Prophet Lut & His People

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today's talk is about profit load peace be upon him and his people, his people who chose the unnatural way of fulfilling their desires, though the natural way was available, a group of people who chose filth over purity, a group of people who flipped the truth and reality and as a result Allah flip them and punish them. May Allah protect us all. I mean, there'll be the alameen prophet Lord Allah said that he blessed him with hoekman were inma knowledge prophet toward revelation, not just that Allah praised prophet lute in nominal sila hain, he is of the righteous someone who speaks well is wise knows what to say and when to say it and how to say it. Yet with all of that his people

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were just very different. They had such evil that no human being ever has done before Allahu Akbar Allah said mass of about mass about a cumbia min ahead in middle alameen It's a sin it's a filthy action that no being has ever done nothing in the records that show this was done before. What is it? Allah subhana wa says on the Quran, in a comb letter to another region, you lust after other men and fulfill your desires towards them. What the car owner studied your filth in the enmity of yours and love lust is not just limited to your people and sitting No, you even stop the travelers and you're hurt others that we pass by your city to fulfill your desires towards them. What tuna Vina de

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como el Mancha and you not just that not you're not even embarrassed about it. You are going into groups to perform this fascia that evil shameless deed May Allah protect us I mean noble Allah mean, Prophet lute Ali Salaam, all over the Quran he tried to speak to them. And one of the narrations we have in the in the Quran, he tells his people Allah to the own. Do you guys not care about God? Will you not be mindful of the Creator? Will you not be fearful of Allah's punishment? And what did he also say? In Nila? camarasaurus? I mean, I'm a trustworthy messenger to you. I have my resume my profile you guys know about me? never lied, never cheated in Nila camarasaurus I mean, I want the

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best for you. But love your own. So be God conscious. don't worship your desires, worship Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave you other alternatives without your own and follow me and obey me I promise I want nothing but the best for you. Women lucuma Allah human agile and don't think I'm saying this just because I want to be recognized and famous and get paid. big amount of money No. In Nigeria Illa Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean I look for my reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, I want to be recognized by God Allah subhanho wa Taala then he reminds them of what they're doing a tuna the Quran I mean Allah Allah mean, are you guys really lusting towards other men just like you,

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whatever. Runa and you let go let go of what man Holla Holla Kumara buco min as YG come of what Allah has given you as an alternative of wives, they are available for you, balentien comun are doing. You guys have really crossed the limits and have transgressed and another area, Allah says Bell antem hormone tegile Hi Loon. This is very backwards. Do not think there's any forward thinking about this. It's enlightenment that what you're doing is great and no one ever done it before. And you came out and you're boasting about it. No, this is complete backwardness. This is against human nature. And not just that even against science and logic. What was the response of the people of

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Prophet Lord after you spoke to them three things number one, they rejected him completely Atrazine rejected him because they're back home selling number two and they didn't just reject him. They wanted to cancel him. They wanted to expel him. They said Rachel Allah loot kick out the family of loot kick him out. Why? Why? Because they are people are nasaan the top ah Harun because Luton is family they want purity and modesty. We don't want that in our society a low Eco, so their crime is because they want to be pure clean and modest Suppan Allah, they flipped that which was a great good deed and they made it seem as a horrible negative trait. And number three, they marked Allah and the

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religion and they said Carlos Tina be either be lay in contemnor solder clean or profit loot if you were really a profit and God sent you then let God also send his punishment upon us as you if you were a truthful person, that what we do is wrong and it can get God to be

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Angry show us Subhan Allah mockery to the religion and the people of faith. And after hearing such speeches Luth alayhis salaam. He says, I want to make a statement that is so clear. There's none negotiable about it. What is it in the ANA Nico meenal Colleen, I will always and forever till my last breath, hate such filthy behavior, I will always look down upon it and warn people against it. Not just that loot Allah is Salam. He went to Allah and supplication and humbling himself to Allah and His supplicated or the net Genie what I really mean Minaya Maroon, Yala, protect me and my family of what they're doing. Why? Why are you saying of what they're doing? Because a lot Eileen

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Salam knows when there is a society that this is very prominent in it, and no one is stopping them and they're continuing to do so. Allah anger and wrath will eventually come. So prophet Luton is believing many family members don't want to take part into this punishment. May Allah protect us. I mean, there have been alameen. Brothers and sisters. After some time, Allah knows when exactly a group of visitors they come to profit loads strangers not seen before. No one knows their names, where they coming from. And something special about them is that they were incredibly handsome and beautiful. So when they went to profit, load and profit load, Allison saw them see ba, ba, ba, ba ba

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him. He was so distressed, and he felt like he cannot protect them from his people, because he knows how his people they lust over men such way we'll call her the young woman I'll see. But then prophet Lord said, this is a tough, challenging day. And guess what? Yes, the news spread viral, very good looking men just visited luthuli salaam, and who perhaps is spreading that news. It's the wife of Prophet Lord, my wife of Prophet luteus. She was spreading that news though she was not participating in these actions. But she was spreading it encouraging it and taking part in it and in terms of facilitating the path for them. What?

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Wha hoo, moo LA, and his people start rushing towards him running as if it's a competition who goes first and who will be the first one to see these get guests? Where Min kaaboo Can we are not gonna say yet, though. Just before them coming. They were committing their filthy actions. Brothers and sisters, Prophet Alayhi Salam sees them coming. He has his guests. Any guys come on? He says yeah, call me my people. He still has a bond. My people yeah, home. How will he Bennati who know?

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We have respected sisters, my own daughters will take part in that solution. We'll all work together. If you guys want to start a new page change your ways. Come on. There's other ways to fulfill your desires properly in the proper channel and means not like this *ed up en la fear God, what do you guys gathered up like that? What's going on? What kind of human beings do this? Without the Zune if you buy fi do not embarrass me in front of my guests will lie. It's a shame that I come on guys. Unless I'm in Cameroon. Rashid is not a single person amongst you, who is in the right mind. Who can tell them what's the right from what's wrong. What's wrong with you people? Then

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they respond back. What do they say? Paulo locka Darlington Elena de Bennati Carmen Huck, you know we're not interested in the sisters and the ladies though they may be respected. No, no, we're not interested in your daughters. We're not interested in that. When Nikola Tesla will manually look at that filth mela protectors they tell profit loads you know exactly and very well what is it that we want profit losses in pain? This is getting really bad and out of control. So he says Carlo and nearly become

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profit losers. I wish I was so strong and had the ability to punish you all and ruin you all shame. Oh, we iraq ninja deed or seek support in a group of people that are respectful and have a strong connection to stop that filth from spreading. Then the people of load brothers and sisters they try to push through and go see the guests have profit totally sell up to that level of nastiness will occur dharawal do robidoux and beefy. But for thomasnet tuna home something miraculous happened what is it as you're trying to push through and break through into profit loads house and reach of a guests. All of a sudden Allah caused them to be blind. We can no longer see brothers and sisters,

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the first of punishments to come their way. But this is a miracle. What just happened there

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confused and perhaps they're planning to come back the next day. All of a sudden, these guests and strangers, they tell prophet Lord in Russell rhombic we are messengers from God they are angels land yasu like Lord, don't worry, they will not touch you. They will not reach you they will not harm you. It's over. No worries. Here is the plan. Here is how we will evaluate the situation. Enough is enough. Firstly, we Annika the tutor Amina lane, I want you tonight. Go out with your family, the believing family members that you have. Well, I mean, come ahead, don't elaborate attack on anyone. Once they leave that city, don't look back, don't feel bad and move forward except your wife. Don't

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go and wake up your wife or make sure she comes along with you know, in the home or Cebu Hama asaba. home, she will certainly suffer the fate of the others, she will face the same consequences as these men. She didn't get involved into these things. I'm saying that the prophet who didn't say that I'm giving an example here. She didn't participate in these actions. So why would she have the same faith and same punishment? Because she took part into the act? In what sense? She encouraged it. She facilitated the path for them. She promoted it she supported it she told the men when other guests we show up to Prophet cloudally salaam she's one of them may Allah protect us yeah Allah and make a

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strong. Then the angels tell prophet Lord in my way the homos up tomorrow morning is their appointment of the punishment. La is a superb curry and how close is the morning from now? brothers and sisters and the Dark Knight approaches, Prophet Lord Ali Salaam and the believing family members of his they leave the city and sadly to say by hamdulillah for everything, they were the only believing Muslim household in the entire city. And the next morning comes and Allah sends his punishment in three ways. Number one for that one will say hi to Mr. Kane, during that sunrise, a very loud bang and noise to wake them all up. Everybody would wake up no one would stay sleeping

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after this very loud bang and sound wake up not smell the coffee Wake up and smell the punishment May Allah protect us yeah, Allah, vagina idea safira ha and Allah subhana wa sallam that land they have made what's on top flipped upside down just like how they flipped the pure innate nature just like how they flipped the truth just like how they criticize Luke and his family of wanting to be pure and to them filth was pure. May Allah protect us from changing the truth amenable Allah mean? So Allah flipped them And the third thing where I'm gonna lie him a Java 10 Min Soo Ji Allah made it rain rocks, very strong, rough rocks, hitting every single one of them who participated in any way

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shape or form and they all got ruined. Then Allah says in a phenolic in this story in this is that I recited to the Allies shared with us that it was seeming to those who see the sin and see the consequence to those who make sure they realize we shouldn't be worshipping no desires because this what may happen to us in one way or another. May Allah grant us strength brothers and sisters, may Allah protect us and keep us straight on the right path of Allah, which is none other than Islam. The submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala