Will Allaah Forgive Iblees if he Repents?

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Satan disobeyed Allah only once, and he was accussed. Allah forgives human beings in spite of their disobedience, frequent disobedience. If they repent, will ALLAH forgive a bliss if he repents today, if you're in the Quran, the story of Adam Milla Salaam, and a blease is mentioned several times in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two, chapter number seven. So Rachel chapter number 15 recap step number eight in several places. And if realizing the story, the moment or the mill is salam, Arab Peace be upon him, he realized his mistake, he repented Allah subhanaw taala and ultimately forgive him. And if both of them allow up for them all, but if you note the story of unbelief,

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it's mentioned in Surah, chapter number sandras. Number 14, when he believed Allah subhanaw taala says that we said to the angels bowed down to Adam, all bogged down in libraries except Iblees mentions Rebekah chapter two, so they are off chapter seven.

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But instead of repenting Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah, chapter seven, verse 14, that give me fight, till the day they arranged that me despite me, please delay my punishment.

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Give me despite and see what I do. He challenges the last one out Allah, Allah challenge you. So Allah says in Surah iraf, chapter number seven, verse number 18, he gives him respect and says, that, always women will follow you, I will fill Hell with all of you. And as far as Iblees, repenting,

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here, the question doesn't come because Allah says in Surah Al chapter 15, verse 34, that he is the first one,

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that Allah has the knowledge of the future of the unseen. So Allah knows in advance that this person, he will never repent,

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as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah chapter two, seven and eight, Allah phase

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katama lamb glooby beam, that Alas, put a seal on the hearts of those people on those carpets, and they will never come to the State Park.

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And similarly, we have examples of Allah predicts

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even about Abu lahab

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video of one of the staunchest enemies of the Beloved Prophet, Allah tells in advance, he reveals

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the surah Tabitha Nabila, the father of the flame, he was one of the trenches and meets through the prophet. And he says that he will never accept Islam,

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and he will burn in hell. It was a prediction, all he had to do to prove the ground wrong was to say that I'm Muslim, and see the other 10 years he had the opportunity to not do it. So Allah knew they will never happen similarly, last month, Allah knows that he believes he will never repent. So that's the reason he said that he is to you and about enemy. Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter two verse 168. That guy lives in harmony. Oh you believe, be careful of the kowtow to shaytan of the footsteps of the devil, for he to you is an avowed enemy. So with all the verses of the Quran, realize that a belief will never repent and Allah knows that therefore, he is called in the avowed

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enemy of the human being, and he is accussed. So he will never repent. He never asked for forgiveness.