Tahir Wyatt – Ten Down Ten to Go – Taking it Up A Notch

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the 10th of december, which is the 10th of the year, and how it is the last 10 days of the year that falls into the middle of the year. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not turning away from Allah and not taking advantage of opportunities. The speaker also mentions the importance of consistent behavior and staying in the present moment.
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Sherry in English in English in English

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as you all are well aware of today is the 10th of Ramadan.

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The 10th of Ramadan means that

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an entire third of the month is gone.

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It also means that if you break the month down into two parts the first 20 in the last 10

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we've already made it halfway through the first 20

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says when describing the month of Ramadan am madam dance a limited number of days, it seems like just yesterday seriously, that we were preparing for Ramadan and Ramadan is coming and we're getting ready and those days are over and they'll never come back. Whatever we did good in them is preserved by last palitana. And whatever was not good we asked Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us and to aid us in overcoming our false quani

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it's very important that

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these words don't go in one ear and out the other.

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That we realize that in our lives, for the things that we want of this dunya we strive for them.

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When we want

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a good job,

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we strive we go to college, we get a good we get a degree and whatever it takes, staying up late at night to take exams, stressing ourselves out working two jobs to pay off college and these types of things. We do it because we want something good in life.

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And when we want to get married,

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we gather up our welds we sacrifice we do other because we want the good of this life.

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And the same has to apply and even more. So when we want the good thing here and nobody told you that it was going to come easy. Nobody told you that. And you have a guaranteed to enter agenda.

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As long as you say that you are a Muslim. I say I'm almost I don't do anything. My last name is Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed. And that's going to be my tickets agenda.

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We have to work

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we have to work like we took in the last Hadeeth column and to be learned from Mr. King, say that I believe in a long span of time. And then be upright be steadfast hold fast to the teachings of Islam to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was Sunday. And so as these 10 days have gone and we start the 11th night, after Mother's Day,

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we need to go into the next gear

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not start falling off, not fading away. But pushing harder, pushing harder. Because the championship is one.

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And the tournament we haven't gotten to the tournament yet. That's the last 10 days.

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The first 10 days

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100. And now we get acclimated our bodies get used to fast and we get used to a new schedule. B isn't the law, you're from the people who have altered their schedules

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to get a little sleep in the day so that you can push harder at night.

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You've watched what you are saying.

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You checked your character, your demeanor as a Muslim.

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You've intentionally

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been a better person in the lab we are from amongst those

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who have done that in the first 10. But without a doubt we've had some shortcomings too.

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We look back and maybe somebody missed out a weird.

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Maybe somebody missed a slot in Japan.

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But honestly at this point, the first time that you should be able to count the number of records that you missed

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in Japan, not the number of Salawat

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This is Ramadan. And you have to push yourself and you have to be that much more diligence and showing the lust paradigmatic goodness from yourself that you want the benefit of this month of Ramadan that you want to take advantage of this opportunity that is

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Giving you.

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And if you imagine

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there are people and just to give you an example from the worldly life

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there are people who

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sell merchandise.

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Can you imagine a person who sells merchandise? He buys it at retail price, and then he sells it wholesale price.

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How do you think his business is gonna fare? Not so good. When everything is on sale, he's too tired. He's like, Nah, I'm gonna take it easy. Just chill out in the house. All the sales are going, Oh, it's the time to go by now. And then we sell later.

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But the time to buy, he's relaxing. He doesn't take advantage of the opportunity. And then when all the prices go up, that's when he feels like okay, now I'll go out and I'll buy his business is not going to be successful. He's not taking advantage of the opportunities that Allah has given them. Likewise, Ramadan is an opportunity for your rewards to increase and it is your chance now to deposit good deeds in your account.

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This is the chance and Allah Subhana Allah knows best how many other chances we'll get.

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profit, I did select with synonyms and is attending hubsan public humps take advantage of five things before five other things happen.

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And from amongst those things, and the last thing that the prophet SAW you saw him said was higher tech a couple of months ago, and take advantage of your life before death.

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So it is very, very important that we don't turn away from Allah without his mercy. And this month of Ramadan, we are now entering upon those middle 10 days where you need to go into the next gear. You need to definitely eliminate the nonsense from your life.

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Okay, the first 10 days, maybe a person is still getting used to it. He still has this thing where he needs to watch the news 30 minutes a day, not that he's a political analyst. And not that anybody cares about his opinion, but he still feels like it's so important for him to watch the news for 30 minutes every day.

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And look at the nice looking anchorwoman

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cut the nonsense out. It's not time for this Ramadan collapse. First 10 days, you made some mistakes, now's the time you look back and you say you know what, I don't need that in my life. Now it's time to get strive that much harder. push myself that much more so that when the last 10 days come,

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you are absolutely ready to go into the last possible gear that you have. Because it is the last leg of the race. And that's one of the races one.

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You go around the track and you exhaust yourself in the beginning and then the last lap of the race you just relax. You all know that story that they used to tell us when we were kids, the tortoise and the hare. You know the rabbit he's running and he's running and then he just relaxes but there's that other one consistently coming along. So you need to be the one that's consistent but not like a turtle be a bit more Yang quicker than the turtle and the tortoise push yourself a little harder. And then in that last lap, go all out with the nighttime

The Sheikh gives advice about the second ten days of Ramadan.

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