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ourselves in the chat box s&m And I hope that you're excited for today's topic Today's a very powerful day. We're starting off with loneliness and either with sister Sarah Sultan and she Omer Hussein in sha Allah and then we have another panel at 5pm with Jim Humberto Sharif Shan Ave disease. And Marissa, the men are so powerful, they lock yourselves and inshallah we'll have some intense sessions going forward and it will give you a short period of time after the end of the q&a after the end of the panels. For a brief q&a, Inshallah, I'm just going to make sure that all of you can see me properly on all platforms, YouTubers, especially please let me know if you're having any

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issues and then we will officially officially kick off today's session and you can hear me having the little everyone just like milk I see a couple of people have said their salons thank you so much for trickling in, please take this opportunity to share the stream. I'm very excited for today's topic at hand though with sister Sarah and share hammer, we've covered some of the more hard hitting hard hitting topics that have kind of affected us personally emotionally, mentally within our families and within our homes. And today, we'll be covering something that I think for the first is a bit of a new experience for us for sure as well. Revered sisters and brothers something I'm very

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passionate about have experienced this for years and years and years. But I think for the first time now, even those who have families who have people at home, have this new experience about you to expect her to look forward to and this will be a great kind of, I think reminder before we jump into itself in a couple of days. So does that come off here for joining us. She and her sister Sarah, we were discussing earlier I think in one of our meetings that Michelle you guys have been the MVPs of our Ramadan 360 programming. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the time for us regularly and I'm actually very excited to have you guys both back as a duo Alhamdulillah I hope

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that you guys are well sorry if I think both of you have access to say SNA insha Allah and livanova Zachman l'affaire. ESEA Aisha, thank you so much for trickling in YouTubers I'm still waiting for you guys to confirm that y'all are good. Everyone here if you can hear me please put a one in the comment box. It's going to be a strong session. So I want to make sure we don't miss out. And we don't have any technical issues in Sharla

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one Hana does that come along fair. I appreciate it. Awesome. Sister. Sarah. Is she hombre How are you doing today?

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I'm doing well. hamdulillah How are you doing? Hazza hamdulillah I'm looking forward to both of you. You guys will see this little later on. So I won't tell you what it is but both of you said the cutest little snippets last night so does that gonna look here for doing that shipped out to you? I know it was like in the middle of the night so I appreciate you guys send it so quickly and I'm very excited to see the final results in sha Allah Hungary How are you yourself hamdulillah trying to maximize the last few moments of the month few moments have had a lot I don't want to say at this point but like what are you guys feeling leading up to eat personally because you guys have been

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supporting the community overall in ways coping mechanisms and well you know what to do what to maximize the Ramadan how to approach this different Ramadan How are you guys feeling it kind of exiting out of this Ramadan

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well for me it's definitely like we're in Ramadan and I'm already starting to miss it Subhan Allah you know so even though we have a couple of days definitely like Sheikh Mohammed said trying for all of us to maximize it but definitely kind of mentally and emotionally trying to prep myself that it's it's almost done and so it's going to be it's going to feel really different in a few days. Yeah so but they'll have the light it's actually been a really beautiful experience this Ramadan with some of the I say this on every like live it's been like a slower pace with all of this you know, but but it really has been a beautiful experience actually I'll share like a little personal thing that last

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night we had like a socially distanced if thought with our neighbors outside. And it was really nice to Panama like these are you know, people we never had the chance to interact with. So there have been so many, like, hidden blessings and in this situation at handler so we really really enjoyed that. It was fun. That's awesome. Wait so how do you do is socially distance authority do you do stay in your like backyards and you sort of like shout over your fences. So we live in a cul de sac right? So it's like a closed off spot and so we had tables in front of each person's house we put tablecloths in little mosquito repellent candles because we live in Houston

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and then we just got pizza you know like a few families chipped in we all got pizza for everybody and different families brought in different foods and it was it was really nice and hamdulillah Masha Allah Masha Allah you have pictures or whatnot to share for that that's so I feel like that's if star has been very interesting we've done drive through if stars we've done drive by stars we've done such you know whatever we can to hold on to that community spirit What about you che Homer anything personal to share any tidbit? I think it's you know, when you start to understand how valuable Ramadan is you you do start to miss it as it's leaving, but particularly this Ramadan I'm

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humbled I'm proud of us like as Muslims in general, like, we didn't know what we were going to do when it started work.

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kind of planning as the month is progressing. And Hamdulillah I don't I don't feel a void of, you know, missing out on anything. In fact, I think many people actually feel that it was an incredibly productive Ramadan. So yeah, I can I like that uplifting and hopefully inshallah for those of you who've had anxieties going into the month and I think we have anxieties exiting the month as well. So I hope that inshallah tackling this topic today of loneliness and aid will give us a chance to brace ourselves and I think it's great that we had this opportunity to have you guys come in beforehand as well give some reminders during the beginning of the month when we were just getting

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into it and scared about that, or we and this and family and marriage and divorce and all that. So inshallah fair. I hope that this is powerful. And this is helpful for everyone listening and watching. And let's jump right into the session itself. First, we'll have Shahar speaking for about 20 minutes, then we'll have Sarah. And if you guys have questions, this is the time to submit them because we have a lot of time in the end in Charlotte. So Bismillah I'll pass it off to you, she Homer, just like on paper joining and starting us off Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Celine Karimova shohin Saudi Wesley Emory, one of the terminal is

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any of our opponents. hamdulillah it's nice to be back again. So let me first speak about the difference between being alone. And loneliness. Being alone is many times it actually it can be a very positive thing. But feeling lonely or suffering from wrong, loneliness does not. Now, before I get into that, I want to speak about aid in general, not just during COVID-19

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specifically to parents, now, you can grow up as a Muslim in the US or Canada or UK wherever, wherever you're at, let's say as a Muslim minority,

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but maybe sometimes in a Muslim majority as well. But as a minority, just because we you know, you don't get the days off and things like that.

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And your children can still feel lonely on the day of Eid. And you know why? It's because we have a responsibility to emphasize how important the day is. So I hope everyone can take this to like 500 other people that do not hear this.

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When it comes to the day of aid, what you cannot do is constantly mentioned how you hope it's going to be on a weekend. This is devastating psychologically for your kids, because they grow up just thinking, oh man eats on Wednesday, man, it's on Tuesday. Oh, it's going to be on Friday or Saturday. I hope it's on Saturday because I don't have to work on Saturday. And then he comes on look, most of the the years just statistically, there's five weekdays, it's going to be on a weekday, right? Quite often, although this year, it looks like Sunday inshallah. But still,

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it's gonna happen, it's gonna be a weekday, and it's like, people are almost disappointed when they you're supposed to be excited for a right you fasted the whole month. So please, please, I beg you to stop this talk. It has an effect on those who are listening. It has an effect on children. It has an effect on the Muslim community in general, when this is the discourse, that it's like, oh, I just hope like this, by default, it is the day it is. Whatever it is hamdulillah May Allah reward my parents. It didn't matter what day it was. Even if we have to go to school. We did not go to school that day. I think one time I went, but that was after the prayer just for a test one time, like in

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all these years. And so there's wisdom behind that. So it was always like, Oh, this day is special. Right? So keep it special. And the other thing I mentioned in sha Allah when I give a couple of

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tips for for this Ramadan, because that is especially true for this Ramadan, but all in general, but please, please the negative talk that Oh, no, I hope that the aid isn't on the weekend. Please stop that. It is just it's very devastating psychologically for your children. It's devastating for new Muslims that they're hearing. I mean, you tell them oh, yeah, he does like Christmas for us. And then you're just like, Oh, God, I hope it's not on a Tuesday. No, work around that day. Right? The aid it's only twice in the year, make that the priority in sha Allah and nothing else. If you absolutely have to go to work or have to take a test. You know, I've found in my experience, people

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are incredibly accommodating.

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In fact, when in one of my early jobs in it, the My manager was like, this month is your holiday right? So feel free to adjust your hours mashallah for 30 straight days, yes, for 30 days, you can adjust your hours I didn't even ask for that. Right. So just ask the answer is always no if we don't ask. So. Now that I got the

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out of my chest. To build off of that. Let's talk about loneliness. There's many examples in our religion, or beautiful religion, where loneliness is actively we're trying to combat loneliness and we may not even realize it because there's so much wisdom in a lot of these acts of worship.

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The most simple one, of course, is the prayer. There is we know 27 times reward for praying in JAMA. Right? When you go when you pray in jemar. Even nowadays, when you're at home, you don't just kind of pray and then just go about your business. You know, everybody kind of gathers together. Alright, when you're at the masjid, maybe you come a little bit early you read the Sonos like, oh, there's ACMA, right oh, there's IHS someone equal radical Salam.

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You know, you you pray maybe afterward, there's a little hotter, which you can absolutely still doing your home today. And we have one community member, you know, her, her dad is doing a tough sear. And the siblings are rotating to have like the hot that was in between the tunnel we. And so

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you know, so it's, it's almost like an experience to do that. Nobody comes to the masjid and just prays and leaves and at home even now, right? You generally don't just Okay, let's just go and know, there's so much that goes into it. And that is a lot of wisdom, you feel part of a community you feel connected. And that's why we feel lonely when we're not able to do that like on Joomla, for example. So just something to think about Insha Allah, Allah Allah, the next is just the act of Salon. And maybe, you know, we always say like, Oh, I didn't have time to text, or I didn't have time to call now maybe we do have that time because that our commute, that I want to have commute,

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right? That's not there anymore. All that time is back for us. And that's why the Prophet saw somebody was asked what is the best, you know, the best Islam? He said, What taught me how to feed those who are hungry, which is perfectly relevant to our time as well and in general, and then what, what Takuro Salam, ala man, earth, woman, lambda Iris,

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give and spread the salam to who to who you know, okay, so I know my friend, I know my classmate. And those you don't know, what is the wisdom in that? That combats loneliness, or I shouldn't say the wisdom, some of the wisdom because I've found hamdulillah religion is so deep and rich, that there's so much to extract how many times the person will come to the masjid. Okay. And nobody's really saying salam or it's not really you know, you don't give them time we have a brother, may Allah reward them in our Masjid. He is like the I'm going to seek out the people who are feeling awkward brother, and he goes and he gives them Cena. Right? And it makes you feel it makes them feel

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special. Right? Like somebody cares. Why would the Prophet salallahu Salam say to give Salam on those who we don't know? Right? It's to to have a sense of togetherness. And when you're together it means what it means you're not feeling lonely. Like you just go to the masjid you feel like nobody's going to you almost expect to get a salam from so many different people that we haven't, that we don't know. And I'm humbled and I think most of us are pretty good at this but I would urge us you know, in sha Allah when the when the corona May Allah rid us of it quickly in the in the gatherings come back look for that person kind of hanging out by themselves. Look for that person that just

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said shahada last week and Muslim was echoing with the computers but then all of a sudden, you know, it's like, that's it. Please please seek that person out. And if that's not if you're not good at that, then find someone that is good at that and they will be more than happy to do it inshallah dad.

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Asking about people is another way. And again, this these are all so relevant to all times, but especially our time, the prophets on a lot I set them there was a it was a man or a woman, depending on the narration, who used to kind of take care of the masjid cleaned the masjid and one and one day he asked, Where are they? They said, Oh, you know, he or she died. So why don't you tell me and he went any prayed over the grave? Salatin Janaza, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed the janazah and made the

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right in his beautiful though, as for someone that many people may not even know what their name was. So what do we take out of that? Asking about people's well being how was so and so doing? Oh, they're not doing too well. Or they're, you know, they got busy just kind of checking in and we have even more opportunity to do that. Now. earlier. In during this pandemic, we've done a international zoom. conference call with my family is wonderful. We have family from Australia. We have you know, all over the place. And we don't we haven't I

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don't know if we've done that. But these are some of the hidden blessings. So asking how people are, is shows that you know, we care and absolutely when you're kind of feeling by yourself that can be very uplifting.

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And it makes people feel you know, like their value. Also making people feel special what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam encourage giving gifts at this coming, give gifts, exchange gifts, saying I love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala what is the point of that? Right is to make people feel like you are valued, we all want to be valued. Now, it's not our goal in life, that we only want to be valued by other people. But what we want is just some recognition sometimes Otherwise, why would the Prophet salallahu Salam say that Amandla misura nessuna Mishra Allah whoever doesn't think that people doesn't think Allah right? So it there needs to be some balance.

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So that's very important. Also visiting the sick you know, when you're that can be incredibly lonely, when you're by yourself when you're in the hospital. You know, people not all family can stay there all the time, people have work obligations, and it can make such a big difference and there's so much wisdom in visiting the sick. And so nowadays, you know, just a quick phone call or a check in continue so much. So I want to emphasize that our religion really has a lot of a Baba and actions in place to kind of combat the, the act of loneliness. Now,

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what about being lonely or seclusion? Well, this has tremendous blessings. One of the earliest acts of seclusion turned out to be something which, oh, I don't know kind of changed humanity, which is what it was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being alone being secluded. In the cave, when the revelation came, the Prophet salallahu Salam used to go there. And he used to seek, you know, he used to kind of worship as he worshipped. And then of course, the revelation came by the way, if you go to the cave,

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in, in Makkah, and you go, it is a if you look down now, there's all a bunch of lights, right, but none of those lights were there. And you just look on the horizon. And you imagine you Brian Allen Salatu Salam coming and that is a scary sight. You can see why the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was kind of you know, went back to Katya and was so kind of, I don't want to say scared that's I don't think that's the appropriate word, but just was just kind of in in bewilderment, like, what happened? It's very intense scene. So this is the the first simple example of being alone, being by yourself. And also what else How about another lie that we're probably making a lot in in this

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Ramadan is what the Dr. Yunus Allah His Sonata was salam, when did that do I come when he was with his people know, when he was in the depths of the belly of the fish? When he was alone, he made that dua. And so being alone can have so much value.

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And the beauty of Islam is that you have to like you get into Jannah, of course, by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, but based off our own deeds individually, but we still have a responsibility collectively, to society, right? So you have to, for example, fulfill rights to your family. If you don't do that, then you will be held accountable. Right. If you do that, then that makes for a more productive society. And you'll also get rewarded for that. But ultimately, we will all be held accountable alone, yo metathetical Lunasin. to Jeju and Neff see her on that day, every soul will come to argue on behalf of itself, meaning we will be individually coming and pleading our case to

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Allah subhana wa Dawn and nobody is going to bail us out. Right. There are no bailouts, you might get that in the US government. But you don't get that on the Day of Judgment. But part of that responsibility is is what we fulfill to others, you see. So it's a really beautiful how it's all connected in that sense. Now, in our times, on social media and this kind of one of my research interests, we may feel we are connected but not being

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not feeling loneliness. You may say I don't feel loneliness, but it's, it's it when you look at the research, it comes down to the quality of the connection that we have with people meaning you could still have a lot of people you know and still be absolutely lonely because there's no quality in that relationship, whatever it may be. And with social media, a lot of research shows us that people are actually more depressed when they get off. We don't have those meaningful fulfilling relationships. Now most of the research I've seen is on Facebook, but I would love to do it like on Instagram or

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Snapchat and other mediums just to see because it's a little bit different in the communication. But I think if we would probably find the same results, they actually have loneliness scales to determine how lonely the person is. And again, it comes down to the quality of, of the,

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of the relationships. Now, a lot of times when we think about, oh, I don't want to be alone, you know, we have this Hollywood sort of notion that comes to our mind. But there are times when being alone is very much needed to be alone, and beg ALLAH SubhanA wa Dhanak, for our needs is just something which it's almost it's very free, right, just to be able to do that by ourselves, not constantly be around people. And we have a lot of noise in our world. And so it's really important, I just downloaded a couple of books by Cal Newport. One is called Digital minimalism. I'm not getting paid for this, by the way, I'm just telling you what I was reading, digital minimalism. And

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then another, the other is deep work. And they're all kind of based off of this, like quality, time being alone, and kind of silencing all these distractions that we have. So understanding that true quality time and being alone is productive. Right, we are productive. If we're not being productive, we may superficially not feel like we're alone. But we really are because there's no quality in those relationships, as it often is in social media. And now we can be incredibly productive. One example I can think of in modern American history, of course, is Malcolm X, who was alone in prison, started writing out the dictionary could barely write it. Subhanallah, the Malcolm X we know that

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Foundation came in prison. That's my favorite part of the biography. Not necessarily the other parts, not that those aren't great, but that this is my absolute favorite that came in what that came in seclusion. Seclusion allows us to do what's called no has ever to take ourselves to account and to be aware of what's happening. And that only happens when we turn off the noise. Right? So for Malcolm X, you could turn off the noise in prison in sha Allah, may Allah protect us, we don't need to go to prison for that. We can make our own little space. Why do people make it take off? Why was this the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam shut off the noise and be alone. You're not lonely.

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It's you and Allah subhana without, so we may have to get a little bit creative, even if it's a little space in our homes, this, this Ramadan, but still to be alone and have that ability to worship. Now interestingly, the two groups they found, who are more prone to loneliness are the elderly, which probably is not surprising, but also adolescence, right adolescence, so you know, all the all the posts and everything really, again, it goes down to what is the quality of that relationship, and what is being learned there. So these are the two groups who really want to want one to give special attention to in our masjid, we separate groups like youth, young youth, young

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professionals, college students, you can't just lump everyone together. Oh, it's the youth. I mean, everyone, each group kind of has its unique needs. So that's important to keep I know some of us just kind of do like an elderly breakfast once a month. So this is important because you can really feel a lonely miss. Because there's, you know, people are busy in their lives and things like that. Now, let me conclude with a couple of things regarding our unique situation in Ramadan.

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What are some suggested activities. So we are actually live streaming our a prayer, it's not open to the public. I'm not getting in the physical following or not following, but we are just live streaming it. And you know, there'll be like six or seven, whatever was in there. And we're doing it just because people can still get up, take a shower, you know, put on some nice clothes, put on some nice perfume and just feel an aid sort of spirit and feel like they're at the masjid at least. So this may be something to consider because these are things kind of at a massive scale that we can do which would have an impact across all communities. You know, I mean, like my brother, right, he his

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wife traveled just before this COVID So he's completely alone, he's gonna be alone on eighth. And so to be able to kind of tap into the community may be something really nice. You know, for those who are not able to, I know some of us are doing drive thru a decoration things like you decorate the car and then you kind of drive through. We are kind of planning to give like the kids will, you know drive by and pick up little goodie bags. So again, the day feels special.

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So these are a couple of things in shuttler we can do at a community and individual level. You know, for for those who are converts who don't have Muslim family. You

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have something like a zoom sort of a meal together or even a phone call can go a long, long way. And finally, for Avon general, not just during this year, I encourage everyone, especially parents, just go nuts with it. I mean, decorate the house make it seem like this is just the greatest day in the world. Because for us, it really is a grand celebration, because then the Association for for your children who will inshallah later on have their own go on to have their own child will always be just incredible memories. So go all out decorate the house, you know, especially now we're not going out on a there's not there's not many places to go. So spend that time, get those eight MOBOTIX

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signs, make cards, put them on the refrigerator, and inshallah and then we can make this either very memorable. One evening light challenges come along. What I felt was that well, I need 100 Naira

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or caleffi Come shifts handler. I like the reminder for parents not to stress the weekday. I didn't realize that was the cause of all my trauma. But now that I think back on it, I'm glad that you mentioned that to begin with. And yes, I love the fact that to go completely nuts, I think we have a unique opportunity and we have time we're stuck at home. So we don't we can't say we can't we don't have time to decorate itself. So just like looking for that amazing reminder. I'll pass it off to sister Sarah and then inshallah we'll see if we have a little bit of time left for questions. sister Sarah, just like Walker, I know you're going to be talking a little bit of those reminders as well.

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Some of those coping skills insha Allah for even some of those suggestions, and then I'm curious to see what you'll add on to it is Mina does that Luffy Sol salticid. I'm out of Salina, one and he was a happy woman winner. And my bad Santa Monica, want to fly over to get to everybody does that lucky at SU Hamada, for your excellent tips. I particularly appreciated that, that you've mentioned that factor about kids and making it really really special

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for kids as well. So you know, one thing as we're talking about this, I'm going to go at it from a couple of different angles.

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One thing to note is being alone during any times that are specials, any times that are special, any holidays, it is going to be something particularly hard, right? We can't deny it. There's no use fighting that right. So I wanted us to figure out how to consider this experience through a different lens. Because like Shahab said, there's a difference between being alone and being lonely, that you can be surrounded by people in a crowded room and feel lonely. And you can be alone and feel at peace, right? So how can we use this experience this upcoming Aida, and just anytime in general, when we might be alone, without allowing ourselves to struggle deeply with loneliness. So

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one thing I want to note about is coming up, you know, that's going to be the first day that the Shackleton are released. And so they're going to mess with our heads. And they're going to bring up really difficult feelings, and they're going to bring up feelings of hopelessness. And so reframing the way that we view this situation, and this experience, and controlling our thought process is particularly important, especially as we're getting ready to end Ramadan, and you know, hope and making the most out of these last couple of days. We don't want the these negative thought processes to also cause us to lose this these last couple of days that are so filled with blessings, right? So

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let's try and view it. Let's try and view these things from a different lens to shift our state of mind in order to make the most out of the last couple of years of Ramadan, but also our experience on night and Shama. So the first thing to acknowledge when we're talking about shifting our mindset to be able to cope is to is a technique called you name it to tame it, right, where when we are dealing with anything difficult, anything uncomfortable, anything hard, right? Don't push away the difficult feelings but don't allow yourself to wallow in them either. Alright, so when a feeling comes up, you name it to tame it. So once you name the fact that you know I'm a little bit

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disappointed that I can't, you know, be with people this time. I'm a little disappointed I can't travel to see my family. I'm you know, a little worried about what this is going to look like when you name it, you can start to actively feel better. And you can start to make active choices as to how to make yourself feel better. The other mindset shift that is very, very important, as we're talking about this is to acknowledge the this struggle, any struggle with being alone any struggle with not getting exactly what you're wanting, at any point in your life is a source of reward to acknowledge that the Haslemere that are coming with this situation are real. Right and and that way

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If a struggle and with every struggle there's going to be good deeds that come with it and Shama.

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And so from this lens from this lens of reward, understanding, this is the next one, right? That the lack of something can be as much of a gift from Allah subhana data as the presence of something

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right. So the lack of something, something not being there, despite you wanting it to be there can be just as much of a gift as receiving exactly what you want.

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So, how do we how do we get to this point of of acknowledging this

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asking ourselves what opportunity Am I being presented with in the circumstance? Right we often think of the happy easy things as being gifts from illustrata and then we think of the painful things as tests from Allah's PandaDoc but they're not just test right their gifts as well

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the one who provides for us the one who provides for our needs, and he is Al Wahhab.

00:31:14--> 00:31:27

I'm seeing that my internet connection is unstable is it is the I was gonna get it out a little bit, but I think it should be good. Again, if it happens, okay. Yeah, it's probably because there's somebody that's you're fixing the AC if you see me sweating, it's because I live in Houston and my AC

00:31:31--> 00:31:33

Right? Like, like I'm saying it's a reward, right?

00:31:34--> 00:31:35

It's a source of

00:31:38--> 00:31:44

Inshallah, should be, it should be in Chilean lava, it's, we're doing we're doing okay. And just.

00:31:45--> 00:32:25

So what I was saying was, well as in this circumstance, right, thinking to myself, the lack of something, the lack of this air conditioning being accessible, can be as much of a gift from Canada as the presence of it, right? It depends on what we choose to do with it. So knowing that Alaska is the one who provides for our needs, he is El hab, the one who gives gifts, the giver of gifts, then we realize that everything that is sent our way, whether it's challenging, or whether it's filled with ease, is giving us the opportunity to connect with Allah Subhana Allah in a different way. Whether it's through gratitude, whether it's through patients, right, every gift that comes our way,

00:32:25--> 00:33:05

even when the wrapping of the gift looks like a package that, you know, we wish we could refuse at the door and just, you know, return via FedEx. It's an opportunity to fulfill our purpose to all this path data. Right. So the question to ask ourselves with regards to this is, how can we turn our aid experience into this type of opportunity? How can we turn our aid experience, even if we're worried that we're going to feel lonely? Even if we're celebrating this alone? How can we turn our aid experience into an opportunity to fulfill our purpose in worshiping Allah is pancetta and gives you an opportunity to connect with Allah Subhana Allah.

00:33:06--> 00:33:53

So the first thing that I think is really important with that, like we talked about shifting our mindset, right. And we'll talk a little bit more about that. But I think what's really important is to be able to accept our reality. Right? Except like, mentally prepare yourself for now accept your reality that okay, here are going to be the struggles that I might face on night, right here might be the things that are hard, right? All of this is a test and submission. Right? Islam means submission, to SLM. Right? The one who provides us with a sense of peace, the one who provides us with a sense of well being the one who provides us with a sense of being able to be at peace with a

00:33:53--> 00:34:32

decree of Allah subhanaw taala and a one who gives us the sense of wholeness, right, which is a lot of times what we're being really affected by when we're feeling lonely, is that we feel like there's an emptiness versus a wholeness, right. Allah's patter is SLM. The one who is the source of that wholeness, right? So Islam is a test in submission to Allah subhanaw taala. So accepting our reality, accepting our circumstances is submission, realizing that there are certain things about our circumstances that we can't change, even if we wish we could write and there is an opportunity to accept that and to submit to all those pans out and that were illustrations that it tells us in

00:34:32--> 00:35:00

the Quran, Oh, you who believe enter hold heart wholeheartedly into submission to God, right into submission. And so accepting our circumstances allows us to do this and it allows us to channel our energy in a positive direction. Rather than using our energy to fight the unpredictable the unchangeable which is our current reality. Right? So instead of focusing in on what you're missing, that you wish you could

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

would experience focusing in on what you're missing that you're glad you're not experiencing can be another Mindset mindset shift that can help. Right? Like, what are some things about a typical aid situation? That are a struggle? Right? What are some difficulties that you might be being saved from? In the current situation? Right? Are there community members that you really struggle with? Are there toxic relationships that you would rather not, you know, not have to deal with that person, when you see them? You know, when you see them frequently, you know, when we talked about how the shows are going to be released, right? So the shakedown is great at getting us tempting us

00:35:40--> 00:36:14

toward gossip, once we're with people, gossip, backbiting starts to become very frequent, right? There might be worries about, you know, what people might say about you as you're at acela or there might be awkward Auntie questions or whatever it is, right, the things that you are glad that you are missing out on, are things to be thinking about, rather than perpetuating that Thought Cycle of all the things you wish that you could experience, right. So sometimes the gift is in the actual things that you're not experiencing as well.

00:36:15--> 00:36:53

And the other mindset shift that can be helpful, is also focusing in on what you do get to experience instead, right? So having this mentality of I get to, I get to do this, I get to experience this, which is different. Right? So you know, one of the things that I think is really important when we're talking about being alone, and struggling with these feelings of loneliness, is to realize that sometimes a loss has that a sense people away, so that we can find a sense of companionship and connection with him.

00:36:55--> 00:37:41

He is naturally a time of socializing, right? So I eat is not the time when we normally think about connecting with Illustra data I eat is the time when after Ramadan, everybody thinks let's let loose, you know, we're done fasting, you know, you let loose in so many different ways. But instead, this aid can be an opportunity to continue our connection with Allah subhana data, right? That this is if you're dealing with being alone, you might be feeling a void, right. And so when I thought of that word, I thought of a statement by him or by him or him Allah, where he said that in our hearts, there's a void that can't be filled except by the love of Allah by turning to him by remembering him

00:37:41--> 00:38:02

by being sincere to him, and we're a person to be given the entire world and everything in it, it would never fill that void. So there may be a void in your aid celebration this year, but realize that the most important void, that that could potentially be a factor in our lives, is within our grasp to be filled.

00:38:03--> 00:38:43

When Allah's PandaDoc tells us in Hadith, Kotze, right, that little suicide Salam says that Allah says, whoever draws close to me by the length of a hand, I will draw close to Him by the length of an arm, whoever draws close to me by the length of an arm, I will draw close to Him by the length of a fathom. And whoever comes to me walking, I will come to him running. Right? So this aid, when you're feeling one void, in that you're feeling a void of people choose to fill the other, meaning that void in our hearts that can only be filled with a connection to allow us have data. And how do we do that is we just take a step. And then Allah subhana, Allah will take so many more steps toward

00:38:43--> 00:39:31

us. So at telling yourself even though I can't do the things I would have necessarily enjoyed. I get to, what do I get to do is I get to do something pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. I get to like, show how much that I get to reach out to people and initiate Sudan. Right, I get to do things immediately after Ramadan to maintain that Ramadan self that I've cultivated, right to maintain my worship instead of losing it. You know, and so it's firstly that Allah Subhana Allah says, that, surely people will say, our Lord is Allah and then remain steadfast. And the angels did descend upon them saying, Do not fear nor grieve. Rather rejoice in the good news of Paradise which you have been

00:39:31--> 00:40:00

promised. We are your supporters in this worldly life and in the hereafter. There you will have whatever your souls desire, and there you will have whatever you asked for. So realizing what's the key in this idea? And these two ideas is the idea of being steadfast the idea of remaining firm, this Ieave a lot of us have a unique opportunity to remain firm in our worship after Ramadan. We still want to do special

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

of things. And that's what I'm going to talk about next. But there's also the beauty of being able to extend that feeling of Ramadan, that we've enjoyed that Eman high that we've enjoyed the extra worship that we have been able to cultivate and bring it into the next phase of our lives. The postal Ramadan phase, right realizing that Allah Subhana Allah is not just our Lord and Ramadan, but all year round. And so having this sense of steadfastness, we're Allah's hands out of promises that we, if we do, the angels will descend upon us, the angels will welcome us into paradise, that we're going to have whatever we want there, and whatever we asked for there, right, so Pamela, and that

00:40:42--> 00:41:02

they're that we're going to have angels as our supporters here and inshallah in the hereafter. Right? So thinking about this from a different lens of what opportunity, again, do I have, that I don't have on a typical aid? What obligations do I normally have on aid, that I don't have this aid, which allows me to do something different.

00:41:03--> 00:41:06

And so now, just to end, my,

00:41:07--> 00:41:16

my little spiel, there are some practical tips that I you know, that inshallah can be helpful to build off of what she Hamada was sharing of practical tips,

00:41:18--> 00:42:05

in order to make this aid, still something really enjoyable, and special. And, you know, that involves making a choice to create a day that you can look forward to, you know, a lot of times we have this, we have this, this, this idea that based on our circumstances, these like these joys are going to be taken away, but we have the ability to cultivate the type of day that we want, right? So thinking about planning what you would like to do on that day, despite it being different, in order to make it something enjoyable. So some things, you know, that I would, that I would say is, you know, try to pick three things that you would like to do on the day of it that would make that day

00:42:05--> 00:42:30

feel different from a normal day, something that you can look forward to doing right. So, you know, there, there are a lot of different places that are doing kind of a virtual idylic. But, like Shahar was mentioning, so picking which one you'd like to listen to, because sometimes if you wait until the last moment, there's so many options and you can't you can't choose right so choosing which one you'd like to listen to picking a nice outfit to wear.

00:42:31--> 00:42:43

Try if you know if your message is doing, you know, like the drive thru aid activity, great. If not, then taking a drive and going to like some nice outdoor location that you don't normally frequent.

00:42:44--> 00:42:51

It can be things like baking aid cookies, that would be like a, you know, a different thing to you know, to be able to do.

00:42:52--> 00:43:31

Being dropping off food for somebody, you know, like some of you might have had the experience of either dropping off food or having food dropped off to you, by by friends is Ramadan. And that's a great feeling, right? So extending that doing that on on eight, if you live near neighbors that you like, right, even if they're non Muslim neighbors, let them know that this day is going to be aid and bake them, you know, bring some treats to share with them and let them know, you know, in a socially distance compliant way, you know, I'd love to share this with you and everything so that you have some company and you can feel a sense of celebration, right? If you have kids, and you

00:43:31--> 00:44:10

know, you want to make things really special for them. I'm doing an IU treasure hunt, you know, like we did with my kids, we did a Ramadan treasure hunt, and they loved it. It was it was really fun. So doing that kind of thing. If you have a project that you've been wanting to do, and you didn't have time to do it, you took this day off, right, make sure you take this day off, and you can work on it. So doing this type of thing. Also extending we talked about extending our worship, right, so doing something that makes you feel good, that is also good is a way of extending that that Ramadan experience. So giving sadaqa Don't you know like we do it so often Ramadan and often that's where it

00:44:10--> 00:44:57

then stops, make it a point to not let it stop. Go online on the day of our you'd pick, you know, or we're in person, whatever it is and pick a particular charity to intentionally give your sadaqa to on that day, right to continue and to continue to increase the hustle that to show a sense of gratitude to all those pans out for being blessed with being able to experience Ramadan. Right and then also thinking outside of yourself a lot of times, you know, we we tend to have this experience of feeling lonely being alone, and we start to imagine that we are the only ones experiencing it, right. So think outside of yourself, initiate something in your local Masjid where you are doing

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

some sort of online zoom thing

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

For a, you know, a socially distant

00:45:03--> 00:45:45

picnic potluck in a park somewhere if if it's feasible, depending on the rules and regulations of wherever you live, right, initiating a virtual ie to meet up, right, you can either I don't know if it would be possible in sister house that can tell us whether it can be initiated, like through the Ramadan 360 page, or if it can be initiated through your local masjids page, or a WhatsApp group that, that you have trying to initiate something to connect with people and getting the hasard getting the good deeds for being the one to initiate that would be would be really wonderful. And then also keeping in mind along with this, that the struggles that so many of us are experiencing

00:45:45--> 00:46:19

this site are the struggles that are convert and or revert, depending on the terminology prefer, this is an experience that our convert brothers and sisters experience everything. And so allowing that to be a reminder for ourselves that if we don't like this experience for ourselves, right? Because, you know, to PART of our PART of our deen is to love for ourselves, to love our brothers what we love for ourselves, right? If we don't like this experience for ourselves, then what are we going to do in future aids to make sure that nobody has to experience it.

00:46:20--> 00:46:31

And so having this you know, connecting with our convert brothers and sisters this side, and throughout continually for future it could be a really wonderful

00:46:32--> 00:46:55

after effect of all of this quarantining and things like that, and so I pray that inshallah this this aid will be filled with a unique sense of joy for all of you and will be means of us immediately starting to increase and maintain our our worship from after this blessed month is done. Jamba Juice Aquila fina,

00:46:56--> 00:47:31

if you keep that was an amazing reminder I love there's so many gems coming through about you know, Allah may have made you lonely so that you can connect with him Subhanallah I know there's going to be questions we only have a brief moment of time to ask them so everyone please submit them I see the first one the q&a box. So if yours in the q&a box and everyone else, please in the chats online inshallah. So the first one is a little bit not eat focused, but it's saying if one enjoys being at home with family and working from home and studying online for months, well, they need to prepare themselves mentally for when they have to go back into society. And how does one do that wisely? I

00:47:31--> 00:47:41

mean, I would all pray that Coronavirus ends after eight I don't know if our Ramadan, the eyes are gonna be answered that quickly. But if she however, if you want to tackle that first and then we'll we'll pick it Sarah

00:47:43--> 00:48:32

will be Venus staying over? Absolutely, there would be an adjustment period, I think about this quite often. You know, like for example, Tuesdays, I have to drive an hour each way and back and I'm loving that I don't have to go. So there absolutely will be an adjustment. Just like we had to adjust to not having to, you know, drive to school or even be in school, for example. And so, you know, just keep keep up to date on information. Our university has said that fall classes are scheduled to be on campus so that you know, you're going to know well in advance. So mentally making those preparations may be blocking off that time at home like okay, this would be the time that I'm

00:48:32--> 00:48:49

out. So kind of mirroring that in the home. This is probably something we should be doing anyway, just to be more productive. But just to really kind of get back in that mode of have that set schedule because I do think it's going to be a an adjustment period.

00:48:50--> 00:49:01

Fair enough. Perfect. The next question is do you have any advice on dealing with loneliness and heartbreak on eighth? I'm specifically I guess, on heartbreak being the the highlight or the different there.

00:49:03--> 00:49:09

This is just our I think I'll pick on you for that one. I feel like you'd be great to answer that, Michelle. Sure, inshallah.

00:49:10--> 00:49:53

So with regards to loneliness and heartbreak, on aid versus other days, it you know, whenever a special day comes around, you know, whether it is a holiday, whether it's the anniversary of a marriage after a divorce, or the loss of a loved one, special days are always a little bit harder. And it always takes a different type of coping. So one thing that I think is really helpful when we're talking about any type of loss, right? So heartbreak is a type of loss, just like so many other types of loss, it's, you know, often something that's kind of undermined, but the pain is really real. You know, there was actually a research study done about rejection and they they

00:49:53--> 00:49:59

monitor people's brain activity. And they found that people the same brain areas that are activated when people feel

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

Physical pain after being physically hurt are the same brain areas that people experience with heartbreak and feelings of rejection. So it's a very real experience.

00:50:09--> 00:50:52

I think that, you know, creating the idea, we talked about the idea of self care. And people often have this idea that self care is, you know, bubble baths, buying yourself, like very expensive facials and all of these different things, right. But in reality, it is creating the life that you want, so that you don't feel the need to use self care to run away from that life, right. So it's about creating the life that you don't need to escape from. And so one of the best ways to deal with heartbreak on a day like AI is to do things that can help take care of yourself, this can be the fun things of you know, like, very special tooling, or facial or whatever it is, that would be helpful,

00:50:52--> 00:51:31

you know, but it could also be creating an idea of now that this has happened in my life. How do I want this? How do I want to move forward? What do I want the rest of my life to look like? I'm not going to spend the rest of my life feeling this way. So how can I prep myself to make the most of my life, with or without this person in it? Right, and so kind of kind of creating a sense of purpose, again, for yourself, I think any day is great for that. But I think that it's also a really wonderful time to do it now in our last few days of Ramadan, and then continuing to implement that as we go into married and beyond and Shama.

00:51:33--> 00:51:51

The next question actually is a bit interesting. And I know you guys talked about bringing that eat spirit into the home and whatnot. Will you either be I mean, it's your home or your you still have a baby? So I don't know if you're able to talk to her about how eat is going to be different. I think this might be your first one. Is it? His his first one, isn't it? Right? I keep missing your child? Sorry.

00:51:52--> 00:52:29

So are you going to be doing anything different? Or do you recommend talking to children about how either is going to be different or preparing themselves mentally for it? Or do you think just brushing it over and making it such a grand experience that they'll forget about it is the way to go. And maybe for parents who are of a lower socioeconomic status, who can't maybe go out maybe the shipping shipments are going to come back in in time for the EAD, balloons and whatnot? How would you prepare them them for it and keep them positive? For being lonely? So I think, you know, the younger you start, it would just depend on on the children's ages. Ideally, this would be with

00:52:29--> 00:52:45

everything with Islamic teaching, or manners or whatever, is that they basically grow up in a way where that's all that they know. So all they know is when they eat comes, here comes, you know, the decorations and the special foods and things like that.

00:52:46--> 00:53:18

If that's not possible, then you know, again, it depends on the understanding of the child. So you can tell them that this is not going to be like, of course, age appropriate, you know, what, why aren't we going to see our grandparents, for example, that can be very, that really shouldn't be tackled head on otherwise, that could be kind of kind of devastating for a child, it already is, when you tell them you know, like don't hug your uncle and things like that. So just speaking to them at an age appropriate level. As for the regarding the socio economic status, when I say going all out, I certainly don't mean,

00:53:20--> 00:54:02

just financially spending a lot of money. And that's one of the beautiful things that you don't need a lot, you know, to go to the craft, store, and decorate, and it also forces us to be very creative. So it might actually be an advantage to not be able to just, you know, just kind of get whatever you want. So I think that can be done really with with minimal cost. The key is that it's engaging. And by having everyone participate, not just the adults, but especially the young minds which are forming, it will be memories that they will that they will never forget. Shall I love that answer. The next is, I mean, it's a little late in the in the month for this, but someone's still asking

00:54:02--> 00:54:25

what is your advice for someone who's finding it difficult to do as much about that due to loneliness. So there's a couple more opportunities, they haven't been able to take advantage of the month, a lot of us you have said, you know, like motivated people that whatever like moments that we have left, it's just I was mentioning the beginning to just embrace them. But what if this person just thinking about what's upcoming and what's happening now they just have not been able to what little bit what like last little bit of motivation would you give them

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

so you know, I think that it's it's hard when so our our thoughts and our emotions and our actions, behaviors are all intertwined. They're like a triangle, right? So they, you know, if our thoughts are here, our emotions are here, our actions are here. They're all interlinked, right? And so in order to create a shift, you have to just change one of them. Emotions are very hard to change. They're often very, oftentimes a little bit beyond our control. But our thoughts and actions are not right. Those are within our control. We can shift it

00:55:00--> 00:55:42

If you're struggling to, to shift your thought process away from that feeling of, like dread that you know, I'm dreading loneliness, right? Then shifting your actions to be in line with where you want to be, is very powerful. Right? That also says I love when when things were hard, he used to tell Bilal, oh, Bella, you know, call the event bring us peace with it. Right? He action right action through Salah there was a shift emotionally and mentally, right? So, so having that using action to create that shift, then also shifting, shifting your mentality, right? Is that, okay? I might be, I might be struggling, you know, I might be struggling with this right now. Which means

00:55:42--> 00:56:18

that Insha Allah, my reward is amplified, because I'm not only trying to do the actual act of worship and getting rewarded for that, but I'm actually moving forward and going through the actual struggle in order to reach that act of worship. So Insha Allah, there's multiple rewards for that. So shifting the mentality there. And then the third approach is if we are trying to do it from the emotional perspective, it's actually sitting with the emotion and I know that sounds very counterintuitive, right? But a lot of times this, this dread, this feeling of dread, it's anxiety. And the more we try to push away feelings of anxiety, the more they tend to come up, because what

00:56:18--> 00:56:55

happens is our brain registers that if you're pushing it away, it's something to be feared and something dangerous. So let me be anxious about it. Let me be vigilant about it. So when you actually sit with it, you breathe through it a little bit, you actually let the anxiety kind of come up in your ask yourself, Okay, worst case scenario, what's going to happen? What's my life going to look like? Worst case scenario, right? And you confront that, and you deal with that and you make a plan in accordance to that, then suddenly that emotion in that thought is not quite as powerful. So inshallah those approaches can help just a little bit. And actually, I know we don't have a lot of

00:56:55--> 00:57:25

time to go really deep into this but I think what two things I found very helpful was I think she Henry was yourself who wrote an article beginning of Ramadan, or just before Ramadan about reframing yourself for Ramadan with Yaqeen Institute and sisters are you've been sharing these little pictorials as well. And I think that's a big thing that we haven't we have actually highlighted throughout the Ramadan 360 series that people that might be a useful resource is just reframing the way that you're approaching this and turning it from, you know, this is what the situation is, this is what I'm told it is and then these are all the opportunities that have come out of it. And this

00:57:25--> 00:57:54

is how blessed I've been because of it and insha Allah hair, you know, that either will be different but it will be memorable and it will be a blessing as well. And actually just like military to both of you for providing these resources. I don't know if you have time for an Eid version as well but does that go through for giving us those opportunities to rethink our entire approach this Ramadan I know it's coming close to the hour so I won't keep you guys too much past it because I can only for those who did submit their questions, and I do want to finally I was like I just messaged you guys for it right at the middle of the q&a. Like I just gonna put it on gallery view because it's the

00:57:54--> 00:58:26

last time they're gonna see you in Ramadan. I hope you don't mind but I do want to thank you both mashallah, you know, I've never seen two people tie their professional, you know, their interests and their passions for therapy and counseling, mashallah in the way that you guys have to the Islamic lens so well and benefit the community's community so thoroughly with it so just like well here it's been a complete pleasure to have you on the Ramadan 360 platform, and we hope to have you back. We don't know what the programming is gonna look like. We don't know how long this is gonna last but inshallah here if it gives us these with these opportunities, it's been a gift so we're

00:58:26--> 00:58:43

grateful for it and thank you so much Eid Mubarak to both of you and your families. And inshallah we'll see you soon. Take care everyone as said I'm gonna get to why because I don't want to ever get to the second law fight and for the opportunity to always speak with you all it's always a privilege and hamdulillah

00:58:44--> 00:58:55

everyone Sonica it will work and also just helps a shout out to you for being a fantastic moderator and seemingly being on every day So may Allah accept me as someone who could share

00:59:01--> 00:59:02

this stuff

00:59:03--> 00:59:05

with her I didn't really think that gallery view

00:59:06--> 00:59:42

I handled okay, I've switched it off now. So we're free to innovate mashallah early bird that you are, I think you were the last person maybe to get the the reminder emails. So thank you for coming in. So quickly, I'm so excited for the panel that we have now in sha Allah. I hope that you guys enjoyed such Osiris Athan and Shama Hussein please keep up with their work if you have any difficulty still at this point this far in the month of Ramadan about you know, the ways that you're feeling about it being a very strange month this time around please follow them because mashallah they do an amazing job of doing justice to those topics. No, shaking their head. I see that you

00:59:42--> 00:59:44

have. Oh, hold on. Are we going to

00:59:46--> 00:59:51

I don't know if I should do this to show how rare This is the first time he's been on since

00:59:52--> 00:59:59

since the whole Dr. Omer. What's the word for it? I can't say if you ask this guy like it's the international

01:00:00--> 01:00:08

kind of claim for your for your mashallah PhD Desikan welfare for everyone joining us I think I'm going to call you shift doctor from now on I know there's

01:00:10--> 01:00:20

there was a whole topic you started that like a whole like like a little war in the McRib staff chat about how what was not is acceptable to say congratulations thank you so much

01:00:23--> 01:00:53

this is the first time we've had to actually I think it's been a while since we've had you on together so thank you so much all three of you should have a disease shakaama center man and of course, the big kahuna Shaheed Muhammad Sharif for joining us tonight or today for our Ischia panel now you know this Ramadan has been very unique and we've been talking about you know, loneliness and aid and whatnot just now. We're hoping to tackle really briefly really powerfully within the next hour or so, on the topic of dusky I'm really excited to to see your approaches leading outside of Ramadan, how we can enable that and how we can

01:00:54--> 01:01:12

bring that into our lives inshallah and maintain our momentum exiting the month. So we will start inshallah by picking on Sheikh Mohammed, who has been very quietly sneaking into the room. How are you doing Sheikh Mohammed, how is divided trading view I'm good, I'm dilla by Salaams to Dr. Omar Suleiman and my twin chicken as

01:01:13--> 01:01:20

well. We were we were in Malaysia together last time was I was gone to the university for last time but I was

01:01:21--> 01:01:26

I was I was really really really sick and so chef Muhammad Sharif was like my, my nurse

01:01:30--> 01:01:30

it's like

01:01:31--> 01:01:49

oh, okay, so I made you guys the review. I think this is a it's such a gift of opportunity to see all three of you at once. So inshallah we will have you start off Sheikh Mohammed on your topic, and we'll transition in Charlotte to share innovate and she hombre and we have a couple of minutes at the end of the session, we will try to squeeze in a q&a. Does that qualify for all of you for joining us and Bismillah Let's kick it off.

01:01:50--> 01:02:00

So I'm up. Yeah. All right. Take one es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Similarities allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah early he was happy my Allah

01:02:02--> 01:02:46

so Allah subhana Dona tells us the story of Ibrahim Ali is and and you know when when people go for Hajj and people go for ombre and I tell them I go this is Ibrahim Ali built the kava with his own hands and when he was building the kava with his son, and they're raising the bricks, Ibrahim Ali Islam made a dog his dog was robbing our bass PHY him Missoula Minho yet flew early him he was actually my heir to your I live on keytab Oh heck matter where he was a key and whoever it's half of the Quran you know for all the her father like shout out for you guys leaving prayers in in Ramadan time.

01:02:48--> 01:03:19

This verse, what comes first will you set key him or where you're living? That will take Moto is a key or is it or use a key more your Alamo? multitap. All right, there's two of them. So Abraham is rams da was the one when it's Ibrahima. Listen I'm saying it. We use a key him comes at the end. So he says you are live on keytab. But when he can send amongst them a messenger who will teach them in the moment Peter are teaching the book while hikma and the sooner the wisdom will use a key here

01:03:20--> 01:03:24

and purify them. But then Allah subhanaw taala says

01:03:26--> 01:04:12

Allah subhanaw taala is glorifying himself Subhan Allah to Allah and saying, I sent the messenger amongst you. And by the way, Ibrahim and this is the dua that Ibrahim Ali is made for the OMA and the prophets of Allah as Adam said, I am the accepted da the answer.of My father Ibrahim Elisa, so the prophets of Allah they said I'm sorry, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran says who will lead the battlefield or Sula Minho, he's the one who sent from amongst them. A messenger or Sula Minh whom yet yourname ad he recites the verses where he was at key here and he purifies them while you are live on wolky tab on Hackman and teaches them the key tab the book and Heckman listen. So what's

01:04:12--> 01:04:56

interesting is that Ibrahim Ahmadi you sit down, put this on a list of four things he's making up for Tez Kia comes in at number four. And when Allah subhanaw taala answers the DA Allah subhanaw taala says that that purification recites the verses and purifies them and teaches them the Kitab and the hikma showing us the importance of this test here this purification that we seek out that 100 light here in Ramadan. As we come to the final hours of Ramadan, I contemplate what the metaphor for Ramadan is. So a lot of people when you think of metaphor met, Ramadan is like and let's get some interaction. I'd like to actually hear from you. If you guys can I know not everybody's here in

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

the chat. But can you tell me what metaphor what metaphor you have for

01:05:00--> 01:05:14

Mine Ramadan is like this is for my own learning I'd like to see what you guys say. And the issue of our welcome to pitch in Ramadan is like half sister as a guest somebody else Ramadan is like modesty I don't know if that means

01:05:15--> 01:05:25

Ramadan is like Rama so I'm thinking of let's say No Forget forget what Ramadan is I say what is Ramadan like? So I'm looking for something like Ramadan is like

01:05:27--> 01:05:35

a guest that comes from out of town to visit you that's why you should clean your house yeah that's I'm looking for something like that. Okay I'm gonna says a spiritual clinic

01:05:37--> 01:05:41

likes starting Mrelief okay, maybe you guys don't undersell on top.

01:05:42--> 01:06:25

Okay, Ramadan is like springtime new does any Oh, this is exactly what I was gonna ask. So the Teva says it's like a special period. I was gonna say that some people think of Ramadan and there's a metaphor for this. It's like a special offer a special limit a special limited time offer. So they'll say for example, Hey, we got to spend Ramadan has like a special limited limited time offer where you where your good deeds are increased and such and people put in a lot of effort. And that's true. But I want to give you a another metaphor for Ramadan. Because this idea that Ramadan is a special is a special offer and then it's over or that Ramadan is a foreign guest that comes and then

01:06:25--> 01:06:52

leaves I think does a disservice what Ramadan is teaching us in purification. So the metaphor of a special guest that comes and visits us the metaphor continues that the guest has left us and now we've gotten back to our own mind or the idea of Ramadan being a special offer is also limited time it's the offer is over. So go back to normal not purchasing and not partaking of this. So this is my metaphor for you. It's really

01:06:54--> 01:07:11

I thought about it. Hopefully you guys can give me a better more metaphor than this Ramadan is a career college or a vocational Institute, or a trade school that is training you for your life outside of this college. How about that about

01:07:12--> 01:07:50

Ramadan is evoke, and I know no one has ever seen that metaphor ever. That is Ramadan is a vocational Institute. And the reason I don't say gym because somebody might say it's a spiritual gym, it's like making you stronger. The problem with the gym is is they don't prepare you for real life. gyms are just fake, you just go you build up your muscles and then you never use it outside. That's I don't like the metaphor for gym. But I liked the idea of a vocational Institute, a vocational school or trade school because you're in Ramadan preparing. As the vs guy you're letting me know cookiebot ACHEMA. Sam, can I put it down in London and publikum it was written for you so

01:07:50--> 01:08:17

that you would have Taqwa so that you would be purified so that you would be trained for your career as I'm happy. I believe in Allah. So the lesson that you're learning in Ramadan, in this vocational training this career college, you're a career as Abdullah, and this is Ramadan training you for after Ramadan, and you know, Chef is going to use that in his speech. Okay, it's definitely that you can use it.

01:08:19--> 01:08:19


01:08:21--> 01:08:31

all right. So when the last two nights of Ramadan came came along, I felt very anxious. And I get this anxiety.

01:08:32--> 01:09:00

When this limited time of a bad comes upon me, I started thinking to myself, I can't do enough. And then you get all these well meaning Instagram posts where people are like, you know, every second of Little 209 is worth a gazillion, you'll never be able to calculate it. And one brother was like, I can't even go to the bathroom. Because I feel like how much time am I missing from a layup the other night? It's very, very kind of like,

01:09:01--> 01:09:39

like the anxiety level. I don't know if you guys felt and you're welcome. Also, tell me in the comments if you felt that anxiety. I don't like to feel like that. I don't like that a bed that comes with anxiety. I would rather and I used to say this, you know, many years ago, I think it was like 2008 where I said and actually amalgam Institute. Let's start at the moments to my whole philosophy with a moment of Institute was why do we have to have a horrible educational experience when we're studying in SNAP? Why does everybody have to be frowning? Why does everybody have to be having this painful experience? And if they have a painful Islamic educational experience, then they

01:09:39--> 01:09:59

don't want to continue in it. So when Ramadan came along, like 2008 I said Why does Ramadan feel like everybody's holding their breath until the month is over so that they can get go on and get back with their lives? And why is it now I'm asking the question. Why is it the last 10 nights of Ramadan come along? There's so much anxiety. There's so much anxiety like

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

Like, Oh, I'm going to miss this I'm going to we're so focused on what we're going to miss out that we're not present and our heart's not there to partake in this. So this is how I solved it, I made a checklist. I made a checklist of this day better than I want to do on the last 10 nights of Ramadan each night and just be consistent with it. And there were some nights where I thought, hey, you know what, I can do more. And if you want to do more, no problem, but I kept falling back on consistency, consistency, consistency, and where this shines, where this shines like, sure on the 27th night, maybe you had some amazing motivation. But where it shines is on the 29th tonight, when everybody

01:10:39--> 01:11:19

else's motivation has gone down. Yeah, they worship, like really big on the 27th tonight, but on the 29th night or the 28th night. That's where consistency kicks in. So that's my first advice for you is consistency. And so the prophets of advice, and I'm said that the most beloved actions to Allah subhanaw taala are those that are done consistence consistent, even if they're small. And I would remind myself of that, that Muhammad in these last two nights, that it's not about doing a mountain load of data one night, and then going to sleep the next it's about being consistent. And I reminded myself Muhammad, don't worry if it seems like it's less the prophesy. Sam said, Allah loves this bet

01:11:19--> 01:11:40

more. So it's the consistent actions you want. And then after Ramadan, and continuing to spirituality, if Ramadan is a vocational training college to prepare you afterwards, you don't want to shut off after Ramadan, what you want to do, you want to build some habits. So when this pandemic is the last point that I'll make, and I'll hand it off,

01:11:41--> 01:12:22

when this pandemic happened in the lockdown into the quarantine, and everybody was like, shut down in the housing, remember, like two months ago, people like it was like, like a deer in headlights, we didn't know what to do. And the reason we didn't know what to do is because we haven't, we hadn't built up any habits of life at home. But after two, three weeks, those habits started returning. And I kind of told myself, look, Mohamed, you're in this state of paralysis, because you don't have habits. So what you need to do is just calm down and write down some habits. We all have habits, but unfortunately, a lot of our habits are, we haven't thought them out. And they don't serve us over

01:12:22--> 01:13:01

the long term. So this is my final advice for you. I would recommend that you choose five small consistent habits, five small consistent habits, things that maybe even you belittle them. So it might be like you know, for your health, you'd say You know what, after I finished Allah, I'm going to do five push ups after each though something small, but consistent. And you'll find over time, two weeks, three weeks, one month, hey, it's really working out really great. Maybe you've got a club on habit and you'll say hey, you know what my habit is to keep my club on beside me when I pray and my habit could be just as simple as opening the opening the front cover, just like that because

01:13:01--> 01:13:37

who opens the front cover and then doesn't read? Yeah, make your habit something small, something consistent, set the time, what you're going to do keep it short, and just build these habits into your life. Choose five habits and inshallah Tada that will help you continue what you've learned in Ramadan in this vocational training for life as a MacDuffie inshallah Tada, you can carry that forward with the power of habits SNRI Zack Monaco, Sheikh Mohammed, I'm sorry to tell you there was a lot of people who said training ground and boot camp in the face of the comments. You may not be the first but you'll definitely be like the 28th person who can actually don't agree with the

01:13:37--> 01:14:06

bootcamp analogy. Oh yeah, you thought you said it's like the gym because when you go to boot camp, nobody actually applies what they learned. That's true. That's true. I like that actually. I appreciated the posts in the mess I think it was a live stream that you did on Facebook about not letting yourself like stress out about the last 10 nights and every every second is worth this much and every 23 hours of a life and this so that was helpful because a lot of us put a lot of pressure especially because we're at home we have no excuse but I hope that we were able to make the most out of Ramadan with with that advice. So does that come okay for that and for everything you've been

01:14:06--> 01:14:22

doing this through Ramadan will pass off to Sheikh Naveen We're glad you're back in Mecca or Medina sorry Medina that's it a quick trip that you made my left peyto Lake and I'm back at in Medina now hold the law. I was actually gonna tease you I was like, where's Medina what happened? So?

01:14:26--> 01:14:34

This minute, let's kick you off for your session percentages after looking at Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Samia Jemaine.

01:14:36--> 01:14:42

I know he loves hearing stories. So I'm going to share a story about Sheikh Mohammed.

01:14:43--> 01:15:00

This was 2005. I'm a first year shehryar student. And I've just come back to Montreal, and Sheikh Mohammed is teaching or suitable for Al Maghrib in Montreal, and I'm attending this class and I was actually pretty amazed. I'm like, Man, this is pretty fun and very different than what I was used to. And it's important to work to understand what's up

01:15:00--> 01:15:32

Medina at that time for me, I had attended a whole year of Suhail Bukhari and I had this Bedouin teacher that was so disrespectful. He looked in terrible shape always because he was a farmer by profession. And he taught part times. And his clothes were always dirty. And I had a very terrible experience there. And then when I was actually doing my first day was full of *ing Sharia, it was one of the most difficult classes ever took. I'm like, Man, I'm not prepared for this. So attending Sheikh Mohammed, his class in Montreal was actually a breath of fresh air. And I remember that during one of the breaks, I'm like, I got to ask him a question. Like, how did he make such a

01:15:32--> 01:16:06

terrible, difficult subject? So easy and so engaging? So he's walking to the bathroom? Like, Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question? And he's like, I'm on my way to the bathroom. And I understood what that meant. I was like, Okay, I'll ask you to weigh the bathroom, when you can do your thing, whatever. So I walked with him to the bathroom, like, hey, how do I become a good teacher? How do I become a good teacher? And as was typical of Sheikh Mohammed, he never answers your question straight on, he'll tell you some random tangent. And I don't even remember what the random tangent was SubhanAllah. But I do remember that he did take the time to acknowledge my question. And I

01:16:06--> 01:16:45

actually taught also as a bootcamp for you know, when that class was over, so people could take the exam and be prepared and humble, it seems pretty people did pretty well. Now, the reason why I mentioned the story is because throughout life, you will come across people that are going to inspire you in different ways. Throughout life, you're going to come across people that are going to help you in different ways, and teach you different things. Now, what I wanted to focus on in my session on tests here was there's actually a saying that acknowledge Ibrahim Allah, he brings forth as a parable. He says the rest of the month compared to Ramadan, is like the brothers of use of

01:16:46--> 01:17:22

compared to the use of so usually Salam was this special entity compared to the rest of his brothers. And that's what I want to focus on that if you look towards the ending of Surah use of there's a dua that Allah subhanaw taala preserves for us at the ending. And this is like useless farewell words to his story. At this point, the story comes to an end, but the surah continues and use why the salaam he goes on to say, Rob because I teach criminal Mulkey random turned him into oil ahaadeeth out of a somewhat odd unbelief. Dunya will ask your telephony Muslim on what heckling you beside your hand, you're sweating. So then he goes on to say, Oh, my Lord, You have given me from

01:17:22--> 01:18:04

power and from Kingdom and you've taught me the interpretation of dreams, Originator of the heavens and the earth, let me die. You are my close, intimate friend in this life. And the next let me die as a muslim and unite me with the righteous uniting me with the righteous. Now I want to focus on something particular that I have learned this Ramadan. So this Ramadan, one of my goals was to do a tough seer of Surah use of an extract some reflections on it. And that was basically my whole focus for this Ramadan. And one of the things that you look at and so the use of my dear brothers and sisters, is that there's three incidents of betrayal that usually salon goes through. And these

01:18:04--> 01:18:45

incidents of vitriol are no small things. The first of them, as we know is with his brothers, who are meant to look after him, they're meant to take care of him. They're meant to be role models for him. Yet these are the same individuals that threw him into the wealth. The second incident was when usefully Salam is sold into slavery. And as he takes him into his house, and he tells his wife, I said, and you're gonna own a turkey, the Hodeida that perhaps he will benefit us, or we will take him as a son. Now, he's told this to his wife and his wife is meant to take care of him and treat him like a son and give them the best possible treatment, yet she is the same one that tries to

01:18:45--> 01:19:28

seduce him later on in life. Can you imagine the type of betrayal that must have felt like and then later on in the story when he is in prison, he helps out his fellow companions they and he interprets a dream for them and he gives his companions just one task that's what simple tasks by Allah he tells them that when you get out mentioned my name to the king mentioned like Hey, my name to your master so that he can get me out of prison just this one simple tasks Pinilla. Yet they forget, completely forgot just one simple test. And he forgot that if I was to add a fourth later on in the story, yeah. When you when you saw Ali Salam, you know, plants the cup in Benya means,

01:19:29--> 01:19:59

you know, stuff the brothers turn on use of again, again, they say that, you know, Benjamin has stolen the know that he had a brother who had also stood in the past and that's the fourth act of betrayal. Now yet throughout all of this, use by the salon has found a way to deal with his trauma. He's found a way to make sure that he doesn't take things personally. And this is what I wanted to emphasize that you know, one of the things I've learned this Ramadan is that when you reflect on your use of how do you learn not to take things personally, because part of the spiritual process part of the test

01:20:00--> 01:20:37

element is emptying out your heart from hatred and malice towards people, particularly those that are meant to take care of you and love you. Yet they end up betraying you. Right? How do you get rid of that animosity and that malice that you may feel? So here's one tip from sort of use of if you look throughout, so the use of anyone that has betrayed him, use filing his Salem always blame straight on for it, we always blame straight on. So the first time you see this is in the prison when the man who was with him was supposed to mention his name to the king. He says that shaytaan made him forget shaytaan made him forget, it wasn't his fault. And then later on in the story, when

01:20:37--> 01:20:39

you look at the way his brothers treated him,

01:20:41--> 01:21:20

he says that the shaytaan had planted the seed of dissent amongst us shaytaan it planted the seed of dissent amongst us he doesn't blame the brother. And then in terms of when he deals with the issue of the of the wife of ISIS, who tried to seduce him. His statement is one that Uber NFC, you know that I don't leave free myself from them in. In a nutshell, Mr. Otto Misu surely there's an element inside of of our enough's that is inclined towards evil. So he's always making excuses towards people, or they're blaming and shaitan or blaming it on the nerves. And this is something very profound that when people do hurt you, are you able to find a way out for them and not keep it in

01:21:20--> 01:21:55

your heart, so that you're holding this grudge. And this is a trick that we learned from so the use of that you blame it on shaytaan you blame it on the nerves, and you do find excuses for them. And this is very valuable, because this leads us to a second point. Often when people don't deal with their trauma, and they don't deal with the hurt that they feel they'll end up blaming Allah subhanaw taala they'll end up blaming Allah subhanaw taala and we see this quite often that Why does Allah subhanaw taala allow this to happen to me, you know, why me? And then we question certain things, certain things like that. But if you look at Surah Yusuf, again, every single time, use violaceum

01:21:55--> 01:22:33

calls out to Allah, He says, or rob B, he doesn't say Robina or our Lord or he doesn't say our book, he says Robbie, he says, My Lord is developed this personal connection with Allah subhanaw taala where he speaks to Allah subhanaw taala he engages in conversation with Allah subhanaw taala and that's why that conversation is able to become so intimate because his heart is pure towards others. And that is led him not to blame anyone not to blame Allah subhanaw taala so now when you look at this dua, this dude comes from a place of gratitude, where he's been able to forget all the calamity, all the hardship, all the trials that he's gone through, and he's praising and thanking

01:22:33--> 01:23:07

Allah subhanaw taala. Now the two things that he thinks Allah subhanaw taala for are his position of power and his ability to interpret dreams. You'll notice that he didn't think Allah subhanaw taala for something generic, he didn't say Oh, Allah, you know, I thank you for eyesight or Oh Allah, I thank you for the ability to smell or anything like that. He chose very specific things. And this is the second point I wanted to share with you is that when you are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala look for the things that are specific to you look for the things that are specific to you, Allah subhanaw taala has blessed each and every one of us in a specific way that the vast majority of

01:23:07--> 01:23:43

mankind will not have Yes, there will be other people that will share in that blessing. But it is one of the things that is exclusive to you and specific to you. That's what you want to look at. And that's why we're true gratitude comes from so when you look at the ASALA of Cofer of disbelief, its essence is in gratitude towards almost pinata either. So the exact opposite of it, which is Islam is the epitomize ation of pinnacle of gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala particularly for those things that Allah subhanaw taala has given us. I know my time is running out shortly I'll try to wrap this up quickly. Point number three. He says, Oh Allah let me die as a muslim, let me die as a muslim.

01:23:43--> 01:24:21

And this is truly amazing that he's asking Allah as a prophet of Allah. Let me die as a muslim. And this is a point of reflection, that being born into Islam, how many of us are grateful for the Islam that Allah subhanaw taala has given us but the point I want to establish over here is, I want you to imagine the spiritual rejuvenation that Sheikh Mohammed was talking about that we experienced in the month of Ramadan. Can we make dua that oh Allah keep me steadfast after Ramadan, just that you have been steadfast in Ramadan as a point of reflection, that Oh Allah, just as I'm living as a Muslim, let me die as a muslim, as well and constantly engaging in this dua with Allah subhanaw taala

01:24:21--> 01:24:56

recognizing the blessing of Islam upon us and this blessing of Ramadan upon us panela billions of people on the planet that Allah subhanaw taala bless the Muslims with this month of Ramadan, something to reflect on. And the last thing that I'll mention is that he concludes with what helped me decide the hint that Oh Allah, Reunite me with the righteous and you it's interesting to find that the scholars of Pepsi had mentioned that Jacoba he passed away shortly after they were united and Yusuf Ali salaam he died about three years after so when you spy they said I'm making this dua he's basically saying that Oh Allah, let me be reunited with the righteous meaning my father, whom

01:24:56--> 01:24:59

he was deprived of for so long in this life, that

01:25:00--> 01:25:37

he'll get to spend time with in the hereafter and his forefathers like is hot and Ibrahim, whom Allah subhanaw taala mentioned at the beginning of the Surah, that he completed his favor upon them that favor being that they are going to be from the inhabitants of paradise in the after life. And this is the final point I wanted to conclude with is that, what are you looking forward to in the hereafter? What are you looking forward to, in the hereafter for Yusuf Ali salaam, it was to be reunited with the righteous with his forefathers, and each and every one was has something specific that we wanted to see from the alcohol. So when you're looking at, you know, spirituality, and how

01:25:37--> 01:26:10

to facilitate your submission to Allah subhanaw taala because that's what spirituality is, in its essence, the facilitation of submission to Allah. What are you looking forward to as a reward from Allah subhanaw taala. Now let's find out what Allah grant is Jana and make us from those that are accepted from this month and those that are freed from the Healthware Allahumma Amin zoeken. Blockade and or Salallahu Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad either earlier he was talking to your salaam Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh All right, well, if you can wow, what I don't know what to do with all this extra all this extra time Subhanallah we are under time right now. So

01:26:10--> 01:26:24

inshallah we will have time for a bit of a q&a at the end. For everyone who's asking who submitted questions. I'll pass it off and I'll just your hammer I have to ask you for forgiveness exiting or exiting role launch? I don't know what it is. I cannot introduce you without embarrassing

01:26:25--> 01:26:52

she said tease me about what he's saying. Like it's so high like I just look forward to your light roast every time you introduce me and I think there's there's a you know, if I if I like you guys, you know, I'll just I'll do a proper introduction. I'll just give you your little resume and then I'll pass it off. But if you're at another level like I have to just just embarrass you to a point before I give it off to you so just like people out there for putting up with it and I look forward to your reflections on says good lessons from Ramadan inshallah I'll pass it off to you, isn't it that

01:26:54--> 01:26:55

I want to go back into the CATSA

01:26:57--> 01:26:57

Are you gonna say

01:27:00--> 01:27:14

I mean, whatever one on one I mean, when I ask people to there must have been a lot more study with them about it cannot be called a sweeter Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala oni he was like we were selling for SEMA cathedra. So first of all, roast away in Charlotte's fine.

01:27:15--> 01:27:43

Look forward to them. And secondly, to build on the beautiful remarks of Chef Mohammed and Chef innovate, particularly this idea of, you know, use of it histogram and capturing on this, you know, the moments that the special capturing the moments that this special month has, and then transferring the bulk of this month, throughout the way that I like to think about this sort of as a as a tip

01:27:45--> 01:28:25

every year when I go to Hajj, and you know, my last pants and make it easy for us this year, because he Allah knows best and May Allah facilitate it for everyone that's trying to go to Hajj, that made the intention to go to Hajj and give them the reward of that. I'll ask myself a question, you know, what is this hedge going to be defined by in terms of what is the thing that I want to take from this hedge? So it's one special do out one act of worship, one thing to really take from me to really take with me from this hedge? I think this year, it's a good, I've been approaching Ramadan this way. And I'd like to suggest to others to really approach the end of Ramadan in this way. What

01:28:25--> 01:29:14

is it that I want to keep with me, as a habit with Allah subhanho wa taala. Beyond this month, however, I think that one of the big mistakes that we make when discussing when discussing the subject is that we fail to see the inseparable nature of sinful habits with the ability to do good habits. And so, in Ramadan, you know, people put aside their Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, and they watch religious contests that people stay, you know, engaged with a loss of Hannah Montana through trying to finish their angles and fasting and abstaining from certain things. People who typically listen to certain things don't listen to them. In La Milan, people that are accustomed to

01:29:14--> 01:29:53

cursing, tend to watch their mouths a little bit more in Milan, right. But the the point is that, while it's relative, what it is that you are giving up the idea that there is a sense of purification that is taking place during the day that prepares you for prayer during the night. And so my suggestion to everyone is that as you're thinking about what you're taking with you beyond the salon if they can be too dark guys, because what you don't want to happen, what you don't want to happen is that you come out of Ramadan, and you're still written amongst others, often in your written amongst the heedless. You don't want to be one of those people in the profit slice. So

01:29:53--> 01:30:00

instead of n comma b Actually, I asked that whoever stands up at night with just 10 ayat with just 10 verses.

01:30:00--> 01:30:03

In the Quran, let me look at them in their life and in that person will not be written from

01:30:05--> 01:30:45

that literally could be, you know, two short sutras or even you know, one surah Johanna, that you stand up with every single night from now on, as Europe dominate and do it before you sleep and then you perform your wits it and it says if you prayed the entire night. So taking two records with you from the salon nightly, that archives the performance of two nightly archives is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself in terms of consistently but of course that is beyond building on the obligations because the most beloved of deeds to a loss contacted us a lot to you. What do you have is prayer at the beginning of its time and the most beloved, nephila prayer, the most beloved,

01:30:45--> 01:31:01

voluntary prayer is that prayer at night, that is between you and Allah subhana Tada. And don't don't set you know, too crazy of a gorgeous two records that you're going to keep with you. But also think about the cancellation of a bad habits.

01:31:02--> 01:31:06

I think that you know what, when I read one of the

01:31:07--> 01:31:12

things of the Salaf, who when he was asked, I believe it was has somebody Rahimullah to Anna,

01:31:14--> 01:31:52

why is it that we can't wake up and break down the lane and he said, Do not disobey Him in the day and he will wake you up at night do not disobey Allah during the day and he will wake you up at night. That's the connection of fasting to the prayer at night, right that we are spending the days abstaining from disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala, even some of the things permissible for the sake of getting close to him. And then at night, we are continuing to forsake those sins. And instead of forsaking the permissible food and drink during the day, we're forsaking permissible sleep at night, all for the sake of gaining closeness to Allah subhanaw taala you cannot separate

01:31:52--> 01:32:38

those two things from each other. And so the main thing that I will say is before you even get to eat, press cancel on a few things, delete a few things. Don't go back to certain habits that while they might not be, you know, obnoxiously sinful in their exterior, but really have the potential to corrode the soul and the heart, the heart and the soul so that a person cannot enjoy that closeness to Allah subhanaw ends at night. And so think about two decades that I'm going to keep with me in sha Allah Tada after the mullah and think about what I'm going to cancel what I'm going to relinquish. That's not obnoxiously sinful. Again, it's just that this does away with something in my

01:32:38--> 01:33:05

heart and soul that doesn't allow me to taste the sweetness of that a bother, which is inevitably going to be reduced after Ramadan. And the last thing I'll say is this. Allah is so merciful, that it could literally be that last minute of Ramadan that you just you say, you know, it's that last minute or salted awesome or before so lots and mopping up on the last day of Ramadan and you just say Oh ALLAH forgive me.

01:33:06--> 01:33:51

Oh Allah accept. Oh Allah have mercy on me. Oh Allah cover my shortcomings. Oh Allah, accept my my deeds that had inherent shortcomings in them. Oh Allah. Forgive me, oh, Allah accept me, oh, well, you know, just these very basic derives these basic Nigeria but if they're sincere, in that last minute of Ramadan, in the last minute of Ramadan, they can be tremendously profound. One of my habits and I pray in sha Allah to Allah and I don't, I only divulge it to because it's a community thing that we would try to do over here too. I'd recommend a few brothers and sisters to do it here as well. Under normal circumstances is that to spend the last hour of Ramadan in the masjid just

01:33:51--> 01:34:31

making your app asking Allah Subhana Allah for acceptance like Sheikh Mohammed was talking about in about a couple of minutes. And asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, spend the last hour of Ramadan, reading Quran and making your app and that's going to be essential for each one of us. And that one hour might be more valuable than any hour on the last 10 nights and at any hour throughout the month of Ramadan because it was a sincere expression of hope. And Allah contest forgiveness and mercy to cover everything that came before the prophets lie Selim said that Allah subhanaw taala would forgive a person until the moment that they start foaming at the mouth, talking about death,

01:34:32--> 01:34:59

right so the last moments of death where a person starts to foam at the mouth. Eliza gentleman would forgive a person so long as they call upon him asking for forgiveness before that moment and so hamdulillah Allah guide us through this Ramadan Allah knows if you live to see or eat with Hamdulillah we made it this far. So let's spend the last hour in sha Allah Tada Ramadan asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, and focusing on that make you

01:35:00--> 01:35:06

He plans in the day. And that's spent the last hour of the day in sha Allah time just doing that. What does that call off?

01:35:07--> 01:35:38

Is that fair? And I specifically like that final advice. I hope that everyone takes advantage. We've had a lot of questions that people were like, I haven't taken advantage of the entire month. I have no we have an odd night left and we have hours still left for the next couple of days inshallah we can take advantage of, we'll jump right into how am I to treat that we have just over 20 minutes left for our q&a portion. So everyone, please feel free to submit them once again in the q&a box or on Facebook and YouTube in the chats and I'll try to catch up with all of them in sha Allah, starting with the first question submitted on faith Essentials is what would you advise to those who

01:35:38--> 01:35:56

are dealing with bereavement of a loved one is specifically the father of a family. Ramadan has been difficult because of the absence but also a comfort because of the other? How can we apply this to aid when he won't be here and we want when we don't have the luxury of being around friends and family either. And I'll leave the floor open Inshallah, we'll have all of you, whoever wants to take it first and

01:36:00--> 01:36:06

kind of depressing. Nobody wants to, okay. If my fellow instructors will mind I'll take this question in sha Allah.

01:36:07--> 01:36:38

You know, Subhan Allah, my father passed away in September Rahim Allah, and this is my first Ramadan without him as well. And I've shared this I think on the very first Quran wife that we had together, that my father left this legacy of Ramadan of being in the masjid and making the event for every motive as far as I can remember. And also feeding people for every Ramadan as he was able to go to the masjid. And when he was not able to go to the masjid anymore, you would just order boxes of dates and have them distributed across the cities. panela. So this Ramadan has been very difficult, because

01:36:40--> 01:37:15

it's just so different. Not having someone called me asked me how I'm doing, asking, you know, when there's Ramadan, starting asking, when is it going to be, you know, asking what lectures I'm doing, just, you know, taking that particular interest. So I know that it is definitely difficult, and I relate to that, and Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for the individual, for the family, and for all of their loved ones. And I think part of the reflection has to be, and this was like the advice that I received from shakily that many of my fellow instructors, that as children, we are the greatest sadaqa jariya for our parents. So the fact that Allah subhanaw taala allowed you to worship

01:37:15--> 01:37:30

Allah in the month of Ramadan, that is a sadaqa jariya on behalf of your father. And you guys should be proud and should be happy that Allah subhanaw taala gave you that object of worship Allah subhanaw taala and that the reward is being shared with your father, by every act of good deed

01:37:31--> 01:37:55

you are doing and the amount of happiness it will bring to him when he sees those good deeds and on the Day of Judgment, as those deeds are placed on his scale of good deeds. The second thing that I would mention is never, ever try to replace a feeling. There's nothing that will ever replace the feeling of your father, or your mother or the baraka that they brought to your life. But what I can say is,

01:37:56--> 01:38:32

try to cherish the moments that you still remember, and try to understand and embrace the fact that they cannot be replaced. But you can have different types of experiences and other types of happiness, you can have other types of experiences and other types of happiness, you don't have to replace them. But rather you can have new ones and cherish the old ones that you still have. And for me that was a game changer. Because I kept thinking of, you know what, I have to keep comparing every moment that I had with my father with a new moment. Now when my father is into your and you're comparing apples and oranges, it's not possible to do that. And the third and last thing that I

01:38:32--> 01:39:06

would mention is yes, you may not have the extended family, yes, you may not have your friends, the subtle madonn. But whoever you do have Allah subhanaw taala placed them in your life for a reason at this time. And you have to be grateful you can't be like all missing out on so much and neglect what's right there in front of you. But rather embrace what Allah subhanaw taala has given you right here right now, because they're in your life for a reason. So if they are your siblings, your mother, whoever else is there, embrace them, try to bring joy with them. And you'll notice that if you can try to cheer them up in any subtle ways by giving them gifts, telling them jokes on the day

01:39:06--> 01:39:38

over here, doing fun activities together, that will naturally bring happiness to you. And that will be the legacy that your father would have wanted out bringing happiness to the family and enjoying it and worshipping Allah subhanaw taala so these are just some basic remarks that I wanted to share from my own experience. And I hope and pray it's of benefit to my last panel to either make things easy for all of us. And I mean, does that kind of look out for your vulnerability and your openness again, kind of in the next question and I think it's a bit of a a big one is

01:39:39--> 01:39:59

how do you know that Allah is pleased with you exiting out of Ramadan? And how do you know you're the eyes and your Salah and your your fast have been accepted? Is there any signs that you can look for is there because some people are very anxious thinking just like a mirage or whatnot, they come home and they're wondering, did this did this count for anything? Did I make up for all the mistakes that I made? So what are the signs that it was accepted? Accepted? Do know

01:40:00--> 01:40:01

If it's accepted at all

01:40:03--> 01:40:04

I'm gonna pick on you Sheikh Mohammed for that one

01:40:12--> 01:40:14

you said Sheikh Mohammed right? Yes.

01:40:16--> 01:40:18

Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah

01:40:19--> 01:40:36

mother. So that comes from, I guess we live in a culture where we want certainty at all times. And and so it's like every salon we want, you know, I need confirmation that Allah accepted this next fast I need confirmation that Allah accept this.

01:40:37--> 01:40:38


01:40:39--> 01:41:21

so that's one side wanting the confirmation but on the other side is like Did Allah subhanaw taala accept this good deed or not? Actually in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the people of Paradise, and they worship Allah subhanaw taala or pollun wodgina anomala have been Rajon that their hearts are like, you know, there's still they're shaking and they're worried that was my impedes accepted. And you'll see that the benefit of that that we don't know if our needs are accepted or not, is that we spend our whole life worshiping Allah hoping that just like actually what ship Omar said like even in the last hour, continue to worship Allah. But what if you knew that at the

01:41:21--> 01:41:39

beginning of Ramadan, you prayed and Allah is not accepted? And you'd be like, I don't need to worship in the last hour, because mine was already accepted. So you guys later I'm going shopping for university. Right, that attitude of continuously worshiping Allah spawn time, but there's one point that I want to actually

01:41:40--> 01:41:49

if you continue to do good deeds at follow up good deeds after doing a good deed as a scholar say that's a good sign that Allah subhanaw taala has accepted your

01:41:50--> 01:42:26

your deeds and the reward is that your your Allah subhanaw blessing to be able to do good deeds afterwards. And if you follow up your good deeds with like, just horrible, horrible deeds, we all commit sins, but like, like really, really bad stuff, like somebody just goes downhill afterwards. Number one, I would tell you, I remind myself to repent to Allah subhanaw taala understand that we all commit sins, and take it as an opportunity to learn these lessons from Ramadan, repent and come back to Eliza. Lon. Does that look over that? The next question is

01:42:27--> 01:42:42

do you have any tips to share? Ashley actually home I might pick on you for this. One is, can you please share some tips on getting sincerity in public and private, even in private? Sometimes, I'll get thoughts like if somebody knew I did this, they will think I'm a righteous person, even though I have no plans on letting them no.

01:42:44--> 01:43:03

So So and in public, it's, you know, just to show off in public is the idea. And so the cure for the is a philosopher sincerity. And so basically, what that means is you want to save yourself from the sight of people so that it's only a lost sight, upon your actions.

01:43:04--> 01:43:24

In private, the disease is called the urge, which is to be conceded. And you basically want to save yourself from your own site, not the site of people but from your own site. And the care of that assert because truthfulness with Allah subhanaw taala. The first way to look at this is to say that

01:43:25--> 01:43:46

RIA is easier to fall into, than urge, okay, so if a person takes the necessary steps to save themselves, from the sight of people, then inshallah to Allah, they'll be able to take the necessary steps, just sort of as a natural follow up, to save themselves from their own sites and private.

01:43:47--> 01:44:29

The way that you would do this is, first and foremost, you it's not about doing the deeds only in private, it's about doing the deeds consistently, consistently, whether someone sees them or not, because the only one who you are seeking in terms of sites is a loss of hundreds out of whether others are in the room or not. So, you know, sort of like from an analyst perspective, you know, think if someone really important was in the room, super important was in the room, you wouldn't even notice the others that walked in and out right, at that point, because you're too focused on the object of your adoration with the case of Allah subhanaw taala you want to be so focused on

01:44:29--> 01:44:32

Allah subhanaw taala that it doesn't matter who else is in the room,

01:44:34--> 01:44:48

private or public? And so the consistency of those deeds is important would I stop doing them if the public is not there? Or do I keep doing them? And then you know, what I have to ask myself is when I do them when it's only Allah watching me

01:44:49--> 01:44:52

there's the quality of those deeds suddenly diminish.

01:44:54--> 01:44:59

And so, you know, fighting Rahim Allah to Allah, He said, lay out the full Harlequin hide

01:45:00--> 01:45:32

I had coming up film, I'm an alcoholic alcoholic that no one knows the sight of both the creator and the creation and then chooses the site of the creation to the Creator. So it's it's, it's just got to be about consistency with those deeds and private and public. And one of the ways that you ensure sincerity is that you have deeds that are only done in private that no one sees but Allah subhanaw taala now building on that when it comes to urgent, urgent, which is to be conceded and say if people knew, then they would say this, this and that.

01:45:34--> 01:45:39

It's important for us to recognize that we have a human emotion

01:45:41--> 01:45:47

which is the desire to be celebrated, but we postpone that desire to be celebrated to the hereafter.

01:45:48--> 01:45:52

When we receive our books in our right hand in the law heeta

01:45:53--> 01:46:12

We are not going to be humble with those books. We're not going to hide those books in Shaolin our right hands, right if we receive our books and our right hand, may Allah make us amongst those that receive our books and our right hand. We're not going to go back to you know, the gathering everyone and you know, put our books down and hold them like this and say, Oh, what happened? You say, Oh, no, and how did you

01:46:13--> 01:46:58

know don't really want to talk about and everything's okay. Now it's gonna be how Walker Okita via Hey everyone, check it out. Here it is that pa here's that Savoca here's that salon. Here's all that stuff that no one knew about that I was preparing for this day. So we delay postpone the desire to be celebrated to the hereafter. Right? So that's natural those emotions if people knew is natural, however, what you have to do is you have to drown out the if people knew my good deeds with if people knew my sins, and if I don't know my own sins, if I don't know my own faults, then I knew I need to do some more some deeper introspection as to what my own flaws are, and start rectifying

01:46:58--> 01:46:58

them properly.

01:47:00--> 01:47:11

Beautiful just so I can look at the next I'm going to tackle with vivid and that is how do you ensure that you are not amongst the people that the province is in curse because they are not forgiven in Ramadan.

01:47:12--> 01:47:13

Its power over

01:47:15--> 01:47:52

time the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was of the woman or the hammer, but if you look at the Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this, he mentions three things in that hadith he mentions the one that has one or both parents alive, and does not attain forgiveness by by serving them, the one that lives through Ramadan, and does not experience forgiveness by the end of it. And the one who when he hears the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his name does not sense of on Soleimani prophets of a lot of wind instead of and Gibreel said, mean this and it also said I mean to this, so it is a very powerful and scary Hadith. Now, one of the

01:47:52--> 01:48:19

things that stands out over here is that there's three, I guess, categories of rights that need to be fulfilled, the rights of your parents, the rights of Allah, subhanaw taala, and the rights of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I think that is what needs to be understood that are we trying our best to fulfill the rights of the people and Allah subhanaw taala either is not concerned about the final results because as human beings we will always fall short.

01:48:20--> 01:48:58

But what Allah subhanaw taala is concerned with is the effort. So as long as we try our utmost best to feel that fulfill the rights of the people, the rights of Allah, subhanaw taala and the rights of, of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we should consider ourselves from those that will be forgiven, and those that will be embraced. You know, this concept of fear driven worship that Sheikh Mohammed highlighted in his presentation is a very real concept that a lot of people suffer from, but what we need to do to counter that is the optimism that the Quran inspires in us, right? Allah subhanaw taala does not repeat that he has Shahidullah club over and over again,

01:48:58--> 01:49:28

he mentioned that a few times in the Quran, but he repeats over and over again that he has fought over him you keep repeating that he is a horrible hate. And that is the optimism that we need to live with that our Lord Yes, He will punish those that who deserve it. But those that are trying harder and fall short than our Lord is Most Forgiving kind towards them. And that is the the elements that we can do. To counter that, that fear driven worship. So I would say that as long as we're trying our best, that's what's most important and Allah subhanaw taala grant just offic

01:49:30--> 01:49:44

the next question for Sheikh Mohammed is if you had a dream the day after an odd night that Allah subhanaw taala accepted your the eyes and Ariba and that every single one I read the eyes was accepted and you had done all your garden I think received before you went to sleep, how should you take that?

01:49:48--> 01:49:49

That's an interesting question.

01:49:50--> 01:49:52

So um,

01:49:54--> 01:49:59

you know, honestly, I would like just just a personal recommendation, I would take it as like

01:50:00--> 01:50:10

Um, a treat a gift it's like seeing the profits of a lot instead of in a dream. You know, it's something that you cherish it's like you know, it's a special experience and

01:50:11--> 01:50:37

when there's kind of like hard times in your life when there is you know, you feel like oh, was my worship accepted? Are you feeling bad guilty for your sins? Remember that time like almost like a box that you open up a jewelry box and you see this beautiful ballerina? Bad analogy, but it reminds you of those good times when that good time when you saw that dream so keep it like a little gift for you in Sharla Tiana

01:50:38--> 01:50:40

in sha Allah Allah accents

01:50:41--> 01:51:07

I mean the next for che hammer the six the eyes that we've been making in the last 10 Nights Should we continue making them and how can we continue them Can we also make conditional the eyes like oh Allah grant me a promotion or a degree if you know it's going to be good for me for really big goals to do is to Hara instead rather than I thought you said the six drugs are the fixed they said six so I don't know if there's a specified six

01:51:10--> 01:51:28

I actually think there's one there Sheikh Mohammed tactics that he teaches in visionair that he tells you choose a select number of hours that you keep repeating so I think the sister or brothers that you're referring to something like that yeah, making the same to us all throughout Ramadan and she's saying now that Ramadan is over Should I continue making those same to us even after Ramadan?

01:51:31--> 01:51:32

Sure, how did you get to help out with

01:51:35--> 01:51:37

my students slipping into this?

01:51:38--> 01:52:17

I weeded them out what was was the question again? Um, so they're asking the six eyes that we've been making in the last 10 nights to be continued making them and how can we continue them and also can you make conditional to us or should you make do is to hard before you make a big offer or larger goal so just for those who didn't take the visionary class with us why I recommend six the reason that I recommend six is I found that if you have a bunch a whole bunch of really big dogs and then after Milan you need to take action on them it's hard to wrap your mind around you know have got 500 dogs and and now it's time to take action so that's where the six number comes in.

01:52:20--> 01:52:23

Just create a consistent time so

01:52:24--> 01:52:33

in Ramadan time we make dua in total we are in the night but after Ramadan the problem is going to be that

01:52:36--> 01:52:38

are you guys still there? Can you hear me?

01:52:39--> 01:52:40


01:52:41--> 01:53:25

I think I just saw it like credit. In Ramadan time we make we make the art in total we at night, but it's a time that normally we're not going to be awake outside of Ramadan might be sleeping and we're not going to be able to continue that habit. So what I recommend is you build a daily habit at some time during the daytime that you'll come across each day and what I recommend is making a daily doc time at fed your time. So that could be your Sunnah prayers and fetcher. In such day you can read between the Sunnah prayers on the phone or maybe after the fog prayer towards the end of the prayer, whatever just make it consistent. So take even your last 10 nights of Ramadan the dogs as you're

01:53:25--> 01:53:36

making and build them build that habit into the daytime so that after Ramadan is over, you can continue to make dogs during that date time and make it a habit that you're always calling upon a less

01:53:37--> 01:53:51

law. Perfect. The next question aimed at you should hammer is can one make the offer anything? Or should they stick to being realistic doesn't speak sticking to being realistic limit the die itself? While lots of the questions are shallow?

01:53:55--> 01:54:25

I think that you know when it comes to being realistic, ask Allah for what you want. That let's just put it there. Ask Allah for what you want, and have faith and sincerity in what you want. Or in Allah's pantiles ability to answer you. The idea is to detach yourself from the specifics of the answer, not from the ambition of the question. So ask, ask Allah subhanaw taala by all means, don't get foolish with it. Right? So like, I mean, that's that's just,

01:54:26--> 01:54:27

you know,

01:54:28--> 01:54:59

engage yourself in a way that's meaningful. And that speaks to what you want and shall that's it but don't get foolish with it. And that you just start making your app for a bunch of a bunch of things that don't really have major impact in your life. But you just want to see if your drives are going to work or not, because then you're still attached to the outcome because you're challenging yourself with the outcome. So remove the element of challenge with it from it and just focus on asking the lesson Searly from the depths of your heart what you want, and make sure that what you want

01:55:00--> 01:55:04

It includes a disproportionate amount of blessing in the hereafter

01:55:05--> 01:55:18

you know so ask Allah for this dunya and for the ACULA and let your let your highest hopes you know the pledge towards the aka and detach yourself from the outcome in the night on

01:55:19--> 01:55:40

the next question is me and my husband are in a long distance relationship we miss each other a lot. And we don't have a we do have misunderstandings due to the distance as it's been more than five months because of Corona that we've been away Can I get some tips on how to be patient in this situation and how we can still say stay so connected inshallah afterwards was feeling the the vibes for a romantic question.

01:55:41--> 01:55:45

She there's so much power she

01:55:46--> 01:55:53

couldn't have no are you going to have I'm going to patch this dish at home or you're allowed to pass

01:55:56--> 01:56:03

come on Schiff. Do you want to get one free pass to * and evade like he's three seconds, three minutes left. So he's allowed

01:56:05--> 01:56:17

you know what we'll pick on to Homer again, she has been kind of quiet. So they've been apart for five months, they don't know when they're gonna see each other again, they're fighting a little bit as well. How can they stay connected in this situation?

01:56:18--> 01:56:30

I think that it's, you know, look, it's important to acknowledge why there's tension that look Everyone is struggling in a different way here. It's natural to struggle Subhan Allah was actually telling people that

01:56:31--> 01:57:04

just just previous to this even like kids have a hard time right now and they don't they're not really able to fully process their emotions right now and why they're feeling the way that they are adjusting to you know, laptop school and things of that sort of not not having their social interactions. So it's not I feel a great sense of anxiety and I think to name it and to talk it out and to show vulnerability to one another and say look, you know and apologize frequently and understand frequently so apologize for your own shortcomings and seek to understand on the other side as well.

01:57:06--> 01:57:41

Does that come okay? And I'm gonna just last question is just in to all of you if you guys can speak just for one minute or so on it now so Corona changed us as thing as a nation as a everyone has come into this and completely switched up their lives upside down Ramadan in Corona has changed us a little bit more to that extra bit of extent and I think every time we leave Ramadan we want to hold on to those amazing you know, habits that we built you want to hold on to that connection, but we automatically dip is there something that we can do this time having it been a weird Ramadan and we're still not going to go back to our normal distractions and whatnot afterwards any tips that you

01:57:41--> 01:57:59

guys may be utilizing or anything you would suggest to the audience to maintain that connection maintain your your level of of your relationship with a lot and then stay away from the bad deeds that tend to to harm your heart exiting Ramadan as soon as you know the shutdown is free and like goes back to normal and first Sheikh Mohammed please thank you

01:58:04--> 01:58:26

Bismillah AR so my my advice something that I would like to do and I encourage other people to do is is pick five small habits that you can carry on after Ramadan so like I said, we're all you know creatures of habits but the problem is we don't think about our habits and how they build us and make us and the other thing is you know

01:58:28--> 01:58:53

our habits don't serve us for the most part so if you have some you know put some intelligence into Hey, this is a habit that I'm going to do this as another habit that I'm going to do and I'm build that into routine outside of Ramadan then you can take the spirit of Ramadan and a Betta Ramadan into the weeks and months after I'm a lot with these habits until it becomes unconscious and it becomes who you are. And Charla

01:58:54--> 01:58:55

perfect so

01:58:58--> 01:59:00

my advice is

01:59:01--> 01:59:41

I think one of the things that we experienced in Ramadan is that we become so religious, I don't even know what the word is but more spiritually enlightened closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala due to the environment of a bother that we create for ourselves and due to the by the environment that's created around us. So I think it's very important to look at that element in terms of when we're looking at what can we do to increase our iba iba is founded in knowledge and is grounded in knowledge. So if you were to just choose one thing and you can choose more than that, you know, Jim has mentioned a few I will say that if you would only choose one it's continuing increasing yourself

01:59:41--> 01:59:59

and knowledge continue revising your knowledge continue you know learning continue learning something new about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and implementing it in your life. That would be my tip that I for me the most transformational thing is knowledge and the more that you can ingrain it into your lifestyle, you know, continuously reading continuously listening

02:00:00--> 02:00:42

That is the best way to get closer to Allah and the best way to protect yourself from falling into census Well let's find out what are the most best Yeah I would say choose the your highlights and Ramadan and in terms of good so whether that was you know sort of passive worship or listening to lectures or acts of worship and literally put them down on paper and say okay how do I reduce and not relinquish? How do I how do I you know, reduce the load but not relinquish it altogether. And when it comes to some of the sinful habits that could come creep back in how do I relinquish and not revive so reduce not relinquish when it comes to good things? So you know, reduce your how many

02:00:42--> 02:00:48

lectures you're listening to the keep listening to your daily lectures, your daily doses, reduce your reading, reduce your Salaat night,

02:00:49--> 02:00:53

but don't relinquish it altogether? And when it comes to sins coming back, relinquish them don't revive.

02:00:55--> 02:01:29

Thanks, she's acting a little care to you all. Thank you. I was actually surprised that those are so unique in terms of your advice. I want to thank you all I know I've Yeah, can you see me now? I feel like no one can see okay, I don't know what's going on today. But I wanted to thank you I know this the community has been so dependent since Corona and since this big scary Ramadan was coming up on our leadership on our show you can we've been demanding a lot more of your time, even more so than we normally would online at every opportunity asking you seeking you the webinars and whatnot. So does that come up here for the time I know it's like 1am Mashallah. Or almost two for Shaman? Does

02:01:29--> 02:01:39

that qualify for constantly making yourselves available and may Allah reward you and make it so heavy on your skillet deeds that you've guided us through this period of time and you'll be remembered for that as well. Just like welfare for joining us today.

02:01:40--> 02:01:44

Can we just end on a Congratulations to Dr. Sunday man on

02:01:49--> 02:01:52

Don't feel bad he did the PhD and everybody's like, Good job. Good job.

02:01:53--> 02:02:07

My entire it was like Kobe Bryant except positive my entire social media with like Omar Suleiman or Masha Allah Masha Allah we got Morgan Schiff, Muhammad Sharif, we have Imam chef navaid disease and we have Dr. Schiff or cinnamon does that come with it?

02:02:09--> 02:02:15

I appreciate the congrats and I appreciate the outpouring. It was pretty it was it was overwhelming. So does that qualify that?

02:02:16--> 02:02:26

May Allah preserve you? Alright, take care everyone. We're gonna do a Kahoot game unless you guys want to join in otherwise, I'll let you guys enjoy the rest of your evenings and take care of salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

02:02:28--> 02:03:06

Amazing everyone. I hope that you enjoyed that session. I know it's been quite a month this is the 28th day wrapping up tomorrow and Saturday our last days for Ramadan 360 I hope that you benefited as much as I did. I know we've been calling and calling and calling upon our shoot Yes, someone was saying join in your shoe or shoot and they've been so responsive and have it that has that is what has made Ramadan 360 So beautiful. We have our you know, our stronger powerhouses were so consistent and and such leaders in the community she um, are doing his amazing work she can hold their strength motivating us as ash innovators he's being the pillar of the community that he is mashallah and it's

02:03:06--> 02:03:40

been just such a pleasure Saturday to yes there is a little bit of a bonus because we realize you know, there was a bit of a gap you don't want to just abandon you before or you and it's not like we all have a crazy late e decorations or decorations Yes, but crazy late night that night plans for aid for moon sighting etc. So we wanted to do an announcement for the camera trip for the Ramadan challenge that you guys have been beautifully participating in Mashallah. And we also wanted to give you some quick reminders and a couple more topics inshallah Shavon will be back don't don't approach it like that. And I know that's something that we always get caught up in. But I think the

02:03:40--> 02:04:18

positivity of this past session has reminded us I can't put together two brain cells to say anything when the two are live but I did find that so powerful is that they focused on you know, get the consistency down, focus on a powerful you know, a powerful one single approach that you can focus on as well. So have habits have one purpose and then of course try to build build up the that routine despite the lack of scarcity that are Milan has lost us, but inshallah fair, it's going to be an amazing year after Ramadan, we've had the opportunity, the privilege, this time around to actually hold on to these habits. And it's such a blessing that we do in sha Allah, I hope that you take full

02:04:18--> 02:04:53

advantage of them article if you can for your kind words and your support. I don't know I'm too awkward to thank you properly, but I always remember and I always smile whenever I read your kindness in the comments. So we're gonna jump into the cool game at home though we ended quite on time. I was worried but I'll have the love for that. So we will do the Kahoot game. We'll have a session tonight as well. We have an exciting session on vibe series. We actually have some of my favorites back with us. So we have we said that Samia Zubair she's going to do a quick reminder is gonna be our last reminder for the series and then we have Yeah, Ebro. Oh no, hold on. Am I going

02:04:53--> 02:04:59

crazy? Yes. We actually had a Rahim inshallah. For tonight. I was looking at the Friday schedule almost that I lost my mind. It was Friday.

02:05:00--> 02:05:32

but it's the last odd night please remember of course we have our amazing sponsors at Ignite relief in the USA ID RF in Canada and orphans in need in the UK. The month is running away from us. I love what she hommerson amended I actually love to do that as well. At the end of Ramadan I'm just opening up the coop while I'm chattering away, by the way, so we are opening we're getting to that insha Allah is that that last hour whenever I feel like my Ramadan has not been where I need to be. And just generally I always will just spend it into I'm like, You know what, yeah, a lot. Like I still have this last few seconds I'm a procrastinator. So yeah, like accepted inshallah. So I hope

02:05:32--> 02:06:06

that you guys take that advice to heart I think it's very beautiful. And those you know, those powerful moments and Ramadan is racing away from you are the best moments, I think, to connect Inshallah, and that you feel that desperation. Not to make it depressing at all, but I'm just pulling up the quiz itself. So get kahoot.it ready on your phones. If you guys have never joined us before you are in for a treat. This is one of our last couple of Ei Kahoot quizzes where we give away one free mock up online course in sha Allah. Because yeah, Homer was with us, I think I'll give you the option of two of his verses that we haven't unlocked up online. So either behind the scenes,

02:06:06--> 02:06:44

or as you are, are going to be the courses that are up for grabs for Kahoot today, oh, I just realized I didn't share the screen and like where's everyone? So here is the screen and I hope that you put in the pin right here 8114288 and join us for the Kahoot quiz right now and opt in to win one of our prizes. Does that sound fair for everyone who's stuck in from the beginning from from sorrow So Don Shahar Hussain. Honestly, these people have been holding us down I feel like I have gotten so much support and so much positive kind of reinforcement from their posts and they're the things that they should early on in the month that allowed me to maintain this momentum. So may

02:06:44--> 02:07:16

Allah reward them for that. I mean, and keep up with them Inshallah, there's so many beneficial speakers that we've had so far. Mashallah, you're already familiar familiar with Muhammad Sal imagine, Muhammad Sharif chicken liver disease. navaid diseases is the gem that I've been kicking myself that I had barely had, it's been exposed to him. I think only at a few conferences is what I attended of his work before I started working for a Maghrib and my mind has been blown with the way that he connects to the heart and his storytelling, mashallah, I'm so glad that he opened up so much with us today. I'm going to give you guys up to 60 players Inshallah, before I get started, you can

02:07:16--> 02:07:49

still join after zookeepers are in but will have started the quiz already. So make sure you take advantage of that opportunity. I think that was such a beautiful I feel like I have to rewatch this because I was too focused on your guys's comments and make sure everything was okay. But if someone did again take take any notes please do share them in shell on the Facebook group or you can email even email them me to them. Them to me at have said ha [email protected] and inshallah I'll post them on the faith essentials portal as well so everyone can benefit from them. I hope that you guys take advantage of that opportunity. Actually, a lot of times the notes that people share, we have some

02:07:49--> 02:08:22

amazing transcribers. Those get posted on the faith essentials portal and then whoever is benefiting from them maybe yours or weeks or months or whatever down the line inshallah you will get the editor for them every benefit they get from reading it and 60 people are in are just like okay, just pull up the chat box again. Thank you so much for your kind words, Amina avec Hannah Masha Allah thank you so much for your kindness insha Allah if you join faith essentials or a lot of online you will see a lot more of me. So I hope that you do check us out whether it's just for the Lost in Translation course that's closing or for faith essentials itself let's kick off the game though

02:08:22--> 02:09:02

eight questions are all that we have to answer for today's game one out of eight is what is true regarding the writings of other Why do i It's gonna the month is gonna end Ramadan is gonna be over next Ramadan is gonna be here and I still have figured that out hamdulillah Why is okay, we'll do that because I have my laptop on the other thing and I guess that would that's how it looked like the entire time. Whoo hamdulillah I'm just reading your comments Masha Allah thank you to everyone who submitted questions in for the for the q&a portion I hope that you were you benefited from the answers. Apologies with the shoot three shoot it was hard to figure out who to pick on so if you

02:09:02--> 02:09:25

intended it for one person, I just tried to be as general as I could. But I appreciate that participation. 23 seconds are left on the clock 53 answers have been submitted mashallah, let's see if we get past 70 answers that mean so many people have joined since we started and that would be pretty awesome. Oh, I have some announced Oh, I didn't even tell you guys. So we're baby stepping into the planning for our posts Ramadan

02:09:26--> 02:10:00

kind of series and whatnot. We had some series that were on faith essentials before Ramadan we had a Coronavirus series and we had pre Ramadan series. All of the above is the correct answer for those who are still focused on the quiz. So 35 People mashallah got that correct. Let's see who's on the first scoreboard ru ru first name for some I think I've seen you on it Fatima and salad securing third place again Rashi flexing on as Masha Allah and Xena I think Zaidan has one as well Masha Allah, let's see who disrupts this board. I would love to see excuse me new names on there. shortening your lifespan is an effect of sins true or false? Man it'd be nice to do alive

02:10:00--> 02:10:35

session where I can drink water my apologies guys. My my voice and my kind of speaking has gotten more and more gross throughout Ramadan so please forgive it but what was I saying? Oh yes, exciting announcements so Insha Allah we have a few series that are in the works. I don't know we'll do a full show well 360 That's an idea that I'm still toying with but we're trying to see how many structures because right now my shoulder so burnt out like I think they're just trying to get to a and sleep probably for a week I hope you know I'm excited so as for them, please keep them in your eyes by name as well they've provided so much benefit to the community and us so please I'm still

02:10:35--> 02:10:53

working on a list of all the people who we've had vermin on 360 and their links so you can keep up with their work you can benefit from them and you can support them as well. Wow 3069 Answers mashallah 11 seconds on the clock. True or false shortening their lifespan isn't effective since that was a recent session I hope that everyone remembers the answer to that one.

02:10:55--> 02:11:25

But yes, so we're gonna give them a chance inshallah for a little bit true was the correct answer. Wow, people were really really torn on that one. I'm glad to be Have you got that in though and Marshall? Everyone participated scoreboard, roof plasma and rock she's native and the silent went all the way down to fifth. You still have an opportunity mashallah Rashi is still killing it. Let's see who else makes a jump in sha Allah? What sin is most commonly paired with every other sin is the next question. Is it arrogance? Is it backbiting? Is it lying? Or is it envy?

02:11:27--> 02:12:00

What was I saying? Oh, yes. So I'm gonna give him some chances to breathe just to just relax for a couple of, you know, a week or so before we jump in. I think you guys need a break as well. I hope that you set your intentions now. Mashallah, I think a lot of us kind of were surprised by how much benefit we were able to maintain the end game throughout this month. Our institutions and organizations have really stepped up and as they do in Ramadan, and provide us with so much regular knowledge, and you've been so amazing with your support of the Ramadan the launch campaign, I hope that you guys I know someone was mentioning lifetime so lifetime is not something we regularly offer

02:12:00--> 02:12:35

for free essentials at all. We offered it for a short period of time last year and that was for 850 US dollars. So what we have on LaunchCode right now is mind blowingly amazing at hamdulillah and that's going to end after Ramadan. So make sure you take advantage of that for the last few days that we have left of those amazing deals up and then you commit you made the intention now get the extra reward of doing it in Ramadan and then commit to continue your knowledge journey inshallah with us, lying was the correct answer. A lot of people are torn between lying and arrogance. That's fair. That's a lot that that is a tricky one but I remember that this was quite powerful mashallah,

02:12:35--> 02:13:08

we learned it in our live wreck. She highlighted Fatima and shakhriyar again on the board and to Snia some familiar names. A friend a is the highest climber after climbing up 22 places mashallah four out of eight who said greed and the need for more is a sign of poverty. Was it Abubaker? Were down who was it? Le? Was it Omar? Was it with man or dawn Houma? Who was it? Who said that? Also, I don't know whether you Vaughn Houma is the correct way to say it when they're you're saying plurals. Someone correct me, I should probably just ask one of the shoe but here I am asking you all life.

02:13:09--> 02:13:45

So don't judge me for it. Insha Allah, for those who kind of were trying to balance their time as best as he could during Ramadan, and you were having a tough time of it, I hope that you take advantage and with all the recordings and trial by the the week after Ramadan, all the recordings that we've had so far will be all uploaded, there's over 120 of them, well over 8080 How many is that there's a good chunk of them that are already up, I think 70 are already up and inshallah when we end up the end of the month, all of them will be up and now you will have a lot to review in sha Allah. So that will be blessings on blessings. I love to keep recordings on in the background when

02:13:45--> 02:14:30

I'm doing other work and just when a gem catches my mind, just like bask in it. So if you don't have a lot of time if you work from home or whatnot, that's still an option inshallah. The correct answer was marathon who and let's see who was on the board now. Russische fer Hanif mal that's a new name. Mel Nice to see you on the board homies are mashallah also making a jump. That's amazing to see. Is it Hamid having misspelled his name? Or is it homies? Interesting. Inter as take five out of eight to money. I mean, sadness. Two men, two men, two men, two men, two men. Nina. Nina. I definitely was not paying attention during that live session. Wow. Talk to me on that really quickly to my Nina

02:14:31--> 02:14:37

true or false 2628 answers on the clock. Let's see.

02:14:38--> 02:14:58

Yes, unfortunately there is sometimes there's hardly any and sometimes there is a bit of a a longer leg on Facebook. However, if you're logged into the Kahoot yo, you're getting the question the answers at the same time I believe. So in sha Allah we have had pretty even winners from Facebook and from fake essential so I haven't been too concerned. Too far. It is the correct way is it

02:14:59--> 02:14:59


02:15:00--> 02:15:44

Yeah so already distracted sorry I'm reading the chat mashallah Mel amazing to see you Mashallah. So you're coming on Facebook as well. So yes, I hope that you guys take the opportunity inshallah to to commit to your education journey. I'm really excited there's like some just big big big plans I'm still looking for ideas and suggestions false 51 People got that false to menina to my god I'm gonna have to call unit and as Mia and you're gonna have to tell me how to say that properly. Rxi homies are Aisha fer and Sarah tilba Masha Allah on the board jumping up as well some of you six out of eight Prophet Muhammad. So some was known as, as a fluke. Saifullah sad a lot was it? I mean, a

02:15:44--> 02:15:50

Civic? Was it a lot of money? Let's see, who gets that correct. Insha Allah

02:15:52--> 02:15:59

stressed the T that how do I suggest all by 30 seconds, I'd say oh, that's quite long Subhanallah

02:16:00--> 02:16:09

for myself, I'm seeing it. Not even. I'm seeing it by about seven seconds compared to the seconds that I see on the clock right now.

02:16:10--> 02:16:41

So hopefully, inshallah it's not too long. It could be a bit I don't know if it's dependent on an individual connection, but I hope that inshallah you guys are still doing okay with the, if any, is anyone else having a very large leg, please let me know in sha Allah. I don't know if there's much I can do about it. Unfortunately, as at this point. 16 seconds are on the clock. But yes, I want to know so on faith essentials, we have these short, not too short, like a few hour long courses that are split up into strong modules, you have your lessons, they're very powerful, they're easy to understand, and you get a lot of knowledge that's very essential quickly, it hadn't been enough. So

02:16:41--> 02:17:06

that's the perk of the style of our courses. I mean, as the week was the correct answer, 60 people got that correct. Mashallah, let's see what the next question is. Scoreboard wreck she homies are Aisha chef er and Hanif Marshall Hanif, jumping up to catch the board as well. seven out of eight, two more left. Nothing destroys the bark of time like sins true or false. That's a bit of a twist on a previous question.

02:17:07--> 02:17:14

But yes, so we're looking at to the moon the moon Nina to moon Nina.

02:17:16--> 02:17:19

Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna still gonna call you You did a good job though of trying to help me.

02:17:21--> 02:17:54

But so yes, we're looking for what kind of styles of videos do you want to see on faith essentials? Do you want to see something more? Not just sorry, not just fixed interest but from amalgam generally because as you know, I host them on our online classes as well that's been a pleasure for those who are still in protect this house mashallah we still have to live q&a sessions coming up after Ramadan. So that's something amazing to look forward to inshallah dates to be announced. So there's still so much to kind of commit to and to look forward to going going forward, but what type of style what type of content what kind of show you what are you feeling like seeing after Ramadan?

02:17:54--> 02:18:29

And maybe we don't know how long Coronavirus is going to going to going to last so what would you like to see throughout this entire period? We're thinking documentaries or short video series we haven't kind of narrowed it down yet we're depends on what the audience is looking for inshallah. True was the correct answer. Nothing destroys the baraka of time like sins. I'm glad the majority of you got that correct. Rashi Aisha Abdul Wahab Eddie shakhriyar and Hanif Masha Allah Aisha and adore have jumping up and since wreck she has already won whoever gets second place if she wins, we'll get the prize but wreck she will always get to flex on us Mashallah. As she has been who is the father

02:18:29--> 02:18:42

of Prophet Muhammad so some was it Hamza was able Bala was Abdulmutallab or was it Abdullah 54 seconds left 16 answers in Yeah, it's not a full even a 10 seconds is more like seven seconds for my on my end.

02:18:43--> 02:19:15

But yes, let us know I'm looking at your comments right now for those of you who are commenting what types of content you want to see something from Dr. Forehand we definitely definitely definitely have to see something productive for him and we'll see what we can manage but I think he was a star and I hope that you guys take this coming out of this Dr. For Hannibal Aziz, she hamartia Krishna Solomon Hani mashallah, they've been such consistent stars of a relevant 360 series for those of you who attend our courses in person and they've you know, mashallah they've come up with some of our newer courses into the mirror Dr. For hand was is was going to be doing faith and honor so if it's

02:19:15--> 02:19:53

coming to a city near you, or does you realize how much mashallah you know, talents that they have and how much passion that they have for teaching in such unique ways that the InStyle is that they have of teaching and make sure you take advantage because they are martial arts especially Dr. Forehand Sheriff Solomon, they are newest instructors, so shows them show them some love in person as well because you know, mashallah, how amazing they are from this experience. 63 people got that correct. Abdullah was the correct name. Let's see what the podium looks like right now. Third place we have Abdul Wahab Eddie mashallah second place we have Aisha Masha Allah and first place we have

02:19:54--> 02:19:59

let's see now I'm like at the end of rashie, masha Allah, you definitely flex on us again.

02:20:00--> 02:20:38

And for for hula and Hanif mashallah are fourth and fifth so I shot because actually has already previously one mashallah she's already killed it before on a on a session inshallah you have not have the opportunity to to get a free course to get either as you are with Mr Solomon or behind the scenes which are from a salon and please reach out to me I have set hfsa H analog.org Take a picture of your screen now and send that to me or send me an on Facebook whatever is easiest inshallah she had asked Dr. Nasir for me and was a treat I agree with you as well he's also one of our newest instructors. So I think you guys know you guys get the feeling mashallah that we have selected some

02:20:38--> 02:21:11

amazing amazing amazing new instructors with Al Maghrib we're highlighting and who are taking us into the next kind of you know 2020 the next decade inshallah so show them the love strip, show them support when you see their courses come to you in person and we look forward to I cannot wait to inshallah have classes in person to hug you all to travel for classes, for those of you are the US and UK etc. And inshallah get the benefit and the pleasure of seeing you in person. We are absolutely never ever getting every citation for me again, you guys heard how scarring that was install, I would love to come to Minnesota, but take care everyone that the game has, has concluded

02:21:11--> 02:21:48

I won't take too much of your time. I'm just gonna remind you going into the last odd night of the month, Ramadan 360s 28th night but the night of the 29th inshallah tonight, please do remember ID RF in Canada, it never really in the USA and orphans in need and your donations. I've loved this, this relationship that we built with these amazing organizations. One, you know, if not really think one of this, one of the largest, most powerful community workers in the US supporting everything that's going on the ground there idrf been one of the most, you know, cleanest records, very authentic, very careful about the work they do. And having been, of course 100% eligible, and then orphans in

02:21:48--> 02:22:20

need doing such crucial work for orphanages across the globe in 45 countries with 20,000 Orphans orphans, Mashallah. And of course, we have our lunch with campaign as well. So if you want to have that, so the kajaria you want to be involved you want all the lives that have been changed. All of these instructors just send a man Shamar and, and Dr. Nasser, etc. All of these instructors and so many more started off as students at our level at my level and your level. And they were passionate enough she has seen as well, some were favorites. And they were passionate enough and they built themselves up and build themselves up and they're at this place that gives us so much motivation. I

02:22:20--> 02:22:54

hope you make that one of your Amazon's eyes as well as to have to continue and make you a conduit of good and a conduit of knowledge and telling the community come on lucky. Yes, well, it will keep him in mind. Actually, I have to message him good reminder. But yes, does that canola fair, thank you for all of the benefit that you provided us that support that you've given us as well throughout this month, and inshallah I'll see you tonight with Chef Yeah, Brahim. And so the thing is, were for our one of our last for advisors, make sure you don't miss it. It will be in the Ramadan 360 Facebook group, it'll be on faith essentials and on YouTube inshallah. Take care everyone and I will

02:22:54--> 02:23:01

post the schedule for tonight and tomorrow as well in the feed Central's the portal so you guys can see it there. Take care As salam o alaikum.