Is Prayer valid when we Pray in Congregation in a Mosque keeping 6 ft distance between 2 worshipers

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from Muhammad Khan from New York USA

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is the prayer valid when we pray in congregation in Jamaat in a mosque

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keeping six feet distance between the two persons praying.

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A similar question is asked by di for hotbin alum is Salah, valid with worshipers standing two meters apart the gender circumstances all the forecasts all the scholars agree that standing six feet apart two meters apart in a Jamaat is the Jamaat is invalid, it's not acceptable at all. A prophet clearly said peace be upon him that when you stand for Salah stand shoulder to shoulder the Sahaba said that when we stood for Salah it Saudi in Bukhari it then of without that when we stood for Salah, our shoulders tied the shoulder of the companions, our feet, the feet of the companion, it's mentioned above or below performance Allah Sallam said that the closing the gaps and do not do

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not give space for the city. So it is a unanimous agreement that when we stand for salah and congregation, we should stand shoulder to shoulder and we should stand close to each other. But this is a special situation because of the contagious pandemic that is Coronavirus COVID-19. In such a situation when there is the fear that the person praying can get infected. Is it permitted or not? So this question was never it has never arrived earlier. So we cannot give the views of the classical scholars or the medieval scholars. This is the first time in the history of Islam that such a situation is taking place. Yes, there were diseases, which I would say is equally or more

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dangerous, which have been in the past, but never had this question arrived. Regarding the prayer being valid. There are very few scholars today who say that prayer is invalid, which is a totally wrong, wrong opinion, majority of the scholars they agree that if we even if you pray two meters apart, the prayer is valid. The difference of opinion is whether it will be counted as the Jamaat or not, whether it will be counted as a congregation or not. So the difference in opinion of the scholars today is that if you stand

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two meters apart, six feet apart in a congregation will then be counted as the congregation not because of the situation that we are in today because of the COVID-19 Surely, almost all the FOCA has all the scholars today say that the Salah will be valid, the difference in opinion is will the Jamaat be counted or not? Today majority of the scholars say that because of the pandemic, the contagious disease that is COVID-19 it is highly infectious. The scholar says majority say it is permitted. But yet there is a small group of scholars say it is not permitted. It is not it the the Jamaat will not be counted. The phala will be accepted but counted as individual prayer.

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So one fatwa The other is taqwa.

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So in the fatwa the majority of scholars today say that the Jamaat will be counted, but yet there is a small group of scholars say that no, it will not be counted it is against the ruling of Islam, it will not be counted as a Jama.

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Here what you have to understand that one is Fatima and one is Taka. We have to take precaution but no one says it is further to pray two meters apart while

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praying in a jamaa today. Yes, if you're at home for people are there five people are there very well you can follow the Sunnah of the Prophet 10 toes to each other. This is the taqwa The Prophet said, tie your camel and trust in God. So depending upon toccoa I personally would prefer standing close, standing shoulder to shoulder standing feet two feet. It is a way that the Prophet prayed and the Sabbath prayed. And I believe that to take the precaution which I mentioned earlier answer take the precautions and after taking all the precautions, I would prefer. standing close shoulder to shoulder and feet two feet. Hope that answers the question.