What is a Locust and is it Permissible to eat it ?

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salam ala Rasulillah Mercado de Silva Faisal Qureshi.

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Fiberon Qureshi commerce student Mumbai in Islamic point of view

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if plague haram or Halal to eat

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also Prophet dua against the locust. Is it haram or Halal to eat local sorry, in Islamic point of view that haram or Halal to eat locust and also Prophet did dua against locust. Locust is an is an insect it belongs to the grasshopper family. One type of Grasshopper family is the locus and as a given the first or second answer I've discussed about the locals mentioned in the Quran is it allowed? There is there is no Hadith that I see that say that locust is prohibited. And as far as my knowledge goes that yes, you can eat locusts and in some of the communities across the world, it's a delicacy. Look for the delicacy.