Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #368 – You Want Your Neighbor To Be a Muslim

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a Muslim neighbor and acknowledges that it is difficult to overcome walls and harm. They also mention the benefits of Islam for American society, including its diversity and anti- ethnixist stance. The speaker suggests that individuals may not always practice Islam, but it is important to avoid negative behavior.
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Do you want your neighbor to be a Muslim, or you should want your neighbor to be Muslim, because if he's an actual Muslim, or she's an actual Muslim, she is going to do things, the right things when nobody's looking.

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Right? You know, if somebody is in your house, if somebody breaks into your house, or somebody tries to harm or hurt you or your property, if you have a Muslim neighbor, then that person's if they are a decent Muslim, they're going to try to help you. You know, they are operating on an ethical code that comes back to a perfect God that comes back to eternal consequences. Right, and that's somebody you should want in your community. So I mean, a lot of people, you know, it's politics, a lot of people get politicized, and everybody needs a scapegoat, and everybody needs sort of a an enemy to rally behind. But, you know, when it comes to your day to day life, for the people who are in your

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neighborhood or in your community, it's like that it doesn't have to be that way. Not everybody's an enemy. Right? Nor do you have to always have an enemy. And I think, you know, if people realize that, that Islam is a completely legitimate faith in a long tradition, and something that requires a strict kind of moral code, of the people who are committed to it, you know, that it is a lot of benefit to give American society. And the other thing, and this is just off the top of my head is that, you know, Islam has a lot of benefit America when it comes to race. And when it comes to attitudes towards people and where they come from, because Islam, you look at our community, we have

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so much diversity, you know, what some churches would give, to have the diversity that we have in the in the mosque, we have every single color, every single continent, every single, you know, we got multiple languages. Right? If this was a university, people would be taking pictures and putting it on their promotional material, because this is like, you know, they staged those photos, right? Like for photo ops, we don't have to stage them. That's like normal, everyday business for us. Right. And that says something that says something about Islam that we really do, even though individual Muslims might or not, might not practice that. Okay.

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We hope that they straighten themselves out. But when it comes to the actual religion, extremely egalitarian, right, extremely anti tribalistic, anti ethnocentric sort of stuff. And so that's something I think that Americans also stand to benefit from

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