Why is Polygamy Allowed in Islam?

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My name is Joseph, I have two questions to ask, why all the Muslims men are allowed to marry for for human? And the second one is, how can you prove that Jesus was not crucified? There would have to quiz but are you a Christian? I am.

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Brothers to questions that vida Islam bomet a man

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who have up to four wise, whereas some bomet Amanda more than one wife. And second question how can you prove that Jesus can be of one was not crucified? That Quran is the only religious book on the face of the earth wishes marry only one. You read the Bible you read the Rama and you read the Mumbai read the VEDA. No religious book on the face of the earth says man you only one besides the Quran. If you read Dhamma in the Hindu scriptures, the father of Shri Ram, he had more than one wife. If read ma Bharat, she Christian, how many wives yet for 10,000 10,000 yet 16,108 wives. So if she Kishan can have 16,000 198 wives, so why can Muslim that maximum up to four.

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If you read the Old Testament, it saved that Solomon, peace be upon him at 705 Abraham peace be upon him at three wives. So Old Testament tells you can marry as many as you want. Same as the New Testament say that you should follow Old Testament. So in Hinduism, in Christianity in Judaism, you can marry as many as you want. It is later on that the church put a restriction that Christians should marry only one. It is later on Rabbi Ben Simeon Yoda pastor signer and say that Jews should marry only one otherwise, previously, they used to marry as many as they wished. It is the Indian Penal Code in India in 1954, that put a restriction and said under the Hindu special Marriage Act,

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the Hindus should marry only one. But the scriptures could do restrictions. Let's analyze what does the Quran say? Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse number three married woman have a choice in twos, threes, or fours. But if you can't do justice marry only one. This statement, if you can't do justice marry only one is only given in the Quran and no other religious scriptures. Let us analyze why does Quran give permission for the Muslim men to marry more than one woman maximum for the reason is that by nature, male and female are born in equal proportion. But if you ask any pediatrician, he will tell you, the doctor of the children that the female child is stronger than

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the male child in fighting germs and diseases. So you have more deaths among the male children as compared to female children. So in pediatric aged cells, the females are more than the males. As life goes on, there is that due to was due to alcoholism, drug addiction due to accident. In all these cases, more men are dying as compared to females. So today in the world, there are more females as compared to males. In few countries, like India, and China, the female population is less than the male population because of female feticide and female infanticide.

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In India, according to a BBC report, every day more than 1000 fetuses are being aborted after the identified as females. If you multiply this figure by 365, you get a total of more than a million fetuses are being aborted every year in India after the fact that the females according to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report, out of 10 females born alive four are put to death, if you stop this evil practice of female feticide and female infant than India, even in India, the female population become more than the male population. Even in China. If you've taught this, he will practice the female population become more than the male population. Today, if you analyze. In USA

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alone, there are 4.7 million females more than males. in UK alone, there are 1.2 million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are 1.6 million females more than males. In Russia alone, there are 10 point 6 million females more than males. And God alone knows that how many females are more than males throughout the world.

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If I agree with you, that one men should only marry one woman. And suppose your sister is live in America was about my sister happens to live in USA, and the market is saturated. Every man has found a wife for himself. Yet there will be 4.7 million females who will not find life partner. And if your sister happens to be one of them, or if my sister happens to be one of the 4.7 million females who have not found a life partner for themselves. The only option for them is that she either married a man who already has a

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Life or becomes public property,

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public property, such a harsh word.

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It is the most sophisticated hold I can use.

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I cannot use a better word. You know in America. Today the statistics tell us on average, a man has eight different sexual partners before you sit down with one, having mistresses in USA is very common. 510 2030 no problem having more than one legal wife and doesn't go down their throat.

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When a woman is a mistress, she doesn't get her rights. She's dishonored. She's not treated well, in Islam. When a woman becomes a second wife, she gets the honor. She gets her right, she's treated well.

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anymore. This woman if you ask her,

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that would you prefer being

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a second wife of a man who's already married or become public property, they will offer the first. So Islam has given permission for some men to have more than one wife to protect the modesty of the woman.

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Coming to your second question, is it allowed for ladies to marry for men? Brother, you're asking gounder question the time is limited. You asked to question I asked you a third question. I will convey the first answer. I'm convinced with the first one Mashallah Rocky, the brothers that is a woman allowed to have more than one as well. If you do that, this problem will be exaggerated more. I mean, Muslims in Muslims as it is women are more than men. If women marry more than one husband, the problem will be exaggerated. Point number one, point number two, if a man and more than one wife and if the child is born, you can easily identify who is the father, who's the mother, if a woman

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has more than one husband and the child is born.

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With DNA still Hello, mother, let me finish the answer. Now.

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You asked the question whether interfering

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was interrupting

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Yes or no?

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No, no. So why are you interrupting? After I finish you can ask.

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I'm a medical doctor, your medical doctor. Now I am a medical doctor no for DNA testing. I come to it.

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Once if a woman and more than one has been to husband and if a child is born, and if he goes to admit in the school. And if the question with your father's Sheila give two names.

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You're talking about DNA testing. I know about it. DNA testing. The reason was DNA testing 50 years back. Was it the No, it's the new recent discovery yet it's not 100% even if I agree 100%. It is now it wasn't there before Islam is there since time immemorial. And this is not the only reason. Even if I agree tomorrow and becomes 100% perfect. This is not the only reason. Today science tells us that man is more polygamous in nature as compared to the female. Today, science tells us that during menstrual cycle, the female undergoes certain psychological changes. It's not possible for her to do the role of multiple wives. But a man doesn't undergo these changes, it's possible for him to do a

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roll of multiple husbands. Today science tells us that if a man

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has multiple sexual partners, and all are faithful, there is no problem. But if a female has multiple sexual partners, and all are faithful, there are chances of sexually transmitted diseases to emerge, and that disease will go back to the male partner. So medically, it is not acceptable that a female has multiple partners, but medically and scientifically it's acceptable that a male can have multiple partners.