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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah The topic for today is success is only five minutes away.

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This was technically a live webinar that I had done with a Jessica DO IT team. However, something went wrong with the recording, so it did not come out very well. So shall I'm gonna redo this and we're gonna put it up with the slides and we're gonna leave it up on YouTube and we're just gonna do it sort of shall everyone can benefit from it. So it's not gonna be as much fun as last time because we had a lot of participation, but Alhamdulillah Okay, bear with me. So a lot of money.

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most magnificent, All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the universe. We praise Him and we seek His help and his seek His forgiveness, and we seek His protection from the occur Satan, whomever Allah guides will never be misguided. And whatever he allows to be misguided will never be guided. I bear witness that there's no God worthy of worship except Allah, Who is one alone and has no partners. I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. May the blessings of Allah be upon him, his family, his companions and the righteous who follow them until the day of judgment. And the

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Okay, so I'm going to start off really quick. What, what is the title really mean? When people usually hear this? They say, hey, that's impossible. How can success only be five minutes away? This title is code deceiving. I just smile and say, well, the title is true. I'm going to back it up with what the audience says. Now if you listen to Bob on martial arts recited five times a day, he listened to it, what does it say? It says hi yah little fella.

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fella, hurry to success hurry to success rise up to salvation, right up for salvation. So this is what our call to prayer is saying. How can I be wrong the first Salah as we know the first law takes only about five minutes to technically do the will do itself will take 10 minutes but most so think about it. There's two five in the morning, four in the afternoon for in the mid afternoon three for mother and four for Isha. Now, I'm all about going to do in the summer, and not about stopping and not doing your son of Salah. However, what I'm trying to say is for everyone out there, who's having a hard time praying, just start with your fat just do that because that is what is the most required

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of you, inshallah it within time, if you can do more on hamdulillah. But don't let your Friday go. Because you think there's too much to pray, don't let it go. So start small inshallah and then slowly increase it.

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Well, some people tell me Zora, you must do the sun as well or else your salon won't be accepted. And so they make it so hard on themselves. And other people do too, that they leave their salon altogether, because they think it's too much work. My dear sisters and brothers Don't do that. Don't do that. Think about starting off small and start off with your fat. Don't let your fat go for nothing. And then inshallah if you can, within time increase it because as you increase it, you increase your Eman, you increase everything else inshallah. But right now, just don't let your friend go. This is my biggest advice for you guys.

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Alright, so now that we know success is only five minutes away. Let's begin with our empowering webinars Chava

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Okay, so today, I'm going to be going over three points. inshallah. What are you? Number one is what are your three wishes? Number two, how does one become successful? Number three, how do you inspire yourself to jump up? Every time you hear that on? Well, we're gonna go straight into point number one, what are your three wishes?

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I would like for each one of you to write down right now, what are three things that you really, really want? For example, do you want a big house a million dollars a great spouse? What is it that you really want? I want you to think about this for just a couple of minutes. And then I want you to write down please.

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You see, we all have these big wishes. And we usually have way more than three Mashallah. And I just want you to write down three for right now due to lack of time and inshallah you you'll get to hear more about it and do more later if you'd like. Okay, I'm hoping that everyone has written it down by now. What is the point of writing your three wishes?

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The point is that for you to realize that you have things that you really want, we all do you, but what you're doing about what are you doing about making those wishes come true? What are you doing about making those wishes come true? You see, we all have big dreams and goals. And we think about it and we dream about it. And we imagine it, but we never write it down number one. And number two, what are the steps we're taking to make them come true, right.

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You see, many people think that they need a genie to make their wishes come true. After all, that is what they've watched on television. I know that's what I watched. How about watching Aladdin

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We're all taught at an early age that in order for us to have our dreams come true, we go and we find a lamp. We rabbit and we can go to the cave or the beach. We rub that lamp and abracadabra Genie would appear and do as you wish to make your dreams come true.

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was we all know that doesn't exist. However, something more powerful than a genie exists. And that is Allah subhanaw taala. That is our Creator.

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You see a lot Samantha law says and part of Hadith Cooksey number 17. Oh, my servants were the first of you in the last of you to rise up in one place and make a request of me. And I wouldn't give it to everyone that he requested. That would not decrease what I've done any more than a needle decreases the see if put into it.

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Allah, the Saudis should be enough to make us think but the one who has all the control all the power is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Of course, we're all aware of this. However, what we are not aware of is that we don't ask him enough. We don't ask him enough my sisters and brothers, we think about our wishes, and we think about what we want and we tell everyone about it. Yet, we don't take the time to ask the one who can give it to us inshallah.

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Now that we're aware of this, and we've written our wish list down, I want all of you tonight or tomorrow to take a few minutes and write down everything you want from Allah subhanaw taala shala. If you want to go to Hajj, if you want to obey your parents, if you want to be, you know, get out of debt, everything that you have, I want you to write it all down. And then I want you to type it up if you can, if not, it's fine in a notebook and a piece of paper. Next time and every time that you pray, make sure that you have that list with you. So that when you're done praying and you do your they can sit down, take that list out and spend about three to five minutes just reading that

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listen, sincerely asking Allah subhanaw taala for all of that inshallah. And you should ask for it all the time. However, if you really want to know when the best time to ask for it. Obviously, it's the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, Every night, when is the last third of the night? Our Lord, the superior the blessing, he descends to the nearest heaven and says, Is there anyone to invoke me that I may respond to his invocation? Is there anyone to ask me so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone asking my forgiveness so that I may forgive him?

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Jealous asking the angels this, and yet we're sleeping, not asking. Palmer Luckey we asked for anything more My dear sisters and brothers. Look how easy our last one was making it for us. hamdulillah Imagine waking up and praying in the middle of the night, only 10 to 15 minutes of our time to worship Allah subhanaw taala and then sitting there and asking him for whatever we want. Can it get easier than that? Now some of you may be saying, Well, sorry, I make lots of noise. But it isn't coming true. I keep pushing for many things, but I don't get it. Why? Well, I Isha della Han has said, No believer makes a draw and it is wasted. Either it is granted here in this world or

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deposited for him in the hereafter. So long as he does not get frustrated.

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And a lot exalt that has said, and your Lord says, pray onto me, and I will hear your prayer. And this is chapter number 40 verse number 60. Call upon your Lord humbly and a secret in the Quran Chapter number seven, verse 55.

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When my servants question be concerning me, I'm indeed close to them. I listened to the perb every supplicant and when he called on me, can't chapter number two, verse number 186

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is not he best, who listened to the soul distress when it was called upon? And he who relieves that suffering? in the crowd, chapter number 27 verse 62.

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With that being said, My dear sisters and brothers, prayer, your prayers and ask Allah for what you want in sha Allah, He is waiting for us to ask. As a matter of fact, if we don't ask him he'll be angry with us. whosoever does not supplicate to Allah you'll be angry with him. And this is a hottie. whosoever does not supplication Allah, he'll be angry with him. So pray first and Shall I connect with your Creator with the one who gives you everything? And that asked him what is it that you want? As long as it's not a head on thing? inshallah, as long as it is not head on think it has to be held my sisters and brothers. Okay, so let's get into point number two. How does one become

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Well, let's define what success really means. Some people says that being successful means having many degrees a large sum of money, having many children, the best looking spouse, etc. This success really mean all of this. But what real success means is doing your best in this life, so that you may pass the test and Sharla by the mercy and by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala good general