Should we not Speak about the Good Things of Islam rather than the Weaknesses of other Religions?

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Salaam Alaikum My name is Aisha and from Philippines, I born Christian. Now, I am just a Muslim one year, I have to

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come to learn.

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I would like to point out two things. Actually, the first thing is, I observe that most of us Muslims, the, the strikes, or we speak about the weaknesses of other religions, why don't we show the good things as the models against them, like what I've heard in this session, that we are more better than Christians. I am right now studying in Islamic center. And according to our some teachers, this said, that no one in the world can judge the person. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala can say that his heart is good. He is good. No one can judge in the world. What do you think about it? This was a question that, alas, Martha, the only one who can judge the hearts and I do agree with

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you. She's saying that why do we say that? We are better, we should present what is good sister. What I did in this talk, is I picked up the good things of Christianity. I am tempted all the Christians, that actually if you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, it is good. I am trying to uplift them. I'm not trying to degrade them.

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You have misunderstood my dog. What I'm trying to say when I made the statement that if Christian means a person who follow the teachings of Jesus gave peace be upon him, then we are more Christian than the Christian themselves trying to tell verse of the Quran, tala Villa calm within Sabah in Burnaby, Nepal, come to comment terms, as many as I knew. And it was said that we are better we are following your Bible better.

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Am thing I'm telling them there? Why don't you follow by we'll also at least follow what is coming. I'm trying to pick up the good points of the Bible, that if your Bible says that be modest, the woman should cover the head, that the woman should By the way, the woman should be modest, I am telling them why aren't immodest? Where am I trying to prove that we are better than them? I am trying to say that at least let us agree to follow what is common. Again, this is not my technique. It is what our Creator Allah has told us. It is not my style. Unless telling me to do this. If you say it is wrong, then you're telling a lie wrong. Allah says in Surah chapter three verse 64. tala

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villas committed Saba. Amen, amen. Come to comment terms as soon as a new which is the first term under the law that we worship none but Allah. So we have to convey the message to the non Muslims that come to common terms and the best term is that worship only one God. Hope that answers the question.