The ten days of Dhul-Hijjah

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have great virtue in Islam and are considered among the best days.

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So consider how much Allah azo did has for you on those days. Anything that you do in them is better than what you do outside of them. What do you if you read the Obama 10 days that's better than outside sadaqa in them better than sort of outside fasting in them is better than fasting outside the voluntario.

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So it's an amazing opportunity.

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But it's also a challenge

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because these days don't have the attention of Ramadan.

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They don't have

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the numbers like Ramadan does.

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And because they are voluntary, no one has to because in Ramadan because you have too fast and everybody fasts. Globally, everybody knows about Ramadan communally. Everybody feels Ramadan, but these are voluntary ads in these 10 days, and most people don't pay attention to them, their life does not change because of it. They don't do anything extra so you're not fronted because of your company or because of what the atmosphere around you to do anything. Unless what front choose Allah azza wa jal and here you will stand to see the difference between those who are servants of habit or servants of culture and servants of Allah azza wa jal because if you already serve it of habit, then

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that's what we do in Ramadan. So I'll do it. If you're a servant of the culture, that's what people do so I will do it. So that is what motivates you. But if you are a servant of the Almighty and you want to do what Allah loves now what people love what Allah loves, that Allah and His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is telling you Allah loves these days the most. So that is the thing that is supposed to move you. Of course, if Allah loves this the most, then I should love it.

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And if Allah wants me to do the best, then I should strive to do it. So don't waste these days simply because people don't know about them. Oh, people are not doing much in them, being the one who is a servant of Allah azza wa jal,

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and Allah swore by these visions of Anguilla

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and in the common to the season, most of the setup have said in interpreting that 10 days or 10 Nights Allah swore by he says that these are the days of the hijab