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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the legal restrictions on musical instruments in Israel, including the use of temporary temporary metaphors and the use of duff and parrot. They also mention a session on the topic of recommendation and discouragement for the audience.
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Many Muslims consider music to be allowed.

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Could you just confirm did the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam speak against music? There is a great difference of opinion as far as the Muslims are concerned with the music is allowed or not whether it's permitted or not. But there is no verse in the Quran directly prohibiting music. But there are indications

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Allah says in the Quran, in Israel Look man, Chaplin with a demon was in the 60s is that among them there are those people who purchase idle tails without knowledge and without meaning. And they mislead the people away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala and ridiculed the path of Allah subhanaw taala these are the people who will receive a humiliating punishment.

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So based on this visit of said many of the fussy says that this idol tails, without knowledge without meaning, refers to an Islamic songs and the musical instruments if we did the fussy, as far as the prophet prohibiting music, there are various I had this. So if you did the hadith of masala Salam, then there'll be no doubt whether it's permitted or prohibited. Our Beloved Prophet masala Salam said, it's mentioned in,

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say Buhari

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one, number seven. I did number 5590. The bread Prophet said that, from among my followers, there'll be some people who will make illicit fix that is adultery and fornication, as well as wearing of silk, drinking in toxic ins. And using musical instruments as legal

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there will be among my people who will make some things which are illegal, that is adultery, fornication, wearing a silk, having intoxicants and the plague of music instruments as legal. Now, this hadith, when it says that they will make certain things legal, and we know that in toxic incense haram, we know very well the adultery fornication haram, because it is mentioned along with these things which are forbidden. Musical instruments are mentioned along with them, it indicate that the Prophet have prohibited them, but some people will make it legal. And we know there are some scholars who today do permit that playing of musical instruments is allowed. So this hadith is

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very clear in saying that musical instruments are ham. But there are other say Hadith, which do permit

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some musical instruments especially the duff, that the temporary. If you daddy of a beloved prophet masala, Salam of say Buhari, word number five, added number 4001 where it is said that Roma, Salah Salem after consuming his marriage, he came and he said outside along with on the Sabbath when two small girls were playing the tambourine that is a duff and they were praising that Saba his father have died in jihad. And when they started praising the Prophet, they said, Don't praise me. You can say what you're saying earlier, indicating that the Prophet did not prohibit them from playing the temporary furthermore that I didn't say Buhari, volume number two, Hadith number 987. Where the

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Prophet while he was lying down, is Hadith generated by others. Nasha Mala Riveter, she says that two small girls were playing the tambourine and they were singing when Khalid Abu Bakr Milla were pleased with him, the father of holiday Shama Lupita, he comes and he says to them, just stop it. No, Salah was sleeping on a cot, it has to have a double buttermilk with him, that let them do it. These are the days of Eid, we let them do it. Furthermore, there's a hadith in Timothy, Hadith number 3690. When a beloved Prophet Musa Salam, it says that there was a person who approached you the prophet, and tells him that I had vowed to Allah subhanaw taala, that if you come back

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victoriously, I will thing and I will play the duff, I will bind the tambourine. The Prophet said, if you have vowed that do it. If you have not found, then don't do it. So these Hadith do indicate that musical instrument per se is haram, except for the doctor the temporary the Prophet did permitted sometimes, because I care. Thank you very much for that answer that final answer today. In this what's been a very, very interesting and informative as usual session regarding the topic, Ramadan, what is recommended and what is discouraged. Thank you very much Dr. Zakir Jazak Hello, Hadron.