a defeatist mindset: greed and selfishness
– Victory and defeat are part of life
– Back to Uhud a. 152
– The Prophet’s response to this defeat

Last ten verses


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wasabi wallet rubbish. Anyway, Cindy Emery looked at me lasagna Holy robina attina dunya Santa Clara de hacer una Okinawa. Now Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a juice a day, we're going to be studying inshallah today the remainder of the third just we're a little behind in that regard. And we will, we will be studying the fourth just today as well. What we will be aiming to complete in Sharla today is the entirety of surah Allah Emraan Ferrara Iran is a third surah of the Quran, it started in the third years, and it continues into the fourth and ends roughly three fourths of the way. So our goal will be to complete that in Sharla. And then tomorrow we can pick up

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sort of,

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you know, afresh in Sharla

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that is our plan inshallah, for today, let us get started. We'll pick up a firstly from the study of the family of a moron as Allah describes them, or as a law calls them the family of a moron. And that family of Enron is

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what the surah is named after surah is named after them, I'm Iran and

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Iran and zaccaria had married into a into the same family, they were married to two sisters, and the, for the the wife of a moron. And the wife of the Korea both did not have kids. But then the wife of Iran gave got pregnant and she wanted this child

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to be moharan dedicated to the service of Allah.

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And generally, that was the case of four boys, you would have boys who would be you know, dedicated for the sake of Allah, in, in, in, in benissa L. In, in in benissa in the history and then specifically Christian history where these men would be monks who would leave the life of the world and just dedicate themselves full time to the worship of Allah tala. So the wife of Iran wanted that to be the case for her child assuming it was a son, but it turned out to be for the Mahabharata

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all at rabine would like to have

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I have given birth to a girl. And this girl was Miriam. The relationship between Miriam and zecharia alehissalaam lam is a Korea was married to the harlot, the end of marrying him.

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Now when Miriam was born, the family of Imran were

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puzzled at what to do, but the water the

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the mother of of Miriam, she said, I will fulfill her oath. She will, she says she will fill her oath. And thus, Maria Mani Salam became a monk who dedicate herself to the worship of Allah, tala. And as that was the case for the Kabbalah horrible habito bulan Hassan and number 37 of the surah says that a lot her Lord graciously accepted her kids so this was a you know something that I'll accept it and it was beautiful. And he grew made money money Salaam grew into growing up into a a good woman, Amanda, Hannah Beth and her Santa in goodness, and made her in under the care of zecharia Zachariah as the biblical name. Now Zachariah, as I mentioned before, himself was trying to

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have a child and for the longest time couldn't have a child.

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And in other parts of the Quran, as we'll see, he is someone who tried basically his whole life to have a child only to have a child really late in his life. But how did the realization come to the mind of Zachariah that he is not without hope? is when he would see Miriam. Is that good? llamada Holly has Zachary and murabaha in the house. Every time Zachariah visited her in her chamber, he found some provision with her. He asked Mary Where did you get this provision from? She replied, this is from God. God provides for whoever he wills. So at this point who nanika de aza cariappa Zakaria alehissalaam also realized that if a law could miraculously provide for Maryam alayhis

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salam, then he will miraculously provide for me as well. Not that he didn't know this. Of course, he knew this. He is a prophet of Allah. But you know, oftentimes we need we need a reminder. And the reminder comes sometimes from scripture

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Sometimes it comes from experience or is circumstance, the combination of, you know, something that's mentioned in the, in the text, and then something that happens, or something that someone says, and then the reminder clicks, and that's what happened is that could be on a sudden, it clicked. And he made the law again, even though he'd be making Dora, except, you know, for an extensive period of time, he again made Dora probably haven't even done because already at antiva in Nicosia, Dora, my Lord grant me You're by your grace, virtuous offspring, You are the hero of all prayers. This is the family of moron. That is when miraculously.

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This is the first miracle birth in this family, which is Yeah, actually, in,

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in anila, how you wish you could be here. That's why the angels came to tell him that he is going to have a child. It's not. It wasn't something that is a normal occurrence for an angel to come. The tell that you're expecting a child, it is in the case of a miraculous situation. So the angels come and tell him, you're going to have a child yahia, who is known in the biblical tradition as john the baptist. God gives you the good news of john who shall confirm the word from God and shall be outstanding among men, and utterly chased any profit from among the righteous.

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Now, despite that, the Korean Islamic effort, he was still taken aback by the fact that he is now having a child. So he says, I'll be anikulapo Damn, my Lord, how can I have a child?

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When I am now overtaken by old age, while marotti our table and my wife is barren? How is that going to happen? In the sense that he was surprised not he was doubtful. So the angels was conveyed to him. katha Nicola, we have Hello Maya. This is the will of God, he does what he please. He does what he pleases. He asks Allah, He says that I'll be jolly Ayah Oh, my Lord, grant me a sign, something that

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is going to

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you know, it's going to be assigned for me that I am having a child despite other than the fact that his wife is going to get pregnant and will visibly become pregnant. But the sign that he was given was allowed to call luminesce serata serata yameen illa ronja. Your sign is that you will not be able to speak to people for three days, except by sign language, remember your Lord much and glorify Him morning and evening. Now the the some of the scholars that I've seen mentioned here that a loss padala made the sign for zaccaria. Now think of zaccaria he is going to be like absolutely ecstatic. He He's making around for a child, his whole life. And now at this age, when he is so old. At this

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age, finally he has a child, his first instinct is going to be what the tell everybody.

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What Allah subhanaw taala tells him is your sign is you wait, Allah to call me Manasa, Salah Tata, yummy larhonda don't spread this news right away. Take it easy. And this is something that our religion teaches teaches us that when we are sharing personal information or personal news, it should be done with a bit of caution, we should be mindful of how people perceive us, particularly if we are someone who is receiving blessing of Allah, you know, and someone who isn't in the same situation might feel envious towards us. This is something that you find in the Prophet, Yahoo's advice to his sons, as the same thing we find here that it's always good to, you know,

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spread good news, it was slowly and surely not rapidly announcing it. And this is, you know, just precautionary measures that are taken to have you know, certainty that things are going to work out. So this is one of the things then of course, comes the passage about the other miraculous child of this truly faithful family, the family of Enron, remember the the Jews, just number three, its point or one of the main themes of it is understanding true faith and here is a faithful family that is going to demonstrate what it means to truly mean a be faithful people you see there there are you see their trust in Allah. You see how they are never giving up hope in Allah's mercy and never

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giving up hope that Allah will give them what they have asked him. Now comes the second miraculous child of this family, which is going to be an even bigger miracle, which is with all of the melodica to Yama, Yama in the last

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hockey or hockey or stuff archaeologists I mean, an angel said Mary God has selected you purified you. He has selected you over all of the women of your time okay? It was told her Maria Miriam you're going to have your Lord gives you the good news of a word from him. In the law you wish you could be Kelly Mata Minh, who you word from him? His name is Al Mercia Who are you serving Omar him? The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary and that is the

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that is a Saudi Salaam wa g Hanford dunya will fly to Manila Mojave been honored in this world and the next and one of those who is granted nearness to God. Reply of money Melissa Nam To This Miraculous To This Miraculous news and also difficult news is

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all of them will be Anika Cooney valid. My Lord, how can I have a child? While I'm young certainly basher when no man has touched me, this is part of our belief. Maria malayalam was, you know, unmarried, she was chaste. She was a virgin, and when she had conceived and had a silencer now, now the question is how can a a woman who is virgin can see? Well, this is because this is a this was a miraculous birth. For us. A miracle is something that cannot happen to any other person other than a prophet. That's a miracle. Okay, number one, number two miracle by its definition is what they say harlequinade it breaks the norm. Then the normal laws are broken. The wife of the courier she is

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barren she's old she can't she's beyond the age of having a child from a natural perspective but the miracle is she is going to have the child

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MONEY MONEY Salam it the naturally cannot have a child as a virgin without having, you know, intimacy. But here as a miracle, she's going to have a child miraculously. And how is that going to be the case? Paula cara de la jolla Slocum Ayesha thus it is God creates what He wills either called La Omron for in Nanaia kulula. who couldn't fire Kuhn when he wills for something to be he says Be and it is the process of creation of a loss patola is Hulk okay? The highlight of Allah is something that is a natural process. Okay. yaku confy Bhutanese Mahatma come he creates you in the wombs of your mothers. Okay, that's the natural process. Okay, the way we are Hello kumala talamona creates

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creatures in the oceans around the world. animals who are we still are discovering, you know, as new creatures but they're created through a natural process. It's not like a miraculous event, but the creation of a Syrah Solomon any miraculous incident is Gordon fire Kuhn is by the word of a lacuna. And that is why you notice Isola Salam is called Allah is giving you the good news of our word from him. And the word from him is the word corn that was used to create results Anam, conceive him in the womb of Maryam alayhis salam without having her having intimate relations. And that is the miracle of a silent lamp. In fact, also one of the miracles that we believe that's not part of

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Christian theology is what you call him on NASA filma de Vaca. And he would speak to men in his cradle as a little baby, and as a grown man, and he will be of the righteous, and this is something that he did when he as we'll see in chapter 19, when people said Medea may have done something blasphemous. He said, SLM, the baby defended his mother at that point. Okay? Is it Sam the incredible?

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The incredible sadness around the miraculous is his conception was a miracle. His birth was a miracle. His first words were a miracle. His life was a miracle and his departure from the world temporary departure from the world was also a miracle. Truly a living miracle. Are you sorry celeb, someone who we love someone who we look up to someone who we feel all the good vibes about because, you know, we love Jesus, you wear that T shirt. He's our prophet to

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a silence Alam. Allah says I will he will instruct him in the book and in the wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel, but you will get Abba we will get Abba. Well, heck Mata hotel Raja will enjoy G. Now, this is imagine

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he's a boy. He's a little boy, when he is about our student electronics are in the profits almost 40 year olds when he

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came in messenger. Musan Islam was 40 year old when he became a messenger. He saw this time as a little baby was a messenger. Okay? That presents its own challenges. Okay? So now when he's conveying the message to the bunny Israelites who are older scholarly people, they say

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they're like, you know,

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he says to them, firstly, underneath a Hello Colaco monotony.

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I will

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come to you with a sign from your Lord, I will make the shape of a bird out of clay for you then read into it and by Allah permission, it will become a living bird. What will come out How about us, oh, he'll motorway in the law. And by God's permission, I will heal the blind and the leper blind a coma is the one who was born blind, not somebody who lost their sight and leper was ill motor isn't Illa and bring the dead to life. Okay, a leprosy particularly back in the day was a disease that they had no cure for. And the leper was basically in quarantine for most or all of his life. But he senesce imagine this incurable disease in their eyes. He says, I will cure the leper, and bring the

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dead to life by the permission of Allah, of course. And I will tell you what, what to what you eat and what you store up in your homes. Surely in this there is a sign for you if you are believers, I am here to tell you, I am fulfilled fulfilling the tradition of the Torah and to make something halal, that was Haram. Okay, what was forbidden to you, I have come to make it lawful, I am going to make changes to the law of Moses. And I am coming that with this to you with the sign from your Lord what you know what it can be, it may not be comfortable law to fear God and obey me in the law bureau book of Abu God is my Lord and your Lord to worship him. That's the straight path. He's

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telling them, Look, I am not this is not my own doing. This is a laws revelation. And I am as a messenger sent to you by Allah with all these miracles, this whole bucket list of miracles I am sent with or this whole list of miracles that I'm setting with. I am not the one making this up. Allah is the one who sent me

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with these miracles. So in the la hora de la buco, he is our my Lord and your Lord worship Him, if I tell you this is now how long if I told you this is now forbidden, then you accept that if I tell you this is now permissible, you accept that. Now this was very difficult pill for the bunny Israelites to swallow. Because they, for them the status quo was the law of Moses. And that was the way they held on to power so to see it being challenged in this way, became untenable. And that's when they say if an AMA has is a manhole cover, they decided that they're not going to accept this from Isa. In fact, he could feel not just this relief, but he was feeling that they are going to

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assassinate Okay, well Nakuru Makana law will low halal market in this scheme but God also scheme and he is the best of schemers meaning the last part Allah planned as an exit strategy for a Santa Santa. Now what's interesting here as I'm going to take a moment here is how it's miraculous how the detail the Quran is about Jewish theology, their internal debates, what you know they were grappling with, these are one of the reasons why the Quran is a miracle from Allah, Allah. Why, because

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the Prophet saws and did not have access to this information. The the the Torah, the Old Testament did not exist in

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in Arabic at that time and whatever existed of theology was not so detailed. Right? And there's another example of this for example, in the next Jews, one of the first I add that we'll see is this one good loot army cannon and the bunnies are in all food was lawful for the children of Israel, except what Israel hadn't made a lawful for himself before the Torah was sent out. Israel here is jacobellis. Okay, this is a very particular issue in Jewish theology, which is something jacobellis alum but he is from Israel aelia who he made something haram for himself that the Torah did not make haram that the law of Moses is not McCallum so they had like these issues should we make that haram

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upon ourselves? And they would say later on the year we it's haram because the Torah says it, but Allah says no, actually, the Torah never says that further without it for incontinence or the pimping the Torah, then read it if you are truthful.

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This is a small, not small but subtle point of theology that Allah subhanho wa Taala is highlighting and this is throughout the Quran, to show that this is something the Prophet some would have no way of knowing, a lost part of the Lord of aneesa. The Lord Moosa and Lisa, is the same Lord was inspiring these revelations, the prophets Allah. Okay. And this these detailed, you know, the details of the Jewish theology and their differences and their disputes is one of the evidences for that, okay. Now, as I was felt a lot smarter tells him, Oh, Jesus, I'm going to take you up to me in the mutawa figa I will raise you not, I will, you will not pass away, always a bra fuuka lie, I will

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raise you up to me, why motohiro camino de la Vina cafaro and I shall clear you of what the disbelievers say. And I will make those who follow you, above those who disbelieve on the day until the day of judgment, then to me shall be your return and I will judge between your disputes meaning or Isa, you are going to be removed from this world while you're still alive, and inshallah he will be sent back to this world. And that is our belief about the Salah, Salah, his life, his birth was a miracle, his life was a miracle. His departure from this world was a miracle. He was most definitely not crucified, he was most definitely not killed, he did not live and die in normal life, he was

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miraculously removed by Allah from this world, and he will be sent back to the world where and then he will live and die

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normally afterwards. So that is something we believe and that is what sort of earlier I mentioned about the Salah Salaam. The thing that's amazing about this faithful family is you see they had a lot of faith in the law, but they also went through immense difficulties and trials. And this is part of faith that good and bad is from Allah spawn Tada. And generally when you have done you have plenty of more faith when you are more devoted, you are going to face more difficulties. Right look at Zakaria, very devoted men didn't have a child for so long, finally has a child and that child was eventually assassinated. Money. The wife of a moron devoted lady wants to have a devoted child Maria

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Maria Salaam is born. But she is now tested more so severely. Her son is a prophet of Allah, not just any person, one of the greatest prophets of Allah, the word of Allah, one of the most miraculous people to have ever lived on this earth. And look at how many tests he has, how many people oppose him, how much difficulties he faced, to the point that a lot to remove him from this earth miraculously. That is one of the lessons of from this faithful family that

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believing doesn't mean getting an easy pass, to know to the through the difficulties of life. Believing is not like a shortcut, bypassing you know, like, in airports you have those long lines and then you have like a short line that's given to the people who have like a VIP pass or Nexus or something right. That's not what faith is. Faith is means we are tested. We are going to be tried. And that is what we learned from this amazing family. Allah Valley covet Lu Allah communal, it was a kill hacking. This is what we recite to you a revelation and a wise reminder. Of course, this is a beautiful reminder. Now the last part Allah mentions about how we conduct interfaith dialogue,

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interfaith dialogue in when it comes to other members of faith, particularly

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the Jews and the Christians. How do we have interfaith dialogue with them? The way we do it is

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only a little kitabi. The ILO in academia in Sabah in Benin, our minako Alana Buddha in the La la musica Viva La La tequila Babu Nava one Alibaba mundo de la by interval la Fukuda shadow Vietnamese people the book let us come to a common word among

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the common word among us, okay, a common a common word, a word that is common to us, that we should worship none by God, and that we shall associate no partner with him. And none of us shall take others besides Gods for lords and if they turn away, that's a bear witness that we have submitted to God. The common word that we had between us and the Jews and the Christians is Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. We don't worship anybody but Allah, Allah, no sugar

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He shaven and we do not associate any partners with him. That's our common word. But what else is our common word? What else is common between us and the Jews and the Christians? That is our father, our humanists, Allah, and that's why Allah mentions that what he next, right? Yeah, I had to get that minima too hard. unifi Ibrahim, why do you dispute about Abraham? Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is the one who is the common between all three faiths. So when we have a dialogue, we should say the way we establish a dialogue is our religion is the religion is the way of Ibrahim alesana. Our religion is the legacy of Ibrahim Magana Ibrahim we are holding one Anna serrania. Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor

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a Christian, he predated that, well that can can a honey fun, he was the one who only wanted to worship Allah. What mattered to him was worshiping Allah only, and nobody else that is who he was. And Muslim here is used in a, in it's a linguistic meaning, the one who surrendered himself to Allah, ie us as Muslims. That's who we are as well. We surrender ourselves to Allah commitment without compromise, just like Ibrahim alayhis salam, our way of life is the way of Ibrahim and his Sunnah. That's what our religion is. And if we frame a dialogue with other faith religions in that way, there's only one winner. That's the way we're going to him as the wave Ibrahim, because then we

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have removed it have gone to the one who we all accept. And the one who we all accept Ibrahim, we are the closest we are the followers of his legacy 100% and that is why it's a great way to interface in this manner will allow them I've done this before, in like some interfaith gatherings and it's been a handler, a successful strategy, but some because it's mine is from the Quran, okay? Likewise, if you notice, when Allah Allah mentions

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the idea of, of faith of being committed to faith again here he mentioned that Bani Israel Israel how they had these like contexts in faith, how they you know, would change the the the Torah or the meaning of the Torah to fit their narrative. But that's not the way of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, the way we brought him is

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you know, but who Mila era Hema hanifa right there, follow the fate of Abraham, he was an upright man and not of the polytheist. And that is our way that is the similar word that we go to. That is what we try to emulate or that is who we try to emulate alayhis salaam, Ibrahim, and our religion is built upon that follow on Now also, there is a

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important point I'm gonna just fit back a little bit to the idea as we are engaging in dialogue and interfaith and giving the hour and whatnot and living amongst you know, other faith community members, it's important that we do not stereotype the other.

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Look at what Allah says in this ayah number 75 an important Ayah Well, I mean, I ll kita women into men who be in poverty you d like woman whom man, woman whom man in fact man who

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woman home, man in that man will be de nada, la u A de la Vega in la de la, he or Emma, among the People of the Book, there are some who, if you entrust them with a heap of gold, will return it to you. Among the people in the book, there are people of dignity and honor who will honor their word. But there are others of them who if you entrust them with a single dinner or a single coin of gold, they won't give it to you unless you keep demanding it from them. Okay? Meaning we shouldn't stereotype the whole by the actions of a few, okay? When Allah criticizes the, the the actions of bunnies that are in that actually is the actions of their religious leadership. And that is part of

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that is their theology. That's what they believed, but in terms of character, in terms of people, as a people of character, we should be careful between stereotyping and assuming this and again, you notice the Quran isn't just like, you know, a book that just, you know, lashes out against this group and that group know, when the last part Allah is criticizing, he's criticizing. You know, the mistakes they made, but also gives credit where credit is due, and also instructs us on how to be fixed.

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And just in the way we speak about people, okay. So that is a another important point point. Last thing about the understanding of true faith the last theme of the third just the last point I want to illustrate from the third just about true faith is true faith means you don't turn your back on a last panel with Allah. Okay. Alpha li la de la jolla boon to the Sikh religion other than the religion of God wala who Aslam amen for sumati we'll all do thornwell Carnahan, but he will return to the Sikh religion other than the religion of God.

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Whenever everything in the heavens and the earth has submitted to him, willingly or unwillingly, and to him they shall return meaning a last part Allah is the one who has built created the, the the cosmos, and the laws in it. And the laws of the cosmos that are bound all of us is our way of submitting to Allah, willingly or unwillingly, right like we are bound by his, his laws, we are bound by the system that he is built, and that we live in. That is the unwilling submission. The willing submission is the one who accepts that Allah is his Lord, or her Lord, and commits without compromise. The idea of faith is that when you understand the deen and once a person is studied,

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understands that the prophets solemn, was not someone who's making this up. He did not know the theology of the Jews and the Christians, he did not have access to the details that are mentioned here. This or ad is a revelation from God, the same God that revealed the Torah to the moon to Moses and the Injeel to Jesus, the same God that is the God of all people. Okay. And the prophets solemn is his last messenger. Once that understanding is there are many Evita relaible, Islamic Dean and Fernando Clement, who if anyone seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from it. It will not but who I'm asking it will often ask the Latino Hosni, he will be among the losers in

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the hereafter. And this is one of the greatest gifts that Allah has given us, that we were born in a Muslim family. You know, we have to study our faith. You have to learn about our faith, we may think it's a burden, but in reality, it is not. It is the greatest gift that we have received. And once we study and understand it, we will realize how truly valuable it is and how truly truly privileged we are as people

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turning back on

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turning a person leaving the faith is a serious matter losses in the Latino culture. rubaga Imani M. Tomas De Luca from the US for those who are bent on denying the truth after accepting true faith, but grow in their refusal and grow in their refusal afterwards, so much that confront London to volatile what to whom

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their repentance will not be accepted. But hula ecomo balloon They are the ones who have gone far astray. Okay. This is the one who accepted fate by the man had faith or accepted for it, then rejected it, then didn't think about it and be like, you know what, that was a mistake. Let me come back. No, no.

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This person increased in their denial and rejection and an outright

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of technology the truth, that is a person who loves Islam takato with whom this consequences are severe in Nevada for Omar to Huangpu far, those who reject faith and die in the state of rejection will not be saved. Okay, fallen your financial Well, I'm in the middle of the the hub and one of if that are we on the Day of Judgment, even if they were to offer the entire volume of earth as gold, that much gold if they were to offer as ransom in the Day of Judgment, it won't be accepted meaning no price will be accepted as ransom for the one who rejects after having accepted or after having understood.

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

No price is accepted. And when I go home, I will leave alone. Manasa tea and painful punishments is in store for them and they will have no supporters. spending by the way is very important Islam Lenten Allah Rohatyn Fukumoto a boon. righteousness is only attained when you spend for the sake of God, out of which you cherish, out of what you cherish the thing that we like the most. That is we can spend that give that that is a path to righteousness. For in the law have a lot of people be shamed for in the law.

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

hubbie haleem and whatever you spend is known to God. Now we go to the forgers, which one of the themes of the foragers I'd like to highlight is selflessness. There's many beautiful things we can highlight from the foragers. There is the idea of obedience to Allah and His messenger. There's the idea of unity. There is many, many beautiful concepts that are in the forges, but the thing I like to highlight to you all is selflessness.

00:35:27--> 00:35:32

How important it is for a Muslim to be selfless.

00:35:34--> 00:36:25

You look at the beginning of this Jews. The very beginning of last month I mentioned in number 96, in our elevating will be Aileen se, La La vaca Movado como de la la la I mean, the first house to be built for mankind was the one at bat garden. This is one of the names of Makkah, it is a blessed place, his source of guidance for all of mankind. Fi to Minato McCollum, Ibrahim, it there are clear signs in it. It is the place where Abraham stood. This is the house of the heat, the house of the law, the house, the garba is the house of the head. But it's also the house that was built by the most selfless individual, the one who, while building this house, didn't really want anything, had

00:36:25--> 00:37:15

done everything for Allah. And this was like the last offering he had put forward. And the maqam Ibrahim is where he would stand and call people to allows worship call people to homage. Okay, that represents sacrifice that represents selflessness. There's no strings attached. There's no monetary gain, nothing. It's all pure sincere devotion to Allah. Allah Fie I atoma unit. Okay. And that's why the one who enters this place, I'm under holla, who can Amina anyone who enters it will be secure. And for the people, pilgrimage to the house is a duty for God for anyone who was able to undertake it. But in law, he had a nasty hygiene rating when a star in a Sevilla, we ask Allah to allow us to

00:37:15--> 00:37:18

visit his house for Umrah and Hajj is currently very closed.

00:37:20--> 00:38:03

So this is the house of Allah is actually a represent representation of what it means to be selfless. It was built by Ibrahim alayhis salam, only for the sake of Allah, no personal gain, it is a place you go only for the sake of Allah, no personal gain. When you go there, you have to be extremely selfless, you have to be able to accommodate for everybody. It's not just about you. It's about everyone who's there, and you don't know who's there. You know, everybody's dressed the same, who is in which rank, who's strong, who's weak, who's rich was powerful. Nothing is known. Because we're all dressed the same way in harmony, make our own run a hedge, it's an amazing place. It's

00:38:03--> 00:38:09

like the ultimate equalizer. You see people as as a human, that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

00:38:11--> 00:38:38

And that is a beautiful place to go to show that. Now Allah says, Yeah, you are living in harmony. This is a beautiful passage. You're believers, if you yield to some of those who are given scripture, they will cause you to renounce the truth, after you have believed it is the audio okay? I would imagine audio is fine. Everybody, anybody else having issues with audio? Okay. hamdulillah.

00:38:40--> 00:38:48

If you yield to some of those who were given the Scripture, they will cause you to renounce the truth after you have believed. Meaning, the

00:38:50--> 00:38:51

the faith,

00:38:53--> 00:38:54

our faith,

00:38:55--> 00:39:37

our are the tenants of our faith. We take them from our religion, we take them from the Koran. And so now, we don't let these tenants of faith get influenced by an external ideology into the euro for the community in the middle of you know, to get up there we'll do Kumar, the manickam. cafe, okay. Also, Allah says, How can you deny the truth, when God's revelation has been committed to you, his own messenger is in your midst, meaning even though the Messenger of Allah Islam is no longer with us, if we were to patola to understand that these are truly the words of Allah, and this is the path left for us by His Messenger, that is,

00:39:38--> 00:39:44

how can a person leave that like, that's like the ultimate thing to

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

abide by? Okay, but look forward. Allah says, who you believe fear God as is his do and when that comes be in a state of complete submission to him, meaning we try our best

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

De La have got to party, all acts of our worship. The idea there is to build the idea is to be understanding that Allah is watching us. The idea is it's a training for us to leave something that's Haram, try your best haka Ducati, we can never fulfill a loss, right? But we try our best, we put our best foot forward. And we do this our whole life until death comes to us. But I'm also not in love and to Muslim would be for me we find ourselves in that state of having tried our best to have Taqwa and to live a faithful, devoted life. Well, I don't see movie hobbling here Jamie our whole fast to the rope of Allah to to the court of God, well, not the father of who and let nothing

00:40:50--> 00:41:46

divide you. Okay? This is a very important idea. Hold on to the rope of Allah. This requires a lot of selflessness. Because our ego will incite us to break apart, our ego will incite us to put it first and not the unity of the collective, put the individual ahead of the collective. In fact, not just our ego, but the system that we live in were a product of secularism and individualist thought that, by default, makes us think about individual rights first, not communal, or, you know, the rights or the the obligation of being a collective. That's how, unfortunately, we're trained to, that's how we're raised by the system that we're in. So panela, but for us as Muslims,

00:41:47--> 00:42:17

well, it does seem to be humbling, to me, I will add a photo, the selflessness comes in holding onto the rope of Allah and not being divided. And that is a priority, that is a priority. And, you know, steps needs to be taken towards that strides need to be taken towards that, that is a key key priority for us, for us to be united. And one, this is not like a good to have. This is a very important requirement as a believer, okay, well document

00:42:18--> 00:43:06

that there be among you, a group of people who call others too good, and enjoying what is right and forbid what is wrong. Okay, that's an important thing. These are people who are upholding the task of the messenger of a loss loss alone, and they should be supported in this what will I go home and move your home, they're the ones who are successful. Don't be like those who break apart after and have and this and defer after given clear evidence, and for them, a terrible punishment awaits us design number 105. The idea again, is holding on to the rope of a law requires a lot of self sacrifice, a lot of selflessness. A lot of putting the community ahead of personal desires. And

00:43:06--> 00:43:49

these things are not easy, easy is to be by yourself, because then no one's gonna hold you accountable. But difficult is to be with the group. And that is what we are asked to do. And even if you're far from that, the goal should never be forgotten that this is how we were supposed to be. The Jews has this beautiful I will yo Mata vl Buju What does what do you the day when some business faces are bright, and some are dark, it will be said to those who are dark and faces that you reject faith after accepting it taste than the punishment for having an eye the truth. But those who have bright faces shining faces, they shall be abide forever in God's grace. And we have hardly known.

00:43:51--> 00:43:52

The Quran speaks about

00:43:54--> 00:44:48

how we are meant to be the best of humanity, Muslims, we are supposed to represent the best of the people, our ancestors would, you know, the majority of the Muslim population today became Muslim not because of a battle that their ancestors lost. But largely because they met Muslims who were businessmen, people in Indonesia, people in Malaysia, the Horn of Africa, many many parts of subcontinent Kerala and all those other areas. Okay, they are populated by Muslims because they were among the trading routes and the trading routes, the men the Muslims would go on the trading route with their merchandise, their o'clock, their manners, their upright character, and there's beautiful

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

spirituality would convince people to become Muslim nations, okay. And that is something that is such a beautiful thing. Quantum hydromet in Oak Ridge, Atlanta.

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

You are indeed the best community that has been brought forward for the good of mankind. That is what we're supposed to be. Right?

00:45:08--> 00:45:54

We're not just supposed to be worried about our bank balances and our personal achievements. We're supposed to be living for something bigger. That's what this is say. And that is something we should not forget. And that's something we should think about. Right? Something should we should think about? How should we, how can we get back to that point? In this fourth, Judas is a long passage about the Battle of the Battle of odd eyes starts at iron number 121, which I am skipping to here. I am number 121, is where the Battle of offered that mention of it starts Battle of briefly is the second major battle battle in the history of Islam. The Battle of whether

00:45:56--> 00:46:15

is the first battle, the second second battle, the second major battle is the Battle of heart. Now, this surah, Ali Emraan details sort of the the Battle of our heart, and does it in a very interesting, very unique style. Okay.

00:46:17--> 00:46:59

It starts talking about developer that is number 121. And then I am number 122. But then Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah goes to a to a number of tangents, he goes through a tangent about bother. Then he goes to the tangent about what causes a community, like what mindset makes a community defeated. Okay, then, he describes a few other important like lessons from the defeat of art, mainly, victory and defeat are part of life. They're not always going to win. No one's no one's got a perfect record, there's going to be victory, there's going to be defeat. And

00:47:01--> 00:47:42

then he comes back to I 150, to about 32. I add later to the Battle of Oxford again, the reason below Ireland for this, this long way of describing is because the Battle of was a painful battle. And to recount the painful mistakes is a you know, it's like reopening the wounds, sudden, easy thing to do. That's a lesson when we are talking to somebody who has made a mistake, if he jumped immediately into asking them to tell us what happened, tell us what you did wrong. That is a very painful process, and probably the person will not

00:47:43--> 00:48:29

will not be able to take heat from their mistakes. But here a lot handler first, talks about other things. And then finally comes back to start to speak about the details of the mistakes made the lead to a defeat in Ireland. And that's a beautiful lesson if you think about it, how we speak to people who have made mistakes here, the Sahaba have made a mistake, okay, massive mistake, but check out how law speaks to them. He says, what happened and, by the way, is the Prophet some did not want to go out of Medina to fight in the much larger operation army. He wanted to stay in Medina, the young Sahaba were like no, we want to go outside and fight in an open battlefield. The Prophet some

00:48:29--> 00:49:17

agreed, they went out to an open battlefield. And as they were there, the third of the army left third of the army left because so panela they were following the leader of the hypocrites, of the love and obey even saloon now the Prophet is left with roughly 700 men facing an army much larger twice or two and a half to three times its size. And they're in an open battlefield yet the prophecies and plans very meticulously. He has archers on the little mount of the jungle or Roma, the little mound of the archers, and their job is to shoot the arrows at the advancing Qureshi army, negating their numbers or hug protects their back the archers negate the numbers to the front. And

00:49:17--> 00:50:00

it was a routing retreat until the archers who the Prophet said don't leave your positions left their positions started to pick up the left over swords and shields of the running, fleeing Croatia because that's valuable stuff. Em, and that's when Harlan Waleed saw an opening ambush the archers finish them off, attack the Muslim from the back, and then it was chaos. The Prophet son lost a tooth. It was a rumor the problem had been killed, but he didn't. Finally the battle subsided, they fled up the mountain of offroad the Qureshi army could have pursued them, but in reality they were also very much exhausted by the back end.

00:50:00--> 00:50:03

For the nature of the battle, and they packed up and left as well.

00:50:05--> 00:50:20

And that was a very brief one minute summary of the Battle of boyhood. But let's see what Allah says about it. Why the adult Amina Holika. tuba we will move Nina McArdle, when you set out at dawn from your home, to assign battle positions to the believers, but God hears all and knows all it

00:50:22--> 00:51:07

is hamato if a tiny mean Commander shala Allahu Allah uma, where Allah he forget our kuleana moon, and two groups from among you were about to lose heart. But God was their protector in God let the faithful put their trust. This was two groups from Medina busara, moto haritha, the under the influence of the other deflectors, the hypocrites who followed their leader, they also wanted to leave, because that's what human beings are. These were Sahaba, right. And they saw the profit on one side and they saw this other hypocrite on the other side. And they were tempted to follow the hypocrite. Because that's how we are as people we get influenced very easily, by the loud the

00:51:07--> 00:51:56

powerful, very easily we get swayed. And this is a big lesson from the battles that the Prophet Islam fought and the Sahaba fought is how easily humans can get swayed by negative influences. And these were, like I said, the best of humans those haba but a lost popular in the case of these two tribes, he managed to you know, he he was the protector, and he gave them the strength to not leave. And they stayed there and fought and participated in the battle. A lot smarter reminds the believers that Allah helped you at better meaning it's not like a last part Allah doesn't help. The last part the law is there to help any help when you are weak. But this time there was a mistake made and that

00:51:56--> 00:52:34

is why the consequences were paid for. Now what was the mistake before I'll come to the mistake he says something very fascinating. He says yeah, you are Latina, Amano, la de la Riva Amara from LA, but de la la la come to your home, the one of the root causes of defeat a defeated nation, one of the root causes of it, what does Allah say? all believers DON'T DO NOT devour usury, multiplied many times over. Fear God so that you may prosper and guard yourself against the fire prepared for those who don't have the truth and follow Allah and the messenger. So you may be given mercy. Okay.

00:52:35--> 00:52:39

One of the reasons as mentioned by Shaykh Saudi is that

00:52:40--> 00:53:35

this passage that talks about a river in the middle of the barrel of orchard is to show that rebar is at its core, the characteristic of the most greedy, here's a person who all they can think of is more money, more money, more money to the detriment of the others. It doesn't matter whether you major your money or not, you are going to pay me this amount that's fixed. And the story is that extreme greed when a person has and this is alpha, alpha, alpha, right, compounded upon compound, that kind of extreme greed and selfishness is the root cause of a defeatist mindset mindset. It's the antithesis of what a believer is supposed to be selfless, helping others putting a smile on

00:53:35--> 00:54:21

other's faces. Okay. That is one of the things that as you'll see in the balance, that's one of the reasons that they lost, because they were too concerned about their own financial gain, not the collective. And that was their, one of the root causes of their downfall. This passage in Surah, Alomar, I encourage you to reach from 133 to 136, a very beautiful passage in which Allah describes the people who are not consumed by greed and selfishness. They are the ones who are striving in the parallel path of Allah, Saudi Arabia in ama for that at the mirror because they are trying their best to do their best. And then they are the ones who spend you in your corner for some rah, rah, in

00:54:21--> 00:55:00

good times, and in bad times. They restrain anger, because that requires selflessness that requires a lot of restraint, easy to just say whatever you want, when you're angry, easy to hold grudges but difficult to forgive those who when they make a mistake, either far too far shorter, when they've committed an indecency, not if, when they have committed meaning as human beings we're going to slip when they slip, that go to law, they remember Allah and they ask for forgiveness. And Allah is the one who forgives these people. That is the quality of the

00:55:00--> 00:55:35

Good, that's the quality of the winners. That's the the winning mindset, focusing and working towards doing good. You know, putting others before us taking making sure others feelings are taken care of before us galva mean alive holding onto the anger when we make mistakes ourselves, immediately asking a lover for repentance and trying to fix that mistake. That is the winning mindset. The losing mindset is greed and selfishness last month on describes this root cause and then subhana wa Taala goes to describing

00:55:37--> 00:56:23

the Battle of OSHA again, I am number 151. I'm going to skip to this right here. I have 1422 sorry, what are called solder Kakuma long wire the who is the who sooner whom the evening he God had made good on his promise to you when you were by his leave destroying them? Okay, you are routing them despite that you were under armed and the odds were against you had either for Shilton but then you your courage failed you but another item for armor and you disagreed among yourselves, meaning you this, you know, the prophet said don't leave the amount. Even if you see us being consumed by Mel Walters, you left them out. While I'll say to you disobeyed me magma or Akuma to heaven after he

00:56:23--> 00:57:11

brought you inside our cherished for Subhana Allah. This is the Sahaba. Again, remember I told you the Quran criticizes where criticism is due and fair, and praises when praise is deserved. And here you see the Quran is criticizing the Sahaba. But look at how beautiful it is. Allah didn't jump into the criticism. He first talked about good stuff. He talks about root causes, giving an uplifting message of how you can be better, you can definitely be better, and then finally comes to talk about their mistakes. And when he talks about mistakes, doesn't mince words. You failed. your courage failed. You disagreed. You disobeyed means Kumari, the dunya, you wanted the world, selfishness and

00:57:11--> 00:58:01

greed. Hmm. All of these things Allah mentions very clearly, the prophet Sallam was hurt. He was running away. Oh, sorry, they were running away. If I don't have a lotta lunala, what was the outcome? The messenger is calling you try to rally the troop and you were running away from the messenger. Very, very, like these are difficult times. And that's what it was. That's the consequences of the choices that were made based on selfishness based on worldly gain. And that cost the Muslims dearly, that caused the Muslim so dearly. That a loss panda actually says about them that those of you turned away. On the day when the two hosts met in battle. It was Satan who caused

00:58:01--> 00:58:34

them to slip but Allah is Forgiving and most merciful, he has forgiven them, despite the fact that there was a lot of losses in this battle. Allah, Allah reminds the Prophet Sallam and reminds us of how amazing the Prophet slums character was. The Prophet and his thoughts, some had all the reason to be upset. He had all the reason to hold a grudge against those who had asked him to leave Medina to go out to the battlefield. He had all the reason to be angry at those who left the mount.

00:58:35--> 00:59:24

The amount of archers he had all the reason to be angry at those who were running away when he was calling them to regroup. Every reason the Prophet son had to be angry, but Allah says what for Bhima Rama tehmina la healin de la home. It is by the grace of Allah, it's my grace, God's grace, that you are gentle with them, oh profits on them. being gentle, is a grace of Allah subhanaw taala it is a mercy of Allah, it's a gift of Allah. When Allah couldn't have found one honey, even if you were harsh and hard hearted, if you the Prophet was harsh and hardhearted LAN follow me and how like, they would have surely desert you. They is Sahaba you the Prophet is Allah, if the Prophet of Allah

00:59:24--> 00:59:44

was rough and harsh, the Sahaba would have left him. That's what Allah saying, meaning how much more for us. We have to be even more gentle with those around us. Because if you're harsh and hard hearted, that will cause people to desert they will cause people to leave. People won't listen to us.

00:59:45--> 01:00:00

And this being gentle, being forgiving, overlooking that is prophetic character. That is mercy. That is a law's gift. That is who the offseason was, and that's what he demonstrated after the battle.

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

Vote for one home forgive them was tough alone ask a lot of forgive them what Shabbat home for number as their opinion. It doesn't matter if they made a mistake once you see like they made a mistake once it was a terrible mistake that should not define them forever. That doesn't mean that you never asked them for their opinion ever again. We'll shadow them for them, ask them what they think. And that's what the system used to do. And that is a lesson for us in leadership. We are supposed to as in our families, in our communities, in our workplaces. That is how we're supposed to be gentle, not harsh, forgiving, asking for forgiveness, and continuing to treat people in a

01:00:42--> 01:01:24

dignified, uplifting manner even after they have made mistakes for either assumpta photocall Allah Once you have decided, then put your trust in Allah, Allah Spano, tala will take care of the unknowns, the variables that you don't control. This is a brief summary of the Battle of short and amazing lessons, the lesson of the amazing response of the Prophet summon to defeat how greed and selfishness cause defeat, how this being aligned is messenger cause defeat, how to talk about mistakes, how does the Quran speak about mistakes? That is one of the lessons from this passage of

01:01:26--> 01:01:31

surah earlier marohn the passage of

01:01:33--> 01:02:05

describing the Battle of offered Allah spot that says and I'll finish this in a couple of minutes, if you can give me a minute here, that Tupelo, nafi likoma infancy commercial, you will surely be tried and tested in your possessions and your persons you will face a number of tests. And you will hear many hurtful things from those who are given the book before you and from the polytheists from all types of religions, you will hear hurtful things, but if what we're in the middle What if you endure with fortitude, if you show restraint,

01:02:06--> 01:02:46

in Nevada, for in Nevada men as men or more, that is a strong matter of determination. That's a matter of strong determination that shows strength of character. The prophets have showed that as a response to his defeat, that wasn't his fault. It was other people's fault. But he showed what it means to be show restraint and to uplift the one who was down it's easy to kick a man who's down is difficult to lift a man who's down and that's what the pastor used to do. Last month, concludes the sutra was one of the most beautiful passages The Prophet said, these 10 ayat are revealed upon me when they revealed and while only man karahi how alum, the one who reads reason and doesn't think

01:02:46--> 01:03:25

about it, what a tragedy. It is in a few 100 some odd people out there, what's the laughing lady when the hiring is in the back? There are signs in the creation of the heavens and the earth. And in the alternation of the night and the day for people of understanding who was the smart one, who's the smart people that Allah says here they are, the ones who are smart, will kneel Al Bab, their minds are clear. And they are the ones who their hearts are connected to Allah let him as Karuna law of karma will who then are allowed you to be him. They remember Allah was sitting in line with their sides. And they felt Karuna if you have to somehow it was, they're thinking about the creation,

01:03:25--> 01:04:09

their mind is processing what's around them. They're not occupied by like or distracted by distractions of the world. They're focused on understanding the purpose of life. And they're clear minds are smart, and their hearts are connected to Allah. They're remembering Allah they want a lot. And when these two things are together, there is beautiful things that happen. Robin I'ma Holla Holla about Allah Subhana Kakinada banner, Lord, you have not created all of this without purpose. Glory to you save us from the trauma to the fire. This is what spirituality is in Islam. We have to have sound minds and sound hearts to seek a lost partner. Just Islam is not just a act, an activity

01:04:09--> 01:04:37

of logic. A is a exercise in deduction of law and whatnot. No, but it is a place for reasoning. Huge place for reasoning is known as either just, you know, stories and fables and spirituality without any any anchors. No, it's both together. It is spirituality. That is real. Yes. kurunegala hobbies are the remnants of a lot. It is rationality, that's real, only

01:04:38--> 01:05:00

thinking of the creation of a law studying the universe. Both things together is the magic combination. That is the people who are smart. And that's what local schools a swirl with the sort of understanding faith, the swirl of how do you get conviction and faith. That's how you do it. This is a beautiful do. I encourage you to read it

01:05:00--> 01:05:40

Rabbana in 123 not upside down mid volume in the middle of our Lord those who have condemned to the edge of the fire usual, you have surely brought to this race wrongdoers will have no supporters. Rob banner in the NA semana monada united Imani and Amina will be confirmed Amanda. Lord, we have heard a caller calling to the true faith scheme. Believe in your Lord and we have believed Rabbana Phil, Phil another one our Lord forgive us our sins are covered under sejati not removed from us our bad deeds, what our phenomenal abroad and makers die with a virtuous Robin our Tina Martin Allah luciferic Our Lord grant as what you have promised us promised to us through your messengers, while

01:05:40--> 01:06:25

not to denial, and do not humiliate us on the day of judgment in ecologically for Riyadh, you surely do not, you will never fail to fulfill your promise. First, the Java Homura boom, they're not accepted their player. Their Lord accepted their prayer, I will deny no man or woman among you the reward of their labor. In this matter, men and women are the same, there is no discrimination. Unless parthasarathy accepted the prayer I asked you to make this law for yourself and your families. Those are kind of sticking around to the very end. Tomorrow inshallah we'll start with two at the Nyssa surah number four describing many beautiful laws about our faith, and many many

01:06:25--> 01:06:39

different aspects of the practice of our faith. inshallah, I hope to see you all there as our como lo hara subhanak alohomora we have nikka the shadow Allah, Allah in the antenna software, but overlake thank you very much for sticking around. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh