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Born a Muslim person, you're born Afghan, you have to know this. The question is Why did I have to know this? Yeah. And we weren't allowed to ask that question. It was just given it was you have to be this and you're born and Afghan Islamic or you know, you're Muslim.

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That doesn't make you a Muslim on? Absolutely. You have to know the knowledge yourself to make a Muslim one, but you have to seek for it yourself, you're gonna have to want it. And another thing I know that and a lot of times my mom thinks that, you know, I'm not aware of this stuff. But the thing is that God, really, he he gave you the Quran and he gives you guidance. He really doesn't need you to pray for him all the time. He has all the prayers, he got it. He knows he's the Almighty. When you do this, you do it for yourself. That's why we need him. We need him. It's not that that if you miss your prayer, if you don't know how to read Quran that in destiny, and you

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know, and you would you die, you're gonna go to hell, because God's gonna say, or you didn't reach Crusher, if you didn't pray five times a day. No, it's not about that. Worrying this that, oh, when I die, that I'm going to be questioned why I didn't read it. It says that he's going to ask you at the end that I sent you this guidance. Don't complain to me now that why my life was in the way was because I told you how you should meet the panel. But you didn't do it. You did. I asked, you know, why do we go to the library? Why do we go to borders? Why do we go to school? There's a teacher in front of us, and we're so like, tell me what to do. Right? Yeah. Well, that's the same thing. It's

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just that Almighty, He wrote and said, Look, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do, and you'll be happy. God sometimes chooses certain people to send that message for them. And somewhere down your path. You decided, Okay, I'm going to write this book saying, I am going to give you the nine steps.

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I'm going to give you as a mom Islamism as a modern person, Afghan girl, CH six, I came to America. I went through everything you're going through. I'm going to give you the steps how to incorporate life, making money, having fun and following your religion. It's easy. You look I did it. You can do it.