Will Good Non Muslims like Ravish Kumar Deserve same Punishment like Evil Non Muslims

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The next question from farrakhan

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from Delhi, India,

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what will happen to good non Muslims? We have seen some very good hearted journalists like ravish Kumar, etc, who speak the truth, take sides of Muslims and show the ugly truth of the oppressors.

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It is not just him there are many others from different professions who are like him. So what will Allah do to them if they don't die as Muslims, as they don't deserve equal punishment? Like other big wrongdoers, in brackets, you know, their names? The question is asking that non Muslim lot of different types, some are good non Muslim, some are very bad, some are extremely bad. So will all of them get the same punishment? And the answer is no. How we have

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in different levels of gender,

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the gender the fit of those that furthers on Allah. In the garden, there is a garden, so all those go to gender will not be on the same level.

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The Muslim that will go to Jenna would be different as compared to the NBS numbers are the best they are the highest, the messengers and homosassa with highest, then you'll have the whole ferocity and you have the Sabbath. Of course, we will not be on the same level as the messengers as the Sabbath as the whole ferocity. And we pray to Allah that maybe go to Jenna, so that there are levels in Ghana that are also levels in the health

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and those of the non Muslims who do good deeds. Our beloved partner Salah Sallam said that they will get the reward in this world itself. Someone has done a good deed he will get a reward, maybe he'll get wealth, maybe you get fame. So all non Muslims who do good deeds, but they are committing the major sin of schilke. As I mentioned earlier answer if they do the major sin of shirk, that is the Associate partner with God, then they get negative point they will not be able to enter Jannah as Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa chapter four verse number 48 and 30 such as number four 716 that Allah if he wishes me forgive anything, but the sin of szeliga for you. So anyone dies at the

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mushrik without repenting that Allah will not forgive. So all the other good deeds that they have done which are of lesser value, as I mentioned earlier, um, so Allah will reward them in this world itself. And in the Akira in the next life but natural in the Jana in the hell, there are different levels, some are the lowest level of Jannah which will be the velocity and those which are wrongdoers like Ferran and Hitler, and maybe into brackets who you mentioned, we know you're talking about, they will be the inshallah, but

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always there is the possibility that even those people who are not Muslim and maybe against Islam, there are chances that ultimately

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what I do, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala let me give that to these good non Muslims so that they come to the fold of Islam, and we never know.

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You we know that every day, there are 1000s of non Muslims throughout the world accepting Islam.

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And when they accept Islam, many of them they become better practicing Muslims than those are born in a Muslim family. So hamdulillah we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may give Daya to these people. So that inshallah they can go to Chennai inshallah, and we pray that these people who are fighting for the truth, but irrespective whether they get there or not, in this world, Allah will reward them so that they cannot object that where has the reward gone for the good action that hope that answers the question?