Zakir Naik – Was the Fatwa of Imaam Khomeni against Salman Rushdie Correct

Zakir Naik
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Salam aleikum. I'm My name is Joshua pammy. I'm from Iran Really? And I want to know exactly is that you must have that Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. And as a Muslim, I normally would have liked that book. But so what do you think Imam Khomeini did was? What he did was correct asking for the people for fatwa. That was my main point what Imam Khomeini told about the fatwa against fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Was it correct or without the question that what Imam Khamenei said regarding the fatwa salamandre? Is it right or wrong? My basic question Is that why did a man community give the fatwa one year later, the first country to ban the book of salmonella just as

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Nick was was India.

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And I congratulated Rajiv Gandhi for doing that.

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Why should Khomeini give the fatwa of killing salamander after one year because he was getting out of the news?

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all politicians, politicians, if you wanted to give the fatwa should have given the book was reviewed by so many parts of the world. So many countries banded and then he gives a fatwa should be killed, whether right or wrong, it afterwards all the political gains, all political gains, all these things, the political gains, but what Rajiv Gandhi did, maybe he didn't know about it. And I've given a talk on this issue of sadness versus though this book is banned in India. I've read that book, you know, Salman Rushdie, who claims the namesake is a Muslim, he did not leave anyone.

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In his book, he will abuses Queen Elizabeth

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and the same British government

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who had banned an American author for using a four letter word, Father, uncle, cousin King,

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for the policy of Margaret Thatcher, that famous hermanos de he makes it active and using

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and yet the book is very popular to one American author, the band because he was a four letter word for Margaret Thatcher, this another person Selma, and it makes it active. I mg for the same Margaret Thatcher policy, but he gets an award.

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Why? Because he's maligning Islam with a very happy

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and do you know, he even did not leave Rama and Sita. You know, these people are respected by the majority of the Indians, even abuse them. I don't use that word. He abused them, as you know, leave them and many of the people are supporting. So maybe Rajiv Gandhi didn't know. But later on, if you read that book, you realize he did not leave anyone. So if a person who keeps on maligning, etc, Allah says in the Quran, and Jeremiah, chapter number five,

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was sympathetically as to anyone who waged a war against Allah and His messenger. There are various options given that you can either execute him, you can crucify him, chop off opposite limbs, or take him out of the country. And this law is not only in the Quran, it is even in the Bible. If you read the book of Leviticus, it says that anyone who decimate the law, you sue stone, that person to that even a person I was a stranger should stone that person to that who bless him with the law. So this lawyer, then all the religious scriptures, not only there in Islam, in most of the Scripture for blasphemy, whether it be Christianity, whether it be Islam, whether it be Judaism, for blasphemy, if

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it's a confirmed blasphemy, if it's that part of the country, we cannot give fatwa here, they should kill him, etc. If it's an Islamic state of law, if anyone blasphemy there are certain laws and rules and regulations laid down, but what politicians do whether it be a Muslim politician or whether it be non Muslim politician, I'm sorry, I don't again want to hurt any politicians per se. If not all I say majority, you find some way or the other the compromise for the Old World Bank. And that's the reason that it is said that religion and politics that pulls apart they use religion and the plank to see to it that they get famous cetera. And therefore people do which v people should be aware

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that a fatwa given by a company, it was just a political gimmick appealed to me. But banning the book what Rajiv Gandhi did

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was perfect.

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He banded you're the first and now that the new removing the band album The band has come out on there's another statement that they're trying to remove the band. But if anyone rescued the Lord in Islam and Christianity, that person or Christianity should be stoned to death in Islam there are four options you can even exile in Christianity, no option to share it you only stoning. In Islam there are four options you can choose. In Christianity you have to stone that person to that

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