Is Rajneesh God?

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both America and in the state of Oregon, he started his own village on addressing issues

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later on the American government and puts the bat and fundraisers allergies, that in the prison, the US government daily flow person, imagine Almighty God

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wanted to come back from here and in the city of Verona, he starts us

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you will find me on somebody

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who's never bought, never died. But visiting the earth from the 11th of December 19.

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of January 1990. They forgot to mention on his body that he was humidity the word he was not giving the last more than happy different.

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Imagine Almighty God coming through this world to get the world any required or go to different countries.

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And the last test, we'll

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find out is nothing nothing is fostering the more

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the more we can compare to anyone who is worth

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it especially no

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one knows one on one.

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Compared to anything in his world, he's not bought what is

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the norm I think God is 1000 times as strong as honors.

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Remember the name of

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God that was

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the woman who can compare to anything in this world, unfortunately, whether it be within the moment 1000 Or a million things the moment we can compare anyone in this world he's not alive he's not got

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