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Let's talk about the book. Now let's begin the journey of the book. nine steps to achieve your achieving your destiny. You can actually get this off I'm not mistaken. But yes, but if you've worked participant my website and shorten a percentage of it a portion of the profits 50% of the profits would go to the show for today's show. Oh, wow. Okay, it says Sora Right.

00:00:23--> 00:00:36 Okay, tell me before we begin into going into this book, what inspired you to begin this book and write it in the first place upon Allah, the biggest inspiration to me to write this book was

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what it can do for me in the Hereafter, not in dunya. And when I started studying Islam, I realized there's three things that really affect us and inspire us, you know, after we pass away, and one of them is, you know, obviously, raising pious children who make dua for you. And the second being building places whether orphanages hospitals must so people continue using and you get that, you know, Southern support. And the third one is getting knowledge out there education is some sort of people continue using it and I assess upon them. Personally, I'd like to have all three. So I decided on that and the step for writing began, and I had all of this knowledge and information and

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I realized that in chautala was time and just organize my thoughts and how I was going to do it and how can I affect instead of one to five or 20 people? How can I affect 1000s to hundreds of 1000s to millions eventually show in sha Allah