Zakir Naik – Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the Buddhist Scriptures

Zakir Naik
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Let's discuss the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Buddhist scriptures.

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Almost all the Buddhist scriptures, they speak about a mighty to come. It's also mentioned in tickover, sooner setenta D 111 76. It says that another Buddha will come by the name of my three,

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the Holy One, the Supreme one, the enlightened one, and those with wisdom and conduct, auspicious, having knowledge of the universe, whatever he will get from supernatural knowledge, he will preach to the whole world, he will preach religion, which would be glorious at the beginning, glorious at the climax, and glorious at the end, he will preach a way of life, which will be truthful and wholly perfect, he will have several 1000s of months as I have several hundreds of months. This prophecy is also repeated in the sacred books of the East,

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volume 35, Page Number 225, that the main three will come with such and such criteria and qualities.

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And further it says that he will be a leader of 1000s of people, as I am a leader of hundreds of people. It further mentioned

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in the Gospel of Buddha page number 217, at that Ananda PS Buddha

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that Obrist one, after you have gone, who will guide us to the Blessed One Buddha, he replied, that I am not the first Buddha in this world. Neither am I, the last day will be another Buddha, who will come the Holy One, the Supreme one, the enlightened one, and don't with wisdom and conduct, the auspicious

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having knowledge of the universe, he will preach a good religion, he will preach a religion which should be glorious at the beginning, glorious at the climax and glorious at the end.

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He will teach a religion which will based on truth and will be a perfect way of life.

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And he will have many 1000s of disciples as I have only hundreds of disciples than the US Buddha. The Buddha said one, how will we know him? So Buddha replies, he will be called as my three.

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My three means the merciful, loving, kind, compassionate, one equivalent Arabic word is Rama. And Allah says in the Quran in surah ambia chapter number 21 was number 107 Rama or sanaka illa Ramadan Allah mean we have sent the knot but as the mercy to all the world at the mercy to all the creatures at the mercy of the whole of humanity.

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This word Rama, mercy and its derivatives are mentioned in the Quran no less than 409 times and every chapter of the Quran except for Surah Tauba chapter number nine begins with the beautiful formula Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful.

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To the Buddhist scriptures, almost all of them prophecies about the mighty that is mama Salah Salem precum Manasa Allah says it further prophesied in the Buddhist scriptures, which is mentioned the sacred books of the East volume number 11, page number 36.

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Ma Nibbana suta.

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Chapter number two

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was number 32. It says that,

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as for the Buddha, there are no exoteric or esoteric teachers and oh under the Tata does that mean the teachers have nothing like a closed fist, we cannot keep the knowledge to ourselves, it should be proclaimed. And we know masala salam, whatever he received as our heat from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He proclaimed to the whole of humanity, and it told His disciples that never keep it away from humankind, proclaim it and spread it. That's what's mentioned in the prophecy. There's nothing like esoteric exoteric everything should be told the mankind

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it further mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures in the sacred books of the East, world number 11. Page Number 97. Marbury Nibbana suta chapter number five, verse number 36.

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It says that,

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as Buddha had asserted veto by the name of Ananda social, the main three have a servitor and we know from history from the seat of masala salon, that the servito of homeschooler Sallam was an us mela up with him.

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delevan was the son of maleek. mela, please.

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And Heather Miller be with him. He says that my parents

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gave me to the Prophet at the age of eight. And his mother told the prophet or messenger of Allah.

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Take this to be your servant. And Anna's millipede with me said that the Prophet referred to him as a son of the little beloved one. And we know how that announcement lobbies with him. He always stood by the prophet, in times of peace, and in times of war, in times of safety in times of danger, he can very well be compared to an under we know when the Mad elephant rushes at Buddha and under stood by Buddha. Similarly, we know how that announcement Allah be pleased with him in the Battle of wood, at the age of 11, even when the enemy's more close to Prophet masala Salaam had another mela up with him stood by the prophet, even in the Battle of name at the age of 16. When the enemies will archers

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surrounded the Prophet yet has an announcement last visit him he stood by the Prophet he can very well be compared. Like an under when the Mad elephant rushes at Buddha and understates by Buddha, to this is the fulfillment of the prophecy, that the mighty will have a servitor it is further mentioned in the Gospel of Buddha, page number 214. But that this mighty to come, this other Buddha to come will have six qualities. The first is he will get enlightenment at night. Number two, he will become bright when he gets enlightened. Number three, he will die a natural death. Number four he will die at night.

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Number five, when he dies he will become bright and number six, once he dies, he will no be seen in the bodily form in this out again. These six qualities and criteria with no one but the last and final messenger prophet muscle Asana, we know that muscles are seldom. The first why he he got was at nighttime. As I mentioned earlier, the Quran says instead of the current chapter 44 was number two and three and cerca de chapter 97 verse number one that the Quran was revealed in the night of power.

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It further says he will be lit up and we know masala Salam had become right, he was enlightened.

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It further says he will die a natural that animal masala salamander natural that why number four he will die at night. And we know from the hadith of Shama BP the talk that she did not have oil in the lamp, so she borrowed the oil from the neighbor, indicating it was night when prophet mussels died.

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It further says that he will become bright at the time of death. And hello Thomas Malak be with him says that partner massala son looked bright when he died. And the last point is that when he dies, he will never be seen in the bodily form on this earth. I know masala Salah money died in the bodily form. He's buried in Medina and it was never seen bodily form again, all these criteria mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures before it no one but the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah.

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It's further mentioned

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in the Buddhist scriptures and the sacred books of the East one number 10. bit number 68. It says that the Tata guitars,

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they are only preachers.

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That means the Buddha's to come, they can only preach and Allah says in the Quran is the Rashi number 80. It was number 21. First in the Manta Masaki. Allah says to the Prophet, your job is to deliver the message given hidayah is in hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It further mentioned in sacred books at least one number 10 page number 67. That to go to Paradise, even your good deeds are responsible. Your good deeds are responsible for you to go to Paradise. And Allah says in Surah Al Azhar chapter number 103, verse number 123, while us in Salah equals 11 amanu Aminu fully happy what the wasabi Hackard wasabi sobre which means by the token of time, man is very nice state of loss except those were faith. Those are righteous deed those exhort people and those exhort people the patient in proceedings one of the criteria to go to Jannah is a masala hot righteous deed which is mentioned the Buddhist scriptures. And further it's mentioned at the mapper,

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Mata suta 151.

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It gives the criteria of the Buddha the final might free to come. It says that he will be a mercy to humankind.

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He will be gentle. He'd been example humankind. He says it will be kind and he will be truthful. So all these criteria, befit no one, but the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah. This was in brief for

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guarding Hamas Allah Salam in the Buddhist scriptures.

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