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Snippet from the lecture ‘Is Islam The Solution For Humanity?’


AI: Summary © The definition of an extremist or Christian is not related to the definition of an "immigrant individual" and is not related to the definition of a "immigrant individual." It is important to believe in one God and follow what is common in scripture, while also acknowledging the presence of a third messenger, Muhammad.
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Good evening, sir. I'm Dr. Pooja. I'm a physiotherapist. Sir, during your ration, you just said these lines, I would just like to repeat them. You said every person who is an extremist Muslim, the problems of the humanity will be solved. I would just like to make a correction. I'm too young to correct you sorry for that. But from the core of my heart, I believe this sentence would have been more authentic. If we put it this way. Every person who is an extremist, the problems of the humanity will be solved me so However, he is a Muslim, or Hindu, a Christian, Whosoever.

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puja has asked a very good question. And sister if I'm wrong, I'm ready to accept the mistake. The question answers man for that. If I say by mistake two plus two equal to five, yeah, right to correct me. It's not five. It's four. I'm a human being. I'm not a human computer. I'm a human being I can make mistake. That's the reason we have open question and session. But coming to your comment, I said that if everyone would have an extremist Muslims, the problem with assault, and you corrected me by saying that if we would have said that every human being would have been an extremist, the problem would have solved extremists in which way, and extremists the way you said, extremist the

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way you said to be extremely kind, extremely loving. If you heard my talk, I said an extremist Muslim is a person who's extremely kind, extremely merciful, extremely loving, extremely honest, extremely just otherwise they can be an extremist robber. Who wants to rob they can be an extremist rapist. So if I just say extremists, the problem with us all the rapist will be happy with me. They have an extremist rapist, you know.

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So sister, if you translate the full into English and understand more correctly, what I meant was that if every human being becomes an extremist Muslim means, if every human being becomes an extremist, peaceful person, submitting his will to God, then the problems of humanity will be solved. Now, because I use the Arabic word, it does not go down the throats of many people. I'm not talking about your sister. No, no, no, I'm talking about the media when as a Muslim, it doesn't go down the throat. So I would like to rephrase the question for the benefit of the non Muslims. If every human being becomes an extremely peaceful person submitting his will to Almighty God, the

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problems of humanity will be solved me so ever he is Muslim, Hindu or Christian? Because if you say May he be a Muslim, if he submits to Almighty God, he has to be a Muslim, and he submits to God He is very good. Oh, my god, no, no, no. Wait, let me you ask a second question. I give a second answer. You're perfectly right. What is the definition of the word Hindu sister, Hindu is a geographical definition, meaning those people living in the land of India in that definition am a Hindu Sister, I am a Hindu Muslim, by geographical definition, but this word Hindu was first used by the Arabs when they came to India, when I go to Saudi Arabia, they say hindi, hindi, Hindu, you

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know, so this Hindu actually is a geographical definition, but today, it is used as a misnomer to describe as a religion, according to Swami Vivekananda. He says that the followers should actually be called as the dentist because they follow the Vedas. So Hindu is a misnomer. You asked any scholar? So if you say, Tanna, Hindu be a Muslim, geographical definition, I am a Hindu I am living in India, I submitted my will to God, I'm a peaceful person. But I believe but but sister, even the Americans can be good. Even English can be good. If I say everyone in the world should live in India, as it is there is population as it is the mother.

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Sister Please let me complete the answer. You asked a question I'm giving the answer.

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You asked the question I'm giving the answer. We'll give you a second chance. No problem, sister. Surely, but please, let me clarify therefore, the words that you use, you should understand the meaning of the word if every human being should live in India. Then the Indian government will have a problem, as it exists Hamza Amara de Cabeza de Vaca. Vinay, that talk about family planning.

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We do an hour to hungama rejectable. Who has given a

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meal after one Let there be a gap after two. You should not at all produce family planning you can hear him answer in Quran modern science. So sister, therefore the words that you speak, if it's not an English people, some time of confusion. So if you're a Hindu, submitting a will to God, submitting and following the Vedas

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If you see my talk sister on similarities between Islam and Hinduism, the Vedas say that you should believe in one God. If you follow the Vedas, it's mentioned Punisher tendo Punisher chapter number six. section number two was number one. It says that

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God is only one without a second. It's mentioned the VEDA yajirobe a chaplain with it was number three Natasha musty of that God there is no prathima prathima means image, statue, sculpture photograph of that Almighty God according to VEDA, there are no images, there are no photographs, there are no sculpture, there are no statues, if you are such a Hindu, it's mentioned in the VEDA of another messenger to come, the final messenger whose name is Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He is prophesied in the Niger Delta chapter number two was number five was number seven was number nine was number 11. was number 15. That this calculator he will be born in the city of peace, that is

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maca. His father's name shall be Vishnu. Yosh servant of God translated up to law which was the name of the Prophet masala son and father, his mother's name shall be sumati Miss peaceful serenity and Arabic is Amina, which was name of problem masala Salah he will be born on 12 month of mother we know he was born on 12 hour, he's a four companions, the first focal for Russia Dean, I can go on and on and on. I have given a lecture on similarities between Islam and Hinduism. What I say sister, that let us agree that at least one book is the word of God. Hindus will say that the way that the word of God Christian will say Bible is the Word of God Muslim will say Quran is the word of God.

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Let us at least agree to follow what is common in the scriptures. tala will culminate in Sabah and Bana when upon can become in terms as Venus in you. Now what is not common sister? Let's not fight on that. We'll discuss that tomorrow. Fine. So let us agree alternative scriptures, all the major scriptures, whether it be the Bible, whether it be the VEDA, whether it be the Quran, whether it be the Parsi scripture, whether it be the sixth scripture, they say you have to believe in one God, most of the major religions, they prophesied the coming of the last and final messenger. It's mentioned in the Bible, in Deuteronomy chapter number 18, verse number 18, Book of Deuteronomy,

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chapter matey, Muslim 19 in the book of Isaiah, chapter number 29, was number 12 is Providence Song of Solomon chapter five verse number 16. In the New Testament gospel of john chapter 14, verse number 16, is the gospel of john chapter 15, verse number 26, and the gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number seven, in the Gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number 14, Jesus Christ upon him says, I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. For him in the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, or that he or shall speak so what we come to know from all these major scriptures that have to believe in one God,

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one got no images, one's got no ideas, you have to believe in the last and final messenger. So let us agree, sister, let's not fight on the differences. Let's agree to follow what is common. And then the scriptures and the Parsi scriptures and the Christian scriptures. You're talking Hindu Muslim, and talking about Parsi them and talking about Islam. Let us agree to follow what's common and inshallah all the human beings who believe in God that have to agree that one God who has got no images, who has got no statues, and have to believe that one last and final messenger has to come, whose name is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, then we will have every human being should be an

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extremely peaceful person, submitting his will to Almighty God, then the problems of humanity will be solved hope the answer the question is system. Thank you, sir.