Zakir Naik – Why doesn’t Islam believe in Idol worship?

Zakir Naik
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Good evening to doctors, I can everybody present here? before I say anything, I just want to say that what am I asking? I do not mean any disrespect to anybody and to anyone. I'm a very young person. So please excuse me if I say anything inappropriate. My question is, since as I said, I was heard and no, I've seen around me that Islam does not believe in idol worship. So I want to know, what are the reasons for non believing idol worship? That's my first question.

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The brothers the question that I follow. He believes that Islam does not believe in idol worship, why Islam doesn't believe in idol worship. The reason Islam doesn't believe adult worship because it is prohibited. Point number one, you cannot make idol of God, the moment you make an idol of God, you're degrading God. Imagine you make idol. And suppose idle false. What happens with idle idle breaks? If the idle cannot help itself? How can it help me?

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but my point here is that if there's an idol of God, it might not be the actual actual God that that actually exists. But if it helps me in focusing my worship towards him, if it helps me in actually

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increasing my focus when I'm actually praying to Him, don't you think it is correct? Brother said that if that idol helps me in focusing God is indeed good for him. But when God says don't make an idol of me, and they do tell me it helps me in focusing on God, is it right or is it wrong? If you love God, will you obey God or not? If you love God have to obey Him? Suppose you're working in a company and the boss tells you the boss tells you that come on time. You have to come at 10 o'clock sharp to say no effect on 11 o'clock I will sleep I'll be more fresher common level not really right or wrong. That's wrong. Then some people come at 10 some people level some people first No, no, but

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you know, I know I can host better some people come at one o'clock some people come at two o'clock. Do within the company will function correctly. No, I love my boss very much. The boss says come on time. 10 o'clock. 10 o'clock.

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If you don't love your boss, then you may come late and maybe right in the register. I've come on time that's cheating. So God has clearly mentioned in the Quran that idol worship is privated even mentioned the Hindu scripture. Clearly it fades as I mentioned earlier in cetera cetera Upanishad chapter number four, verse number 19. in Jeju Wait, Chapter 30 verse number three, notice about the majesty of that God there is no prathima there is no image, there is no photograph, there is no painting, there is no portrait, there is no idle, there is no sculpture, there is no statue. When God is saying there is no statue, no sculptor, he said no no, to concentrate I require God.

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This who say that, the Hindu pundit when I speak to the pundit that is clearly mentioned in the way that idol worship is wrong, what they say no, no, initially when you're in the initial stages, at the lower level, you require idol to concentrate, when you read the higher stage higher consciousness idol is not required. So I tell the Hindu pundit, the Muslims have already reached the higher consciousness.

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so but if it is helped me helping me in any way, why would God say that do not do it? Because the degrading god, I'm asking your boss comes at 10 o'clock, not helping me if I come at 11 o'clock, I'm feeling happy. So the boss will tell you if it is helping you get out of this company, go and join some other company. Someone comes at 10 someone lemons a month 12 your employee, you take them at 10 o'clock. I mean employer says I will come at 12 o'clock I feel happy. I feel good about it. I'm praising you very good boss. Will you like it?

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Everyday say My boss is very good man bosses, very good. Notice we know rosary. My boss is very good. Either employ comes at two o'clock in the afternoon. My boss is very good. My boss is very good. The boss will say bye. You stop praising you come on time and do your work rather than praising me. So your God, your Creator has told you in your scripture, Hindu scripture in the Christian scripture in the Muslim scripture, don't make idle your degrading God God is so powerful, or making idle out of and who makes it idle? Who makes it human being so God will tell I've created the human beings not that human beings are creating me or nonsense it is.

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Know when God is telling you don't require idle concentrate on God without idle. So we're not creating God when we're making an idle and and i think that we're not degrading him when we make an idle. It's just that if you make a form of him and and assume it's, it's, there's a part of them even if it is not that what is mentioned in your Vedas. So I am not I am not an individual. I do not believe in the Vedas. What are you a Christian ceramah Jen? Jen. Jen believe in God. Yes, they do.

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Do you know gentlemen? smooth forgotten me. So Lord Mahavira. He the three Tonga is not God. You don't know your Jainism, Sara might know it. No, not an atheistic religion. Jainism is an atheistic religion. you're mixing Hinduism, Jainism. So I claim that I'm not in Hinduism. I know you're not a Hindu. But if you're a Jain, and you're saying Mahavira, is God way that mentioned in a Jain scripture, my view is God, either through Tonga? Yes, sir. He's not God. So but then we worship Him, and all the other things, but he is not God.

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Did Mojave Desert you should worship Him.

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Alexander has not read. They don't know that from telling you. You don't know what Mojave said. And you're saying Mojave riester. Tonga is indeed your duty there. You should find out what my Vidya said. Yes, sir. It is. So that be very logical person. Sir. When you join a company, don't you follow the rules and regulation of the company? Yes, sir. Jainism is an atheistic religion.

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So they will believe that someone who comes in life dying birth, birth, death, birth death, if you're free from the cycle, when you don't have any negative or positive, you get Nirvana Moksha. There are 24 people who have attained Moksha according to Jainism, and Marvin is the 24th in Tonga? Yes, sir. 24th Yes, he's not God. Yes. So that we you don't know your mother. You don't know Jainism. So how can I talk to you about anything? Sir? I'm not talking here that so what I'm asking is that if his idol worship, so what you're telling me is that what because it's mentioned in the Quran that item worship is wrong. Men mentioned in Bible, no, it is mentioned in Quran mentioned in

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Bible mentioned in the scriptures that I do worship is wrong. So where do you get this philosophy from? Sir? Am I saying My point is that we're assuming that if Quran is actually what God has told, so that means that that's why idol worship is wrong. If I say that, if I argue that mate might be a pointless argument, but if I argue that Quran is not the word, the words of God, then what is the what is the actual logic that why idol worship? Very good. So what is the word of God? You have to tell me? If Quran is not the word of God then which is the word of God? I do not know that. I don't know. I know not. So you follow me? If you don't know you ask a teacher or student tells the teacher

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two plus two is not equal to four teachers. What is it? I don't know, sir. But if I'm not convinced of the answers, we're not

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even Did you hear my earlier answer? Have you seen my tapes? No. So this is the first time attending you find like have you heard the earlier answer? We just spoke to a theist about science. Were you paying attention? So maybe I was not present in all that time I'm asking you that if you're not available, what I request you you go and see my video cassette is the Quran God's word, my DVD Can you can you be the name is the Quran God's word

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is the Quran God's word, and inshallah if you watch it with an open mind, you will in shall accept that grant is the word of God. You will believe that there is one God who doesn't have any idea and inshallah you will accept it. So go and see that DVD support our DVD, and inshallah, if you have any queries you can write to my email Zakir at IRF dotnet.

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Thank you, sir.

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