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One of the hallmark features of the Quran is that it appeals to the intellect and the mind of a person. There are several places in the Quran, where Allah gives many examples that illustrate the greatness of Allah. And Allah is calling us to reflect, to ponder, and to deduce from these ayat, the correctness of Allah tuberculata Allah. One such example is a limiter or unskillful Katagiri Phil barbini Rahmatullah. Do you not see? Do you not reflect? Do not ponder on the ship, how it sails on the ocean, propelled by the wind does not sink despite carrying tremendous weight. I mean, a container ship can carry 1000 containers without any difficulty. Allah says, Do you not see the

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greatness of Allah in this? How the ship in the middle of the ocean is able to navigate through the grace of Allah? And in every example that Allah sets in the Quran, Allah is appealing to our logic. Allah is appealing to our reason. Allah is appealing to our mind. How beautiful is the Quran? Subhan Allah