Nadim Bashir – Revival #02 – Islam and Iman are similar and different

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of using the month of dash Taala to earn the love of Islam and the use of the month to earn pleasure. They also talk about the meaning of "tailing" in Islam, including belief, action, and knowledge. The importance of understanding actions and actions in addressing issues is emphasized. The use of the word "naught" is also discussed, and knowledge is crucial for achieving a message.
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said I want equal Welcome to law here brachetto Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy he married about Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters we are in the month of Ramadan this gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala and it should be valued and we should utilize this this great gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala let's try to use every single minute to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala because this is such a golden opportunity for all of us. The most important thing that we want in this dunya is to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala to earn the

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mahabhava ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and what beautiful opportunity more than this, there is no better opportunity than the month of Ramadan and Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's Mercy is in full swing, his Rama is in full swing his mafara his forgiveness is in full swing. And Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us in the month of Ramadan to make dua to him and ask him so this is why it is so important that we utilize this beautiful month of Ramadan and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept from all of us ameobi alameen Brothers Sisters yesterday was the beginning of this series about Iman what is Iman reviving this Eman? And what does it mean to have Iman what is the difference in Islam, Iman

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and so on and so forth. So I gave a brief intro about this yesterday. I also share with you the hadith of Abu Huraira Ravi Ultron wherein he mentioned about the branches of faith that how many they are what is the best of them what is the lowest of them and hire will hire a Sherpa Tamiya Iman hire is at a branch of faith. But today I want to go slightly a little more deeper into this topic. And I want to make sure that I want everyone to understand something here. Yesterday when I talked about a year you handed in. There is a level of Islam and there's a level of Eman. I want everyone to understand that when Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah, a un Levina mo in the Quran. This

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addresses everyone. If a person says let either in the law, whether you are a Muslim, or you are such at a low level, that you have absolutely no action in your life. You only believe in Allah subhana wa Tada there is no Quran. There is no vicar there is no Salah there is no zakat no hij there is no no aspect of spirituality in our life, then yes, you are a Muslim. And you may not be a believer yet or a person who has Iman yet, but when Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah, you're Lavina I'm gonna in the Quran, Allah is talking to everyone who believes in the concept of when Allah subhanho wa Taala so no matter where we stand in front of Allah when Allah says yeah, you live in

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Amanu havens, he says, I'm an all those who have Iman, but this is related and this is an instruction to everyone. This is how some places we find Islam and Iman, they are the meanings are the same and they are synonymous with each other. But there are times that we find very predominantly where they are two separate concepts. And this is why Subhan Allah go back to the hadith of Gibreel era he salaam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he is asked What is Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives a response of the five pillars of faith, something that we all have studied when we were children. Then when this question is put that what

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is Iman, then the Prophet saw some gives a total different answer. It is to believe in Allah is to believe in his melodica is to believe in the prophets, their previous books, the codon, there is something called, there's something called Life After Death and so forth. They are the pillars of faith. So they are different in some capacity. There is no doubt about that. Because when we said even the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know that there is something called Halawa to Iman, the sweetness of iman, but we don't find anything in the Hadith called the sweetness of Islam. Yes, a person who is a Muslim, no doubt, no doubt. When they see others who don't have

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Islam, they will be appreciative to Allah subhanho wa taala. They will show their gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. But a person when we talk about Halawa, Iman there is no such

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Eckstein called Hala within Islam. Also where we find Islam and Eman differently is that there is is part of our Arcada in our theology and Iman who is either way and of course, Iman fluctuates. There's some parts of the day or Imam is at an all time high. And there are some parts of the day where Iman is low. There are some certain situations that will increase our faith. And there are some certain situations that may bring our iman very low. Yvonne fluctuates, but that applies that does not apply to Islam. There is no such thing called our Islam fluctuates so because at the end of the day, Islam has to do with believing in Allah subhanho wa taala. So, this is why this brings me

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to the next subject, which is what exactly is Iman and yesterday I briefly mentioned that Iman means there are two meanings of Eman linguistically means that if you open up an Arabic dictionary, there is a meaning that is linguistic. And then there is a shutter a meaning mean that there is a meaning that is related to theology. So when we're talking about the linguistic meaning of Eman, what does it mean? It means to be safe. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala and sort of Bukhara He says, For me if Tom Ferry Jalan Orual Cabana, for either immune to physical law, gamma i lemma coma lambda Cullotta Allah moon, after Allah emphasized on taking care of your Salaat Allah says before this

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idea, have you do Allah Salah word, be punctual, protect, save guard your prayers was thought and was thaw and not only that, but the middle prayer and without I don't want to get into this discussion that what does the middle prayer mean? There's a lot of different explanations. But then Allah says we're almost in a quantity for them for the journal odo cabana meaning that you should be punctual and safeguard your prayers in all circumstances. Even if you are in a state of fear for the Jalan odo Cabana, then you should perform your Salaat whether on foot or on writing, meaning that no matter what the situation is, Be punctual about your prayers. But then here's the most important

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part about this. If Allah says for me that I'm in tune, the same word is Amina when you are saved from your enemy. So this word Eman comes to the word I mean that which means to be safe, it also means to believe in a concept to believe in something, and not just believing in something, but giving everything that you have for it. You know, in our societies, we metaphorically say, when we look at a person who does something for something, or someone who's really passionate about something, you know, in some cultures, we say that this person has Iman in this linguistically meaning that this person has so much belief in it, he is so passionate about a certain topic, or

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this certain subject, or something related in their life. They're so passionate about it, that means that they have emotion about it, and they have emotion on it. So that is the idea to believe in something or to believe in a certain concept. And not only that, but striving for that. So now when we talk about Iman, as I said yesterday emammal by happy Rahmatullah la in his very, very famous book, Al Jami, really sharpen Iman and there are other books such as the Mozart of this book also. But in this book of his, he has listed the different branches of faith, approximately 77 branches of faith, three different primary categories, one has to do with the heart, one has to do with the

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tongue, the third one has to do with actions. And then after that, what we also realize is that each one of these, they are divided into three sub categories. So, the very first sub category is to have knowledge of something. The second subcategory is to believe in something and the third one is to act upon it, to act upon it. So for example, when we talk about even the heart, one is to win is to have knowledge of something for example, I have knowledge and every single Muslim has knowledge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does exist. Even the cafe also believes that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who is the creator. In fact, the Quran also says so Subhanallah so beautifully, will insert

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Altia human Holika sama YT will LD layer own Allah, if you ask those who don't believe in Allah, The Who has created the skies in the earth, they will say who Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has created it. But then that comes to the second subcategory is to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala that means that if I know something, then it should

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It leads me to believe in something and that is where for example, we find the courage. We find the courage, Abuja * when he was caught and when he and some other leaders have the courage, when they would find themselves standing outside the house of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, listening to the Quran, the beauty of the Quran, and then they said they talk to each other and Abuja, Khalid say that you know what this word sounds like a very true word. It is probably there is some reality to is, but the reason why I cannot believe in Islam, and the reason I cannot believe in Muhammad, is because both of our tribes, they go, they are at each other's neck in the sense that we

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always are competing with each other. If I believe in his concept, if I believe in his mission, then it is as if my tribe is accepting defeat to the tribe of Muhammad sallahu wa sallam that cannot happen. So there is the Buddha who realized there was a knowledge, yes, there was knowledge. But did he believe in it? Absolutely not. This is something that we find very much in the Quran. So now there is something called knowledge, then there's something called believing in it. Once again, in our context as Muslims, do we know that Allah is there, yes, Allah is there. But a lot of times when we are making dua, we're thinking to ourselves, is a login and listen or not, that's a problem. That

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means that there is a deficiency in our belief in Allah subhana with the honor, so that means that not only do we know that Allah is there, but to have belief that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will be on my side. And Allah subhana wa Tada will help me in sha Allah, and then that leads to the next one, which is what? acting upon it, acting upon it. And so for example, you know, when you say that you love Allah subhana wa taala. Let's just say a person says, I love Allah. Do I know that Allah is there? Yes. Do I believe that Allah is there? Do I truly believe in it? Yes. But if my entire life is contradictory to what Allah wants, Allah says, do not get involved with rebar. And I say, You

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know what, I'm going to get involved with rebar. I don't care. What is, you know that there are some certain situations that people are trying to get out of rebar. They're in riba they're trying to get out of it. Allah knows their heart and Allah inshallah will will relieve them from Riba. But what is a person is oblivious. They don't care. They are anybody they know it, yet it doesn't faze them, it doesn't bother them. That's a serious problem. That means that what we are saying we're not truly acting upon it. This is something that displeases Allah. Why would we do it? If I when we all say that we care for our jobs? Now, if a person says I care for my job, but then he comes to late

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everyday to work, he does not meet his deadlines. He does not, you know, he always gets to arguments with his, with his colleagues, he's always getting into arguments with his boss and so forth. Eventually, a person is going to say that, well, you may say something, but you're not acting upon it. This is why it is so important for all these three things, the heart, the tongue, and the actions. These are the three important pillars of eemaan. In the 77 branches of iman are divided into these three categories. And each of them have a subcategory Luca shaytaan shaytaan. De know that Allah subhanaw taala is there. Did you know that he's robbed? Yes. Do you have the knowledge?

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Yes. Do you believe in Allah subhanaw taala? Indeed he did. But then the act upon it. No. When Allah subhanho wa Taala said first, do you believe that when he says, when Allah says that everyone makes sense that to Adam, Allah Islam? He said, No, why should I and a height on men halacha 20 Min narwhal Octoman thin. So this is why it is so important that knowledge than believe, and then action, all these three things are related to every single one of these 77 aspects of iman. And so this is why it is so important that we understand this and this brings me to my last and final point. When action is so important brothers and sisters when it comes to Iman, because one is Islam

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to believe in Allah, one is to act upon it. And that is Iman, Allah subhanho wa Taala and Sudha will also want to he say what also in Santa Fe HOSA Illa Levine among those who have who have Iman, well, I'm going to solve your heart. See right away Allah subhanaw taala. He paired Iman and Amina Salia a person cannot say I believe I have Iman, and then you don't have it in your life. And certainly for JIRA, there were people who were harassing. They were harassing past, you know, people who would pass by them and these better

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Wednesday said Munna cada our mana Allah No, no, no, you don't have Iman. Coulomb took me no well I can call Islam na wala Holan, Eman ficolo become. Allah made it very clear that because you may believe in something but when you know when you don't act upon it, then necessarily Iman has not entered your heart yet. And Allah said in the Quran that these people should be these people should say that they only have Islam and they have not they do not have Iman. So this is why brothers and sisters when it comes to any one of these things, whether it's heart related branches, tongue related branches, or action related branches, each one of them they have three important things,

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which is, first of all to have knowledge number two is to believe in it, certainly it should be in the heart. And then the third thing is to act upon it. And this is what eemaan consists of this is the difference in Islam and Iman and this is what Iman truly means. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada inshallah tomorrow we will get into the next subject related to Iman, which is that how Iman is related to a tree? Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran he talks about that alum thought okay for the robola who methylene Kelly mutton pie Yeva this Kalamata yerba and as the Allamah and the Sahaba even mentioned, like Ibrahim Vasily Allah and Houma that this is in reference to cutting metal by

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Eva Allah either in Allah. So this in itself is related to this tree there is a parallel that Allah He draws for us in the Quran. Inshallah tomorrow we'll be talking exactly about that, that this Eman? What relation does it have to this tree? And what does it mean in our sense in our context, Inshallah, we'll be talking about that tomorrow. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in this blessed month of Ramadan May Allah increase in our iman and may Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us bring us closer to him and may Allah subhanho wa Taala love us and may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all of our doulas and all of our Salah and our fasting in this blessed beautiful month of Ramadan I'm

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eurobodalla mean to Zack Malachite Hyde salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh shareholder on

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