What is Taqwa?

Zakir Naik


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My name is Mahesh Mombasa. I have been attending your jobs in Dubai and other places for the last six years. Today's It was a scintillating and fantastic talk by you. I've been reading Islam in focus in college times. And I have read the Holy Quran

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in Saudi Arabia. Could you please elucidate on what is taqwa and about Surah Al Fatiha brother. Mashallah brother Maharishi from Bombay, the same town where I come from. He'd be hearing my lecture for the past six years and other sister also Mashallah she's been hearing metal for a few years. And he does the question that what is taqwa taqwa means piety? It means God consciousness.

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It means righteousness. There's a hadith. Someone asked what is taqwa? It is like when you're going in a forest, which has got thorns, etc. And you're afraid that your garment may get stuck in the thorns. So how carefully you pick up your garment and walk through these plants and trees of thorns that is taqwa. So, basically it is God consciousness. It is piety, it is righteousness. So this is what is taqwa In short, and I would like to invite you that since we have been watching and hearing my talks since the past six years, and the other sisters past few years, we live in the same city Bombay, I would like to welcome you to the fold of the dental hack. There is no truth and I pray to

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Allah subhanaw taala to give you hidayah and inshallah inshallah.

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inshallah I pray to Allah to give you that and inshallah you also have the truth taqwa. That is the God consciousness and piety of Nancy's question.