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Zero, Acacia Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for that it's an honor and a privilege that hamdulillah that we can gather together we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes the time that we spend together although we are distant physically apart, a time of mutual understanding Allah and love and commitment between each other Allah I mean, we pray that Allah some kind of went to Allah does not separate our gathering, except that that we are separated with his forgiveness and that his life has entered into our homes, into our hearts into our communities. We pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah

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makes us better for having come together, rather than having stayed apart Allah I mean, we were speaking about the importance of considering the the time that passes by. So Pamela, we've had some wonderful questions and contributions, about a wide ranging number of topics. And I hope and love it, the questions keep rolling in. So feel free to call. And it takes a little bit of time to make it through the cube. But I look forward to speaking with you and taking your calls and seeing where we can help each other. Time of course is very important in the year 1442. So Pamela is coming to a close, and we are heading towards the new Islamic calendar New Year.

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And the month of Muharram, of course, is a very important month for us as Muslims, it is a month of reflection, a month of deliberation and a month of change. It is the month where the prophets I send them not just changed from Mecca to Medina, but changed even in the type of revelation that would be revealed to the prophets I send them it sound became different than the type of verses that were revealed. They were no longer short, they were no longer had that meccan rhythm to them. And even the topics became one of legislation and obligation and fulfillment to the orders of a lot, not just a strengthening of faith and acquaintance with our Creator and maker. So this is meant to be a time

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of change of renewal, a time of self reflection and introspection, one of the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if you allow me to narrate to you

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that always touched my heart, the prophets I sell him was sitting with his companions one day and he said in the Eman Surely your faith, my faith, the faith that you and I as much as Muslims we adhere to the Prophet says the faith you have layered Billa p jiofi. had come ye blessed so it begins to become worn out, faded, tarnished, the way your clothing from overuse will become worn out, faded and tarnish, Sinhala hat and you just did and he managed to do so Ray. So make dua to Allah invoke the Almighty Allah, that he may reignite restart dream you rejuvenate faith in your hearts once again. So hamdulillah that always struck me as a beautiful heavy that the prophets I send him would

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instruct that the giants of our faith, the elite of Islam and he man, the great Sahaba to constantly be on the lookout of renewing one's faith. And that faith was not just simply by actions, but it was also by determined to our asking Allah for he Daya Deena Surat Al mustafi we have a caller on the line that said I'm on a cold caller How can I help

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Jeff yes my

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what percentage of my profits I should give to charity

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and whether or not there was any guidance

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reported by layer which talks about

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voice being heard kind of McLeod's

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individual he gave one

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charity one tournament to

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actually the business

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and also the optimum way of giving charity

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Alright, so you know obviously I'm I can't give you a business advice over the air without kind of as a consultant in the matter without the details of it. But what I can say to you, in the suit of the prophets, I send them there were three important rules as it relates to how we give charity. The first rule is that family was always first. So we find this in the hadith of Abu Hamza. He was alive

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And owner and the prophets I send them time but on the bottom line who and he owned two large estates, two large farms, and the verse in the Quran in surah 10. Earlier I'm Ron was revealed where Allah Subhana Allah says lentinan will be Ratatouille for me matter a boon, you will not attain the elevated status of righteousness until you are charitable, and you can spend freely from the things you love the most. And he said, of the things that I love the most is this property that I have this this orchard, or messenger of Allah, I give it to charity, and the Prophet refused it. prophets, I seldom said No, you cannot give from your estate as such, and leave behind a family who will be in

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need of asking others. He said, O Messenger of Allah, I want to receive the reward of this. So the Prophet ordered him to give his charity, most of it on to his family unto his wife, his children, and his brothers, sisters, and so on. And therefore, that's a very important concept that a times we kind of forget the prophets I send them says abraca sadaqa. In fact, when Allah athlete, the charity that reaps the reason, the greatest Baraka is where a person is spent upon their end of their family, meaning that you've secured them and provided the means we do and after you and in your absence, to be also self sufficient. So have that as a concept as it relates to charity, I don't

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want you to assume charity, just as a, you know, making a waterwell or, or, you know, building a Masjid on its own as being legitimate acts of charity. The second thing that's important is that anybody who tells you percentages and figures and is being absolute about it is doing you a disservice. So what I would say to you is, go through a, you know, a SWOT analysis, a good business analysis, see where the strengths are, where the weaknesses are, certainly the guidance of reinvesting into your business, reinvesting into your financial, you know, into your financial security into the future, is also an investment into yourself. And these are some other fun that you

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are giving unto yourself. And don't forget your share of the outfit. Now, that's something that was always intentionally left up to one's discretion. And one of the ways we separate between zeca and southern, is a cat is the is defined, it's finite. It's known how much to whom, how often, and of what types and of what things we pays that caught on, while sada was intentionally left to the direction of the individual. So there were some Sahaba, who gave everything like a robot called yellow Idaho and are about half of it. And there were others who are affluent who gave regularly. There were those who supported the week there were those who supported the war effort. There were

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different levels of contribution. But the concept of how much was always left at the discretion of the individual. And the heavy that you shared is a powerful Hadeeth it's a it's a it's a noted Hadid there are some comments about a chain of narration, but it is something that can be used as a guidance. Now, certainly it would not be a black and white statement from the prophets, I send them for you to build financial decisions on moving forward, it would not be as I said, it's meant to be at a person's discretion that you're not held to. The third thing that I would say about charity is to do it both publicly and privately. You won't feel for now, um, well, Sylvan while earlier, both

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in private as well as in public. And sadly, at times, we find that a lot of people assume, you know, it's better to give it in private. Sometimes giving it in public is something that encourages others to do it. And the prophets I send them says, the one who gives and others follow them in their pattern, they receive the reward of what they gave and the reward of everyone who followed them thereafter, that was inspired by them. So I encourage you in sha Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah reward you for thinking of the needs of others, may Allah subhana wa to Allah put Baraka in your business, expand it and make it a source of higher not just for you, but for those who work with you

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and and, and for you. May Allah subhana wa to Allah make it a venture that is producing that which is Helen, and that which is integrating goodness into your thriving community where you reside a lot of means.

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So we that's a really important kind of question, I think the brother for it. Once again, we come back to our theme about time and the coming of the month of a problem and of change. And of course, when we speak about change, most people kind of assume

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We're speaking about something wrong that I need to put something better in its place. And I want you to know that that era of the prophet in Medina was not a bad place. There were difficult times and it went there were also major successes. That's where Omar accepted Islam and Hamza accepted Islam and Aliya distinguished himself. This is where the Sahaba learned about a law and fought and sacrificed with patience. They made their Jihad of struggling for the truth by teaching and practicing the Quran in the darkness of the night, because they were forbidden to assemble in the brightness of the day. And as well as much as there is sweet there is always going to be the bitter.

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So I want you to know when we're speaking about making change, it's not that there's something wrong, that I have to change it. Sometimes there's something right that we just need to appreciate it and maybe do more of it, or share it with others who are not upon it with us. And the prophets I sell them is hedgerow 12. Medina, was not out of frustration, and was not out of giving up in his call of the people of courage to come to tell him to come to faith and to come to the solution provided by God Almighty, for all of humanity from that day forward. what it was was that it was a transition from where one is in a good place to where one can have a strategically better

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environment and advantage, the profit frames in a really powerful way. hedgerow is finished for us today. There's no hinge at all that a person can say I'm going to catch up to the prophet in Medina, so I sell them. So the prophets I sell him was asked who is the mohajir? What is the characteristic of the one who makes his rock? So the prophets I send them said al mohajir men hedge era men who love war and the more harder is the one who abandons flees from travels away from that which Allah has prohibited for them, that they found themselves liable to falling into. And therefore each and every one of us is able to make a shirt off. As if we are heading towards the profits I sell them

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today. You head towards his sooner from being away from it, you head towards his teaching. From being unaware of it, you head towards the hold on by reciting it, contemplating it meditating upon its meaning, inculcating it within yourself in your home in your family, spreading it through your virtuous practice of its teaching in your community, that people not see you as simply a plumber. But that's the Muslim plumber who's honest, they don't see you as a doctor. But that's the Muslim doctor, that's doctor admin. He's that person who represents the ideals of the prophet in whatever practice, whether they're a street sweeper, or a rocket scientist, that which is always in between

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is the path and the tradition of the prophets. I send them and that's genuine Hydra. Those who made his euro there were those who made the Hadith of the prophets I send them condemned. He said in the famous Hadith that all of us are aware about the importance of sincerity in the mill Amadou bindi yet your actions are judged correct or not, depending on your intentions. permin had Jada The one who made this hedger up who left their home left their town for you know, a financial gain. Oh Allah dounia you'll see her and we more active young kid Oh Ha. Or because they wanted to get married or you know I'm gonna go from this place to that I can't find anyone right for me, I'm gonna go over

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there or for a worldly gain to Angela who Isla hajra la. Then there his you know will attain that which they intended that which was, you know, inside their, their their heart and that which they were planning for. women had Yara but the one who makes their Hey john to Allah and His Messenger Mohammed's I sell them phage or to who Illa Illa Allah He was also a pleasure to deliver

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Pedro to illallah wa rasuluh. Then there Hydra is known to Allah and His messenger. And this is about a really famous incident. And Allah reveals verses in the Quran in surah 10 besar. Regarding it, there was an elderly man, a person who believed in the prophet in Polish, but he wasn't able to let it be known. He had his elder sons who were dominating him keeping track of him. They could see that there was a leaning towards the prophets I seldom so he s lemma fi NFC he, he hid his Islam in his heart, didn't let anyone know about it. There's no objection to that. So he carried on life as normal. But inside he was a believer in the message of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, and after the Prophet made hatred to Medina, this man could take it no longer he said it

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need to go to the pride miss the prophets I seldom wear even if I die on the way on my own I'm going. So he began to slowly prepare a Campbell prepare food secretly without his family knowing and in the middle of the night unexpectedly, he disappeared and he headed towards the Medina of dental schools I sell them. And about halfway through his journey,

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he began to feel that his agile his his life was soon to come to an end. His body is not going to maintain the journey is not going to get him to where he needs to go. He is not going to arrive to Medina and in the middle of the desert, he put his hands together and he gave Beyonce You know, he shook his own hand and he said Allahumma Habibi, it you know Rasul Allah. Allah Allah. This is my pledge of allegiance of accepting faith publicly, to your messenger, Mohammed sigh, sell them, Allah who met up a little woman, the salam, O Allah convey to your messenger, my greetings and my prayers sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so my mat and then he passed away and the prophet in Medina, Allah

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reveals the woman when a Yahoo Raj muhajir on Illallah, he was surely to mail direct mail, the one who exits their home, seeking to arrive and fulfill what is ordered by Allah and His messenger and death arrives to them before they arrive to you and then Medina Mohammed's I sell them for the walker ruku Allah, then their affair is entirely made worthy. Because of Allah's love and acknowledgement for them. We don't actually know the name of the Sahabi His name is known to Allah it's recorded in the habits is sincerity, brought down and that remains recited in our hearts and upon our tongues and in our massages, to remind us of the hedgerow towards that which is good, not

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just in a physical sense, but even if you are not in the presence of the messenger Mohammed's eyes and lips, our hegira is performed in seeking near nearness to his tradition to his Suna to his modality of life, to his habit, to his behaviors to that good that he called us to, and to be distant, whenever your push back against all that he prohibited upon us, as is commanded of him by Allah Almighty. Subhana Allah. So what's the battle plan for the coming 1443? I want you to sit with yourself, sit with your family and sit with your spouse, sit with your children and begin thinking, what are the things that we need to accomplish? And I want you to kind of reflect on the year that

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has gone by? What are the successes and what are the failures? What are the heights? And what are the drops that you've had? What are the things you could have done better in and where can you improve? And what are the successes you've attained? And how can you capitalize repeat them and maybe share them with others so that they may have the successes that you've attained? Where do you go forward in life? Where do you prepare for next year, it's here and now. And the profits on the lower end he was always taught us to be reflective and to commit to a lifestyle of more has habit of self account, aroma. Barbara the Allahu anhu is famously quoted to upset he stood upon the pulpit of

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the prophets I send them on Friday, and he was giving a whole robot and his whole book and tomorrow was so powerful we still remember it, he said has Siebel and pusaka habla and to herself. take account of yourself before a law will take account of you before your account with a law is brought forwards was he knew how to send and weigh out your deeds before a law will weigh them out for you.

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With the heavier out of the Echo, and prepare yourself, for that made your day for this significant day where you will be brought on display in front of Allah. Yo Mila tubeless surah with no secrets will remain hidden or be made absent, that everything will be brought forward before Allah. Allah tells us in the ad that the people will be astonished on the day of judgment as we read it sort of telecast and they will say Mally had PETA. What is this book? law you hardly rule so Hirata will carry on, Isla saw her. It's left no action, no deed, no movement of heart or thought, except that it's recorded. Where Where did you do the happy to help

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Later on, and they will find everything that they have brought forward in life presented to them. Catherine f ck Leo Malaika has Eva, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, On the day of judgment, you, only you will suffice and be enough as a weakness over yourself. Allah says in sort of TSC and the oma nesting we're either working on this day we will seal their mouth, or two can nimona add him with a shadow onto the mat can we accept their arms and hands will lay bare what they were ordered to perform, and their legs will bear testimony as to all that they earn in their life. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from the suddenness of the change of our affairs with Allah, that Allah

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protects us from his wrath and anger descending upon us. And then Allah allows us an opportunity to seek His forgiveness and to make us for those who are asking him at night, and in the days for his forgiveness Allahumma me as we conclude our session today, Charla in the last couple of minutes that we have together, I wanted in sha Allah, to let you know that there is a battle plan that you can use that will cause you to be successful. The prophets I send them taught us the way forward to continue to succeed year after year. He said to us, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the most beautiful ways, that of the ways that we find success is that we commit to an inward look, that we

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seek to purify that which is within us, so that it influences those who live amongst, and there is no good in that which is apparent in the actions we perform. If on the inside, we don't have a cleanliness and a purity and a present ness of heart and intention. So I say to you, my dear brother, my dear sister, my plan this year in sha Allah, for myself in my family, is to begin focusing on the small things that we've overlooked, you know, perfecting the little things that actually purify our relationship with Allah. My goal in sha Allah is to try for each and every prayer five times a day, to make the cow at the end of time Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhan

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Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah 33 times and to conclude it with that in the law, when the hula surely Allah level mukalla will have whoa Allah Polish a career that gives the reward of a bench and build agenda that gives the reward of a strength and body that would not be there had you not made that thicker as is taught to researcher party but on the one hand, it's the little things that will give you the greatest game. May Allah give us a blessing. Blessing coming here along with your brother your hair, Brahim with Santa Monica, whatever you want. Okay, so Hannah koloff Bobby handicare

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shadow and Eli softail cuando la with Santa Monica or Hamilton

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