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Learn the Essentials of Being Deeply Connected to Allaah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Have you ever taken a course and then left from the course and realize that you didn't really get much out of it, you didn't understand much. Or maybe you've taken a course and you got an A in the class. But again, you couldn't really understand how to apply those things into your life. I'm here to tell you that shouldn't be that way with the, with the knowledge mathematically, you should be able to not only understand what you've learned, we should be able to connect to Allah azzawajal at every level. And I have created a course just like that it's called firm foundations essential that every Muslim must know this course is

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here to change your life in sha Allah is here to connect you to laser gel at a deeper level. It's here to be able to help you understand what is you know, cracked and solid? What is not what is cracked in the way of giving into a cup, what is the right way of fasting and Hajj and all the details that you've wanted to know so much, but you've never really had the time to talk about the Six Pillars of Islam? What you know, what is covered? What is destiny? And what is not? What is the test from Allah, understanding the difference between the angels and the shayateen? And how everything works. I also talk about excellence, how do we make ourselves to be able to perform our

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duties in an excellent way I talk about manners in Islam, and a lot more topics, I will be able to explain our but it's going to be written down on the flyer inshallah.

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This course Who is this course for this course is for everyone. It's for new Muslims, it's for Muslims who been Muslim all their lives. And it's for Muslims who just want to get connected to a laser gel again, at a deeper level is of course it's convenient it can happen. It's it's going to happen once a week. But if you're not there, you can watch that anytime you have the recordings at your disposal, the course is super affordable, you can afford it much at the watercooler it's $100 course and Islamic University of Minnesota has taken me on as their lecturer as an instructor to teach this course. So I'll be working in, you know, in joint with that with Islamic University,

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Minnesota and Russia, the article. The thing I love most about this course is that I want to make sure all my students learn the material. So I do have an open book exam at the end of the course. Absolutely. But the good part about this is you have a week to answer it. And if you didn't answer some of the questions, I will give you another chance to take the test and be able to answer those questions. I want everyone in my class to pass. It's not about getting an A, for me. This course is about connecting you to Allah is Georgia and Marsh automatically. If you pass the class which inshallah all of you will, you do get a certificate from Islamic University of Minnesota. The great

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part with this course is that you get a few things for free. Number one, you will get an E book of this entire course the the book that I'm teaching, you will get an ebook version of it. So you have that at your disposal, and you can read through it whenever you want. Number two, you have the videos at your disposal whenever you want to watch them, do you get a certificate certificate. And now I'm going to give you some bonuses. Few bonuses that I thought about for this course is a new class I'll be teaching and that's called How to attain horseshoe when you pray. This is the first time ever I'm giving this course. I'm not going to tell you I'm an expert in attaining huzhou and

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Salah. But it's something I've been working on for years and I continued until my last day to my last breath to work on it. And it's something that I hope that I can give value to others and show us I will be teaching this course inshallah, and you will get it for free. If you sign up for my course. I will also give you an ebook version copy of my book our Muslim woman oppressed. The reason I'm giving this book I've written 1616 bucks masataka but the reason I'm giving this book is because I think it can benefit you in this area of Sharia studying that the and there's another book that I'm going to be giving you for free it's also called no I'm not a terrorist and it is the second

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edition of the book I'm going to be giving you that for free as well as a bonus. So you get lots of bonuses, you get a 12 week course you get a certificate and you're going to get a teacher who inshallah is going to make the class not only fun but you know understandable and at the end of the class inshallah you will connect to a laser gel at a deeper level. Does that go high and I hope to see you all at the event and please do go sign up at the link below and join me and join your my other students and it'll be amazing as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh